Once there was a king update Thursday 10th February 2022

Once there was a king 10 February 2022: Rana ji hugs Gayatri saying he knows she can give away her life, but not their relation. He asks what Gayatri is thinking. Gayatri says she thinks if this moment can’t stop. Rana ji says time and love never stop. Gayatri says love can stop for responsibility. She apologizes Rana ji saying she can do anything for him, give up on her life as well but can’t tell him the secret. Rana ji jerks her away, and asks what is it about Sartaj that she is ready to lose her husband for it. Gayatri joins her hands in front of him. He asks if this is her last decision, she nods. Rana ji says if the decision was in his hand, he would have burnt himself but wouldn’t have let their relation break. The truth is that she doesn’t trust him, her husband and when there is no trust there are no relations. Rana ji says even if Gayatri tells him a lie, he will consider it the biggest truth in the world. He says if she tells him the truth, maybe he can prove in front of Rajeshwari that he isn’t wrong. Gayatri stood still. She thinks he must forget her. Rana ji says at least he knows what space he has in her heart. He says she must not forget that her silence is breaking this relation, and she will be responsible for what happens from now onwards. Gayatri stares at him tear eyed. A guard comes to tell Rana ji about Rajeshwari. Gayatri forwards her hands, but Rana ji jerks them away.

Rajeshwari stood with the fire stick. Rana ji asks what she is doing. Rajeshwari says she has seen how weak his decisions are. She says she is the real player, she couldn’t take justice of her brother so she has no right to live. She says today with the body of her brother, she will also be burnt. She will be the first lady who would burn her own dead body.

The history will quote about a prince who couldn’t get justice to a girl. She will get freed by dying, and his life would become a punishment for him. Gayatri asks Rajeshwari to get down, Rajeshwari says she won’t. Bari Rani Maa appreciates Rajeshwari’s acting. Raaj Mata asks Rajeshwari to end this drama, and come down. Rajeshwari says she won’t die alone, her story will contain Rana ji as well. She was about to light the fire in the woods, tears dropped off her eyes. Rana ji runs to her, takes her down in his arms. She got hysterical. Rana ji says she is right, he says he doesn’t know how but he killed her brother, half of it is his and half his wife’s. He can’t return what she has lost, but he can’t. He has no clarification of his mistake nor his wife’s. Rajeshwari says if he has to give her something, it should be what she asked for. Rana ji looks at Gayatri thinking she must tell the truth. Gayatri only cried. Rajeshwari says she will increase his sin, by killing herself. If he has to do justice to her, he must marry her then. Rana ji again looks at Gayatri thinking she must tell him the truth. Gayatri thinks she can’t tell him the truth. Rana ji says he accepts the punishment she had given to him and Gayatri. Gayatri is shocked, so was everyone else. Kunwar ji was broken. Rana ji says he announces that he will marry Rajeshwari Chauhan. Rajeshwari was left open mouthed. Raaj Mata says to Rajeshwari that sindoor isn’t an old piece of cloth that can be given to any beggar, and that from a wife who is alive. Raaj Mata says to Rana ji that if Gayatri didn’t give him clarification this doesn’t mean Gayatri is wrong. Rana ji says this is about responsibility as a Raja. He says to Rajeshwari he accepts her punishments. Gayatri thinks about all her moments with Rana ji.

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Rajeshwari says to Rana ji that she wants vows from her husband, she says if he accepts her as his wife he must hold her hand and give her three promises. She forwards her hand, and asks if he would be able to do this. Rana ji looks at Gayatri, then holds Rajeshwari’s hand. Rajeshwari says to Rana ji that she will ask him three vows. She says her brother isn’t here for her protection, the world knows that second wife only has responsibilities and no rights, she wants to be his first wife. Rana ji looks at Gayatri.

