Never say goodbye update Monday 31st January 2022

Never say goodbye 31 January 2022 update: Atharv shouting Vividha and running to save her. He takes his bike and drives. Sujata asks the cow to eat grass, Atharv will get the calf, I can understand a mum’s pain. Uma says then you would know my pain, Atharv has taken Vividha to find the calf. Sujata says no, she wanted to go herself, she said infront of me. Uma says Vividha is in Pushkar. Sujata says she is linked to Payal. Uma argues with her and says you should have informed me. Sujata says if Vividha is with Atharv, she is safe, Atharv is responsible guy, he will take care of her.

Uma says you won’t understand a girl’s mother’s worry, I came here to tell you that Atharv acted irresponsible, Vividha who did not lie to us ever, she reached Pushkar because of your son, she forgot all her values. Sujata says she went there for her values, she feels Payal is lost because of her, she is fulfilling her promise to get Payal, its her values. Uma worries and says what shall I tell you, her Papa went to Pushkar, if he sees her there, it will be bad.


She says you will understand it better, that if a girl’s name gets stain, it stays forever. Sujata cries and says I will inform them. She calls Atharv and he does not answer. She calls again. Atharv is on the way following the van. The man asks what to do of this girl. The lady says we can sell her too. Vividha hears them. He tries to free her hands and shouts Atharv. The lady says that girl’s husband has come after her. The lady goes to back section and pushes Vividha. Vividha says I will take Payal. The lady hurts her hand, as Vividha hangs down. Atharv gets worried.


Vividha says I will not lose Payal again. The lady pushes her down. Vividha holds the side and gets on the van again. She twists lady’s hand. Atharv follows them and gets on the van, leaving his bike. The man applies the breaks. Vividha falls in Atharv’s arms. The lady calls her goons. Atharv gets down to fight with them. Vividha gets tensed seeing the people with sticks. Atharv fights with them and gets hit by a stick on his head. Vividha shouts Atharv.

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Uma says if Kailash sees Vividha then… Guddi calls Vividha and says its ringing, but she did not answer. Uma and Sujata worry. The lady holds Vividha’s neck and scolds her. Atharv gets beaten up by the goons. The villagers pass by and decide to call police to save them. Uma says if Atharv does not answer call, we have to tell Kailash, why should we trust Atharv. Sujata says I trust him, he will risk his life and save Vividha.


Atharv and Vividha get saved. She asks are you fine. He says yes. She says if you were not there today then…. She runs and hugs him, to catch the lady and stop her from stabbing Atharv. She pushes the lady. Vividha gets hurt. Atharv sees her bleeding feet. Police comes there. Vividha tells them what all happened and gets the couple arrested. Atharv gets Payal and tells Vividha that you are not so sensitive as you look. She says I know to keep relations, how would I go without taking Payal. She says come, we have to take bike too. She slips and he holds her.


He asks are you fine, and lifts her in his arms. He says even I know to keep relations, I have to make you reach home before your dad. Uma calls Atharv. Vividha faints. He asks the ladies for water. He sprinkles water on her and tries to wake her up. He says see Payal has come, get up, stop joking, its bad joke. The man asks him to slap her, she will wake up. Atharv recalls her words and their hug. He does not slap her and tries to wake her. She wakes up. She hugs Payal. The lady says this girl risked her life to save a calf. The man says this guy has risked his life to save his wife. Atharv says its nothing like that. They all call them perfect couple.

Atharv and Vividha asking the people not to worry. The villagers ask them to stay with them and they will take care of them. Vividha says no, we have to leave. She gets dizzy. Atharv lifts her and says you can’t even stand, how will you go home. He takes her to a temple. She prays there.

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Dadi washes face and thinks is Uma and Guddi fooling me. Dadi calls Uma. Uma tells Guddi that Dadi is calling many times. She answers call. Dadi asks where are you, are you buying the shop. Uma says we are coming. Dadi says come home soon and misunderstands them. Uma says we are just coming. Uma tells Sujata that Atharv and Payal have put them in trouble, we should have not called calf at home for puja. Sujata says Atharv will call me back seeing my missed call.


Vividha tells Atharv that they will go home, then she will open her fast. He says sunset is close, I don’t want you don’t get good husband because of me. She asks him not to make fun of joke, fasting is good for body, you are educated to understand this. She asks him to end the puja soon. She says I need items, water, flowers…. Atharv goes. She says hello, I m talking to you. He gets the water pot, flowers and some leaves for the puja. She looks at him.


He says Lord does not need special things, he gets glad with simple flowers too, go and do Shiv puja. She does the puja with his help. He puts the water on the shivling. She does the tilak. Guddi tells Uma that we will leave now, Atharv is not here, call Papa and explain the situation, else he will know you lied to him, he will not leave us if he sees Vividha in the fair.


Atharv asks Vividha to have food. She says I will eat food after going home. He says I will drop you home, eat this aloo wada. She eats the food and breaks her fast. He sees Sujata’s missed calls and calls her back. Uma calls Kailash to inform him. Kailash answers the call. Sujata gets Atharv’s call and asks is he fine. Atharv asks what, is Kailash here, I did not meet him. Sujata signs Uma not to say anything. Uma says Vividha… Kailash asks what. She asks him to get something for Vividha and Guddi from fair. He asks did you take so much time to say this, I m their father. Uma talks to Atharv then.

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Kailash tells Dubey that we are fair’s sponsor and got so much work. Uma tells Atharv that Kailash should not see Vividha. Kailash meets some people who welcome him. Uma tells Atharv that big problem will come if Kailash sees Vividha, now she is your responsibility. Atharv asks her not to worry, I will get Vividha. Atharv tells Vividha that her Papa is… she says he is in Pushkar, and sees Kailash there. She says I will tell him truth. He says he won’t be angry on you, but will not forgive your mum, do you want this?


Guddi and Uma come home and lie to Dadi that they went to temple. Dadi asks for Prasad. Guddi lies to her. Dadi asks them not to lie. She says let Kailash come, I will tell him. Guddi says Vividha has gone to her friend’s place. Dadi says I will tell Kailash and clear everything.


Atharv promises Vividha that he will make her reach home. She covers her face. He asks her not to hide face, she did not do anything wrong. She removes the dupatta off her face. They leave. Uma prays that Vividha reaches home before Kailash. Kailash calls Uma and says I m reaching in half an hour. Uma worries and says he may see Vividha on the way.


Atharv sees Vividha crying and recalls Uma’s words. Uma and Guddi wait at home. Atharv and Vividha reach home. He asks her to go straight, your mummy is waiting for you. Jaana na dil se door……plays………… Kailash reaches home and sees Atharv. He sees Vividha entering the gate and gets angry. He asks her where did she go, and confronts her.


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