Once there was a king 5th March 2022 Written Update

Once there was a king 5th March 2022: On Once there was a king update Saturday 5 March 2022 zee world, Lakhan holds Swarna in his arms. Gayatri was worried and asks what happened to her. Lakhan says he had warned her, if he didn’t reach Kokilla must have murdered her and their child. He tells Gayatri about their relation, she wanted to leave the palace but luck turned the game and Laksh died. He says he will no longer stay quiet, he will take it from here today. Gayatri stops him, at this time she needs treatment and care, else her and her child’s life will be endangered. They must think for a way that she can stay here safe from Kokilla. She promise the unconscious Swarna that she will find a way for her.

The next morning, Savitri buys almonds and asks if he knows for whom she is going to make Halwa. She thinks about making Gond’s laddu as well for Swarna and her child to be. she hits a lady in the market, it was her mother. Savitri curses her. Maa was shocked to see her as she curses herself in Savitri’s language, Maa calls Gayatri! Savitri was shocked, she turns to her then leaves hiding her face. Maa asks for a Gol gappa urgently and eats it. She gets a cough, Gayatri comes to her unknowingly. It was Maa’s tactic. Maa runs behind her as she runs in the market. Rana ji was also in the same market, shopping for some clothes and selects one.

Maa follows Gayatri in the palace, Bari Rani maa comes there. Maa asks Savitri why she has been running, what happened. Savitri takes Maa aside. Bari Rani maa thinks there is no one here. inside the room, Maa and Gayatri hug each other. Maa cries that she knew Gayatri was alive, she asks what the need to get this avatar was. Gayatri says this is to protect her husband, there are plannings in the palace. Their enemies wanted to kill them both and narrates all the events on the cliff. She came to know she had been so ill that she couldn’t come to her last rituals. Maa was clueless about it. Gayatri was shocked when Maa says she never send a man. Her hope hadn’t broken and knew she was alive. Gayatri says Bari Rani maa said so. Maa says she never came to meet her.

Raaj Mata wonders why would Bari Rani maa lie. Gayatri says she is so confused, until today she thought Bari Rani Maa was the only one sincere to Rana ji. Raaj mata says she doesn’t trust Bari Rani maa, she asks if Bari Rani Maa suspects her to be Gayatri? Gayatri says this isn’t possible, she never watched her so intently but she had fired on her. Gayatri tells Bari Rani Maa he is upset for Lakshraj’s death, she tried to bring her and Rana ji closer and narrates all the events. Raaj Mata says there is something wrong, Bari Rani Maa can’t change so many colors. If she is behind this all. Gayatri asks why she would take care of Rana ji if she wants to hurt him, only she is able to make him calm whenever Rana ji is in pain. Raaj Mata asks her to be careful, she lied to her about her mother. Gayatri says she needs more proofs before getting to any decision, she will follow Bari Rani Maa as a shadow and bring the truth to front.

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Swarna wakes up as someone enters the room with a knife in hand. She cries no. it was a day dream, Lakhan comes to her and assures she isn’t alone now. Swarna asks him to go now. Lakhan says when he is here, no one can touch a single strand of her hair. She will stay in this palace, no one will even think about hurting her; this is promise of Lakhan. He asks her to take care of herself and their child.

Savitri offers Halwa to Kunwar ji. He asks what is such a happiness. Savitri says Swarna is expecting. The bite sticks in Kunwar ji’s throat. Bari Rani maa asks how she knows about it. Savitri says she had noticed Swarna wasn’t well. Kunwar ji says it can be something else, but Savitri says she can never be wrong. Swarna comes there, Rana ji congratulates her and promises to take care of her and the child. Kunwar ji says it is his responsibility as well, due to this good news she got a reason to live now. Bari Rani maa also shows her happiness and goes to congratulate Swarna promising to keep Goad bharai soon. She goes to thank in the temple, puts an eye on Lakhan and goes inside. Swarna stops Savitri and says thanks to her. Savitri says she did this as a maid, she must be appreciated. Swarna says knowing their relation’s truth, she sided her; she is lucky to have a sister like her. Savitri thinks she is unlucky not being able to tell her the truth, hands her the bowl to eat.

Bari rani maa stood in front of Baray Rana ji’s photo. When he was a prince he used to tell her that she and her son are a burden on palace, she thought her son would never get the throne of Amirkot. Now, this all will be theirs. Rana ji has lost his memory, he is puppet in her hands. Gayatri has returned but doesn’t know she ruined her life. And Swarna’s womb carries their heir now. Amirkot’s history has changed, now here in place of Rana ji’s photo there will be Kunwar ji’s photo. She takes Rana ji’s photo off the wall. Savitri watched this and wonders why Bari Rani maa removed Rana ji’s photo.

