My Identity update Sunday 23rd May 2021

My Identity 23 March 2021: Ali getting Neela’s message. She writes no need of flyers, we got her. Ali says I got her, no need to find her, my aunt messaged, you can read. Vidyut gets Gurumaa’s call and shouts everybody out. Ali goes. He asks her how is she. She says I left from hospital. She tells her location. He says don’t worry, I will get you back soon. He asks guard to get his men, they have to leave for Mumbai. He says I m coming Maa. She says no, just send your men, you have to be with that girl. He says fine. He asks guard to send Ballu and men, his mum should come back safe.

Juhi washes her face. DD says its Neil’s call. DD says everyone believed Juhi has died. Neil recalls talking to Avni. Avni asks is this right to blame Gurumaa and give her shoot at sight order. Neil says pandit and Vidyut will be in tension. Juhi asks are we doing wrong. Neil says no, I will tell family members, I don’t want pandit to reach Goa, we are doing this for our daughter Mishti. She cries and says because of me and my daughter, you all in trouble. He says she is our daughter. She says Avni has sent her pic, she is lovely, when can I meet her, I want to hug her. He says I will try to make you talk to her. She thanks him. Neil says DD, sorry, we had to keep this mission a secret. DD says its okay, I understand.

Teacher asks Mishti to perform. Avni asks her to go. Neil says intelligent people stay quiet, right Mishti. Mishti sits sad. Avni asks will you dance with me, will you say angel story to everyone. A girl falls. Her dad cheers her. Mishti recalls Vidyut’s words. Avni asks Mishti will she have food. Mishti goes. Neil signs Avni. Avni sings O papad wale…… Avni and Neil dance. They go to Mishti. Neil says who will eat this yummy food. Avni says I will have it. She feeds Mishti. Neil shows them to Juhi. Mishti gets away. Neil asks lady to take their video. Juhi cries seeing Mishti. Neil says I m a magician, shall I show magic. He shows a doll and asks who wants this. Mishti takes it and hugs him. Neil gets emotional.

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Lady says everyone will do a group dance now. Avni and Mishti dance with everyone. Vidyut comes. Juhi gets back seeing him on call. Neil looks on. Avni says it will be big problem if he sees you. Neil goes. Mishti hides from Vidyut. Guard takes her. Avni stops him and says its two days camp, there is special event for kids. He says you can stay here, I m taking my girl. She says wait, I will come along. They leave. Neil thinks we made plan to get Mishti from camp, it failed, now there is one place from where we can get her. Juhi asks where did Mishti go. He says she went with Vidyut, Avni is with her. She says he is dangerous. He says I promised you I will get Mishti back, I never break my promise. He calls someone and says get my fake id, I want to go to Vidyut’s casino, I can get Mishti from there.

Neela says sorry Ali, Neil and Avni had no option, they just told me. Ali says I understand, I saw on tv, Ragini pandit has run away, Vidyut is her son. Neela says it means Neil and Avni are in danger. Ali says I won’t let anything happen to them, even if I die. She says nothing will happen to you. He sees Avni’s pic. Neil asks DD to break Gurumaa’s news. DD tells reporters about Gurumaa, she has killed a nurse, we gave shoot at sight order for this criminal. Vidyut gets shocked. He says I m still alive, nothing will happen. He sees Mishti and Avni coming. He sees the doll and breaks it angrily. Mishti apologizes. He scolds her. Avni asks him how can he do this. He asks did her motherly love awakened. They argue. He says just go and make Mishti ready, I made special arrangements, she will sit next to the bar, then I have to talk to you, just you and me. Avni makes Mishti ready. She gets Neil’s call and says we are getting ready for event, Vidyut kept special chair for Mishti. Neil says he wants to use her to reach Juhi, I m coming there as a guest. He tells his plan and says till we are together, we can face any problem, trust me, we will take her back. She smiles.

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Vidyut seeing the CCTV camera footage and asking security to check the person’s ID, remove mask and see him. DD tells the media about Juhi’s death. Vidyut sees Neil’s picture. He says Neil Khanna, once my mum reaches me, I will not leave you. He gets Ballu’s call. Ballu says Gurumaa is with me. Vidyut asks him is she fine. He says she is ill, we are coming Goa, you would have seen breaking news, police is blaming Gurumaa for Meher’s death. Vidyut says just make her reach me, I will see everything. He says police is saying my mum killed her, something is wrong, she can’t kill anyone in this state, someone is playing game with me.

Avni says its our game’s last round, we have to play this secretly. Mishti says we will go camp again. Avni says I will take you to good place, you will get much love, Neil will be with us, he will get a good doll for you, none will snatch that doll, promise. Mishti asks shall I tell you a secret. She gets a doll given by her old nanny. Avni makes her say Ganpati bappa morya. She smiles.

Media covers the casino opening. Reporter says Vidyut made the guest list, even big celebrities have to cross this security. Neil says I m near entrance, I will make plan how to get Mishti, how much will it take to hack security. Avni’s friend say we hacked the system, get in the line. Neil wears the mask and joins the line. He asks them to hurry up. Vidyut comes there. Neil sees him. Vidyut talks to security guard. Neil says its my turn now. Avni’s friend says make him busy in talk. Guard asks Neil for his ID. Neil gives it. Vidyut attends media. Neil looks at him. Neil’s ID doesn’t work. Guard says sorry, your Id is not working, were you invited. Avni’s friend says it will just need 20 seconds more, swipe ID again. Neil says hurry up.

Avni prays to Lord to help Neil. Neil asks are you doubting on me, your machine is bad. Guard says its perfect, come with me. Neil says fine, swipe card again, check. Guard says it can’t be wrong. Vidyut looks on. Avni’s friend says its done. Neil swipes the card and it works. Vidyut asks is everything alright. Neil says I heard your arrangements are perfect, maybe your swiping machine is not working, your guests are insulted by guards. Vidyut sees guard and says I will talk to you later. He apologizes to Neil. Neil says thanks for this, I have just heard about you, I m glad to meet you. Vidyut stops him and forwards hand. Neil shakes hand with him. Vidyut introduces himself and asks you? Ali drops the box. Vidyut goes to him and asks what are you doing here, I cancelled your contract. Ali says sorry, give me a chance, I promise I won’t let you down. Neil signs Ali. Vidyut asks guards to take Ali out. Ali goes. Vidyut asks where is maid and governess, find out. Avni makes the doll wear a dress like Mishti. She says she looks like you, but she is not you. Maid goes to them. Avni says today you will win. Maid comes there. Avni hides the doll.

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Avni asks her not to be angry young woman, smile and help me, take Mishti to car, I have to do packing. Maid says such a big bag for party. Avni says you don’t understand, what if Mishti sleeps there, night dresses are required, she doesn’t sleep without her blanket. Maid takes Mishti. Mishti smiles seeing Avni. Avni takes the doll. She calls Neil and says I m ready, what’s the plan.

Dancers perform. Vidyut addresses everyone and welcomes them in the launch. He promises his casino will be biggest one. He sees Avni coming with Mishti. She makes her sit on the chair. Neil sees Avni. She says doll…. Neil signs her. Avni takes the doll from the bag. Vidyut sees Mishti. Neil says I will do something. Neil collides and sends the lightman. He gets the lights down. Vidyut asks guard to check lights. Lights come back. Vidyut sees Avni with Mishti, while she swapped Mishti with the big doll. She signs Mishti.

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