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Once there was a king zee world: Rajeshwari tells Gayatri that this is the invitation to their marriage, she will go to each guest’s house to invite them. Rana ji asks how she will do this. Rana ji says she doesn’t know whom to call and who not. Rajeshwari says she has a list, and this maid will go to each place’s house. She thinks she had asked Kunwar ji and Kokilla to do this work. Gayatri says if the princess to be wants this, her maid will fulfil her desire. She takes the invitations. Rana ji says when she will invite the people, she must tell them what and because of whom this wedding is taking place. He thinks he is doing this so that her mother compels her to tell the truth.

Raaj Mata scolds the guard for not being able to find Sartaj. Rana ji says to Raaj Mata that this must be a terrible secret that the daughter wants to help a criminal flee and mother is calling him back. He says to Raaj Mata that he believed a single relation in the world now, but her silence broke it. When his own mother can hide something, what can he expect from the rest of the world? He leaves. Raaj Mata thinks that at least he consider her as his mother today.

At Seth Govind’s house, the sister in laws complain that there must be festival in palace today as it is Gayatri’s first even today. The kids come announcing about Gayatri’s arrival. The brothers ask Gayatri how she is, and what is in the box. Maa asks Gayatri now she is and asks what she has brought. Gayatri was lost, she says it is her husband’s marriage invitation. All of them were taken aback.
Bari Rani Maa thought about Rajeshwari. She thinks that Rajeshwari is treating Rana ji and Gayatri the way she wanted, but she no longer abide by her. She thinks that Rajeshwari must know if she can raise her high to sky she can bring her back as well. But how?
Maa asks Gayatri what is the secret that she can’t tell anyone. She says her husband is being snatched, but what is it. Gayatri asks Maa not to ask this for God’s sake, because she can’t tell her the truth and she doesn’t want to tell a lie. Maa takes Gayatri inside. They come to temple. Maa asks Gayatri what was lacking in her that such a pain was written in her daughter’s fate. Gayatri says there is a test in her fate, neither her husband’s love lessened nor she left him. There is nothing less in their love. She is being tested, she will pass this test. She says she thinks that Avdesh’s death is a planning. She needs to find out the truth about that death, then the foundation of this relation will break. She tells Maa not to worry about her, she says God will worry for her, He will get her sindoor back. Maa says she forbid a daughter, today a wife has come to meet her. She says that this is a mother’s blessing that Gayatri will get what she wants to. She gifts Gayatri a sindoor box. Gayatri puts that sindoor on. She is determined that she won’t lose this fight.
Gayatri was moving in the marker, people laugh that her that she was once a Rani. They mock about the luxury of Raja’s life. Gayatri’s box drop by hitting someone, she is shocked to see Sartaj. He runs away, Gayatri follows him. She comes at a corner, Sartaj hit her on the back of her shoulder. She holds his leg and asks how Avdesh was killed? Sartaj says Rana ji’s bullet didn’t hit him and he was already there when he had reached. He says she will never know what is happening in the palace. He stabs Gayatri near her shoulder, her pendant had saved her. Sartaj ran away. Gayatri says this means there is a planning in the palace, there is a secret about Avdesh’s death that will save her relation.
Rajeshwari comes out and smiles. There was music playing and Bari Rani Maa danced. Rajeshwari comes watching this, and asks if Bari Rani Maa has gone insane. Bari Rani Maa smiles and says this is the way of festivities for welcoming a new Rani. Rajeshwari says when a lioness becomes a cow, it means there is something wrong. Bari Rani maa says an old person neither has nails nor claws. She takes Rajeswari to a balcony, she says today she knows that she isn’t the Rajeshwari that came to her with her brother. Today she is the princess to be, it is the first step of revenge. She tells Rajeshwari to say today she has reached such highness, only she has forgotten that she has got to highness but to stay there one must hold the stairs she climbed. She pushes Rajeshwari down.