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Rana ji comes to Savitri and asks her to shut her eyes. He gifts her a saree and says he always wanted to do something for her, to thanks her. Bari Rani Maa read his mind and suggested to give her a gift. Savitri wonders why Bari Rani Maa wants Rana ji to come close to Savitri. Rana ji asks if she dislikes it. She says she loves it, he leaves and tears fell off Savitri’s ear.
Bari Rani Maa complains to Kunwar ji and Kokilla that they behaved so coldly, they haven’t learnt a single tactic of royalty. Kokilla says this child is a result of Lakhan and Swarna’s result, she will tell everyone about it. Bari Rani Maa clutches her neck, she warns her not to ruin her dream.
Raaj Mata says she was so right, Bari Rani Maa didn’t change a bit. Gayatri asks why she is taking care of Rana ji, if she wants to hurt Rana ji. Why is she trying to make her and Rana ji close, this all doesn’t prove she was there with Rajeshwari. Raaj Mata says there is something they are missing. She asks to recall what happened on the cliff, may be they get a clue about a fourth person. Gayatri says she doesn’t know, she never got a clue about the fourth. Raaj Mata suggests there must be someone who would have seen the fourth person. Gayatri says Rana ji chose the cliff, but there was a temple. Gayatri tells Raaj Mata there was a temple, did aarti and left. Raaj Mata asks if Pooja Thaal was already there. Gayatri says yes. Raaj Mata says there are two people in the temple, God and Poojari. Gayatri says she is right, if there was flame then there was a Poojari. He will tell them what happened on the cliff that day.
There, a Pandit has a night mare about what he had seen on the cliff. He wakes up and cries that they will now kill him. He will move away from here.
Gayatri says she will find that Poojari tomorrow.
The next morning, Savitri wonders whom to ask the Poojari of the cliff temple. A lady passing by tells Savitri that he left today morning. Savitri cries that he was her last hope, only he could help her. The lady asks Savitri to pray in the temple, and ties a black thread on her arm. Savitri wonders how many testimonies she has to take.
Swarna sat in her room, wondering if she would be able to give this child a good life. Bari Rani Maa gets her food, she asks Swarna to take care of herself now. Swarna says she is in no mood. Bari Rani Maa says it is time for her to abide by elders. Swarna assures she will eat later. Lakhan comes to the room, Bari Rani Maa says it is good he came here. He must make sure Swarna takes care of herself and the child. She turns to ask about Savitri. Lakhan says he didn’t see her since morning. Bari Rani Maa thinks about finding out where she has gone.
Savitri comes back to the palace worried about the Poojari of temple. Bari Rani Maa comes from front, and asks where she had been. Bari Rani Maa says she didn’t even tell Lakhan about where she had gone. Savitri tells her she went to get her medicine. Bari Rani Maa asks to care about Rana ji’s breakfast. Bari Rani Maa looks at the black thread on her arm and asks if she had gone to temple. Savitri says she isn’t as crazy as to go to temple in morning, someone tied it on her arm.
Rana ji was sketching Savitri’s portrait. She comes with his coffee. He hides the sketch book. She catches his lie, and says two things don’t suit him. First this bow tie, and secondly his lie. She says every color gets bright when he wears it, but he would look nicer if he wears bright colors. Rana ji says this statement is familiar. She asks if he said so, or someone complimented him with it, then asks for sketch book. He says not now. She turns around to see God’s idol. He asks if she wants something. Savitri says her mother always used to get Pooja done with that black temple Poojari Ran Afadr, but he has left somewhere. Rana ji says he can find him for her. Savitri cheers his heart is as big as his anger, she asks him not to tell anyone about it. He asks why? Savitri says everyone will consider him to be an idiot if they find out he is doing this all for her. She thinks Rana ji will for sure find that Pandit.
Lakhan tells Swarna he understands her condition. She must trust him but take care of her. Savitri comes in and watch them hugging. She scolds Lakhan what if someone had seen them like this. Everyone will suspect this child isn’t Laksh but his. Swarna holds Savitri’s hand and asks why she cares so much for her? Savitri says only Gayatri cared for her this much. Savitri says she is her maid, she has to take care of her. Swarna hugs her, Savitri thinks she will soon tell her the truth.
Savitri comes to Rana ji and Pandit ji. Savitri asks if he is Ram Afdar? He says no he isn’t. Savitri apologizes saying she can’t get this pooja done from him. Rana ji asks why she is only concerned with the Poojari only. They have an argument. Savitri finally say that only Ram Afdar know about what happened on the cliff that day.

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