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My Identity 1 February 2021 update: starts with Dayaben getting shocked seeing Avni. Avni says you were right, Fatima can’t take good care of me, you wanted to accept me, so I have come, I love you Dadi. She hugs Dayaben. Dayaben sees media and says I also love you so much. Reporter says alls well that ends well. Avni says you can’t separate me from my brother, never. Dayaben says Avni is welcome in this house, thanks to you all for gracing this happy moment. Avni thanks media. Dayaben says Avni will get her rights, family and respect, for which she fought for years, I request you all to leave us alone for some time. She holds Avni’s hand and takes her inside home.

Avni looks for Aman. She sees Riya and gets shocked. Riya asks what is this girl doing here, she stayed in bad place, don’t let her sit in sofa. Avni recalls Riya lying and says so you lied to me, but why. Riya says I don’t find it imp to answer you. She hugs Dayaben. Avni says its fine, you have saw my movie online. Neela looks on. Riya goes. Dayaben reminds its her house and Avni can’t do anything without permission. Avni says please let me go to my brother, where is he. Dayaben says its nor your age and smartness to fool me, you thought you will reach my grandson, you don’t know where you came. Avni says I know it well.

Fatima and Tiku worry for Avni. Tiku says Avni will get Aman and come out. Fatima says way can be tough or easy, but she will reach the destination, I wish she reaches soon, its not easy to stay here. Neela gets Aman. Dayaben asks Avni not to take him. Avni says let me take him for 2mins, please. Dayaben allows her, and says you won’t get chance to see him again. Avni takes Aman in lap and says don’t be scared, I have come here, no one can separate you from me, you are hungry, wait. She feeds him milk. Dayaben stops Avni and takes Aman.

Avni says I m just feeding milk. Dayaben says he will have milk from this house. She gives Aman to maid and asks her to feed Aman. Neela and Hasmukh feel bad. Dayaben stops Avni. She says you don’t have permission to roam anywhere in this house, I will show your place, come. Avni says I have to talk something, not infront of Neela. Dayaben takes Avni aside. Avni says I hate you a lot, I respect you too, you are very bad but show what you are, you don’t backstab like others. She sees Neela and taunts her for cheating. Neela goes.

Avni says how can Aman become part of your family and not me, what’s the difference. Dayaben says there is much difference. Aman is Ashish’s son, and you are Aisha’s daughter. Aman is pure as Aisha did not feed him, he is a boy and my heir, he will take my family name ahead. Avni says but I did this promise to you, remember, I will promise again, no one will forget this family name fine? Dayaben asks what. Avni asks what’s the problem. Dayaben asks will I be known by your name, your mum is gone, you are left, I don’t want your shadow on Aman, he will walk on our ethics.

Avni says you mean he will adapt your hatred and mindset, I will not let this happen, he will walk on my mumma’s ethics, he will become like my mum wanted, like his name, always loving.

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Dayaben says forget you have any brother, I will not let your shadow fall on him. Avni asks where is my room, I m staying here, I m not running, if anything happens to you, blame will be on me. Dayaben pushes her inside a room and says no need to worry for my health, think for yourself, you will live in this dark room. She locks Avni and goes.

Neela asks how can you do this with Avni. Dayaben asks why are you worried. Neela says Avni is mine, please get her out of storeroom. Dayaben says this is between me and Avni, you leave this on us. Neela says no. Dayaben asks will you call police. Neela says yes. Dayaben says 100 is police number, call. Neela calls police. Dayaben stops her and says this is your house, not NGO office, think well what can be the result, I got you for some work which you could not do, you could not take the family ahead, I gave you another chance for Hemant’s sake, I got baby for you, you don’t care, you are still doing NGO work, I have to make Ashish remarry, then save your Avni from stepmum, you know how are stepmums, so leave Avni, you manage your home.

Ashish comes drunk and asks did Avni come. Dayaben says take him to room. Neela takes Ashish. Avni gets hurt and falls down. She gets scared.

Avni getting scared and praying to Bappa. A white rat comes and makes the basket fall. The light starts flowing in. Avni stands there and looks outside. She thanks Bappa for sending rat to help her, I know you are with me. She starts cleaning the storeroom. Hasmukh says we are bearing all this since many years, one person is ruling and forcing others to think like her, it means the family will get ruined, Dayaben is responsible for Ashish’s bad state, she did not value relations and emotions, she wants to break others, end ties with this family and go away, its tough for change to come in this house. Neela says I thought so, Hemant also asked me to take divorce, but i can’t go, Avni is here, she will need me, I have to stay back for her, I told this to Hemant.

He says you love Avni a lot. She says she is lovely. He says Avni is treated badly. She says Avni is not weak, she is brave, she is like sun, eclipse can come on sun, but not hide its light, I feel whatever is happening here, Avni will bring a change in this house. Someone throws a chit and bag for Avni through the window. Avni checks and sees Ali. Ali comes inside the window and falls.

He says I had to hide and come, like adventure trip, think the tales of Ali’s adventures. Avni says what will happen of you. She says there is no light. He asks how can you stay here. She says its tiger’s den, don’t wake up tiger. She shows him many cockroaches. Ali gets scared and jumps. She says that ladder has spiders. He says save me. She says nothing will happen. He says I have to do susu, is there any bathroom here. She laughs and says no, go home. She says Miss Mary says its in our own hands to make hell a haven. She sprays on cockroaches. They clean room. He says I have got light in this dirty room. She says I like staying here after you came. He sees rate and gets scared. She stops him from beating rat. She says rat is my friend. He calls her mad.

