Once there was a king update Monday 21st December 2021

Once there was a king 20 December 2021: Gaytri arrive to the palace in a car, she throws her dupatta in the air. Rana ji holds it in the terrace. They play in the corridors of the palace. Gayatri wakes up from a dream. She gets up and goes to the mirror, looking into the mirror she shys away. She thinks about her dreams which are about to come true. Bhabi’s regret about telling maa about the truth of Gayatri. She heads to go and tell maa but the younger one stops her, she says that they have got a chance to collect proofs against Gayatri in the palace. The elder one says they must keep their eyes open, Gayatri will be caught by her own self.

In the palace, Rana ji asks Raaj Mata why she didn’t call him to her room, she wanted to say something to him. He asks her to say it, she isn’t used to leaving things unsaid. Raaj Mata asks him to not leave everything incomplete, she says she has lost her son somewhere. Can he find him for her. Rana ji says he is here. Raaj Mata says he is only the face of her son, her son used to be happy, smile and love. She tries to recall him how happy was he before the death of Sunaksha. Rana ji shouts at her to stop it. Raaj Mata says she has invited someone for him to meet in the party tonight. Rana ji says he loves Sunkasha, he has spent some of his life with her and will spend the rest with her memories.

His life has no place for someone else. Rana ji leaves, Raaj Mata thinks she is also as stubborn as he had been.Rana ji walks around the corridor thinking about Sunaksha, he rides his horse to the place where the accident took place. He thinks that till he is alive no one can replace her memories in his life.In the palace, the assistant Sooraj speaks to Laksh that he must be happy today. Prince Laksh says that his wife won’t be here tonight. Sooraj says only few girls are as lucky to get him as a husband. He says to Laksh that she will return soon.

Laksh says she has spent most of her time in her mother’s house. Kunwar comes into the room, he says to Laksh that Swarnlekha is returning home today, he must come out to welcome him as well. He reminds him that Swarnlekha is also the only daughter of Rajkot’s prince, and is a strong step they have taken to get the crown.At Gayatri’s home, Bhabis were preparing for getting ready for dinner. Every maid was also busy. Bhabis discuss what they are going to wear. They ask Maa to wear the jewellery of their weddings. The younger bhabi asks Gayatri what she will wear tonight, she has to look the best. Gayatri says she doesn’t have any saree worth wearing there, she will wear her maa’s saree.

Maa says she won’t go to royal palace. She says that a girl either goes with her father or her husband, she has no husband and isn’t of age to go with her father. Gayatri asks what is her mistake in that.Seth ji asks Kunwar what is this ill manner. Kunwar says he has proven to be ill mannered and dared to cut his way. Seth ji says he didn’t cut the royal cart’s way, the road is wide enough to give space to both the cars at a time. Kunwar says that they will never pass a road together, Seth’s elders have always bend in front of the royal carts and so will he. The driver pulls Seth’s car back.

Bhabis say that if she doesn’t go to royal palace, how they will get any proof against her. Gayatri sat curt, Bhabis come to her and say they will speak to maa to allow her go to palace. Gayatri gets excited.Bhabhi’s try to make up Maa’s mind, still she doesn’t agree. Gayatri hears this, she is worried that Rana ji sent an invitation for her and she won’t be able to go there. She prays to God to do something about it.Raaj Mata lay worried, and shares to her maid that Rana ji denies meeting anyone and is not ready to marry. His mind and heart is still occupied with Surakshna. She prays he gets ready to marry again someway.

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Bauji comes home, Gayati is happy to hear this. The younger bhabi tries to compel him, Seth ji asks why Gayatri won’t go to Royal Palace, and they will all go to the palace and with a respect and in a way that everyone there would be shocked. The kids catch Gayatri praying, they ask Gayatri what she was asking, was it for a prince. They say she is now going to meet a prince in reality. Gayatri murmurs she will say thanks to him as well. Kids catch her words, but she says she wants to thank him for being a nice prince.

They were all getting ready, while Gayatri assisting them all. Maa brings saree for Gayatri and sends her to get ready. Raaj Mata was getting ready for the party, the associates ask Rana ji if he will wear the new dress in party, he recalls Surakshna helping him drape in a coat and nods. The dress is sent for ironing.Gayatri gets ready in front of a mirror. The associate burns the handkerchief of Rana ji’s coat. He looks for another one and irons it watching its resemblance to Rana ji. It was the one Gayatri had gifted.

