My Identity June Teasers 2021 Starlife

My Identity June Teasers 2021: Avni matches Vidyut and learns the truth about Neela’s murder. Afterwards, he threatens her of dire consequences if she does not marry him.

My Identity June Teasers 2021

My Identity June Teasers 2021

Tuesday 1 June 2021

Episode 335

Juhi becomes miserable when Neil provides Avni a present. The reporter asks Neil if Juhi is living and that Mishti is. Who is plotting against Neil?

Episode 336

Vidyut cooks up a story, supplying fake evidence to the media and places Neil’s livelihood in danger.

Wednesday 2 June 2021

Episode 337

Neil and Avni are shocked as the news of Neil and Juhi’s affair spreads like wildfire. Vidyut and Ragini are on a mission to ruin Neil and Avni.

Episode 338

Neil intends to detain Vidyut and goes forward for Mishti’s DNA test. Harleen is shocked to find out about Mishti’s DNA result.

Thursday 3 June 2021

Episode 339

The DNA test results show that Mishti is Juhi and Neil’s daughter. Avni is ruined when Harleen asks her to not take any decisions concerning Mishti henceforth.

Episode 340

Neil is stunned when Juhi supports Vidyut facing his superior officer. Mishti attacks Juhi!

Friday 4 June 2021

Episode 341

After meeting Vidyut close to her mother’s tomb, Avni is anxious about Mishti. Juhi asks Avni to seek her consent before meeting Mishti.

Episode 342

Avni decides to forfeit Neil’s love for Mishti’s welfare. Harleen is made to take the decision of becoming Juhi and Neil married.

Saturday 5 June 2021

Episode 343

While attempting to shield Mishti from Juhi, Avni accidently pushes Juhi along the roadside. Neil then, rescues Juhi from a fatal injury.

Episode 344

Avni decides to steer clear of Neil. Harleen attempts suicide, leaving everybody shocked. Will Neil wed Juhi?

Sunday 6 June 2021

Episode 345

Neil worries about Harleen’s distress while Avni attempts Ali’s help to find out Vidyut’s secret. Avni learns about Maddy and Kareena’s abduction!

Episode 346

Neil rescues Maddy and Kareena from Ragini and gets her arrested. Juhi tries to kill Harleen and leaves her in a critical condition.

Monday 7 June 2021

Episode 347

Juhi threatens Avni to get from Neil’s life. Neil won’t celebrate his birthday and finds Avni’s secrets throughout the polygraph results.

Episode 348

Neil intends to expose Juhi and plans a fake marriage with her. Afterwards, he spends some quality time with Avni.

Tuesday 8 June 2021

Episode 349

Juhi shows that Mishti isn’t Neil’s daughter. Afterwards, Neil and his family expose Juhi and get her arrested.

Episode 350

Avni monitors Juhi’s whereabouts. Juhi threatens to jump off the cliff with Mishti!

Wednesday 9 June 2021

Episode 351

Juhi drops off a cliff along with Mishti after Vidyut shoots . Later, the authorities find Juhi’s dead body but where’s Mishti?

Episode 352

Neil has to interrogate his own wife, Avni for murdering Juhi as all of the proofs are against her. Neil loses control and defeats Vidyut and his guys!

Thursday 10 June 2021

Episode 353

Avni takes Ali’s help to escape but Neil manages to capture her. Can he put her behind bars?

Episode 354

Neil arrests Avni and she breaks their connection.

Friday 11 June 2021

Episode 355

Vidyut remains perplexed as Neil deceives him. Avni attempts to protect her offenders out of a few thugs.

Episode 356

Avni decides to escape the jail. Neil suspects Vidyut of providing drugs.

Saturday 12 June 2021

Episode 357

Neil and Neela intend to instruct Vidyut a lesson. Avni proceeds with her fight to break out of jail.

Episode 358

Avni tries her best to abscond from prison, while Vidyut’s strategy of providing drugs goes in vain. Avni matches Neela and Ali in prison.

