New! The Insolent Heart November Teasers 2021

The Insolent Heart November Teasers 2021: New musical romantic Star Life The Insolent Heart premieres tonight (26 November) at 22:00. It will replace Broken Hearts which ended on Thursday.

The Insolent Heart is a story about Abeer Malhotra, a successful and charming rock star, as well as Meher Purohit.

The Insolent Heart November Teasers 2021

The Insolent Heart November Teasers 2021

Star life The Insolent Heart November Teasers 2021

Friday 26 November 2021

Episode 1

The beautiful Meher and the adorable Abeer have made their debut as a couple. Their debut was an amazing one. appearance in the year 2015.

This is the heart-breaking and passionate love story of rock star Abeer as well as his boss of the moment, Meher. The first episode reveals the bitter love story between the two lovers who were once in love.

Episode 2

Meher is nostalgic, recalling her time with Abeer. Kabir is trying to make fun of Abeer because Meher is currently the company’s CEO.

Meher is unable to comply when her mother demands that she quit the job, while Abeer apologizes to his mom for his behaviour. Abeer decides to invite Meher into the office.

Saturday 27 November 2021

Episode 3

Meher and Abeer meet at an upcoming board session. Abeer returned her gift that she had given to him prior. Abeer shows his fan-following when Abeer performs solo song and says good-bye to his favorite channel!

Episode 4

Abeer says goodbye to his followers before announcing his departure. Satish is stunned and tries to persuade Abeer to accept his resignation, but does not succeed. Meher is pleased with his decision, and is adamant with him. Abeer becomes angry and alters his mind.

Sunday 28 November 2021

Episode 5

Abeer decides to bring some spice on his TV show. He is planning to share his story of love during the program. Meher warns him, but she refuses not to listen. Meher’s aunt contacts Malhotra Abeer’s father and warns Malhotra about Abeer. Then, Malhotra reprimands Abeer for going to Meher’s home.

Episode 6

Meher is in a state of tension over Abeer sharing his love story to the air. Abeer plays her with and shares his love story without divulging the name of the woman. In the meantime, Suman meets Madhavi, Abeer’s mother. They hope that Abeer and Meher could reconcile in the near future. Abeer warns Meher about the possibility that he could ruin her life.

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Monday 29 November 2021

Episode 7

Nissar and Meher enjoy their college years Meher and Nissar are both enthralled by their college days, Abeer and Sasha reconnect after having been together for a while. Sasha is able to meet Meher at her workplace and invites her to an event that Abeer and Nissar will be attending as well. At her request, Meher goes to the event. Abeer talks about his past with Meher.

Episode 8

Meher and Abeer reflect on their lives. Abeer shows concern for Meher. In the meantime, Tunnu supports Abeer who is aspiring to be a singer. Meher intends to provide Nissar the chance to sing. Nissar however, Nissar refuses the offer. Abeer listens in on their conversation.

Tuesday 30 November 2021

Episode 9

Abeer claims Meher of having influenced Nisar. Meher says to Abeer the music instructor, Elton, has passed and has passed away.

Abeer goes to the grave of Elton and provides his family members with a bit of cash. He is tearful as he recalls Elton and thanked Meher for her help Elton.

Episode 10

Meher recalls the time she that she spent time with Abeer. She reflects on her time in college. Abeer contacts Meher and requests her not to divulge to anyone that he has was crying.

Tarun, Meher’s younger brother Tarun arrives to see Abeer seeking work. Meher laughs at Abeer in a state of panic after the lift ceases to work.

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