My Identity 17 December 2020: Asha getting ready and applying sindoor. She recalls Ashish and her love moment. Aaj jaane ki zidh na karo…..plays………….. She cooks food for Ashish. She hugs Ashish’s life size portrait and thinks of him.

Their romance is shown. He removes her bangles. She opens her eyes. He lifts her and takes her to the dining table. He makes her lie down and they get intimate. The glass breaks. Asha thinks of him…..

Avni talks to Ali and chooses a seat for Ashish, saying he can get good view from here. Ali says he will come, but for a chance, if he does not come then…. I have a great idea, no one has seen your Papa till now, so we can hire your Papa. She asks what. He says you can choose any junior artist as your Papa for one day, think if your Papa does not come, you have to give your family tree house to Tia. She says my Papa will come. The school race begins. Tia wins the race and jumps happily. Avni gets sad. Tia calls her loser. Avni gets sad and kicks the bottle cap, walking in the corridor. Ali asks Tia did you see Avni. She laughs and calls him loser’s friend. He takes her snacks and runs. He looks for Avni.


He sees Avni sitting behind the bench, and crawls through many benches to reach her. He asks what are you doing here, its so tough to come like this with this body, next time, hide at good place, I have roamed everywhere, have these biscuits, I snatched this from Tia. She asks him to go, I won’t talk. He asks her to think of Shanaya, she came last and eating chicken in canteen, you came second, its big thing, when I pass, my mum gives laddoos to everyone. She says its about my Papa, he did not come in my race, no one remembers who comes second, everyone remembers just winner. He asks her to chill. She says you are asking me to lose, and not inspiring me to come first. He says I was making your mood good. She says no need and goes.

Asha gets Ashish’s call. She asks where are you, I m waiting for you. He says I can’t come home, I will get late, are you annoyed. She signs no. He asks are you lying. She nods. He says sorry Ashudi, I had to come as Hemant is unwell. She asks how is he now. He says he is fine, I will come to you after returning from Kashmir, please smile now. Asha smiles. He says I m just going Kashmir, I have your memories there, you know I miss you, I will call later. He ends call. Neela gets car and asks him to come. She says I m yours, and you can stare at me later, come, I will drop you. He says I don’t like your car, we will go in mine. She says no, come, we are getting late. Asha removes her earring. She stops and wears her earring back. She packs a tiffin for Ashish.

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Dayaben tells Hemant that Neela has gone to drop Ashish home, everything is fine. He says it means my treatment will be done now. She asks what do you mean. He shuts the door and says Daya, what I m going to tell you, Neela does not know about it, I don’t want her to know, I have brain tumor.

Dayaben gets shocked and asks what are you saying. He says I won’t be alive over one and a half year. She says no, you can’t have this disease, come with me, we will go to America, I will get your treatment done by big doctors. She gets short of breath. He says you have my cure, Neela goes to your house as bahu, then I can die peacefully. She says no, don’t say this, I will not let anything happen to you. He says truth is truth. He cries. She says I gave you word, everything will happen as you like. He thanks her.

Asha arrives at the airport. She sees Ashish coming with Neela, and hides. Ashish thanks Neela for the ride. Neela hugs him and asks him to take care. Asha smiles seeing Ashish. He goes towards the departure terminal. He sees Asha’s reflection and stops. He turns to see Asha. They both cry. He leaves. Asha cries and drops the tiffin. She sits sorrowful…..

Asha going to meet neighbor lady Tai. Tai asks her why is she scared as if she has stolen something, did anyone win over world, don’t worry about the world, you just did love, not a crime. Asha says not everyone thinks like you Tai. Tai says you call me Tai, I feel like listening to your talks, have this sweets, the baby will like you, how did you come. Asha says I had to take recipe. Tai says I won’t give recipe, I will teach you practically. Asha gets Ashish’s call.

