Once there was a king update Sunday 13th February 2022

Once there was a king 13 February 2022: On Once there was a king update Sunday 13th February 2022, Gayatri thinks about looking for bullet into Rajeshwari’s room. Rajeshwari comes there, she says that Gayatri is a maid, she got her face blackened because of her so she will clean it. Gayatri says one’s face is only blackened because of her actions. Rajeshwari says that Gayatri will prepare her for her wedding. They all bathe Rajeshwari as she sat in the tub. Gayatri thinks this is the right time to look into Rajeshwari’s room. Rajeshwari asks where she is going. Gayatri says she is going to get her wedding dress. Gayatri looks in the room, under the carpet and bed when Rajeshwari comes there. She asks Gayatri what she is looking for. Gayatri was speechless, Rajeshwari says she can’t decide how to give her pains. What will be must hurtful for her, to decorate a new bride or her past groom? Gayatri thinks if she leaves this room, she might never find that bullet. Rajeshwari asks her to choose a finger. Gayatri picks one. Rajeshwari says she has chosen Rana ji, now she will put sehra on her past husband. She asks Gayatri to go. Gayatri looks behind at her and leaves. The bullet was still there under the bed.

Gayatri picks up Rana ji’s jewelry, and cries holding it recalling Rajeshwari’s words. She remembers their wedding. She hears the footsteps approaching. Raaj Mata comes there. Gayatri asks Raaj Mata if she will lose this way. Raaj Mata says husband never lose, only a wife does but she won’t let her lose. Gayatri says time is slipping her hand, how she will find the bullet now? She won’t be able to stop this wedding? Raaj Mata says she will be with her, Rajeshwari is in the room right now. When Rajeshwari comes to mandap, she must find the bullet. Raaj Mata says she will get the gun there, if the bullet from Avdesh’s body doesn’t fit in the gun it means Rana ji is innocent. She asks Gayatri to not lose hope, and tells her to take the platter into Rana ji’s room.

Rana ji keeps the platter aside, he says he has already gotten black eye. Gayatri looks at Raaj Mata standing behind her, she turns to move back. Rana ji holds her arm and asks if she remembers they had taken vows to bear everything, happiness, sadness together. It is time to fulfil that vow, today she will also be a part of her pains. He asks Gayatri why she can’t bear the burn just at the verge of fire. He is landing into the middle of that fire, just because of her silence. He says she must walk each step with him today. Gayatri was in shock. Raaj Mata comes inside the room, she makes Aarti of Rana ji. Raaj Mata prays that may God give him the ability to distinguish the right and wrong and chose the right. Gayatri holds Rana ji’s hand and they walk through the corridor. They come to the hall, everyone stare at them. Rajeshwari sat with her brother’s coronation dust in hand. Gayatri makes Rana ji sit on the mandap with Rajeshwari. Pandit ji asks the girl who will do her Kaniadaan, Rajeshwari says her brother Avdesh will do. His body isn’t here, this pot contains his memories. She hands it to Pandit ji.

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Kunwar ji asks Kokilla to see how much the time has changed. The rituals of wedding begin. Rana ji thinks that there is still time, Gayatri can stop this wedding. Rana ji puts the Vermala into Rajeshwari’s neck. Gayatri cried. Rana ji looks at Gayatri who steals her eyes. As they get seated, Pandit ji calls for Gat Bandhan. Gayatri does the ritual. She thinks that she is tying this string, to open. She swears that she won’t let him complete these rounds. She gets down the stage and stand with Raaj Mata. Rana ji thinks about his marriage with Gayatri. He gets up to throw the Vermala aside and comes down to Gayatri. He holds her hand and drags her out of the hall. He takes Gayatri to the room, he says he can’t do this. He loves her, Gayatri says she also love him and smiles at him. They hug each other.

Rajeshwari asks if this is Rana ji’s justice? She will find him herself. Pandit ji stops her saying this is a bad omen that bride leaves mandap.
Rana ji says he is giving her much pain by making her an evident of this sacrifice but not anymore. He leaves the room and locks Gayatri inside. Gayatri keeps on insisting him to open the door. Rana ji thinks he can’t let this wedding take place in front of her.
Pandit ji asks Raaj mata to send someone get Rana ji. Rana ji walks through the corridor.

