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My Identity 20 February 2021 update: Avni, Neela and everyone lighting crackers and dancing. Aladin says you won. Dayaben is taken by police. She sees Avni and goes ahead. Ashish stops inspector. Inspector says nothing can happen now. Ashish says I can’t let Maa go jail. He asks lawyer if there is any way to save Maa. Lawyer says she accepted her crime, what can we do, I m sorry. Avni goes to Ashish and holds his hand.

He takes his hand away. He says I m going police station Ketan, Maa can’t stay there for a false blame. He goes. Avni says Ashish will do this, he has habit to get false hopes and some happiness, when time comes to hold hands, he goes away, like he went now. Neela hugs her. Avni cries.

Avni comes home and packs bag. She says mumma you got justice, truth got saved and lie got punished, Papa supported for a while and then left, I have to compromise with life, Papa will never come in our life. She kisses and hugs Aisha’s pic. She says Aman, we will go home now.

Ashish argues with inspector and says my mum is not a killer, something went wrong, let me meet her once. Inspector says its against rules. Ashish says she is not a killer. Inspector says she accepted crime in court, go and get proof. Ashish says I will take her in 24 hours. He leaves. Neela asks Avni to stay back, I always found you around, house will be lonely if you go, whom do I have now, we will start a new life. Avni says I will come happily whenever you say, but Fatima and Tiku are waiting for me. Neela says fine, then take me, its good idea. Avni says no. Neela asks why. Avni says Papa will need you, he is worried, Dayaben is his mumma, he would be very upset seeing her gone to jail. Neela says God bless you, there is so much to learn from you.

The jail inmates trouble Dayaben. Dayaben gets scared. The lady says you came here, now we are same. Ashish shouts what’s happening. Neela says you have seen in court. He says I want to know, is this a joke, that you and mum got blamed for Aisha’s death, tell me the truth, please. She says you have no courage to hear truth, its in front of your eyes, your mum hates Aisha and Avni, this came out in front of world, look at me, hear the truth, the truth is your mum killed Aisha. He says stop nonsense, mum hates Aisha and Avni, she can hurt herself but she can’t kill anyone.

She says either you don’t know her, or does not want to know her, Avni tried to get clues, Dayaben erased it by money and power, Avni fell and got up to get clues, where were you, you were fallen drunk here. He says yes, I did not know, now when I m in senses, shall I believe Dayaben is a killer, she has raised you, you are saying Maa is a killer. Neela says you were not there in Avni’s fight, atleast be there in her victory, Avni should know her Papa is alive to take care of her. Ashish says yes, I m alive, but I have to save my mum from this wrong blame.

Inspector says Aisha’s murder case is too much, its saas bahu drama, evidence was against Neela and Dayaben got arrested. Jamla comes there. The women get scared. Dayaben says you left me and went, you know what happened after you went, they troubled me and threw me in jail, I m glad meeting you. Jamla tells something. Dayaben asks what, so I was thinking why am I seeing Aisha, it means Avni was giving me medicines.

Avni dreams and wakes up saying Papa. She sees the room beautifully decorated. Everyone surprise Avni and wish her happy birthday. Avni cuts the cake. Ashish hears them. She recalls Dayaben and Avni’s words. Avni and everyone enjoy the party. Ali gifts her. Avni checks the gift and sees Ali and Avni’s pic. He says Miss Mary says a friend in need is a friend indeed. She says yes, you are my true friend and will always be, promise. Aladin says take lifetime security from me, you are AA company’s owner from today. She says no, its your company too, we are lifelong partners. He says but this is your birthday gift, you have to keep this. Akash says you have everything, keep my good luck, Rudraksh, this will always protect you. Avni says I m lucky to get friends like you all. Neela says we gave you everything, what shall I gift you. Avni says always be my mumma and stay with me. Neela hugs her. She encourages Avni and says I will always be with you.

