Never Say Goodbye Starlife: Full Story, Cast, Plot Summary And Teasers

Never Say Goodbye Starlife: Follow the love story of Vividiha and Kailash in this captivating romantic series and feel their joy and pain as they pass through inner and outer obstacles. The series begins on January 26, 2022. replaces Insolent heart on starlife.

Never Say Goodbye Starlife

Never Say Goodbye Starlife

Never Say Goodbye Starlife Full Story/Plot Summary:

Vividha is content living in Ajmer. The father of her, Kailash Kashyap, is her idol. Kailash is a firm believer that relationships can only be established between people with equal the social sphere. Atharv the one who isn’t the same and doesn’t have any father’s name is not the ideal image Kailash desires to portray for his child. So, Kailash is against Atharv.

Through a series of interactions, Atharv falls in love with Vividha. He declares that once he has established his company, he’ll get married to Vividha. This angers Kailash and he undermines the chance of success of Atharv. Kailash gets behind Atharv and is able to get him in jail. Sujata (Atharv’s mom) pleads with Kailash to help get her son released from prison. Kailash demands her home in exchange for the freedom of her son and demands they get out of the city. Sujata accepts and decides to drive Atharv on a trip to Dehli.

On the contrary, Kailash arranges Vividha’s marriage to a family of wealth and they arrive to visit Vividha’s wedding. This is when Vividha discovers that Atharv has left the city. She hinders him from departing. Atharv along with his mum are left with no place to live since Kailash has taken their home however Sujata had purchased the land that is in the front of their home. They start living there and gradually Vividha realizes that she is in love with Atharv and also. However, Kailash is not yet quite ready for marriage.

In the next episode, Atharv’s father Ramakant Vashisht who is a Colonel in the Indian Army, comes back home to find only a tiny time left. He wants to see his son Sujata. He vows to unify Atharv as well as Vividha. He talks with Kailash about their wedding, but before he takes an action, the couple is killed. Kailash is able to profit from this and informs Ramakant’s second family members about his final desire to marry Vividha, his niece. Vividha with their child Ravish.

If everyone is in a state of confusion about Ramakant’s final wish, they accept Kailash’s advice and repair their relationship. On the contrary, Kailash announces that he has signed a contract for Atharv and Vividha’s wedding. The wedding preparations begin however, when they are getting ready for their wedding, Uma (Vividha’s mother) is informed of his plans and that he’s traveling with Vividha to Delhi to marry Ravish. Uma informs Vividha and tells her to go to Atharv who will be waiting for her in the temple. She makes her way toward Atharv to tell him all the details there. They have seven rounds, during that Atharv says he will return in the event that they break up. But, Kailash goes there and is able to attack Atharv.

To stop her father from taking down Atharv the king, she makes an agreement with her father, stating that she will be married to whomever they decide to. To make her father feel less, Vividha is adamant to marry Ravish and slams her marriage with Ravish despite her mother’s pleas to her to avoid this decision as it is illegal and plays in the lives of a innocent man, however Vividha isn’t listening.

On the day of their wedding, Ravish is snuffed out in an emergency task of the Indian Army. Vividha is sad that she husband Ravish but she never sees Ravish. However, after complete the mission Ravish returned to Vashisht house and wed Vividha. Following their wedding, Vividha behaves rudely with Ravish who is confused by her behaviour and questions what the motive behind her behavior. Ravish questions her about her issues and asks her if the wedding was arranged by hewill. Vividhaha lies to her by saying ‘yes’. She continues to cheat and lie to Ravish however, she later regrets it because he and his family are very good to her. Then Ravish is in love with is Vividha.

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It is revealed Ravish’s mother Suman is adamant about her daughter-in-law Vividha like her daughter, and is there to support her. Ravish does all the work as a husband who is a good man. After witnessing the goodwill of his family, Vividha starts to behave nicely with them, but she doesn’t tell the truth. However, Vividha starts feeling Atharv’s presence in the house , but she thinks that she’s conjuring up images of him. After a while, it becomes clear it is true that Atharv is alive, and he as well as their mother Sujata are under the watchful eye of Ravish at the house since Atharv is Ravish’s half-brother. Atharv is losing his equilibrium after being assaulted by Kailash’s goons. After a few hours, Vividha finds out that Atharv is staying in the house under the care of Ravish. However, he soon discovers that he has lost his mental equilibrium.

