Naagin Season 5 Teasers – September 2022

Naagin Season 5 September 2022 Teasers: Rehan accuses Priya of killing Saumya. However, Priya tries to convince Rehan that she is innocent. Pam starts showing her color’s and attempts to kill Rehan.


Thursday 1 September 2022

Episode 52

Bani decides not to make the same mistake as she did by giving Jay an opportunity to try again. But, as she tries in a bid to deliver a deadly blow on Jay He tries to deceive her and freezes her with an intoxicant!

Friday 2 September 2022

Episode 53

Priya an orphan who becomes a national news story after surviving a fatal falling from her university she embarks on a quest to discover the origin of her supernatural abilities, her mother.

Monday 5 September 2022

Episode 54

Priya does not know who helped her save her life. However, Mohit gets attracted to Priya and begins to flirt with Priya.

Tuesday 6 September 2022

Episode 55

Rehan is deep in the forest to locate the origin of his incredible power. But, Priya arrives and sees his bizarre actions.

Wednesday 7 September 2022

Episode 56

Priya begins a new job, and is victimized by a group of boys. Rehaan arrives to save Priya and declares her his girlfriend to keep Tina from constant harassing him.

Thursday 8 September 2022

Episode 57

Priya whom was falsely charged with stealing at the Pam’s nightclub by Rageshwari she discovers that Rageshwari put the necklace inside her bag.

Friday 9 September 2022

Episode 58

Rehan is out in the late night to get his blood flowing He comes across Priya who is a sexy girl and chooses to eat her. But he has to fight Priya because he senses an innate bond with her.

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Monday 12 September 2022

Episode 59

In an effort to ensure that Mohit away from Priya’s world, Rehan comes up with an idea of proposing to her in front of her family.

Tuesday 13 September 2022

Episode 60

Rageshwari is determined to revive Priya however, she is forced to choose between two options. This may alter her character and grant the possibility of new powers.

Wednesday 14 September 2022

Episode 61

Priya seeks assistance from her mother in order to return to Rehan. However, her mother reveals that she doesn’t wish to lose her ever again, and warns her.

Thursday 15 September 2022

Episode 62

To prevent Saumya’s wedding to Mohit, Priya abducts her and replaces her. But, Rehan turns the tables and takes over Mohit’s spot.

Friday 16 September 2022

Episode 63

Priya is trying in convincing her parents that Rehan’s power can cause destruction to the people in the home and she wants that she could stop Rehan at all cost.

Monday 19 September 2022

Episode 64

Following the shocking death of Raageshwari, Priya is aware of the bracelet that Saumya has on her wrist and is concerned. When they arrive at the scene, Priya is accused of Saumya of killing Raageshwari.

Tuesday 20 September 2022

Episode 65

Season finale!

Rehan is accused by Priya of murdering Saumya. But, Priya tries to convince Rehan that she is innocent. Pam begins to show her true colors and tries to take down Rehan.

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