Once there was a king 12th March 2022 Written Update

Once there was a king 12 March 2022: On Once there was a king update Saturday 12th March 2022 zee world, Rani climbs up a wooden stair to help a dog stuck up. Raaj Mata comes calling her, Rani says now they both will get beaten. Raaj Mata scolds Rani for not leaving this dog out. Rani asks Raaj Mata to help her first, Lakhan comes and angrily she says she must come down by herself as well. Rani was afraid of height, Lakhan helps them both down and assures Rani he would never let her fell down. Raaj Mata questions Rani about the dog (Kaali Prasad). Rani explains she left him away, he returned. He would help them in household, and guard their house as well. Raaj Mata forbids Rani to lie to her again, and leaves. Lakhan asks Rani why she teases Raaj Mata so much, Rani explains Raaj Mata gets angry at her because she makes her mood up.

In the palace, Raja and brother play cricket and have an argument. Raja makes a bad face at the name of Kaal. Rajeshwari offers a drink to Kaal, Kaal mocks the poor farmers to be humans. His minister laugh they thought Kaal would come there. Bari Rani Maa questions Kaal why he denied the invitation. Bari Rani Maa explains to Kaal that he has to get elected now, as British have gone. He must now learn to mix up with the subjects and speak softly.

Raja again bolds Jeewan but he denies giving the bat. Raja now come snatching the bat. Jeewan calls Raja a cheater, Rajeshwari complains to Kaal about Jeewan. Kaal calls them both, Rajeshwari advocates Jeewan, Kaal gets the bat to Jeewan while Raja was upset.
Rani takes Raaj Mata’s permission to go to the gathering, Raaj Mata wonders where she wants to go now.

Raja cries curt about Kaal. Bari Rani Maa promises to take him somewhere where he will realize world consider him to be Kaal’s son only.

The boys explain Rani about a game on climbing a wood stair. Rani says she is brave but not idiot, she lied at home thinking it must be a race. The children blackmail her that they would fight otherwise. Rani thinks for a while. Bari Rani Maa comes to the gathering with Kaal and Raja and sends Raja away. The farmer calls Kaal on stage. Bari Rani Maa dictates him the speech. She gets a cough in between, Kaal repeats a single statement. The children laugh that Kaal has forgotten his speech. The children ask about Rani who wasn’t there.

Raja denies using a smelly washroom. The caretaker suggests to use open farms as this all belongs to him. Rani comes behind him at school and throws a stone at his back. She questions if he was urinating in her class. He points a finger at her, if she would stop him? Rani’s mate comes to stand behind her, the boys mock Raja. Rani asks him to go to washroom, he deters what she can do else. Rani says they will make a pickle of him. Raja runs away from harassment. He goes under a mango tree. Rani and children blow crackers behind him that makes him and his guard afraid.

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There is a call to begin the game. Rani keeps a marbel in the spoon in her mouth and carefully walks towards the wall and climbs the wooden stairs. Raja gets a seat beside Kaal and informs he had gone for urination, a girl teased him in the way. Rano had climbed the wall and walks on its edge. Kaal scolds Raja calling him a coward. Raja looks up to see Rani up there. Raaj Mata and Lakhan were worried as they watched Rani there. Rani turns to see them on the other side of wall. Raaj Mata scolds Lakhan for Rani’s lie. Lakhan runs to Rani and holds her as she slips off the wall. The boy had won. Lakhan wipes Rani’s tears, she asks till when he will save her. Raaj Mata also comes there. Kaal awards the winner. Rani was upset for losing.

Kaal whispers to call Rani as well. Rani cheers and runs to the stage. Raaj Mata and Lakhan hide behind a tree. Rani was gifted a bat, Raaj Mata recalls Bari Rani Maa’s hatred for Rana ji and Gayatri. Rani questions Kaal why she is being gifted, Kaal explains she is really brave, that is why. He murmurs at Raja to learn something from her. Raja was to gift her with the award, Rani mocks him to be a prince. Kaal gives the bat to Raja, he looks at Kaal then awards it to Rani. Rani cheers with the bat, takes blessing from Kaal but as she bends to Bari Rani maa and watches her gold hand, she runs away calling her a witch, the bat fell off her hand. The host farmer was apologetic, Bari Rani Maa says she is a kid after all. Raja holds the bat victoriously and runs away.

Rani crosses the farms, Raaj Mata hold her in her arms and run across the farms. Lakhan gets them, making her calm. Raaj Mata shivered in panic.

Lakhan assures they are unaware who Rani is. Raaj Mata promises nothing would happen to Rani, she gets a cough and blood comes in her sputum. Lakhan was tensed at once.

In the palace, Raja boasts about winning the bat. Jeewan put a foot in his way and won the bat. He reminds him the lesson in the morning to sacrifice everything for younger boy. A young girl stops Raja’s way in a similar manner, winning the bat. She takes it to Raja, both laugh at Jeewan. Jeewan accuses Bindu but Swarna comes there and slaps Jeewan, she asks if he held a hand over a girl, if this is what his father taught him. Kaal and Bari Rani Maa watched this.