He reaches Kashmira and asks her did she get annoyed with him. She says no, could I ever get annoyed. He asks her to get annoyed and fight sometimes. He says I m annoyed, as you came to airport, see the roads and your state, why did you come. She says I got poha for you. He asks why did you not give me. She says you were talking to someone. He asks who and gets tensed. She says don’t know, did you reach safely. He says yes, I wanted to talk to you before starting work, Kashmir is missing you. She asks just Kashmir. He says who else will miss you and laughs, saying I miss you everywhere, but a lot here. She says even I miss you.

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He asks her to guess in which hotel is he staying. She says snowland hotel. He says you won’t forget, I want to return Mumbai and meet you. She says me too. He asks her to say a loud I love you. She sees Tai. He asks is anyone there. She says yes, I came to Sumuki Tai. He says I like Tai, I m satisfied that someone good is with you, say my greetings to her, tell me what to get for you from Kashmir. She says those moments which we lived. He says those moments will return, I will talk to mum once I come back, I love you. She smiles and ends call.

Tai says you got red like a newly wed bride. Asha says I did not become a bride. Tai says you will surely become a bride, I will teach you such Daal dish that your Saas will make you bahu soon.

At school, Ali runs after Avni and asks are you angry, I m sorry, have these biscuits. Tia comes and calls them losers. Ali says filmi lines. Tia and her gang bully Avni and call her loser. Ali says I will throw stone at you Tia. Tia says Avni will lose race and bet on sports day, as her father won’t come, I m glad to win race and dream house, my Papa has come, I have a normal family. Avni gets sad.

Ali and Avni sit in the school bus. Ali says I would have taught lesson to Tia. Avni gets sad seeing Tia with her father. She says I have to make Tia lose, by reaching home before her. Ali says you know school bus goes slow. Avni says we will run and go. He asks are you mad to race with car, I won’t move. Avni asks him to move. He says you want to win race for your Papa, he won’t come, he promised many times and did not come, Tia is right, you will lose. She gets angry and says you are not my friend anymore, our friendship is over. He says I don’t need you, I have many friends who have many tiffins.

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Neela comes back to hospital and asks Dayaben about Hemant. Dayaben says he is fine, he has become kid, come with me, I have a surprise for you.

Diksha cries and goes home, shouting Maa, while her husband tries to stop her. She asks Hari about Maa and Ashish. Her husband says Ashish went to Kashmira for shoot. Ketan comes and asks what happened now Diksha. Diksha says Ketan, ask him about Deepika. Her husband says I don’t flirt with every girl. She asks Bhabhi to see them, they are making fun of me. Ketan jokes on Diksha’s husband and says Diksha, your husband is accountant, see his plain looks, who will like him. Bhabhi says Maa went to see Hemant Kaka at hospital. A vase breaks. Dayaben comes home and asks her bahu to see what she broke.

Diksha meets Dayaben and Neela. Dayaben calls Hari with aarti plate. She says Neela has come many times, now she will come here as Neela Parekh Mehta, Hemant and I decided to get Ashish and Neela married, so Neela is eldest bahu of this house from today. She does Neela’s aarti. Neela happily cries. Dayaben stops her from touching feet and hugs her. Neela says fine, I will call you Maa from today, not aunty. Diksha’s husband Hasmukh looks worried. Ketan says we will call Neela as Bhabhi.

Ashish talks to his team about the scene and shoot necessity. Hasmukh calls him. Ashish says I m busy, I will call later. Hasmukh says congrats, I heard you said yes for marriage. Ashish asks what nonsense. Hasmukh says sweets are distributed at home for your wedding fixing. Ashish says I did not say yes. Hasmukh asks did you say no, you get silent, this is your problem, tell Maa about you and Asha, its very late, Maa got Neela at home and did her aarti. Ashish worries and ends call. Ashish gets angry on his team, and sends them asking them to leave him alone. He throws the chair and cups his face in distress. He sees Asha and Avni’s pic in his laptop and gets tearful. Avni comes home and is in bad mood. She looks for Asha. She sees Ashish’s pic and cries. She gets a stool and touches Ashish’s pic. She kisses and hugs his pic.


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