Sunday 13 June 2021

Episode 359

Neil visits the prison to find out Avni’s secret. Avni condemns him for arresting her without collecting evidence.

Episode 360

In Avni’s insistence, Neil allows Ali to keep his catering services in prison. However, Neil keeps an eye on Avni to know her secret!

Monday 14 June 2021

Episode 361

Avni is concerned about her escape plan becoming spoiled, while Neil provokes Monica to trouble Avni.

Episode 362

Neil blocks the tunnel of the prison and foils Avni’s strategy of absconding!

Tuesday 15 June 2021

Episode 363

In the event of Christmas, Neil organises a cultural action for the prisoners. Avni insults Neil in front of the offenders and won’t accept his gift.

Episode 364

Avni enters a key passage from Neil’s cottage and witnesses Vidyut and Monica together. Neil locks Avni in his cottage. Can Avni be able to escape?

Wednesday 16 June 2021

Episode 365

Monica spies on Avni and upgrades Vidyut about her and Neil’s discreet activities. Avni is eager to find out Vidyut and Neo’s secret.

Episode 366

Monica and Sunehri find that Avni would like to escape from prison. Neil interrogates Avni upon discovering the routine of the prison with her.

Thursday 17 June 2021

Episode 367

Neil tries to rescue a group of women but falls into Vidyut’s snare. Avni feels helpless as Vidyut visits her in jail and condemns her!

Episode 368

Vidyut wants Avni to carry out a maha aarti in prison. Learning that Neil is at risk, Avni attempts to escape from prison.

Friday 18 June 2021

Episode 369

Avni dresses up as goddess Kali in an effort to escape from prison. Vidyut orders Ballu to bury Neil alive. Will Avni be able to rescue him?

Episode 370

Ballu buries Neil alive, but Avni reaches time and rescues him. Vidyut gets mad for failing to kill Neil and sets out to tarnish his reputation.

Saturday 19 June 2021

Episode 371

Avni realises that she’s misunderstood Neil. Ballu kidnaps Neela on Vidyut’s order. Vidyut threatens Avni.

Episode 372

Avni matches the new jailer who’s adamant to create her life a living hell. Shortly, the offenders turn against her!

Sunday 20 June 2021

Episode 373

Avni’s offenders torture her in prison. Afterwards, the jailer finds her a risky job.

Episode 374

Ragini attempts to induce Avni to help her escape from the prison. Afterwards, Avni secretly sends a message to Neil about Ragini’s plan.

Monday 21 June 2021

Episode 375

Neil enters Vidyut’s home in disguise to keep an eye on him, while Avni plots to spoil Ragini’s plan. Elsewhere, Neela tries to escape from the goons.

Episode 376

Neil tries his best to save Neela from Ballu and Vidyut. Avni informs the police about Ragini’s illegal activities within the prison.


Tuesday 22 June 2021

Episode 377

Avni is anxious to discover about Neela’s well-being. Neil disguises himself and sets out to save Neela.

Episode 378

Ballu is furious to learn about Ragini’s interrogation. Neil secretly meets Avni in prison and reveals her Neela’s video footage.

Wednesday 23 June 2021

Episode 379

Ragini won’t disclose Vidyut’s secret throughout the interrogation. A disguised Neil misleads Ballu and sets out to free Neela.

Episode 380

Sunheri saves Avni in the torture. Meanwhile, Neil and Vidyut get into a fight with one another.

Thursday 24 June 2021

Episode 381

The police rescue Neela, Neil and Mishti from Vidyut’s clutches. Ragini buries an unconscious Avni behind the prison wall.

Episode 382

Neela, Prakash and Harleen take a stand against Vidyut. Neil supposes the jailer and desperately searches for Avni.

Friday 25 June 2021

Episode 383

Neil saves Avni from dying and dying her to a physician. In addition, he interrogates Ragini and Vidyut in the prison and urges them to come clean.

Episode 384

Neil tricks Vidyut into admitting that Ragini murdered Juhi. The authorities keep Vidyut under house arrest while Neil attracts Avni home.

