My Identity 16 March 2021 update: Avni thinking of Neela. She thinks of Neil’s words. She says shall I take Neil’s help in finding mumma, I m so confused. She answers Neela’s call and asks where are you. Neela says some people kidnapped me, they are related to Aisha’s death, I got a big proof, I will come home and tell everything, I will reach soon.

She ends call seeing goons and runs. Avni hopes everything is fine. Ali asks what, Neil’s accident, you are telling this to me now, is he fine. DD says he is fine, but we did not find culprit, I got a clue, once this reaches Neil, see how Neil catches him. Ali sees the pic.

Avni sees the picture wall. She thinks of Dayaben, Diksha, Riya and Ketan. She cries. Little Avni comes to her. She says the wound is still fresh, you have to take revenge for Aman and me. Avni says I got a new name to take revenge. Little Avni says Dayaben changed Aman’s identity, our name was Aisha’s dream, today Aman has become Amol Mehta. Avni says I won’t let mum’s identity erased. She takes Aman’s pic and says Dayaben raised you for 15 years, she ended Aman’s identity and gave birth to Amol, but now your sister has come. Aman and his friend come there. Avni says you have to forget Dayaben’s thinking and adapt Aisha’s thinking, I will make you Aman from Amol, I will do your Naamkaran. Little Avni smiles. Aman and his friend enter the house.


Neil sees ID card and says this guy will take us till right culprit, good job DD. DD says we will get info soon. Neil asks where is Ali. Aman says we have to stop Ananya from reaching police, if she does not agree by threatening, we will kidnap her. He hears Avni calling out Maa. He sees Avni and Neela’s pic. Avni asks did you come and looks for Neela. Aman hides and sees her.

Neela comes home and sees a car outside. She enters home. Aman asks his friend to get chloroform. Neela sees them and thinks Aman….

Ali says you did not call me after all this. Fatima sees them. Neil talks on phone and says DD, that guy is not at home. He gets Shweta’s call and says she always calls me, we should not waste time. Ali asks Neil where were you since night. DD says don’t worry, I won’t tell Ali that you were at Ananya’s house at night. Ali asks what. Neil asks DD about tracker. Ali says you started hiding things, what’s your scene with Ananya. Fatima says Ali was showing dostana and now asking about Ananya.

DD says we got to know about Rajat. Neil says great, lets go. They leave. Ali gets thinking. Shweta says Neil is not answering. Shweta sees the blood stained shirt and worried. She says is Neil is any problem. Neela cries seeing Aman. Aman walks to her and shuts her mouth. Avni talks to Dayaben on call. Aman and his friend take Neela. Dayaben says Amol has come, you wanted to meet him. Neela faints. Aman says she has seen us, we will take her. Avni says yes, I will come. Aman and his friend put Neela inside the car and leave. Avni runs out to see.

Shweta meets Ali and asks about Neil. Ali says he was with me just now, he is fine, he is finding some criminal. She says why is he not picking my call. Avni gets a kerchief and picks it. She thinks who has come here. She checks the camera feeds. She sees Aman and his friend entering home, Neela coming home and getting kidnapped by them. She gets shocked. She says I can’t imagine Aman can do such a fallen thing.

Aman and his friend Rajat are on the way. Neela is tied. Rajat asks where are we going. Aman says I know, we will be caught if Ananya gives statement against us, call Ananya. Rajat calls Avni. Aman talks to her. She gets angry. He says we have your mum. She asks how dare you do this. Aman says think twice before giving statement against me. She says you are doing big mistake Aman. He says shut up, remember I m Dayaben’s grandson. She sees his photo fallen down and says you became an animal. He says shut up, else you can’t see your mum, come and take her if you love her, I will tell you what to do next. He ends call. She worries. Rajat asks what to do of her now. Aman says let’s reach the place and then think. Avni sits crying. She thinks I will teach him a lesson.

Avni packing all necessary things. She sees Aisha’s pic and says I m ashamed to call Aman my brother, I will teach him a lesson. She hugs Aisha’s pic. She says once I get him, I will handover him to Neil. DD tells Neil about Rajat’s location. Neil asks DD to come in car, I will come by bus, I can find him alone, I don’t want to miss him, I m enough for him. Neil boards the bus and calls DD. He asks him to keep tracking Rajat and inform me if he changes his way. Avni boards the same bus and collides with him. She falls. He holds her. She says I m sorry. They see each other and start arguing.

He asks her to stop following him. She looks at him. He asks what’s your motive, do you want to sit in my lap and travel, where is your seat. She sits beside him. Diksha shows Neil and Avni’s photos to Riya. Riya gets shocked. She says Neil and Ananya together….

Avni thinks if he following me to reach Aman, I won’t let this happen. Neil thinks you may try, but that culprit can’t get saved. She thinks if he sees Neela, he will know my truth, I have to stay away from him. She asks can I get other seat. Conductor says you got window seat, you can sit seat next to engine if you want. Neil jokes on her. She thinks how to get rid of him. She asks about bus route. Conductor tells her. Neil laughs.

She thinks to get down the bus at next stop and get rid of Neil. Neil says criminals hide things, are you going to save that criminal. Neil buys ticket. He gets a call from DD. He says great, keep tracing him, there is network issue, message me location. He gets message. She tries to see. They argue. She changes her seat.

Riya cries and goes to Dayaben. She complains about Avni. Dayaben says you both give me much stress, what was Neil doing there. Riya says he met with an accident, Ananya took him to her home, she would have taken him to hospital. Dayaben says you are saying this to me now. She asks Riya to stop crying. Riya says you have seen the photos. Dayaben says I will ask Ananya, I m sure there is nothing such. She asks Diksha is she taking medicines on time. Diksha nods. Dayaben asks them to go. Diksha says but Ananya. Dayaben says just go. She calls Avni.

Avni rejects the call. Dayaben gets angry and says there is something she is hiding from me, my Amol does not know if anyone saw the accident happening. The bus stops. Avni gets down the bus. Neil asks where are you going. She says washroom, will you come after me. He signs no. She goes. Neela is tied and is inside a car. Avni thinks how to go out. Neil asks DD to keep sending him Rajat’s position.

Avni removes the glass from window. Neil waits for her. He asks the lady to knock door. The lady says I m frustrated, don’t know who is there, she is not opening the door. Avni goes out from the window. Neil enters bathroom and sees Avni gone. Neil tracks Rajat. He says I have to reach there before Ananya, else I will miss Rajat. Avni checks Gps. She sees the route of an unpaved road and goes. Neil asks DD to track Ananya’s phone and send her location. DD says Ananya is going towards the unpaved road.

Aman talks to Dayaben on the way and lies that he is going to friend’s farmhouse. He says I will come back in 2-3 days. She says fine, your mood will change, stay for more time if you want. He smiles. She thinks its good Amol is not in city, I have to find out how much Ananya has seen. Conductor asks Neil to come, bus is leaving. Bus leaves. Avni hears a horse and turns to see. She sees a horse coming her way and runs. Neil comes there and looks for her. Avni falls down and gets tensed.


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