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My Identity 16 February 2021 update: Ali and Avni waiting. Ali says Akash would be having fun with Riya. Maid takes food for Dayaben. Avni and Ali smile and wait. Ali says I m sure Dayaben would have eaten it, its yummy khichdi, will Dayaben or murmur in fear. Avni says I m also here, I m just praying that Dayaben does not have any side effect.

Maid gets food tray back. Avni says she got khichdi back. Dayaben says I will have breakfast with children. She comes downstairs.

She talks to Akash and Riya and sits to have food. Akash says I will be with Riya. Dayaben asks Akash to have this khichdi. Akash says thanks, I had breakfast at home, I don’t like it. She asks him to have it and see. Akash, Avni and Ali worry. Dayaben eats the khichdi. Ali and Avni smile. Dayaben spits the khichdi and calls maid. Avni says oh no, I did not ask Akash about medicine taste, is it bitter, maybe Dayaben got to know something is mixed in khichdi. Ali says yes, she is jungle woman.

Dayaben asks maid is she overworking that she got such cold food, don’t you have time to heat breakfast, go and heat this food. Ketan comes and says court notice came. Dayaben asks Riya to show her room to Akash. Riya and Akash go. Dayaben says this case should start and end soon, so that we get rid of Neela. Maid asks shall I heat the khichdi. Dayaben says no, I will have it. She eats khichdi. Ali says Avni, she has eaten khichdi. Avni says yes, medicine should show effect, we have to make her accept crime before court date, else Neela will be trapped.


Lawyer gives Hemant’s will and says Hemant made you owner of all his properties. Neela says thanks, all this is incomplete without Hemant. He says he was sensible and made will on your name, so that its in right hands, shall I put Ashish’s name in this. Dayaben comes and greets lawyer. She says Hemant gave Neela in a big family, we are with her, if anything happens to her, we will manage everything. He asks Neela to think, nominee is different. He goes. Neela says I did not insult you as you are my mum in law, court decision did not come, its better you don’t call me murderer. Dayaben asks her to count down, I will not let you win with Avni. I will always rule here, I know to crush the opponents. Diksha sits to have parathas. Maid comes there. Diksha asks her to go. Maid says I beg you, you don’t eat food, I will lose job. Diksha says you also have paratha. Maid says I will call Dayaben. Diksha says fine, call her. Maid runs away with food. Diksha gets angry.

She looks for some other food. She gets the khichdi and eats. Avni sees Diksha and says Ali, we have to stop her, she is eating medicine khichdi. Ali says let her eat, she needs this medicine more, she will sit quiet for some time. Diksha likes khichdi. Avni says she finished khichdi. Ali says its good, we can get proof also. Avni says Akash, Diksha and Dayaben ate khichdi. He says it will depend on their body weight, quantity of food, immunity… Ali says Diksha had it more. He says then it will affect her more.

Neela comes there. Avni asks what happened. Neela says I have to talk something imp, come. Ani asks what’s nominee. Neela makes her sit in lap and says one you love and trust the most, dad and I were happy in our small world, then Ashish came and I felt our family got bigger, then you know what happened, Hemant has given everything to me, whatever he earned with hardwork, whatever has his name linked, I don’t want that to go in wrong hands, I just have you, I want you to become nominee, if anything happens to me. Avni says don’t say this. She hugs Neela and says we lost much, Lord gave me second mumma and I will not lose you. Neela gets glad and says you gave me much happiness, now I m not scared of anything. Avni says don’t worry, I have a great plan. Neela asks what plan. Diksha shouts. Avni says this plan, medicine started working, this time we will make Dayaben lose by her fears. Neela asks what. Avni takes her.

Diksha sees cats and screams. Avni, Akash, Neela and Ali come there. Avni says what is Diksha seeing. Akash says she is seeing her fears, don’t know what. Diksha asks the cat to leave her, I will never do this. Dayaben comes there. Avni, Neela, Ali and Akash hide. Dayaben asks what happened, there is nothing. Diksha says move back, see this. Dayaben says there is no one, its Riya and Ketan. Diksha gets scared seeing cat jumping on her and screams. Dayaben asks Ketan to take Riya. Dayaben calms down Diksha and says that’s why I told you to keep fast, sometimes inner sin comes out by fear. Avni says whom did Diksha kill. Diksha says move this, I will give gold cat in temple, please move this away. Avni says gold cat?

Diksha seeing the cat and telling Dayaben. Avni says Diksha killed the cat. Akash says so she is seeing her fears. Dayaben asks Diksha to calm down. She asks Jamla to take cat out. She asks Diksha to sleep for some time. She goes. Avni says how did Dayaben not get affected by medicine. Dayaben gets tired. She feels like seeing some dupatta and gets shocked. She goes to her room and shuts the room door. She hears Aisha and gets shocked seeing Aisha. She gets asthma attack and takes medicines. Avni says its very late Ali, go back home. Ali says no, I will be here. Dayaben sees Aisha getting a pillow and smiling. Dayaben screams. Avni and Ali hear her and go to see.

Dayaben hides behind curtains and asks Aisha to just go. Aisha asks from whom are you hiding, there is no one here, are you scared of me. She laughs. Dayaben shuts ears. Aisha sings mera saaya….. Dayaben says get out of here. She sees Aisha everywhere. Aisha asks how long will you run, you will get tired. Dayaben sits scared. Aisha smiles.

Avni says medicine has affected Dayaben. Avni and Ali leave. Ali acts like Dayaben. Avni says what is Dayaben seeing, what’s her fear. Ali says maybe 100 rats, or inspector getting handcuffs. Avni says maybe she has seen mumma. Ali says don’t think so, focus on mission, its just 6 days for court case. She says yes, I m waiting for the day when Dayaben confesses.

Ashish calls out Aisha and hugs Neela. Neela asks him to come to senses and pushes him. He falls down. She says sorry, I m not Aisha, come to senses. Avni comes there and helps Neela. She says Neela will sleep in my room and takes her. Ashish shouts I love you Avni and cries. Neela sits crying. Avni wipes her tears.

She sings aa leke chalun….. She makes Neela smile and sleep. She recalls Aisha. Diksha gets scared and runs to Dayaben’s room. Dayaben asks her why did she come to her room at night. Diksha says I will sleep here, the cat is scaring me. Dayaben asks her to sleep.

Dayaben gets scared and says go… Diksha jokes on her. Dayaben asks her to go. Diksha says I saw you scared, I came to sleep here, fine I will go, I was giving you company. Dayaben says stop it, sleep quietly. Diksha sleeps. Its morning, Dayaben is tensed. Ketan comes and she gets scared. Avni looks on and smiles. She says breakfast did not come till now. Ketan asks maid to get breakfast. Dayaben sees breakfast. Avni says I wish I could know whom is Dayaben seeing. Dayaben eats food. Avni says second dose also went in stomach. Ketan asks Dayaben is she fine. Diksha says Maa did not sleep all night. Dayaben says Diksha was kicking me in sleep. Diksha asks is there any other reason. Avni looks on.

Ketan asks were you with Maa. Diksha asks are you jealous. Dayaben asks them to have food. Dayaben gets shocked seeing Aisha and throws tea over Diksha. Ketan asks are you fine, what happened. Dayaben says look who’s standing there. He says there is no one. She says there… Avni says tell whom are you seeing. Aisha sits and asks Dayaben to come and have food. Dayaben runs to room. Avni says I have to see by whom is she scared.

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