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My Identity 17 January 2021 update: Avni saying I will win this fashion show, I will see who stops me. Aladin falls in her feet and says you are great, rockstar….. Guru ji. Avni says stop this acting, we have to leave now. Aladin gets a call and gets shocked. Avni asks what happened.

He says they disqualified Avni. Avni and Fatima cry. Aladin says how can they disqualify Avni, I will talk to them. Fatima says I will call Asha. Avni says no, its her big day, I can’t spoil her mood, I know why is this happening. Ketan shows newspaper to Dayaben and asks did I do right, I made Avni out of fashion show. Dayaben slaps him and says who told you to do this, you started the problem, you gave name to this girl. She says you have given more publicity to Avni, we should have dealt with her silently.

Ashish comes and throws newspaper, saying you did not do this right. Dayaben says Avni is illegitimate, society has right to remove her. Ashish says Avni is not illegitimate, I m her father. She asks are you sure. He says you know it, Avni is my daughter. She says I have doubt, see your mistress. He shouts.

She shows Asha and Aladin’s pic and asks him to see. He says my eyes can cheat me, but Ashudi can’t cheat me. He goes. Ketan says Ashish did not trust you. She says he is blind in love, I have planted seed of doubt and have to make it strong tree, then Ashish will leave Asha forever. Fatima curses Dayaben. Avni gets a call and cries. Fatima asks what happened. Avni says it was not from fashion show, it was from police station, police arrested Asha. They get shocked. Fatima asks why, what did Asha do.

Asha is in lockup and asks constable to let her attend her call, her phone is ringing. She asks why did you get me here. Ashish calls her. Asha cries and says there is misunderstanding, why am I got here, I don’t want to be here. Ashish gets angry and says why is she not receiving call. The lockup inmates women tease Asha. Asha says I started tiffin service. The lady asks are you caught in raid. Asha asks what are you saying. They laugh on her. Asha cries.

Inspector says I m lucky to work for you Dayaben, you do a lot for our community, you are a great lady. She says I asked you for this to do as per my husband’s ethics, I m going away for few days. He asks her to go, we made such case against that woman, she will not get free soon. She smiles. Avni tells Ali that I have to go police station, Fatima and Tiku went to arrange money. Ali asks will you go home, I heard its bad place. She says that’s why I don’t want mumma to be there, I have to know why they have kept mumma in lockup, I know Dayavanti has done this. He asks how will you go. She says Asha gave me money. He says I will come along. She says no, stay back and tell elders that I have gone to police station, I will free my mumma from there.

Asha cries. She holds her stomach. The lady asks her to stop crying. Asha asks them to stop it, I m not like that, my daughter is alone at home. They talk badly with her. Asha slaps the lady. The lady gets angry and beats Asha. Asha asks constable to get her out. The lady asks why, are you any VIP. The women trouble Asha and throw her away. Asha asks them to leave her. Constable asks them not to make noise. Asha says get me out of here, I m pregnant. They talk dirty and laugh on Asha. Asha cries.

Avni comes to police station and asks why did you lock my mumma in jail. She tells the laws. Inspector asks her not to make noise, else he will arrest her. She says you arrested my mumma, please leave her. He asks whats your mum’s name. She says Aisha. He asks father’s name, what happened, don’t you know. She asks why did you arrest my mum. He says she added poison in tiffin and tried to kill a man, she will not get freed so soon. Avni gets shocked and says why will my mumma give poison to anyone. He says it will be known after investigation, get out.

She goes to inspector and says give me a paper and pencil. He gives her. She asks shall I sit here. He allows her. She asks is this food poisoning case, or mumma gave poison. He says she gave poison. She asks whats that uncle’s name. He asks whose. She says you said mumma gave poison to an uncle. He says Avinash. She asks is he in hospital, which hospital. He says yes, will you do my interrogation, what are you writing. She says my teacher says, write what you don’t understand. He throws the chit. She takes it and sits back. She says mumma does not know any Avinash, why will she give poison to any stranger, its her first day of tiffin service, she has no motive. He looks on.

