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My Identity 1 January 2021: Asha crying and saying my children are not orphans. Dayaben says they are Ashish’s mistake. Asha says I can’t leave my children, how can I live without them.

Dayaben says then you want me to be away from my son, look at your state, think of me, you did this drama and made my son away, where did you hide my son, tell me. Dayaben sees Ashish’s pic on the wall and smiles. She looks for him and sees Ashish, Asha and Avni’s pics. She says how much money do you need, I will give you, leave my son, open your mouth, tell me. Asha gets scared.

She hears Fatima and Tiku, and stops them at the door. Asha asks them to leave. Fatima asks why, and opens the door. They see Dayaben. Fatima asks who is this woman. Asha says no one. Fatima says your face got pale, tell me. Asha says just go. Dayaben says so this is your Maa. Fatima says yes, I m her mum, tell me, who are you. Dayaben says I m owner of the treasure you have stolen. Tiku asks who are you. Asha says she is Ashish’s mum. Fatima says fine, so she is that Naagin, who is sitting on my daughter’s happiness. Asha asks her to leave. Fatima scolds Dayaben.

Dayaben says I got angry on Asha, but now I pity her, if you are her mother, Asha will be like this, you also worked in films, did you get married, is Asha not a sin. Asha says enough, she is my mum, I respect you, I will not hear a word against my mum, my mum is not related to this matter, hate me, scold me, not my mum. Dayaben says you don’t deserbe my hatred, I know you people, standards. Fatima says I will show you standard. Asha and Tiku stop Fatima. Dayaben smiles seeing them. Fatima says I will kill her. Dayaben says just touch hand and show, I know to control animals. Fatima says my slipper is enough for you. Dayaben insults Fatima a lot. Fatima asks Tiku to kick out Dayaben. Tiku cries and bends down to Dayaben. Dayaben gets shocked. Asha asks Fatima to be quiet for Avni’s sake.

Dayaben says I m leaving, send Ashish to me. Fatima asks her not to come again, I won’t leave you. Tiku stops Fatima. Asha cries. Dayaben leaves. Avni and Ali are on the way. Avni tells Kia that now her family is normal family. Ali says Kia, you won’t get candy house now. Kia says shut up and pours throw on Ali. Ali tastes the juice flowing on his face. Avni hits her head seeing him. Kia says where is your dad, this is called normal family. Avni sees Ashish’s car aand says my Papa came, see. Ashish hugs Avni and lifts her. Avni screams. Kia makes face.

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Ashish says I won’t go to meet Maa. Asha gets angry. He asks Asha what happened, I know what could Maa say. Asha says Maa was very upset. Ashish asks her what about your sorrow of 11 years. She says I can’t settle by breaking Dayaben’s house. She asks him to go to Dayaben. He looks at her.

Servant informs Dayaben that Ashish came. Dayaben runs to him and hugs, saying I knew you would come. He kisses on her forehead. She says now I got a life. She asks Ashish will he come home like a guest, it means you are going back there. He says that is also my house, my wife and daughter stay there. Dayaben says that is your house, whose house is this, answer me. Ketan and Hetal look on. Dayaben say everything changed, tell me, am I your mum or not, you disagree? He says you are my mum, Asha did not do anything, I love Asha and Avni, as I love you. Shhe says you are cleanly lying. He says its true, whatever you told Asha, she has sent me here, come and stay there. She says I can’t see them ruining you. He folds hands and says let me go please, let me stay with them, leave being stubborn, I will die, this is good for me and Neela, I can’t marry Neela, you know this.

Dayaben asks servant to kick out Ashish, this is not my son. Ashish asks her to listen. She says no, this is not my son. Ashish says don’t say this. Ketan stops Ashish and asks him to leave. Ashish leaves. Dayaben cries in her room. Ashish comes to Asha and says I wanted to keep everyone happy, but I could not keep anyone happy, not my Maa, you and Avni, love bends and not loses, but I lost. Asha holds him. He says my love failed, I thought Maa will agree. He cries. She hugs him.

Avni knocks bathroom door and asks Ashish to come out. He says just 5mins. She says I think his stomach is upset. She answers call on Ashish’s phone. Neela scolds Ashish and says I m upset, you should have called me if you did not come to meet, work is imp, but not more than dear ones. Avni asks who are you. Neela asks who are you. Avni says I asked first, tell me. Neela says I m Neela. Avni says whats this name, Neela is color. Neela says yes, my Papa kept my name, whats your name. Avni says my Papa kept my name Avni, he calls me superstar. Asha asks whose call is it. Avni says Neela, maybe he is Papa’s friend. Neela says I m not his friend, I m his fiancée. Avni gets shocked and says no, my Papa loves my mumma a lot. Neela says I think its wrong number. Avni says wrong number and ends call angrily. Neela says she is mad to not hear number, she loves her a lot. Hemant asks did you scold Ashish. Neela says no, it was some kid, wrong number, I did not feel bad, girl was lovely, she loved her Papa and defended him, she is like me, her name is Avni. Hemant says fine and hugs Neela. Neela smiles.

