Once there was a king 21 February 2022 Written update

Once there was a king 21 February 2022:  On Once there was a king Monday 21st February 2022 update Zee world,  Rana ji was completely under the effect of hypnosis, Rajeshwari tells Rana ji to go and kill Gayatri. He abides by her order and leaves. Rajeshwari recalls the story, Ek the raja ek thi rani, raja k haathon marr gay rani. She laughs.
Gayatri comes to the room, she thinks that may be her belief on Rana ji’s love was weak.

There, a cart get inside the mud in front of the royal cars. Raaj Mata asks the driver to get the other driver as well, they all come out of the car. Raaj Mata tells Swarna to see Rajeshwari as she is still sitting still. Bari Rani Maa tries to stop Swarna saying she must be asleep. Swarna goes to see her, the dummy fell off the car as soon as she opens the door. Bari Rani Maa was worried and says to Raaj Mata she wonders what Rajeshwari would be doing. Raaj mata asks the driver why he didn’t tell her that Rajeshwari wasn’t there. The driver shoots himself.
Rana ji comes to Gayatri’s room. Gayatri looks at him, smiles, keeps a hand on his shoulder and says she was right, their love is above all the powers in the world. She says their love will win. She hugs Rana ji. Rana ji holds the knife in his other hand to stab Gayatri on her back.

Raaj Mata says they need to reach the palace as soon as possible. Bari Rani maa says that there is a cart stuck in front of them, one of the car’s wheel has been blown out. Raaj mat gets into the car and leaves for the palace. She orders the cart man to take her to palace as soon as possible.
Rana ji holds the knife, recalling Rajeshwari’s words. Raaj Mata came to the room calling Gayatri. Rana ji’s knife gets into the fruit. Gayatri goes to Raaj Mata and hugs her, Raaj Mata says she couldn’t forgive herself had something happened to her. Rana ji leaves the room, hiding the knife. Raaj Mata says she doubted Rajeshwari wasn’t present but she couldn’t know about it. Gayatri says Rana ji returned to her. Raaj Mata asks Gayatri to be aware of Rajeshwari.

Rajeshwari watches the knife of Rana ji blood stained. She says if Rana ji killed Gayatri and no one could know? They hear a voice. Rajeshwari asks Rana ji to hide behind the curtain. It was Gayatri at the door. She asks Rajeshwari why is she so afraid. Gayatri says her power of love will never let Rajeshwari win. Rajeshwari says her love was in her arms just a while ago. Gayatri slaps Rajeshwari before she could complete her sentence. Gayatri says she knows Rajeshwari has done black magic on Rana ji. Gayatri says she must remember magic only gets to mind, not into heart. Only Gayatri will be there in his heart. Rajeshwari was about to slap Gayatri but she holds her hand and tells her to stay into her limits. A princess and her soldiers won’t be able to do anything if a wife comes to action. Rana ji comes out from behind the curtain when Gayatri had left. Rajeshwari complains what kind of Rana ji he is, he couldn’t kill a girl. She says he must give himself punishment, get a hunter from the wardrobe. Rana ji beats himself with the hunter.

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Gayatri watches the amulet and thinks about the times she was ill. She prays in the temple from the Peer Baba that it was with his prayers that their love story started, it will be completed with his prayers as well.
Rana ji still beat himself. He throws the hunter away and goes beating the wardrobe door with his fists.
Bari Rani Maa argued with Kunwar ji about celebrating her birthday. Rana ji passes by, he congratulates Bari Rani Maa and hugs her. Bari Rani Maa says she was just thinking that they will light a candle somewhere. Rana ji says no, there will be celebrations and Kunwar ji must take any money required from Deewan. Kunwar ji and Bari Rani Maa leaves happily.
In the party, Swarna apologizes Bari Rani Maa for forgetting her birthday. Bari Rani Maa says she isn’t worth remembering. Raaj Mata says Bari Rani Maa and her achievements can never be forgotten.

There, Rajeshwari tells Rana ji that he will drape the dupatta to Gayatri. As soon as she wears it, all its stones will get the fires. Gayatri will burn as a bride then. Rana ji takes the dupatta. Gayatri was getting ready in her room, she smiles watching Rana ji and says she was coming to him. He says this is for her. Gayatri touch the dupatta, then says it isn’t given but it put on. Rana ji watches Rajeshwari outside the room, then drapes Gayatri in it. Rajeshwari leaves the door. Gayatri was happy. Rana ji asks Gayatri to come along.
Gayatri and Rana ji takes blessings of Bari Rani Maa. Rana ji wishes her. Rajeshwari also comes there. Gayatri says she is younger, still she prays for a long life of Bari Rani Maa. Bari Rani Maa says today God is going to hear them both. She tells Rana ji and Gayatri that they forgave her and turned her life’s last days as pure. She requests Gayatri to sing a song for them. Rana ji agrees. Swarna says if it is Gayatri’s voice, he will play. Rana ji looks at Rajeshwari for permission who nods at him. Rajeshwari thinks that this song will be the last song of Gayatri’s life.