The family was ready to leave and the bhabi’s call Seth ji to leave together on both the cars together. Seth ji says they will go on a cart of six horses, as Gayatri loves. The younger son asks Seth ji isn’t it against the laws that common man can’t travel in a six horse cart. Seth ji tells them not to worry, only he, his wife and Gayatri will go on the cart. They can come through cars.Rana ji gets ready with the help of his associates. His wore the horse knitted handkerchief in his coat without noticing it.

Gayatri arrive at the Royal Palace with parents. Kunwar thinks it seems it is some prince has arrived. A guard informs Kunwar that Seth Govind has arrived on a cart of six horses. He calls for the guard and is curt that this is against law. The guard arrive, Kunwar scolds him for playing the band for a non-prince. He says only royal men are welcomes with bands, not shopkeepers.Seth Govind stands at the door of royal palace with family. Seth heads to go inside, the guard stops them. Seth ji scolds him for being rude to his guests and shows him the invitation.

Seth ji’s family arrive at the party. Bhabis watch the chandelier and comments on it. Gayatri looks around to search for Rana ji.Munshi ji offers Seth ji to meet Raaj Mata. Seth ji says they have spent high amount on party. He smiles and reads a poetry of Mirza Ghalib translating as we took a loan to buy ourselves a drink. His taunt was well understood.Bhabi’s are excited and wants to see whom Gayatri is after. Gayatri watches a young man standing with his back to her, she touches his shoulder but he turns towards her to be a Britisher.

Rana ji was in his room, he notices the candle in front of Surakshna lit off, he says no one can take her place and this is promise to her.

An announcement about Raaj Mata’s arrival is done. Bhabis are excited to see her. Kinour’s princess arrives at the party, Gayatri stares as she passes by her. Raaj mata says to Sharmila that she is welcomed here. Sharmila was arrogant and says she never goes to party, but she had heard a lot about Aamirkot so she had to come to see its beauty. She says she hasn’t seen it yet, and will tell her later if the appreciation was right or wrong. Raaj Mata says she will find it neither less nor exaggeration but less. Kunwar tells Kokila to make sure Sharmilla doesn’t say yes to marry Rana ji. Kokilla comes to Raaj Mata who introduces her to Sharmila. Kokilla appreciates that Sharmila went to study abroad. Sharmila says to her mother that wasn’t Kokilla conservative. Kokilla says she had to change with time, and takes Sharmila along.
The british officer comes to say to Raaj Mata that she arranged a bit more lavish party than she could afford. When the water is less, one must not water the crops all day. Gayatri heard this and answers the officer that their water isn’t less, its streams have just started to empty themselves into other seas. She says they consider their guests at God and food isn’t counted at the time to serve them well. She says that some thieves entered their house to rob them. The british officer doesn’t get what she says. Raaj Mata is happy to see Gayatri. She asks Deevan ji (her associate) who the girl is. He introduces her to Seth Govind, Raaj Mata says she liked his presence here. Govind Seth says he couldn’t bring any gift as he is tight in his finances these days, he isn’t getting his loans back. Raaj Mata arrogantly says that time runs according to royal kingdom’s will in a state. She asks Deevan who the girl is, Seth ji introduces Gaytri as his daughter. Raaj Mata asks her maid to get to know why Gayatri wasn’t married till yet, she wants to know about Govind’s weakness.
Mr. Wilkinsons leave the party in anger, telling Kunwar that he had enough of ill treatment.
Kokilla shows the palace to Sharmila. Sharmilla asks about Rana ji. Kokilla says he remains lost into the thoughts of his first wife. Sharmilla doesn’t concentrate over what she said, she says she came to meet Rana ji so when he will come?
Kunwar comes to Seth ji who speaks to each other both trying to let each other down. Kunwar asks Seth ji if he knows any difference between Royal family and the normal people. Govind Seth says that the Royal People have sharp tongues while the normal people have sharp minds for business. Kunwar says they have sharp swords as well. Govind Seth takes a leave saying the times of swords are gone now. Kunwar is determined to break his arrogance today.

