Once there was a king 3rd March 2022 Written Update

Once there was a king 3rd March 2022: On Once there was a king update Thursday 3 March 2022 zee world, Rana ji asks Savitri if she knows how to play chess. Savitri says there is a queen and a kind, queen gives her life for King but this is a game, it should happen in real life as well. Rana ji says it doesn’t happen. Savitri says may be it happened to him and he doesn’t remember. Rana ji asks why she didn’t marry. She asks if he has got eyes or buttons. She is tan. Rana ji asks who says black people are bad ones’s, if souls are dark they aren’t good but when body is, it doesn’t matter. Gayatri thinks may be Rana ji’s medicine has started to show its effect. Rana ji says to Savitri that she is right, he should start living in the present. Savitri cheers when Rana ji says he will give his wife a second chance. But Rana ji says he wants to give Rajeshwari a chance, he vowed Rajeshwari at the time of marriage, now he will fulfil them. He says it was because of her only, Savitri’s eyes fill with tears and thinks she must talk to Raaj Mata.

In the jail, Savitri says they want to know who was there with Rajeshwari on the cliff. When they will know about it, they can prove it wasn’t only Gayatri. When she asked Rana ji to forget about his past, he thought she was talking about Rajeshwari. Raaj Mata asks if she had only this little courage to fight, Savitri had to go to Yamlok to get her husband back. The fights are not fought until they are fought inside one own self. She has to burn no matter how strong the fire is. Gayatri says she is right, she won’t accept defeat.

In the morning, Rajeshwari calls for tea. Rana ji comes wishing her good morning, Rajeshwari wonders who the servant is knowing English. She is shocked to see Rana ji and asks if he brought the tea. Rana ji says his hopes and tea have got cold thrice. She asks how it was so. Rana ji says it was a coincidence. Savitri hears this. Rana ji asks her for dinner together. Rajeshwari says everyone has dinner together. Rana ji says he was talking about them being alone. Rajeshwari spits the tea, Rana ji heads to leave saying she isn’t comfortable. Rajeshwari stops him and says she had long waited for tonight, she might not die of elation. Rana ji asks her to have tea. Rajeshwari dances. Rana ji stops Savitri and says it was really great to feel and watch her wife happy, he is confused what to do and what to say, he never did something like this before. Savitri says may be he had done it and doesn’t remember. Rana ji asks why she isn’t happy, she makes a face to be happy. He gives the responsibilities to Savitri. She suggest Rana ji to have dinner with everyone, but he says he wants it to be alone. Gayatri thinks Rana ji took her advice wrong, she pushed him towards his other wife.

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Savitri instructed the servants, Rajeshwari comes and asks her to make it all pink. Savitri argues that she was given this duty by Rana ji, she will follow his instructions. Rajeshwari says it is all for her. She murmurs that is the sad thing. She tells her to get ready for Rana ji. Rajeshwari says she will take a lot of time today to get ready and leaves. Savitri curtly says he has lost that’s why he wants a monkey like her on this table and chair.
Bari Rani Maa comes to Rajeshwari who was excited and swirls with Bari Rani Maa. She says today Rana ji is going to have dinner with her, alone. He asked for it. She boasts it was a sixer. Rana ji brought her tea and asked to spend time with her alone. Bari Rani Maa wonders if Rana ji wants to spend time with this monkey in Gayatri’s presence. Is this Gayatri’s game?

Rana ji asks Savitri how he looks. She says she looks really nice. He asks if Rajeshwari will like him? Savitri says the one who doesn’t dress in colorful clothes isn’t acceptable. She gets him colorful clothes and says love is always colorful. She says her peacock is waiting for him. He goes to change.

Bari Rani maa says that Rajeshwari shouldn’t go with Rana ji. Rajeshwari says she herself wanted this. Bari Rani maa says a mice has to move towards cheese but if the cheese moves towards the mice it means it’s a trap. Rajeshwari says Rana ji has got the flame, there will be fire tonight. She asks the elders not to interfere. Tonight, she will be the queen of Rana ji’s heart, she can’t leave it even on Bari Rani Maa’s call. She leaves dancing. Bari Rani

Maa wonders who should tell her that Gayatri is playing a trap which Rajeshwari is coming in it. She can only be uncovered if Savitri rather than Rajeshwari comes close to Rana ji.