Ashish takes wine. He throws the glass and goes to Avni. Ashish says my mumma is in jail, you all are partying here. Neela says its Avni’s birthday today. Ashish asks are you having fun Avni, you know you have sent Dayaben to jail, I won’t let her stay in jail, I will find truth. Neela says truth came out, Dayaben accepted crime. He asks did she say this in any pressure, she maybe much bad, but she can’t kill the one I love, my Ashudi. Avni says my mumma’s name is Aisha, you never loved us truly, you always said you love us, what’s this love, you did not give any right to Aisha and left us alone, you just saw her pain. He says I was helpless that time. She says don’t worry, I won’t ask you to choose between me and Dayaben, go to your mumma, I will fight on my own.

Avni telling Ashish to go to Dayaben. Ashish says no one is killer here. Avni says Dayaben is a killer, I will never forgive her, don’t act her innocent. He says fine, but I can’t see someone innocent to get punished, I can’t see wrong happening with my mum, happy birthday. He goes. Constable tells Dayaben that Ashish came to meet her. Dayaben hits her head on wall and injures forehead. She meets Ashish. Ashish says how did you get hurt, I know you can’t kill Aisha, tell me what’s the matter, why are you silent. She says let me stay silent. He asks why. She says truth will burn your heart, you can’t bear it. He asks her to say.

She says I have killed your love, don’t ask anything. He says no, don’t go, tell me truth. She holds him and says Avni has killed Aisha. He gets shocked. Avni gifts chocolates to servants and thanks them. She says I could not tell this before. She hugs the maid. Fatima, Tiku and Ali come and dance around her. Aladin flirts with Fatima.

Fatima blesses Avni and wishes her happy birthday. Tiku also blesses and wishes Avni. Fatima asks her to come home. Avni tells Neela that she will call her everyday and come to stay on weekends, I will come first in school and keep smiling. Neela asks her to take care. Avni takes Aman. Neela asks her to go, her family is waiting. Avni hugs Neela and says I love you Neela mumma. Neela cries and hugs her.

Dayaben says Avni failed me by doing such things which I could not understand, I felt my hatred is big for them, but Avni’s hatred was bigger, I was hurt to give her place in my house, even then I kept her, I did not know she will ruin me, she took big revenge from me. Ashish asks what revenge, Avni is a kid. Dayaben says because I did not give her Mehta family name, for making you away from them, she showed her hatred by throwing stone, she told me that she will ruin Mehta family, she ruined my name and respect, I can’t believe she killed Aisha and put blame on me, see her mind, she made me drink medicines and tried to prove me mad. He says she can’t do this. She says she did this, I lost my mental balance, how can anyone kill someone and admit this in court, Avni is a liar, can any kid have such dangerous thinking, I wish that my family get saved.

Ashish says I can’t believe Avni can do this. Dayaben says she is a sin child, we don’t know what’s their mentality, they don’t get respect in society, Avni is a sin, who killed Aisha, she is a devil. He says I can’t believe Avni will become reason of destruction of my family. He cries. Dayaben hugs him.

Avni is back home and happy. Fatima hugs her. Aladin jokes. Avni asks Aladin to stay inside home with them. Aladin says life is like a movie, I have to go as my role ends here. Avni says no, you can’t go, you have to be here. She hugs him. He says I can’t leave you, you will always stay in my heart, we have seen many dreams and have to fulfill it, I will come when you call me. Fatima says stay back for Avni’s sake. He says its important to leave. She says we will miss you. He says Ali will do my work, I want permission to take something. He takes Aisha and Avni’s pic. He says you all gave much love to this orphan, I can’t forget it, I will leave. He hugs them and leaves. Avni cries and says thanks for everything Aladin, my magician.

Ashish comes home and shouts for Avni. Diksha says Avni is not at home, she has run away with Aman. Ashish asks what’s happening here Ketan, tell me. Diksha says everything is clear now, we have all evidence in front of us. Doctor says Aisha died by suffocation, her oxygen mask was removed, Avni met her before her death. Ashish gets shocked.

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