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My Identity 21 December 2020: Asha offering namaz and praying to Lord for Ashish and Avni. She asks Lord to support Ashish in his decision, my daughter Avni has many hopes, don’t break her hope, it happens as Ashish wants, and if this can’t happen, then give courage to him to be happy in your decision. Dayaben gives laptop to her granddaughter. She asks when to meet the clients. Ketan says at 11am. The little girl Riya tells Dayaben about the leopard.

Dayaben tells a story of beating leopard who was attacking her brother. Hetal drops the food plate. Dayaben asks is her quota over. Ketan says day just started. Dayaben asks Hetal to see how much breakfast she dropped. She tells Riya that Gujarat govt gave her big certificate for her bravery. Riya asks where is it, I will show in my school. Dayaben says they burnt it to ashes. Riya complains about net problem. Dayaben asks Ketan to stop internet guy’s payment, as net is not working. Ketan says we have to go office, there is some problem.

Fatima hears songs and smiles. Door bell rings. Fatima stops music. She asks Tiku not to open door, veg vendor would ask for money. Asha comes there. Fatima worries and asks are you and Avni fine. Asha says someone came to meet you. Avni apologizes to Fatima. Fatima is annoyed. Asha asks Avni to say how much bad you felt. Avni says I felt very bad after slapping you Nannu, I will never do this. Fatima says enough and hugs her. Avni asks did you forgive me. Fatima says yes. Avni asks will you make this candy stick house with me. Fatima says no, you can ask me to act or dance, sing, anything else. Avni says I will teach you. Asha says Avni thinks when she completes this house, she will get her normal family, she wants to get you in her hope.

Dayaben meets Kanji bhai and others. She says I heard you all are not happy, you have 3mins to say. Kanji bhai says we are working since 20 years, we want commission to increase, we all do business, others can give us good commission, we can leave dealership and go to new dealers. Dayaben asks them did they give deposit at the time of dealership. He says no, you trusted us. She says new dealers would be asking for deposit. He says its about business and behaviour. She says I did not take deposit and you earned good interest, today you want to earn commission, its fine, I have taken a decision.

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Dayaben asks Ketan to stop giving orders to them, don’t give any credit, collect payments from them. Kanji bhai says what are you saying, this will be your loss, who will sell your orders. She says I have taken my children and came to this city with my husband’s name, I have earned all this by hardwork, the woman who lost her precious thing in her life, has no worry to lose anything else, so don’t show me fear of losing.

Asha asks Fatima to pray that Avni’s wishes get true. Fatima says I always prayed, but Ashish did not come, Lord did not answer prayers and I stopped praying. She does shayari. Avni comes and talks to them. Fatima jokes on Tiku and laughs. Fatima makes Avni’s candy stick house. Asha smiles.

Dayaben is on the way and her car stops by the procession. She checks Ashish’s mail and reads it. She gets down the car and feels unwell. She falls on the road and takes asthma inhaler. She takes medicine. The procession leaves. Driver asks shall I call Ketan, what happened. He makes her sit in the car and asks ae you fine, shall I take you home. She says no, take me to St. Mary high school. Later, Dayaben drives and sees the address of Avni’s house. She reaches the place and sees Asha Avni’s house.

Dayaben reaching Avni’s house. She looks for the address and sees Asha and Avni’s house. She looks inside the window and is tensed. Asha and Tai come in taxi. Asha pays fare. She asks Tai don’t have like kids, why did you have not kids. Tai gets sad. She then smiles and asks Asha does she want boy or girl. Asha says boy or girl, baby should be healthy. Tai says right, but this child will be calm like you, not like Avni, where is she. Asha says she is practicing for sports day, thanks for coming with me.

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Tai says whats there to thank, go and take medicines on time. Asha goes and goes home. Dayaben is still at the window. She sees Asha talking on phone with Ashish. Ashish tells her that very soon I will come with you on every checkup. Asha says yes, and how is things there in Kashmir. He says its raining. She says it will be fun. He asks about Avni. She says she is practicing, Avni has bet with Tia that you will come on sports day, Ashish will you come. Ashish says yes, I promised Avni, I will come. Dayaben gets asthma problem. Avni comes home and sees her. Dayaben recalls her childhood seeing Avni, where Dayaben is shooting arrow at some vegetables in anger.

Avni asks who are you, what are you doing here, why are you looking inside my house. She calls out Asha. Asha asks what happened. Ashish asks Asha to go and see. Dayaben leaves. Avni says don’t know, some old woman was looking inside window. Asha tells the same to Ashish. Ashish asks her to make him talk to Avni. Ashish asks Avni whow as it. Avni describes the woman, who was wearing Gujarati saree and was taking breath improper. Asha recalls hearing Dayaben. Ashish understands his mum visited Asha’s house and talks to Asha. He asks her to shut door and windows, I have work, I will talk later. Asha does as he says. Ashish says Maa. Dayaben sits in her car. Avni asks Asha why are you shutting door and windows, Papa is in Kashmira, do you know that aunty. Dayaben is in shock. Avni says I m scared, who was she…

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Ashish calls Dayaben. She sees his call and does not answer. She cries and drives the car. Ashish keeps calling her. Dayaben recalls Asha talking to Ashish, and their pics on the wall, Ashish’s lie and his mail, Avni’s words. Dayaben comes home at night. Ketan asks from where are you coming. Hetal asks her to have food. Dayaben says I don’t want to have food. Riya says rules should be same for everyone, why other rules for me and Dadi. Ketan says Maa, Riya did not mean that. Dayaben kisses Riya and says rules are equal for everyone, even I can’t break the rules. She takes food and turns face to cry. She throws glass angrily. Hemant calls Dayaben.

He says I called you to say that you made everything fine, my treatment started now, I m seeing happiness on my daughter’s face, I did not see Neela so happy till now, you have shown love to her, I m thankful. She cries and says whats there to thank, Neela is my daughter and has right on my love. He says its your greatness, Neela is lucky to come your home, saas like you and husband like Ashish, I m not worried, whenever I die, I would be satisfied that you and Ashish will take care of her. Dayaben says I will meet you tomorrow. He says fine, come and ends call. She cries.

Ashish sees time and calls home. Hetal answers. He asks for Dayaben. She says she is in room, how are you and shooting going on. He says its all fine, make me talk to Maa. Hetal checks room and says Maa is not in room. He asks her to check bathroom. She says Maa is not even in bathroom. He worries and says whenever she comes, ask her to talk to me.

Avni tells Asha that she is scared and I wish Papa was with us. Asha asks her to talk to her Bappa. Avni prays. Asha looks on and makes her sleep.


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