Contemplating the state of mind of Atharv She goes to Kailash’s residence but is unable to locate Kailash. Uma is informed that Kailash has gone missing and police believe Kailash is dead, however Vividha doesn’t believe in this. She informs everyone of the mental imbalance Atharv has She breaks off all ties to Kailash and promises to cut connections with Ravish and assist Atharv to get back to normal. In the meantime, Sujata finds out that Vividha is the wife of Ravish. When she learns the truth Sujata decides to go away Ravish’s house because she doesn’t want Vividha to return to the life of Atharv. Ravish is determined to stop Vividha. Vividha returns home , and Sujata is slapped by Vividha and tells her the truth to Ravish. Vividha must reveal her the truth to Ravish and says that she is in love with Atharv.

Ravish who is deeply in love Vividha and is heartbroken however, he decides to assist them get back together and request some time to disclose the truth to his family. Vividha shares his view and decides to conceal her love affair with Atharv from the family. After a few days, Atharv and Sujata’s relationship is disclosed to the family. When they learn of that, Suman wants to throw them out of the house, however Ravish is able to stop her and convince Suman she is right. Sujata and Atharv have the same rights in this house, as do the other two. In the meantime, Guddi ( Vividha’s sister ) visits the Vashisht home and finds herself drawn to Ravish. In recognizing Guddi’s motives, Vividha tries to send her back to Ajmer since she doesn’t want to cause trouble, however, Guddi isn’t willing to return and decides to divulge Atharv and Vividha’s secrets.

Just when she’s about to divulge the truth, she is killed after falling down the steps. Everyone believes it was an accident however, Vividha is convinced that it wasn’t an accident, but rather a murder. When the family is investigating the incident Ravish’s adversaries Zeenat is in the house to threaten Ravish as well as his entire family because Ravish had arrested the husband of Zeenat who is known as a terrorist. Terrorists under the leadership of Zeenat are able to attack families like the one of Vashisht. Ravish helps his family at the right time, however Atharv and Ravish and Atharv are injured during the battle.

Never Say Goodbye Starlife

Never Say Goodbye Starlife

Vashisht family was able to discover what was the real story behind Atharv and Vividha’s romance, which angers Dadaji. He attempts to murder Atharv but Vividha is able to catch him, and the gang is forced to take out Vividha instead. To help Vividha, Atharv starts a fight with Dadaji. In the course of the fight Dadaji gets hurt Atharv by throwing him into the pond. At the same time, Ravish comes and on hearing of the incident and arrests his grandfather. The rescue team tries to locate Atharv however, they are unable to discover any clues. Everyone believes that Atharv was dead however Sujata and Vividha think that he’ll return.

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After Suman convinces Sujata to do Atharv’s final rites believing the dead man is dead. Vividha declares herself to be widowed and plans to end her marriage to Ravish. However, Sujata asks Vividha to undergo ‘ulta Pheras’ (ritual of breaking marriage) to break up the union. Vividha is ready to end the union with Ravish. Vividha pleads with Ravish to allow her to end the union with her. Just as they’re about to have ulta pheras taken, Atharv who has gained his memory back, comes to. Then, Vividha decides to go back to Ajmer with Atharv.

While Ravish is away, Ravish is attacked by the terrorists , but he returns home safe and sound fighting the adversaries. After Ravish comes back, Atharv as well as Vividha are in a state of confusion regarding their family reunion. Ravish helps them understand by divorce Vividha. The day of their wedding Atharv leaves his marriage , while Vividha awaits his return.

Following this betrayal, Vividha is again begs Ravish to allow their marriage to be renewed and start the new chapter of their lives. This is why she marries Ravish again, a second time. Then it is revealed in the tale that Ravish accepted to marry Vividha to conceal her pregnancy and shield her from the snark of society since she had was pregnant without an actual divorce agreement with her legal married spouse, Ravish.