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Gayatri sings for Rana ji. Rana ji looks at her while smiling. Her dupatta was just near the candle flame. Rajeshwari and Bari Rani Maa look closely. Rana ji comes behind the curtain and whispers to Swarna that Gayatri is in danger, her dupatta will catch fire. She must save her. Swarna turns to see the fire had already caught Gayatri’s dupatta. She shouts Gayatri’s name. everyone was shocked, Bari Rani Maa claps in cheer. Swana and Raaj Mata comes to help Gayatri. Bari Rani maa stops Rajeshwari and tells her to see Rana ji isn’t stopping Gayatri. Bari Rani Maa says this is a blessing that nothing happened to Gayatri. Swarna watches the stones on dupatta and says this isn’t an accident, but a planning. Raaj Mata asks who give her this dupatta. Swarna was shocked to hear Rana ji’s name. Swarna tells him to open his eyes, Rajeshwari is making him destroy his love. Rana ji stops Swrana and says he won’t hear another word against Rajeshwari. Gayatri was upset. Rana ji says everyone always blames Rajeshwari without thinking what she goes through, she is his wife as well. He says he can’t snatch the right of one wife upon the demand of other. He tells Swarna to take care of her own marriage before saving others.

Gayatri tells Rana ji not to pour his anger on his family. Rana ji tells Gayatri that his red car is already in the garage, but he bought a new one. When the new one comes, the old one loses its glitter. He says that he has enough followed the advices of Gayatri but now his new wife Rajeshwari is here. He goes to Rajeshwari, holds her hand and says a very important ritual of their wedding is left. In this palace no one wants them to stay together, but now he will give her right place to her. He holds her hand and says he will understands her well. He says tomorrow morning, he will leave with her for their honeymoon. Gayatri was shocked. Rana ji says Raaj Mata will tell her what this ritual means in Hindi. He smiles at Rajeshwari and leaves. Everyone leave the party. Gayatri leaves crying.

In the room, Gayatri cries on the couch. Raaj Mata comes behind her. She says to Gayatri that today her life was going to end, Rana ji only watched the drama of her being burnt. She says that they must now use the cover of the maa. Gayatri says she doesn’t want any support for her love. She will be Savitri to bring her husband back.

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There, Swarna cries in her room thinking about Rana ji’s words. She says Rana ji is right. He doesn’t know what she has gone through. She thinks about Lakhan and herself. She wipes her tears when Laksh enters the room along with a servant. He asks Swarna in whose memory is she crying, if she was thinking about her friend? Swarna says when one isn’t worth understanding a relation must not comment on it. The one who makes a new relation every night can never get what a true relation means.

Bari Rani maa and Rajeshwari swirl around cheering about their victory. Bari Rani maa says Rana ji has asked her to come to honeymoon with her. Kokila heard their conversation. Bari Rani maa says Rajeshwari has to get as close to Rana ji that he never gets out of his magic. Rajeshwari says she will return from this honeymoon as the only wife of Rana ji.

Gayatri heads to leave, Raaj Mata asks where is she going. Gayatri says she needs to talk to Rana ji. Raaj Mata says Rana ji isn’t in his room. Gayatri says she will wait outside his room, until he comes. She has to change his decision.
Rana ji roams around worried, thinking about what Rajeshwari had said to him. What he had done to kill Gayatri. He dials a number and gives some instructions.

At night, Rana ji comes to his room and finds Gayatri sleeping beside a wall outside his room. He looks at her with pain, sits besides her and caresses her face. He asks Gayatri for forgiveness, he deliberately hurt her. He recalls hitting his own self with the hunter, and the cloth of dargah had fell over him, taking him out of his hypnotism. He had cried and questioned himself why he is punishing himself, why is his head banging. He wondered why he was conciousless. He remembers Gayatri putting on turmeric and didn’t remember anything afterwards, and had waken up from a nightmare. He felt that he was being shown that nightmare, then recalls all about Rajeshwari. He holds the hunter and says he has been a puppet in the hands of Rajeshwari. Today, Rajeshwari wanted him to take the life of his life, he says that now this puppet’s string in not in her hands. He will hold the sword, but this time neck won’t be Gayatri’s.

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