Saturday 26 June 2021

Episode 385

Neil’s family welcomes Avni. Afterwards, Shweta gives Neil a few tasks to help him impress Avni. Will he succeed?

Episode 386

Neil and Avni get intimate beneath a shower. Afterwards, Neil’s family plans a surprise party for Avni. Meanwhile, Vidyut plots from Neil.

Sunday 27 June 2021

Episode 387

Neil and Avni discuss some comfy moments. Neil’s family gather for a family photograph. Vidyut and his partners enter the home as the camera team.

Episode 388

Vidyut and his aides launching a surprise assault on Neil after interrupting the power supply of his residence. Can Avni and Neil have the ability to fight them in the dark?

Monday 28 June 2021

Episode 389

Neil, Avni and the others are distressed due to Neela’s death. Afterwards, Avni performs Neela’s final rites.

Episode 390

Neil doubts which he shot Neela by mistake in the dark and decides to share it with Avni. However, Shweta intends to prevent him from speaking about it.

Tuesday 29 June 2021

Episode 391

Shweta intends to send Avni from Neil to stop the latter from confessing the truth about Neela’s death. Will she succeed?

Episode 392

Avni, Neil and the household heave a sigh of relief on learning that Neil is not responsible for Neela’s death. Meanwhile, Vidyut is all set to wed Avni!

Wednesday 30 June 2021

Episode 393

Avni apologises for all she’s made Neil undergo. Afterwards they renew their wedding vows and get comfy.

Episode 394

Avni matches Vidyut and learns the truth about Neela’s murder. Afterwards, he threatens her of dire consequences if she does not marry him.






Mowgli getting kidnapped. Neil comes to school and looks for him. He asks some kids. The kids say his mumma has come to pick him, didn’t aunty tell you. Neil thanks them and leaves. Avni gets a message. She cries reading it. She calls Neil. Neil’s phone is on silent. Avni calls Shweta and asks about Mowgli. Shweta says Neil has gone to pick him from school. Neil comes to Avni’s house and asks Sunehri about Avni and Mowgli. Sunehri says they aren’t here. Prakash calls Neil home.

Neil comes home and asks Avni why did she pick up Mowgli without informing him. Avni stops him. She says Mowgli has been kidnapped. They get shocked. She shows the message. He reads kidnapper’s message. He says kids told me that you picked him up. She asks did kids see me, someone took my name to kidnap him. He says I got bit late and this happened. She scolds him. She asks why did you take his responsibility if you couldn’t manage. She asks Shweta to see, she has supported Neil and now Mowgli is in danger. Neil says Mowgli is my son too.

She says I can see how you took care of him. He asks her to stop it. Bebe says enough, child is missing and you both are fighting, don’t know how is the child. Mowgli struggles to get free. Avni says I can’t even pay ransom for him if goons demand money. Neil says world knows he is my son too. Avni says I know who has done this, she tried to frame me in child trafficking and tried to kidnap Mowgli before, I know Kamini did this. They get shocked. Prakash says you didn’t tell us anything. Neil says she has an old habit to hide things. Avni says we should try to find Mowgli instead fighting, we should tell police. Neil says police will deal with Kamini. Avni gets another message. Kidnapper asks her not to think of taking police help, else God won’t be able to save her son, they will convey demand in next message.

At school, Neil says I need to take Mowgli and his mom to mall, are you sure to see his mom. Kid says no, an uncle came to pick him. Kids describe the goon. Neil thanks them. Neil tells the same to Avni. Avni recalls the earlier goon and says last time, that goon looked similar, when I spoke to Saisha, Kamini threatened me, she has done this to take revenge. He says come, I promise you, I will find him, nothing will happen to our son. She says I know.