Rajeshwari demands that she will be Rana ji’s only wife and Rani of Amirkot. Raaj Mata thinks she had asked Gayatri if she would prefer to be a second wife or a widow, but Rana ji accepted Rajeshwari’s demand. He had told Gayatri that she will be responsible for all that will happen from now on. Rajeshwari takes a round with Rana ji, Rajeshwari says now he and Gayatri are not spouses. Rajeshwari says that now Gayatri will tie chain in her feet, she cannot leave the house and it is her punishment to see them together for whole of their lives. Her second demand is that Gayatri will be his maid for lifetime, she will always stay with him. Rana ji accepts. Rajeshwari asks for the third vow, it is difficult for him. She demands that royal family’s heir would be the child borne from Rajeshwari’s womb. Rana ji leaves her hand this time. Rajeshwari asks what happened. If the sword of Amirkot still lost its sharpness, if he wanted her to live like a maid. Rajeshwari says if she will live in the palace, she will live as a princess. Gayatri stood lost, crying. Rana ji thinks Gayatri still has time to tell him about Sartaj. He asks for Rajeshwari’s hand, she holds it. Rana ji says he accepts her vow.

Kokilla says she is feeling dizzy. Raaj Mata, Kunwar ji leave. Bari Rani Maa also go away. Gayatri was left alone. Rajeshwari asks for Rana ji’s hand, who keeps his in her hand. She smiles victoriously. Rajeshwari takes Rana ji with her. Gayatri stood crying, she then runs through the corridor towards the temple, a candle fell off in the way and fire catches the carpet. Gayatri runs to temple and cries tragically. She shouts Rana ji, Rana ji. Raaj Mata cries in her room, she says her children’s life has scattered and she couldn’t do anything. She says it is her fate to see her children’s life take fire.
Rana ji comes to Gayatri in the temple, she smiles and hugs Rana ji, kissing his hand. He hugs back.
Raaj Mata thinks she must be with Gayatri.

Rana ji caresses Gayatri’s face and asks if it hurts. He says Gayatri gave this pain the address to their life. Time heals everything, but time has become a pain for them both. If she wants to put this fire off, she must tell him the truth of Sartaj. Gayatri says she can’t tell him. She says if it is about pain, he is right. She accepts she has brought pain in their lives, if they have invited a pain she will have to respect it. They will both bear it, she will never complain. Rana ji nods and leaves, Gayatri fell on the floor again. Raaj Mata comes to her and says to Gayatri she has given a big sacrifice, giving away life is really easy but suffering for whole life is really difficult.
Rajeshwari comes to the hall, she slaps a servant and asks if he doesn’t know she is the new princess. Even the air stays still when a princess passes by, she sends him to bring Gayatri.

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Kokilla and Kunwar ji comes to Rajeshwari to butter her. Rajeshwari leaves. Kunwar ji wonders what else she wants from Gayatri now. The servant comes to call Gayatri, Raaj Mata tells the servant she is with her right now. Gayatri says she will go, Rana ji has promised her and it is her responsibility as a wife. Raaj Mata asks why she wants to walk on thorns. Gayatri says she will have to and leaves.

Everyone comes to the hall where Rajeshwari wears the crown. Raaj Mata and Gayatri also come there. Rajeshwari says she has called them here to announce that from today she will not mourn her brother. She has decided that she doesn’t want a delay in the punishment of her criminals, so she will put on sindoor four days from today. She says she and Rana ji will get married. There was a princess here, named Gayatri; she and her brother had been called wild by her. She says she wants this marriage to be in accordance with full traditions of the palace, she wants to test if the maids here also know about the traditions here. She gives all the responsibility of this arrangement to the maid of Rana ji. Rana ji thinks Gayatri still has time to share the secret. Gayatri looks at Rana ji blankly. Rajeshwari says people must forget Rana ji’s past marriages. Raaj Mata tells Rajeshwari that she isn’t a Rani yet, and when she becomes one she must remember that no one can interfere with Raaj Mata’s orders and this is Raaj Mata’s order that Rani Gayatri will not…. Gayatri says she will make the arrangments.