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She hugs her bag and keeps Bappa idol there. He gives her tiffin. She says I did not ask you to get this. He says I got this knowing Dayavanti will trouble you. They sit having food. She gives food to rat and smiles. Ali asks why do you want to stay here. She says my brother is here, how can I go without taking him. He says I wish Aladin was here, did he call, where is he. She says don’t know, so much happened that I did not get time to think. He cheers her up. Neela looks for keys for the lock. Dayaben calls maid. Neela sees Avni from window and says you will not lose.

Dayaben takes care of Aman and says you are my heir, you will manage my name and work. Maid gets massage oil. Dayaben angrily throws it on her and asks did it burn, don’t make mistake again. Maid cries and runs. Neela sees this. Dayaben asks Neela to take Aman. She says I did his massage, now make him sleep, then give him a bath, you learn all this. Neela says Avni… Dayaben asks what.

Neela says Avni did not get food since night. Dayaben asks Neela to focus on Aman, not others, I will manage. She asks servant did you give anything to Avni, if she eats anything, then think, no one can control hunger and sleep. She goes to see Avni and gets shocked seeing her offering namaz. Avni prays. Dayaben shouts and bangs the door. Dayaben asks maid to get ganga jal. Avni then prays to Bappa. She goes to Asha’s pic. Dayaben says you changed everything in this room, I told you to stay according to my rules. Avni says yes, what rules did I break, I was praying. Dayaben says this will not go on in my house. She scolds Avni and goes to open the door. Avni says I came to stay here forever and smiles.

Dayaben saying Avni just prays. She checks the door and gets a courier. She scolds the maid for not checking the door. She asks maid to clean Avni’s room. Avni sees her and thinks Dayaven scolds everyone. Fatima calls Dayaben and asks about Avni and Aman. Dayaben ends call. Fatima gets angry. Dayaben checks the letter from city hospital and says Aisha was there in this hospital. Avni looks for Aman and says anyone can hide him. She calls him out. She hears Ashish taking her name and goes to see Ashish. She gets shocked seeing Ashish lying on the floor in drunken state. Ashish sees Avni and stops her. Avni cries. Ashish asks Avni to come to him and cries that Ashudi left him. Avni says my mumma’s name is Aisha and goes. Ashish falls down.

Avni checks more rooms. Riya pushes her and makes her fall. She scolds Avni and asks her to stay away. She asks what are you doing in Dayaben’s room, are you finding your brother. She calls Ketan. Dayaben gets angry seeing Asha’s pic and says you are not letting us stay in peace even after your death. Ketan gets Avni there. Dayaben breaks Asha and Avni’s pic frame. Avni shouts no and hugs the pic. Dayaben says we did not fix any human’s pic on the walls, no one dares to do this, even then you fixed Asha’s pic here. She tears the pic. Avni cries and picks the pic. Riya says Avni went to your room without your permission, she wanted to run away with her brother, punish her. Dayaben says if she does not get water and food for two days, she will get fine. Avni cries. Riya crushes the frame and goes. Avni joins the pic and asks where did you go, I got lonely. I have no one, I miss you. Neela looks on and cries. Avni cries and falls asleep.

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Later, the rat comes near Avni. Avni wakes up and talks to the rat. She gets glad getting the last piece of the pic. She completed the picture and thanks rat for always helping her. She says my mumma looks beautiful, I will not fall weak, I m Aisha’s daughter. She smiles. Ali tells Angie that Avni can never lose, she went to Dayaben’s house for her brother, can you do this, Avni is really different. Angie says yes, sad thing is her film was successful, but she did not enjoy success. Ali asks did you talk to Aladin. Angie says no, its not reachable. Ali says I will call him by my new phone, I left butter for two days to get this phone.

He gets Avni’s call. He says fine…. He ends call and says y princess needs me, I have to go to Avni. Fatima talks to Avni. Avni says I m fine, don’t worry. Fatima asks is Dayaben treating you badly. Avni says no, trust me, everything is fine, day passes soon while playing with Aman. Fatima asks are you lying to me, tell me. Avni says everything is fine. Neela comes there with Aman. Avni ends the call. Neela asks Avni to take Aman. Avni gets glad and hugs Aman. She cries and asks did he miss her or not. She says I missed you a lot, are you missing home, even I m missing home, I promise, we will go back soon. Neela sits and looks at them. Avni talks to Aman. She says I will never leave you. Neela smiles and says I thought you will meet Aman and feel good. Avni thanks Neela for making her meet Aman, but if you hope I will get friendly with you again, I can’t do this, when mirror breaks, it could not show face again. Avni plays with Aman.

Dayaben worries seeing the letter and says reports have it written that death cause of Aisha, it means Avni has doubt and she asked for reports, Avni wants to go ahead of me, but she can’t. She burns the reports. Ketan comes and worries seeing the fire. He blows off the fire and asks Dayaben to move. The paper gets aside. Dayaben scolds him for spoiling work. He says I did the work, I did not leave any copy of hospital footage, you did not go there, why do you want that footage. Dayaben says I went to meet Aisha before her death to see if she is fine, I did mistake, I should have taken family. Ketan says sorry.

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