Nurses Telemundo: Full story, Plot Summary And casts

Nurses Telemundo: Nurses is the 2nd show that made the list. I’m not surprised, because a lot of their programming isn’t always predictable. Maria Clara Gonzalez works as the head of nursing at one of the more well-known cities’ hospitals, The Santa Rosa. The world would smile at her, if not for the monotony in which her marriage to Roman has fallen. who she has two children.

The show was produced through RCN Television the same company which brought you Law Of The Heart last year. It is also the producer of the new series that is scheduled to premiere on the network The Coffee with a Woman’s fragrance.

The series will air every day starting at 22:00 CAT on 15 February, replacing 100 Days to Fall in Love.

Nurses Telemundo

Nurses Telemundo

Nurses Telemundo Full story/Plot Summary:

Maria Clara Gonzalez ( Diana Hoyos) is nurse head in one of the best renowned hospital in town, The Santa Rosa. The world would smile at her if it weren’t for the monotony that her marriage to Roman has fallen, and with whom she has two kids. On the day of her anniversary Maria Clara makes the decision to win back her husband and book a hotel for the night to spend with Roman. But, Roman suffers a heart attack in the aftermath and is taken into an emergency hospital to get medical attention. Maria Clara spends the night by his side. On the next day the next day, a woman known as Paula arrives, along with her son who is only a few months old. She informs the nurse that Roman’s son is the first born. Then, Maria Clara becomes increasingly unhappy with her husband until she is forced to plan their divorce.

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In the opposite direction there is a new resident in the field of internal medicine is admitted to the hospital doctor. Carlos Perez (Sebastian Carvajal) He immediately feels a special ties and Maria Clara, later becoming more than just a friend. However, their relationship is going to be complicated by multiple challenges, as Maritza and Valeriano the wife of Carlos and his dad, try to figure out what is happening between the two. Also Maria Clara’s displeasure with boss Gloria as well as her children’s opposition to her new partner and the tense business going on inside the hospital, on behalf of Manuel Castro (Lucho Velasco) who is the hospital’s scientific director and the arrival of a new character into Dr. Perez’s world will make their lives diverge.

Nurses Telemundo Casts/Real Name and pictures:


  • Diana Hoyos as María Clara González
  • Sebastián Carvajal as Carlos Pérez
  • Viña Machado as Gloria Mayorga Moreno
  • Julián Trujillo as Álvaro Rojas
  • Lucho Velasco as Manuel Alberto Castro
  • Nina Caicedo as Sol Angie Velásquez
  • Federico Rivera as Héctor Rubiano “Coco”
  • María Manuela Gómez as Valentina Duarte González
  • Cristian Rojas as Camilo Duarte González
  • Luciano D’Alessandro as Félix Andrade
  • Majida Issa as Alex Luján
  • Javier Jattin as Juan Pablo Valderrama


  • Andrés Suárez as Agustín Garnica
  • Tatiana Ariza as Helena Prieto
  • Vince Balanta as Fabio Mosquera
  • Andrea Rey as Nelly Mejía
  • Alejandra Correa as Inés Chacón
  • Viviana Posada as Ivonne Ramírez
  • Mariana Gómez as Maritza Ferrari
  • Susana Rojas as Paula Rivera
  • Pedro Palacio as Román Duarte
  • Nayra Castillo as Psicóloga Esperanza
  • Miguel González as Felipe Mackenzie
  • Pedro Calvo as Iñaki Ventura
  • Juan Fernando Sánchez as Ernesto Álvarez
  • Ricardo Vélez as Bernard Mackenzie
  • Marcela Posada as Ruby Palacino
  • Martha Liliana Ruiz as Jefe Evelyn
  • Hugo Gómez as Valeriano Pérez
  • María Cecilia Botero as Beatriz
  • Jessica Mariana Cruz as Mariana Cruz
  • Diego Garzón as Luis Tarazona
  • Bárbara Perea as Petra
  • Andrés Durán as Richi
  • Óscar Salazar as Óscar Peñate
  • Alexandra Serrano as Milena de Peñate
  • Tiberio Cruz as Dr. Castillo
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