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Ashish and Asha checking baby names. Ashish asks why does all start with A. Asha says its all girls name. Avni says choose name fast, I don’t like boys. Ashish asks why, I m a boy. Avni says you are Papa, boys are stupid like Ali, I want a sister. Asha says yes, boys are naughty. Ashish says I want a girl like Avni and Asha, and chooses name Anaya. He plays with Avni. Asha pinches him and says this was same pinch. Avni asks Asha whats her choice. Asha says I also like Anaya. Ashish says pinch mumma also, baby’s naamkaran happened. Avni acts like him and they laugh. Sumi Tai comes to them and gives chutney.

Sumi hears Ashish and Avni’s laugh. Ashish greets Sumi. Sumi cries happily seeing them together. Avni says they are 4, not 3. Sumi asks them to visit temple. Avni says she will stay at home. Ashish asks why, what will you do alone at home, I wanted to complete your house. Avni says you completed it and hugs him. She asks them to smile. She says we will have only happiness in our house. Asha asks how will you stay alone. Ali comes and says Avni is never alone. Asha is tensed. Sumi says Asha is sitting in Ashish’s car for the first time, so she is hesitant. Avni opens the car door.

Ashish and Asha leave for temple. Avni tells Sumi that she can take care of herself. Avni asks Ali to come fast, they have to make candy stick house. Neela is at temple and sees the stairs. Hemant asks what happened. She says I wanted to come here with Ashish, the wish could not fulfil, I m adamant, so I got Ashish with me. She shows the pic. He says pic does not change like person, but pic can’t love as a person. Neela says yes, but pics capture beautiful moment forever. He says yes, true, you pray anything today, you will get. She asks what shall I ask, I have my dad and now Ashish too. Ashish holds Asha’s hand and goes to temple.

Neela holds his pic and goes to pray. Neela thanks Lord for giving her Ashish. Asha prays and thanks Lord for giving her happiness. Neela says she got a good saas and family, I got my world, thanks Maa. Asha thinks I got the world which I imagined, thanks. Neela asks for blessings that Ashish always stays her husband. Asha prays that Ashish’s love is always hers.

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Dayaben comes to Asha’s house and rings the bell. She knocks door. Avni asks who are you and tries to see. Ali asks who is it. Avni says some woman. Ali gets scared. Avni says we will open door, come. She opens the door and asks why are you banging the door, whom do you want to meet. Dayaben turns away seeing her. Avni says maybe I have seen you before. Dayaben asks is your face like me or nature also. Avni asks will you have water. She asks Ali to get water. Dayaben says leave this drama, call Ashish. Avni says I m not acting, my mum taught me to offer water to guests, he is not at home. Dayaben calls out Ashish and says don’t lie. Ali gets water. Dayaben throws it. Avni asks don’t you have manners. Dayaben says will you teach me and scolds her.

Avni says one should learn manners. Dayaben says I m from jungle, you don’t know me. Avni laughs and says then go to jungle. Dayaben calls her ill mannered. Avni asks who are you. Dayaben says Ashish’s mum, go and tell Ashish that his mum came. Avni says he is not at home, I would not let you meet him. Dayaben says I will take Ashish. Avni says I won’t let you take him. Dayaben says I m Dayavanti Mehta. Avni says I m Avni Mehta. Dayaben says you won’t get this name. Avni says who are you to give me name, I already have name, Papa gave me name, go from here, I will call police. She tells section 401 of criminal trespass. Ali asks how do you know this Avni.

Avni says you would also remember if you focus, police inspector come to school to give lecture that day. She asks Ali to call police. Ali acts to call police. Dayaben asks Avni will you threaten me of law, the law won’t allow you to take Mehta’s name, go and ask your dad. Avni shuts door and calls her Chudail. Dayaben hears this and gets angry. She hits Asha and Avni’s house board and leaves.

Dayaben comes home and recalls Avni’s words. She asks everyone to come out fast. She asks Hetal where is Riya. She hugs Riya. She asks all of them to go out of the house. Ketan asks what happened. Dayaben says just go, take servants out. She says whatever happens, no one will come inside, just go. Ketan asks but why, tell me. Dayaben says first go. She locks the door. Ketan and Hetal knock the door and ask her to open the door. Dayaben sits angrily.


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