New! Dream Girl Teasers January 2022

Dream Girl Teasers January 2022: Laxmi vows to make it big in the film industry in six months. On reaching Mumbai, Laxmi learns that she will have to share an apartment with Raj Samosawala. Elsewhere, Ayesha humiliates her staff about their work ethics. Samar conceals his identity from Laxmi and pretends to be Raj Samosawala.

Dream Girl Teasers January 2022

Dream Girl Teasers January 2022

Star life Dream Girl Teasers January Teasers 2022

Sunday 30 January 2022
Episode 1

Young Laxmi is offered the chance to appear in the film. She dreams of becoming the Dream Girl just like her most adored actress Ayesha.

As time passes, Laxmi works hard at becoming a well-known actor in film and television. And, Samar wants to launch himself and gets help from Manav, his older brother. Manav.

Episode 2

Laxmi seeks the permission of her father for her to go to Mumbai to realize her goal. Samar is looking for Manav to make him a part of the film.

Laxmi’s brother encourages her and encourages her not to give up hope. Then, her father suggests an opportunity and agrees to take her to Mumbai If she is successful.

Monday 31 January 2022

Episode 3

Laxmi decides to draw inspiration from Ayesha’s films to beat the competition. In another scene, Samar prepares for the audition.

Laxmi wins the competition suggested by her father. Manav says to Samar that he should develop his acting skills. Laxmi gets her dad’s attention to go and obtains the approval to travel to Mumbai.

Episode 4

Laxmi will make it an impact in the world of film in six months. When she reaches Mumbai, Laxmi learns that she’ll have to share the living space along with Raj Samosawala.

Aside from that, Ayesha humiliates her staff on their morality. Samar hides his real identity to Laxmi as he pretends as Raj Samosawala.

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