Swarna brings Gayatri to room, she says it took Gayatri so many days to come to this room. Gayatri remembers the day Rana ji had shared everything with her. Gayatri says she is happy to be atleast with Rana ji. Rajeshwari claps, she says still Gayatri is hopeful. She trusts her love and is hopeful that she will stop Rana ji from being hers now. She says that four days from now, her name will be joined from Rana ji. Gayatri says Radha and Krishna had no relation, still t heir name are taken together. Rajeshwari says she will look at her face four days from now, when she will marry Rana ji. Gayatri says Rajeshwari and her brother were alike, both didn’t understand love. If one throws at the shadow of moon in water, the moon isn’t effected; her love is like this. Her love is in her heart. Rajeshwari says she will break her heart. Gayatri says when one break a mirror, the shadow doesn’t vanish, infact each of the broken part contain that face. Rajeshwari says fire burns everything, what a fire it is that doesn’t burn a string. Swarna asks Gayatri how she will face them. Gayatri says her God will give her courage so that she will keep respect of her husband’s three promises.
Rajeshwari thinks with Avdesh’s photo that she couldn’t fulfil his last wish, but she will take his revenge both from Rana ji and Gayatri. Bari Rani Maa comes to the room, she says that one of her plan turned a beggar to a princess. Rajeshwari throws a shrapnel on her. Bari Rani Maa saves herself, she asks Rajeshwari if she has gone insane. Rajeshwari says it wasn’t an aim, it was a warning. Bari Rani Maa says she had given Rajeshwari these feathers, Rajeshwari warns Bari Rani Maa that she isn’t an ant but a nagin. Bari Rani Maa says when flying, one must not forget that coming close to sun burns one’s own feathers. Rajeshwari tells Bari Rani Maa that she is a setting sun now. Bari Rani Maa asks Rajeshwari what has happened to her. Rajeshwari says her brother’s death has freed herself, she has nothing to lose now. She says to Bari Rani Maa that she has decided to be a player now, she was with Bari Rani Maa because she had to take revenge of her brother; but now the game has been played. She says she has learnt from Bari Rani Maa to dispose one’s players after the plan. She boasts that she is now the princess of Amirkot, she must get to her feet along with everyone and pushes Bari Rani Maa down on floor. She says that now this puppet has taken her own strings in her hands. She leaves the room. Bari Rani Maa thinks she had taken aim correctly, but it has come to hit her own feet. She thinks she must get this arrow back. She had given her the greed of throne.

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Rana ji comes to balcony. He thinks he shared with Gayatri that her friends were only stars. Gayatri had said that she always wanted to change her luck and was an enemy to stars. Rana ji looks at the moon, then goes inside. While laying on bed, he remembers Gayatri wanted to sleep on the left side of the bed. He goes to sleep on the other side of the bed. Gayatri lay on bed crying, missing Rana ji. Rana ji miss Gayatri.
The next morning, Kokilla asks Kunwar ji why they are gifting such expensive jewelry to that b*t*h. Kunwar ji says one has to keep both prince and princess happy to live in the palace. Kokilla says he is right, one has to make a maid as Rani. Kokilla coms to Rajeshwari and again calls her maid. Kunwar ji apologizes that her tongue slips sometimes. Rajeshwari tells him to teach her take care of her tongue in next four days. Kokilla and Kunwar ji says that the came with her jewels for her, they are actually given to family but.. Rajeshwari gets enraged, she throws the tray of jewelry away. Kunwar ji says he wanted to help Rajeshwari in her preparations. Kokilla whispers to Kunwar ji that they lost the jewelry and she isn’t happy. Rajeshwari asks if they want to help her.

Gayatri was in temple, asking for strength to bear this pain. Rana ji comes there, Gayatri was about to put on tillak on her forehead. Rajeshwari calls at her to stop. Rajeshwari says to Gayatri if it is the tradition of Amirkot to touch an unknown man, now she is no more Rana ji’s wife. And a maid doesn’t have the right to touch a Raja. Gayatri says right now they are in God’s palace, where Raja Rani and maid are all equal. Rajeshwari says he is her husband to be, not a Prasad. Rajeshwari says to Rana ji that he has promised her to keep away from her. Rana ji says if the princess to be wish so he will respect her will. Rajeshwari asks Gayatri if she feels jealous. Gayatri says it is the fate of candle to burn in a temple. She says if a candle doesn’t burn, the biggest princess can’t even do Pooja. Rajeshwari says she has put on henna of Rana ji’s name, the one who is authoritative can’t put on tillak. Rana ji says he is going with tika. Gayatri stops him saying he has never gone to a palace without tika, today even he won’t. she puts on a tikka with a flower on his forehead. Rajeswari stops Gayatri, and calls the maid Devika with some letters. Rajeshwari says this is her wedding invitation, Gayatri will take it to each guest’s house. Gayatri thinks to Rana ji if she has to do it. Rana ji thinks Gayatri herself gave this to her.

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