Neil and Avni come to Kamini’s house. Kamini taunts her for coming with ex husband. She argues. Neil asks where is Mowgli. She says you maybe knowing, kidnapping done for revenge is dangerous than kidnapping done for ransom. He says you maybe knowing, how ex officers treat a criminal, better return our son. She says your threatening won’t affect me, this woman has snatched my son, so I snatched her son, I have nothing to lose now, but remember this, if my men don’t hear my voice every hour, they will push Mowgli down from a cliff. Avni gets scared. He asks what do you want.

She says I want Avni to take the child trafficking blame on her and go jail. He says Avni won’t do this. She says she will do this, being a mum, she will do anything to save her son. Avni cries and goes. Neil stops her. She says I m ready to surrender to police to save Mowgli. Avni says Mowgli is in bad state. Neil says Kamini hates you a lot, we have to find Mowgli. They see Mowgli’s video and read threatening message. Avni says no, I can’t leave Mowgli like this, we don’t have enough time, I have to go. She takes a taxi and goes to police station. He sees the video. Neil checks the video and hears some sound. He locates the godown and calls Avni. Mowgli says let me go please. Goon asks him to be quiet. Avni reaches police station. Mowgli gets free. He runs out. He shouts for help. Car stops. He sees Kamini and hugs. She asks how did you come here, come with me, I will take you to your mum. Neil sees her and follows. Avni reads the message. She says I want to give a statement. Mitali asks what statement. Kamini gives Mowgli to goons and asks them to keep an eye on them. Neil says your time is over, leave my Mowgli. She gets shocked seeing him.

Kamini saying Avni would have gone to police, you have come here to save your son. She asks goons to tie up Neil. Neil fights with them. He gets a gun and asks goons to lie down. He asks Kamini to get away from his son. She says Avni would have surrendered till now. Mitali asks what are you saying. Avni says Kamini is innocent, I have framed her, I wanted money for my son, so I took this step and sold Jeetu to them. Neil asks inspector to arrest Kamini. She lies. Neil says we have to go to Avni now. Mitali asks Avni is she in any problem. Avni says no, I did child trafficking. Mitali says I will help you out, I promise you. Avni says this is the truth and my final statement, law can punish me. Mowgli says mumma is not answering. Neil drives fast. He asks Avni to stop. Avni sees Mowgli and hugs. He says Kamini had kidnapped Mowgli. Kamini says he is lying. Mowgli says she is lying. Kamini asks the proof.

Neil plays the recording and says check mate. Mitali says arrest Kamini. Neil asks how can you do this, you know Avni can’t do this. Avni says its not her mistake, she asked me but I was refusing. Neil says sorry to overreact. Mitali says what matters is that Mowgli is safe. Avni hugs Mowgli. They get Mowgli home. Shweta hugs Mowgli. Avni says KK can’t believe this, KK wants to think about Saisha and his coming child. Prakash says Avni, you risked life for love again. Avni says Sunehri, we should leave now, Mowgli also needs rest, thanks Neil. Mowgli hugs Avni. She cries and hugs him.


She asks Mowgli to stay with them, they all care for him and love him a lot. Neil says Mowgli can’t stay happy without you, I made a mistake, forgive me, I couldn’t see his happiness, Mowgli will just stay happy with you, I will give his legal custody, we can’t make him a good person like you would make him, I m seeing a strong independent woman, there are very few people like you, Mowgli is lucky that you are his mum, a mum who risks life for children always, I will always be with you. Everyone smiles. He asks Mowgli to go to his mom, but just come to play at home. Mowgli agrees and hugs. Avni thanks Neil. They hug. Mitali looks on. Avni says I will pray for you and Mitali’s married life, thanks, I shall leave now. She leaves with Mowgli. Neil says I hope he stays happy with Avni.

At home, Avni says I missed you a lot. Mowgli says I missed you more. She asks him to sleep now. Prakash comes to her and says I have come to talk something imp, you, Neil and Mowgli will complete the family. Avni says no, its too late now, Neil and I got divorced, Neil’s future is with Mitali now. He says life’s relation doesn’t end like that, Lord made your and Neil’s relation. Avni says our ways are different now. Prakash blesses her. He goes. She thinks of Vidyut making Prakash shoot Neil, and Neela getting shot. She says everything would have been different today if Neil knew the truth, but I have to save you all from this truth.