Four years after the fact On  Never Say Goodbye Starlife

Vividha as well as Ravish are revealed to have been married and living happily together with Sujata and her family at Vividha’s house. They are also parents to a child called Madhav. It is evident that Ravish has been fulfilling all the duties required of a loving father and husband. Meanwhile, Atharv is now a renowned businessman. He is also shown to live with Suman at her home as her son under his new title Raghav Suman. They are married Guddi who is expecting. Then it’s discovered that Guddi was not dead and she was still alive. Guddi and Suman give medication to Atharv.

After a while, Madhav begins to become sick, when the physician advises Vividha as well as Ravish of a severe condition that Madhav suffers from. To treat the disease Madhav’s father’s DNA samples. This is the moment Vividha informs the relatives that Madhav is the son of Atharv. Vividha arrives at Raghav’s residence while disguised as Madhav. Suman is skeptical about Madhav’s presence in the home. Vividha promises to obtain Atharv’s DNA test. Kalindi is determined to take down Atharv.

Then, Suman gets shot by Sujata in the attempt to murder Atharv. Sujata is arrested for the murder of Suman. When the trial starts, Ravish saves Sujata. Vividha exposes Guddi’s crimes before everyone. When Atharv is back, Vividha forgets all the sacrifices made by Ravish and decides to return to Atharv. Ravish is a gentleman of the highest caliber, lets go of Vividha. This means that Vividha has completed her third wedding to Atharv and they leave to honeymoon.

In the meantime, Ravish hits a lady by driving. Then , the mysterious woman arrives at their house after the incident and receives help from Ravish. The girl is named as Kangana by family members since she has forgotten everything she knew about her life. 13 years later, Ravish begins to develop a feeling of sympathy for Kangana However, she soon realizes that she’s the one responsible for Kalindi’s disappearance Kalindi and the murders of Bhoomi and Vipul. Then it is discovered to be the true name for Kangana actually is Tara who is also the mom of Madhav. Kangana is merely one of the pawns of Kailash Kashyap who exchanged Tara’s son, Madhav, with Vividha’s daughter Khushi. Following the disclosure of facts, Vividha refuses to share Madhav with Kangana. Then Kangana gets married to Ravish to gain control of their son Madhav. Ravish is once more misled as he claims to be innocent.

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Vividha visits the temple and discovers Kailash there in very damaged state. She brings Kailash back home. Atharv is furious Kailash. Kailash. Atharv is scared of losing Vividha yet. Ravish is aware his mistake and realizes that Kailash has a normal life. Ravish disagrees with Vividha’s decision allow Kailash remain in the Vashisht home however Vividha and Ravish, despite having forgotten Ravish’s sacrifices engages in a fight with Ravish. Vividha accuses Kangana as well as Ravish and claims that they’re trying to murder Kailash.

Ravish and Kangana are trying to reveal Kailash’s face. In the course of this process, Ravish gets stabbed by Kailash. Vividha is able to see the body of Ravish cut with an instrument. She is able to see a knife inside Khushi’s hands and puts the blame on her. Atharv claims that he’ll not believe Vividha has killed Ravish. It is discovered it was Kailash murdered Ravish to keep Atharv from Vividha. Kailash has taken Madhav and takes him to Ajmer. Kailash demands Vividha that she should marry a wealthy man, or else he’ll murder Madhav. To save Madhav the girl is eager to get married Vivek. Atharv is able to reach Ajmer in the right time and helps Madhav. Kailash and Atharv are in a heated argument. Kailash recalls the time he had with Vividha and decides to shoot himself. Kailash dies instantly. The drama takes three months to complete. It is a three-month leap. Sujatas and Kashyaps are then happy.