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Bari rani maa says if one lose the hold on stairs, she will fell down. She pushes Rajeshwari from the balcony and keeps her hand held.
Gayatri thinks that they day Avdesh got lost, Rajeshwari accused Sartaj. Sartaj, Avdesh and Rajeshwari are linked to each other and only Rajeshwari can tell her the truth. Bari Rani maa asks Rajeshwari to apologize and swear on her brother that she will always listen to her. Rajeshwari does, Bari Rani maa holds her up. Rajeshwari asks what was that. Bari Rani maa says she wanted to remind her that pet animals never attack their masters. Rajeshwari tells Bari Rani maa that a snakes woman knows not to step up at snake. She has seen her hatred, not her craziness. Gayatri hears them in the corridor, and comes to balcony. She could see Rajeshwari from there only. Rajeshwari told Bari Rani Maa that if she can accuse Sartaj of looting her respect she can do anything. Gayatri comes behind Rajeshwari who poured water on her face. Rajeshwari says maids never talk to princess like this. Gayatri says a princess never lie in the palace, the girl who can accuse an innocent can do anything, even kill her own brother. Rajeshwari first holds hand on Gayatri, then stops at once. Gayatri says lie is like a glass, it breaks into pieces with truth coming in front. Gayatri says that she hasn’t yet seen the power of a wife now, God had bind that string and no Satan can break it. She says Rajeshwari lied about Sartaj, and when there was no crime what is the meaning of punishment.
Rajeshwari asks Gayatri if Rana ji accepted any of her warning from day one. Rana ji killed her brother, and for that Rana ji will pay off and will marry her. Gayatri says Rajeshwari is forgetting that she took seven rounds with Rana ji and vowed that she won’t let any problem come to her husband. Rajeshwari says Gayatri is a wax doll, she can’t walk over burning coals. Gayatri walks barefooted over the broken glass, blood seeps from her feet. Gayatri says Rajeshwari might be afraid of bleeding, not a wife. She warns Rajeshwari that she can’t touch Rana ji, punishment apart. Bari Rani maa comes from behind and asks Rajeshwari if she needs her help now. Rajeshwari nods. Bari Rani maa tells Rajeshwari to engage Rana ji, she will stop Gayatri.
Bari Rani maa asks Gayatri in the corridor where she is going. Gayatri says right now she needs to talk to Rana ji. Bari Rani maa says it is important for her to talk to her right now. Rajeshwari goes to Rana ji till then. Bari Rani maa says there is something in the palace that Gayatri is unaware of, it is about Rajeshwari.
Rajeshwari comes to Rana ji’s room who looked at Gayatri’s photo. She knocks and asks if she can come in. Rana ji asks what he can do for her now. Rajeshwari says she is in pain, and wants ointment. She tells Rana ji she got burnt yesterday. Rana ji says he will give her medicine. Bari Rani maa says to Gayatri that she is a riddle, the girl who was ready to die with her brother’s dead body is ready to become a bride. Gayatri says she is right, Sartaj did nothing to Rajeshwari. She says to Bari Rani maa that she needs to go to Rana ji right now.
Rana ji says to Rajeshwari that she is the princess to be, she could have asked anyone to get her medicine. Rajeshwari says she is a wife to be as well, and only a husband has the right wo view a few injuries. She removes her hair to reveal the bruise at her shoulder. Rana ji says he would send some maid, Rajeshwari says he had given this injury and he will put the medicine. Rana ji was reluctant. Gayatri comes inside, but stops at the doorway. Rana ji asks Rajeshwari to keep sitting, Rajeshwari asks Gayatri why she has come here leaving all the preparations. Gayatri says to Rana ji she has to talk to him, Rana ji asks if this is what he wants to know. Gayatri says no, but. Rana ji says he doesn’t want to hear anything then. Rana ji leaves. Rajeshwari says he didn’t even want to hear her now. She tells Gayatri to go and do preparations. Gayatri leaves. Bari Rani Maa comes there, and warns Rajeshwari that Gayatri won’t sit silent. They must stop her before she stops this marriage.
Gayatri comes to Raaj mata. She says that she wants to tell Raaj Mata about something that can change a lot. She tells her about Sartaj, and Rajeshwari. Gayatri says to Raaj mata that Rajeshwari accused Sartaj wrongly. She must collect proofs against Rajeshwari. Rana ji also said he had fired on Sartaj, where did Avdesh come there. Raaj Mata says she must go to forest to look for proof. Gayatri says Rajeshwari won’t let her go away from her, she will either keep an eye on her or will get an eye kept over her. She was talking to someone, so there is someone else with her as well. Raaj mata says it is her responsibility to take her away from everyone’s eye.
Rajeshwari comes to the hall where the preparations were being done. Rajeshwari tells Gayatri to move her hands fast. Bari Rani maa thinks she is watching a wife preparing for her husband’s second marriage for the first time. Gayatri takes the prayer materials. Kokilla ran behind Kunwar ji with her slippers in her hand. Bari Rani maa stops her. Kunwar ji tells Bari Rani maa he wants to gift this necklace to Rajeshwari. Bari Rani maa tells Kokilla to accept her luck just as Gayatri did. Kokilla tells Bari Rani Maa that this isn’t Gayatri, she just saw Gayatri left palace. Gayatri had changed places with Raaj mata. Bari Rani maa wonders where Gayatri went?

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