Avni explaining inspector that Asha had no motive to give poison to the man. He asks am I mad to be here, is that man acting in hospital. She says no, and tries to explain. She asks why is he not meeting his eyes if he is right. He asks her does she know more than him. She says no, you know truth, you are police. He says Asha is pregnant, you are young, go and call any elders, you can’t manage all this. She requests him to let her meet Asha, its her right. She cries.

Neela comes and meets Ketan. She asks for Dayaben. He says Maa went out. She shows the article and says Avni will be removed from fashion show, I have to talk to Maa. Ketan says fashion show already started, she told that in award function and this happened. She says this did not happen right. Ketan says who will want their kids to be with such child. She says Avni is not a sin child, how can you say this. He says why did she publicize it there. She says it was not publicity, how can you have such double standards, you disappointed me, Dayaben would have explained you. She leaves.

Avni meets Asha and hugs her. Asha asks did you come alone, you go home, this place is not good for you. Avni asks how are you. Asha hugs her and cries. Avni says don’t get scared, I will free you of this jail soon. Asha is taken back to lockup. Avni cries. Fatima and Tiku talk to inspector. Fatima asks how did you arrest Asha in false blame. He scolds her. Fatima asks Avni how did you come here. Avni says I came to meet mumma, please free her.

Fatima says yes, we will take her home. She asks Tiku to get money. She gives money to inspector. Inspector says its attempt to murder, you need bail from court, take money. Avni says we will go court now. Tiku says till we go, court will be shut. Inspector says court is shut for next two days, Avni asks what we can do to free Avni. Inspector scolds them and asks what can you do, an illegitimate child, a drunkard old woman,what a family, go court, you can’t free Asha before 2 days. Fatima argues with him. Tiku stops her and takes her. Fatima curses the inspector.

Neela comes to meet Avni and asks Ali and Kia. She asks them to please tell her. Kia stops Ali from saying. Neela sees this and asks Kia to say, I know wrong is happening with Avni, I have to help Avni, I can do that when I know where is she, trust me, please tell me where is Avni, that day Avni and you two saved my life, maybe Avni is in trouble today and need our help, leave it, lets all sit down first. She says Avni is your good friend, you believe Avni does not do wrong thing, if you both were in trouble today, will she will quiet or say truth to help you. She says you both should also help Avni, tell me where is she. Kia says police arrested Avni’s mumma.

Neela gets shocked and asks why. Ali says don’t know, Avni went to police station alone. Neela gets worried and says how will she manage alone, which police station did she go. Ali says don’t know. She says fine, I will find out, take care. Ali asks will you get Avni and Asha back home. Neela says yes, I will get them back. She leaves and collides with Aladin. She leaves in the car. Aladin meets the kids.

Fatima throws stone. Tiku stops her. Aladin comes there. Fatima tells him that they have put Asha in lockup, she is pregnant, do something. Aladin says calm down, I know big lawyer, he will free Asha, I m going. He runs. Tiku says I will go with him, don’t do any mistake. Fatima cries. Avni runs to police station.

Avni talks to inspector and asks him to help. She asks did anyone frame my mumma, you are silent, it means its true, please tell me who got my mumma arrested, she is pregnant, if anything happens to baby, can you forgive yourself. Inspector says she is very powerful, she wants to ruin you and have sent Asha to jail, you are young and can’t do anything. She says I m young, but not so young. She leaves.

Avni goes to Fatima. Fatima says don’t worry, Aladin went to get help, we will get Asha out of jail. Avni says none can do anything except one person, who can save mumma. Fatima asks about whom are you talking. Avni says you stay here, I will come in some time, take care. Fatima asks her to listen. Avni runs to Mehta house. She rings the bell.

She says I want to meet Dayavanti, and beats the door. Maid opens the door and asks what are you doing here, go from here. Avni says no, I have to meet Dayavanti. Dayaben asks her to come, by leaving shoes outside, as her house is her temple. Avni removes shoes and goes to her. Dayaben asks what do you want, tell me, I have no time for you. Avni says you locked my mumma in jail. Dayaben says she is in police lockup and go jail soon. Avni says please get out of jail. Dayaben asks else?


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