Never Say Goodbye January Teasers 2022 Starlife

Never Say Goodbye January Teasers 2022: Uma worries about Vividha. Atharva learns that Kailash is in Pushkar. Uma asks Atharva to hide Vividha from Kailash. Indumati asks Uma and Guddi about Vividha’s whereabouts.

Never Say Goodbye January Teasers 2022

Never Say Goodbye January Teasers 2022

Star life Never Say Goodbye January 2022 Teasers

Wednesday 26 January 2022
Episode 1

Starting this evening will be Jaana Na Dil Se Dur. Vividha is shopping to attend the jaagran celebration at home. In the meantime, Atharva completes his education and goes back to Ajmer. Vividha gets to know Atharva as she goes to buy milk for making Kheer to make Prasad.

Episode 2

Vividha is attracted by Atharva. Kailash is planning to purchase Sujata’s property. The burglars abduct Vividha. Kailash threats Sujata and demands that she protect Atharva far from Vividha. Vividha accepts Sujata in the hospital. Atharva sign the contract documents.

Thursday 27 January 2022

Episode 3

Atharva is able to save Guddi from a few criminals. Sujata promises Kailash the Atharva will repay the loan. Atharva is planning on getting an entrepreneur loan. Guddi apologizes her grandmother Kailash and apologizes to Kailash and her mother for her lapses.

Episode 4

Dubey provides information to Kailash of Atharva. Atharva suggests Sujata not sign the contract of Kailash. Kailash is slapped by Ankit for ignoring his work. Kailash decides to disclose his loan from Atharva.

Friday 28 January 2022

Episode 5

Vividha says to Guddi that she had lied to Atharva regarding the anklet. Atharva is unable to locate the anklet. Vividha advises him to hide the anklet. Atharva informs her of the possibility of selling his bike to pay for her anklet. Vividha apologizes to Atharva.

Episode 6

Sujata is scolding Kailash for transferring details of her account connected with her loan Atharva. Atharva informs Sujata to sell the bike. He confronts the mechanic after he offers an increased price to take back his bike. Vividha decides to get the bike back.

Saturday 29 January 2022

Episode 7

Atharva is grateful to the garage’s owner for letting him return his bike. Kailash would like to know what caused Atharva had to sell his bike. Kailash calls Sujata to do an puja at his home and scolds her at the house. Atharva is furious after learning that Sujata was invited to Kailash’s house.

Episode 8

Atharva inquires Sujata about their decision to leave the cows with Kailash at their home. Sujata assures her that Vividha promises to care for their cattle. Then one of the cows owned by Sujata is taken by an villagers along with his wife. Atharva confronts Vividha for not taking care of the cow.

Sunday 30 January 2022

Episode 9

Vividha discovers that someone stole the cow. She gives the video evidence Atharva as well as Sujata. Sujata believes that the thief will try to sell the cow at Pushkar in Pashu Mela. Atharva decides to head for Pushkar!

Episode 10

Sujata is worried her worries about Vividha as well as Atharva. Uma finds out that Vividha is gone to Pushkar. Atharva helps Vividha from an horde of bees. Then, they travel to the Pushkar Pashu Mela and find the young calf.

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Monday 31 January 2022

Episode 11

Atharva and Vividha look for the calf in the Pushkar Pashu Mela. Vividha is following the thieves. The police take some of the thieves in custody. Vividha discovers the calf in the tent. The thieves then are able to tie her up and take her away with them.

Episode 12

Sujata assures Uma of Vividha’s safety. Atharva is on the trail of kidnappers and saves Vividha. The police later take the kidnappers in custody and their accomplices.

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