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Rana ji plays piano. Sharmilla and Gayatri and everyone in the party enjoys the music. Gayatri hides herself as Rana ji looks up at her, as she day dreamed about being alone with him in the room. Her dream breaks when everyone claps for him. Rana ji comes to the party and greets all the guests. Gayatri keeps looking at him from a distance. She watches him wearing her handkerchief, her maa comes to her and asks where she is lost as her Bauji has been waiting for long. A waiter serves something that was objectionable to Gayatri’s family, Gayatri says this is royal palace and they must not eat something like them.
Raaj Mata brings Kinour’s Maharaja and his wife to introduce to Rana ji. Sharmilla introduces herself and forwards her hand. Rana ji takes it. Gayatri is curt watching this.

Sharmila doesn’t leave Rana Ji’s hand but he removes his hand off hers. Rana Ji takes a leave. Sharmila comes aside with Kokilla and says he has got an attitude and it is going to be fun. Kokilla says that she told her he is always lost in the thoughts of his old wife. She suggests her not to marry someone who loves another woman. Sharmila says she likes puzzles and Rana ji is also a puzzle, even she doesn’t want to marry. She goes behind

Rana ji who was going upstairs. Gayatri notices this and follows them. Sharmila comes behind Rana ji and says she had heard Amarkot’s Rana ji is a perfect gentleman, he didn’t ask for dance even. Rana ji says she heard that ladies wait for gentlemen to ask for dance, not question them. He takes a seat. Sharmila gets annoyed and says how dared he, she isn’t interested in him as well. Rana ji asks still she left a huge party to follow him upstairs. He says his method about showing disrespect is a bit different. Sharmila questions what his way of showing the disrespect is. He doesn’t reply, Sharmila leaves saying what he thinks of himself, it alright if he doesn’t want to speak. Rana ji gets up in a while and leaves for party downstairs. Gayatri appears from behind the curtain.
In the party Raaj Mata comes to Rana ji and asks if he attended Sharmila. Rana ji says she is a modern girl and doesn’t need to be attended. Raaj Mata gets that he misbehaved with the guests and tells him to improve his mistake else Raaj Mata will be blamed for not bringing him up well. He obliges and asks a waiter to give a glass to the girl standing upstairs and tell her he sent it.
Bhabhi’s discussed about their mission to go and search Gayatri as they have to unveil her secrets to her parents.
Gayatri peeked from upstairs, a waiter brings a drink for her. Gayatri tastes it to be bad, still she thinks Rana ji sent this so she must drink it.
Bhabhi’s come upstairs saying what they are doing here upstairs leaving the whole palace. They point Gayatri drinking something, and comment it must be some tasty drink. They say that their mother in law inhibited them to drink anything here. They take a glass from the tray a waiter was taking. She smells it and says this is wine. They cheer that Gayatri has made their work really easy. There will surely be drama today.
Drunk, Gayatri leaves for downstairs watching Rana ji. Bhabhi’s smells the wine and the elder one says that this is surely wine. Gayarti loses her control as she stands on stairs staring Rana ji continuously. She points at the Rana ji and says she is staring this man. Gayatri thinks that Rana ji is strange, he sent her drink but didn’t come to meet her, she must question him. She steps down, asking that first she will thanks him for drink and then she will ask why he sent her a bitter drink like this.

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Bhabhis come downstairs and comes to Maa saying they found Gayatri but she has been looking for someone. They thought Gayatri doesn’t recognize anyone here other than them but look at her. Maa ji watches Gayatri going behind Rana ji. Bhabi regrets that nothing happened, Maa asks what had to happen when Gayatri comes there. Maa asks where she has been lost. Gayatri says she has been looking for him… then stops and says Bauji. Maa says she has also been looking for her Bauji, they must go home soon. Bhabhis come to Gayatri and asks what she is looking for. Gayatri asks if they have known. Bhabhi say if she doesn’t want to tell it is alright. Bhabhis compel Gayatri to have some more drinks, she denies saying they taste very bad but Bhabhis say she must drink it just in the sweet memories of the one she has been looking for. Gayatri thinks she will drink anything for his love.

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