Never Say Goodbye Starlife Cast & Real names:

Main cast  –  Never Say Goodbye Starlife

  • Shivani Surve – Acted As ==> Vividha Kashyap Vashisht: Uma and Kailash’s daughter, Guddi and Ankit’s sister, Atharv’s wife, Ravish’s former wife, Khushi’s mother
    Shivani Surve as Vividha Kashyap Vashisht

    Shivani Surve as Vividha Kashyap Vashisht

  • Vikram Singh Chauhan – Acted As ==> Atharv Vashisht: Ramakant and Sujata’s son, Suman’s step-son, Aditi and Ravish’s half-brother, Vividha’s husband, Khushi’s father
    Vikram Singh Chauhan as Atharv Vashisht

    Vikram Singh Chauhan as Atharv Vashisht

  • Shashank Vyas – Acted As ==> Ravish Vashisht: Army officer; Ramakant and Suman’s son; Sujata’s step-son; Aditi’s brother; Atharv’s half-brother; Kangana’s husband; Madhav’s stepfather
    Shashank Vyas as Ravish Vashisht

    Shashank Vyas as Ravish Vashisht

Recurring cast – Never Say Goodbye Starlife

  • Vineet Kumar – Acted As ==> Kailash Kashyap: Indumati Devi’s son; Uma’s husband; Vividha, Guddi and Ankit’s father
  • Shilpa Tulaskar – Acted As ==> Sujata Vashisht: Ramakant’s first wife; Atharv’s mother; Aditi and Ravish’s stepmother
  • Smita Bansal – Acted As ==> Suman Vashisht: Ramakant’s second wife; Atharv’s stepmother; Ravish and Aditi’s mother
  • Sara Khan – Acted As ==> Kangana “Tara” Vashisht: Ravish’s second wife
  • Aparna Ghoshal – Acted As ==> Uma Kashyap: Kailash’s wife; Vividha; Guddi and Ankit’s mother
  • Kabir Shah – Acted As ==> Madhav Soni: Kangana’s son from her first marriage; Ravish’s step-son
  • Kenisha Chadha – Acted As ==> Khushi Vashisht: Vividha and Atharv’s daughter
  • Nidhi Shah/Priyanka Kandwal – Acted As ==> Shweta “Guddi” Kashyap: Kailash and Uma’s daughter; Vividha and Ankit’s sister
  • Ruslaan Sayed – Acted As ==> Anshul “Ankit” Kashyap: Kailash and Uma’s son; Vividha and Guddi’s brother
  • Sana Sayyad – Acted As ==> Aditi Vashisht: Ramakant and Suman’s daughter; Ravish’s sister; Atharv’s half-sister
  • Surendra Pal – Acted As ==> Amarkant Vashisht: Brigadier General; Ratna’s brother; Chandrakant and Ramakant’s father; Ravish, Aditi, Atharv and Vipul’s grandfather
  • Manmohan Tiwari – Acted As ==> Vipul Vashisht: Kalindi and Chandrakant’s son; Bhumi’s husband
  • Bhavini Purohit – Acted As ==> Bhumi Jain: Vipul’s wife
  • Sulakshana Khatri – Acted As ==> Indumati Devi Kashyap: Kailash’s mother; Vividha, Guddi and Ankit’s grandmother
  • Aaradhna Uppal – Acted As ==> Kalindi Vashisht: Chandrakant’s wife; Vipul’s mother
  • Aparna Kanekar – Acted As ==> Ratna Vashisht: Amarkant’s sister
  • Bhavini Purohit – Acted As ==> Bhumi Vashisht: Vipul’s wife(dead)
  • Pawan Shankar – Acted As ==> Dr. Rajat Kumar Shastri
  • Firoza Khan – Acted As ==> Zeenat “Aruna” Siddiqui: Ravish’s enemy; Adaa’s mother
  • Palak Panchal – Acted As ==> Adaa “Chutki” Siddiqui: Zeenat’s daughter
  • Prashant Bhatt – Acted As ==> Ramakant Vashisht: Colonel; Amarkant’s son; Chandrakant’s brother; Sujata and Suman’s husband; Atharv, Ravish and Aditi’s father  (dead)
  • Parvez Magray – Acted As ==> Chintu Zaveri: Vividha’s friend
  • Maksood Akhtar – Acted As ==> Abdul: Sujata’s neighbour

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