Pandit ji asks Raaj Mata to call Rana ji, Rana ji arrives in the hall and says good times are for good events, not wedding like these. He says now, nothing will hinder this wedding. Raaj Mata wonders where is Gayatri and goes to look for her, there Gayatri called for help. Raaj Mata comes there, Gayatri asks her to open the door, and else Rana ji will get punished for what he hasn’t done. She can still find that bullet, she says God can’t be so unjust to her. Raaj Mata goes inside, brings the gun, asks Gayatri to get aside and shots the lock open. Both mother and daughter in law move towards Rajeshwari’s room.

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There wedding rituals had started.
Raaj Mata closes the door behind, Gayatri looks around for the bullet in the room.
Rana ji thinks about his wedding with Gayatri.

Pandit ji asks them to get up for rounds, Rajeshwari watches that Rana ji was still lost and holds his hand with a jerk.
Gayatri finally finds the bullet. Both the ladies are happy and goes to fix the bullet in the gun. Gayatri says she had told her that God can’t be unjust to her. The bullet doesn’t fix in the gun, Raaj maa says that this means the bullet wasn’t fired from this gun.
Four rounds of marriage had been taken, Rajeshwari takes the lead for the next three rounds. Gayatri calls for them to stop, Gayatri says this wedding won’t take place now. She says to Rana ji that he doesn’t need to marry Rajeshwari. She says he is getting punished for something that he hasn’t done. She says he didn’t kill Avdesh.

Bari Rani Maa recalls that she took food for him, he said he is thankful as he had been dying of hunger. Bari Rani Maa says she didn’t have to kill if he was shameful and not dying of hunger. Bari Rani Maa thinks if she proves that bullet wasn’t fired from Rana ji’s gun, the game would turn. Rajeshwari comes to Gayatri, she pushes her foot to throw Gayatri on the floor. She holds Gayatri’s hair and say that today Gayatri would see the animal in Rajeshwari. Gayatri instead twist Rajeshwari’s hair, Rani Ji comes to separate them. He asks Gayatri what proof she had to give, he is listening. Gayatri says that Rajeshwari wasn’t raped by Sartaj, he was innocent. She says that Rajeshwari is lying, tells him about her dancing in the rooms. She asks Rana ji how that bullet went to Avdesh, if Rajeshwari once tried to find out how her brother came there. She says that she thought this all can be a coincidence. She says today she has a proof, the bullet that killed Avdesh wasn’t fired by his gun. They are all moved. Gayatri says he hasn’t killed Avdesh, he must not be punished. He doesn’t need to marry this ill character lady. Rana ji asks what the proof is. Gayatri goes to pick the gun up, she asks him to see the bullet. Gayatri says she found this bullet from the tree’s trunk. She shows him the bullet she found from Avdesh’s coronation dust. She says this bullet won’t fit the gun, but the bullet fits in. Gayatri was shocked. Bari Rani Maa recalls replacing the bullet when Rajeshwari and Gayatri had a fight. Gayatri keeps on insisting to Rana ji, Raaj Mata seconds Rana ji. Rana ji says he only wants to hear Gayatri, he asks how this bullet fit the gun then. Gayatri cried, speechless. Rana ji asks if her story has ended. She had said herself that minors tell the stories. He says today he has seen her truth. Rana ji asks Gayatri to tell some other tale, takes Rajeshwari to the stage. Gayatri says please don’t do this to her, she keeps on stopping him. Rana ji asks Pandit ji to begin the last round, Gayatri fells on the floor. Bari Rani Maa holds her. Raaj Mata also cries. Bari Rani Maa thinks about Gayatri deterring her that she would punish her, she was the one who had snatched Bari Rani Maa’s crown; she thinks this is Bari Rani Maa’s revenge. She couldn’t be more content, and this game has just started.

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Pandit ji announces that the rounds have been completed. He asks to put on sindoor in Rajeshwari’s head partition. Rana ji puts on the sindoor, looking at Gayatri’s negating face. He finally puts it on.

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