Rajeshwari comes downstairs ready for dinner. She was shocked Rana ji dressed in colorful clothes and
asks what is he wearing? He asks to change if she dislikes. Rajeshwari says he looks good in any dress. Savitri brings flowers for him, Rajeshwari gets sneezing from them. Rajeshwari says she is allergic to these flowers. Rana ji apologizes, Savitri smiles that she knew about it. Rana ji takes her for dinner. Savitri says now Rana ji won’t be able to come near to her.

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Rana ji and Rajeshwari sat for dinner. Rana ji asks how she feels now, she says she is better and pours him coffee while takes juice herself. She asks how he thought about dinner with her. Rana ji says with Savitri’s efforts, she made him realize he took some vows at the time of wedding. Rajeshwari thinks that if fate is with them, she will recall him the third vow as well. Rana ji asks what she likes, books which one? She says she doesn’t like books.

He asks music? She says she loves dancing. Rana ji was disappointed that their likes or dislikes doesn’t match. She suggests she loves travelling. Rana ji says Bari Rani Maa told him he has travelled whole world, where did she travel. She takes some traditional names. Savitri and Bari Rani Maa heard this and enjoyed. Savitri brings in soup, Rana ji serves spinach soup for her while he eats tomato soup. Spinach leaf stucks in Rajeshwari’s teeth. Rana ji thinks it was a mistake deciding to spend time with Rajeshwari. Bari Rani Maa comes inside, Rana ji offers her to come and join them. Bari Rani

Maa says she came to bless them both, she is happy to see them together. Rajeshwari wonders what she is doing here, she must go away. Bari Rani

Maa goes to get a bottle of expensive wine for Rana ji that his grandfather loved. She nods at Rajeshwari and leaves. Bari Rani Maa thinks Rajeshwari won’t be able to stop herself from wine, Rana ji would be angry at her and the drama will soon end. Rajeshwari was getting restless watching the wine.

Rana ji takes a leave from the table. Rajeshwari smells the wine and mix some in her juice glass. Savitri watches her drinking, while Rana ji couldn’t be seen on the seat. She comes to Rana ji in the corridor, Rana ji asks if food is ready, she must serve it soon. Savitri asks why he is in such a hurry. Rana ji says everything is fine, but there is something missing. Rajeshwari is his wife, he is trying to reconnect to her. There isn’t that magic between them. It seems they never had a relation between them. He asks her to serve the food. Gayatri says whatever Rajeshwari does, she won’t be able to break the magic of her love.

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Rana ji comes to the table and wonders where Rajeshwari went. Rajeshwari plays the music and dances over it. Rana ji takes her hands, Gayatri was upset watching them dance together. She calls Rana ji’s name, he gets it at once and asks if she is drunk. She says not at all, then feels nauseatic at once. Rana ji holds her up, he says she nor only drank wine but also lied to him. He laughs watching her fearful face. He asks what the big deal about drinking? In their country, when men can drink why women can’t. She must not have lied to him. Rajeshwari apologizes. Savitri thinks that Rajeshwari has always lied to him. Rana ji says he thought he would give it to her after dinner, but may be her smile will return watching it now. He gifts her a bracelet and ties it around her arm. Rana ji says it is a new beginning, he doesn’t remember about past. Gayatri remembers saying the same words to her as well. He says it seems he has said it earlier as well, turns to see Savitri leave with the dinner. Rana ji wonders what happened to her. Rajeshwari thinks she has failed.

Bari Rani Maa asks Savitri if she is fine. She tells Savitri that she has turned to be Rana ji’s biggest support in a few days. He needs her for lifetime, but a servant never stays together always. A life partner does. Savitri says she is clueless what she wants to say. Bari Rani Maa says she can see what is in her mind when she see Rana ji. Savitri says she doesn’t dream high. Bari Rani Maa asks her to dream, so that they come true. She knows only Savitri can take care of Rana ji, she must atleast try. She assures her assistance for Rana ji’s happiness. He trusts Savitri more than his wife. Savitri says Bari

Rani Maa has a misunderstanding. Rana ji is like a God for him, and one has relations of respect with Gods and not of love. Bari Rani maa says even God’s loved, he has bent towards her. Rajeshwari watches them together. Bari Rani maa says this family, her daughter in law Prem vadha needs her. Savitri was thought, Bari Rani Maa eyes her while Rajeshwari wonders what are they both cooking. Savitri wonders what has happened to Bari Rani Maa, if it is something else?


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