The doctor assures Raaj Mata she would get well soon, it was just a heat stroke in her old age. Rani forbids Raaj Mata to do any house chores, she would prepare Kaara for her. Kaal comes to Swarna, Swarna confronts him well saying he couldn’t teach any manners to his children. Kaal heads towards Bindu, Swarna protects her holding his hand from behind. Kaal questions Swarna his worth, she is a daughter in law by name only. Swarna counters he is also a prince by name only. If she goes to police station, police would come here and turn him into another animal. He made her so fearful that her fear has now ended, she can go away from this palace now and no one can stop her, neither him not this falling wall (Badi Rani Maa) but she will live here, to witness their ends. She takes Bindu with her.

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Bari Rani Maa stops Kaal and reminds him everything has a time and a manner. Now isn’t the time to murder someone unquestionable. Kaal warns his sons to play with Bindu again.

Raja helps Bindu in his room, he informs her about Kaal’s warning. Bindu wonders if it was because her mother fought, she calls elders to be idiots. Raja takes Bindu to play hidden from everyone.

The doctor tells Lakhan outside that Raaj Mata has TB and isn’t well. It’s dangerous, he has to get her treated in a TB hospital. Lakhan was worried for her and inquires about the cost of her treatment. Lakahn was even worried hearing the cost would be 500, the doctor was ready to get him some concession. Lakhan was worried about Raaj Mata and Rani, he turns to see Rani crying if Raaj Mata would also leave her just like her mother. She prays in temple, and cries in front of Lakhan. Lakhan assures to get Raaj Mata treated, they will work hard to get money.

Kaal punishes Raja for playing with Bindu by hitting on hand. He deters to cut his hands the next time.

Lakhan works all night long and collects money in a box. Raaj Mata comes out coughing hard, and asks him to take rest. Lakhan insists he has to make money. Raaj Mata wonders what they would do with the money. Rani takes Raaj Mata inside. Lakhan was tired and sleep beside the grinding machine, Rani works with it. Lakhan wakes up kissing Rani’s hands and forbids her work so hard, her delicate hands aren’t made for this hard work. Rani says only ten days are left, how will they collect all the money. Lakhan tells her the whole plan for the next ten days, but meanwhile he cuts his hand in the machine. The doctor bandage the hands of Lakhan and tells him it might take at least 1 month.

Rani comes behind the doctor and asks him some work to collect money. The doctor says she can only get this amount of job in Palace only. She was afraid there is a monster and a witch in the palace, the doctor advices her to come over her fears. Rani was determined to go to palace for work.

Raaj Mata looks for Rani, Lakhan was concerned and goes to look for Rani.

Rani comes to the palace door, she thinks about Raaj Mata’s stories about monsters, Bari Rani Maa’s golden hand and opens the door of palace. The wind blows petals and leaves over her as she walks inside. She walks across the corridor and watches Gayatri and Rana ji’s photo, wondering why she likes being in such a witchy place. She was afraid to see some guards in the corridor and hides behind the poles. Raja comes there and asks what she is doing here, this is his home. Rani replies she came to find some work here. Raja drags her to throw her out of the palace and shuts the door. Rani wonders whom she should ask to open the door and knocks on it. Raja opens the door, and suggests about climbing the wall if she has to come in. She turns to leave.

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Rani comes to confront a man, he tells her she has nothing to do in palace and must leave. Rani cuts his hand with her teeth, and runs away. She comes to hit Swarna, Swarna asks who she is and what she is doing here. The man comes chasing Rani and tells Swarna she is a thief. Rani tells Swarna she came to look for work. Swarna asks for her parents. Rani explains her mother has died, Baba is injured so he won’t be able to work.

Swarna explains this place isn’t for children like her, she offers her some money. Rani denies taking any idol as a begging. She quotes Raaj Mata in front of Swarna, Swarna enjoys her talks. She asks Rani how she would go to school if she works here. Rani says she would work after school. Swarna agrees to let her help in kitchen and she would pay her ten rupees. Rani calculates the amount of vegetables, flour, oil and medicines; it would cost thirty rupees. Swarna miss Gayatri and agrees to keep Rani for work.

Raaj Mata awaits Rani and says now she would come home to ask for food. She opens the grain box, it was empty. Tears fell of her eyes. A lady wasn’t ready to take Raaj Mata’s silver earrings, and agrees to give her rice for free. Raaj Mata asks her to keep these as mortgage if not as a payment of rice.

She brings rice from inside, Raaj Mata’s tears fell off her eyes. The ladies ask her to work for some stitching work in a nearby factory. Raaj Mata forbids her share it with Lakhan and Rani, she would surely go there.

The man takes Rani holding her hand, she questions if his real name is Juman or children just tease him with this name. Juman doesn’t reply her answers. Rani wonders how many rooms are there in this palace.

Kaal gets ready in his room, a needle pricks his hand. He remembers the curse of transgender to him. Juman tells Rani that Raja is the son of the king Kaal here. A maid sends Rani to clean the chair of Kaal. Rani takes the duster, and watches Bari Rani Maa and Kaal coming towards the table. She was afraid of the witch again.


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