Its morning, inspector meets Saisha and says it has Vidyut’s belongings, you are his daughter, so you are given all this. She thanks him. She checks Avni’s pic and I love you written on it. She thinks I m ashamed to be your daughter. She gets a memory chip inside the pic frame. She plays the chip. She sees something and gets shocked.

Shweta shows sherwanis to Neil. Shweta says your decision to send Mowgli was right, you just start a new life with Mitali, I want you to stay happy. He asks her to talk to Mitali once. She goes. Saisha comes and says superman. He asks is everything fine, sorry you had to suffer because of Kamini. She says one who does good shouldn’t get punished right. He says right. She says I was getting this to Avni, but thought to get this to you, it has Avni’s sacrifice story, I want to do something for her, just see the video. Neil plays the chip. He gets shocked seeing Vidyut’s crime video and Neela dying by Prakash’s hands. Neil cries. He thinks Avni knew this secret, she went away from us to save us, I made a big mistake.

Avni asking Neil what are you doing here. He sits down and cries, hugging her. She says please get up, what happened, what’s wrong. He holds her face and says I have cursed you a lot, blamed you, but you have been suffering for the last ten years, you didn’t tell me, why. She asks what are you saying. He shows the video. She cries.

She asks where did you find this, did you tell anyone at home. He signs no. She says please, Prakash shouldn’t know this. She tells him everything. He cries and asks why did you decide to leave me, you have endured a lot of pain to save me, you sacrificed so much to save dad, I wish I knew about it and did anything to help. She says it was destined to happen, I was scared for Prakash, if he knew he shot Neela, he would have not lived, I had run away from the battle ground, I m ill fated. He says forgive me, please. She says he is my Papa too, I did it for our Papa. She holds his face. They cry. He says you have always loved me a lot. She nods. Tu safar mera……plays… They cry. Mitali calls him. Avni says do the right thing, keep you the promise you made to Mitali. He asks is this all a bad dream. She says no, its a bitter truth Neil. He cries and nods. He says I will keep my promise, but losing you and not believing you will be biggest punishment for me. He leaves. She runs to the door and cries seeing him.


He stops near the car and sees her. He cries and leaves. Hamari adhuri kahani….plays…. they cry. Kids come. Sunehri asks Avni what happened. Avni asks Mowgli to come to her. She cleans his face. She asks will you get upset with me if I take you far from here. He says I will do whatever you say. She smiles. He goes. Avni says I want to go far from here, else Neil won’t be able to start a new life with Mitali, I want you guys to manage this place, I will support you financially. Sunehri says we will take care of Sukoon ghar, but there won’t be peace without you. Tara says keep visiting us. Sunehri says we will miss you. They hug. Neil sees Avni’s mangalsutra and recalls. He says she never wanted to break this relation, maybe I m getting punished to not believe her, I m ready to bear this punishment, I will suffer and miss her, Lord just keep Avni happy. Prakash looks on and goes. Neil keeps mangalsutra in temple and cries.

He turns and sees Shweta. She says its sangeet today. He says I know mom, I will get ready and come. Prakash asks Mowgli to be strong and not forget him. He asks Avni did she think well, its not easy to go away from family. She sends Mowgli to play with kids. She says I know this will be tough, but this is right, I got a job at fruit farm, we will leave tomorrow, don’t worry, Mowgli will visit you. He asks are you going to visit us. She says you are my dad, you can come to meet me anytime, I can’t come home, it will be wrong with Mitali. He blesses.

Neil and Mitali’s sangeet ceremony goes on. Girls dance. Neil thinks of Avni. Dil diyan gallan…..plays….. Neil and Avni dance. He kisses her and hugs. His imagination ends. Mitali asks Neil is he fine. He says yes. Mowgli says its Neil and Mitali’s marriage tomorrow, it would be good if Neil, you and I stayed as normal family. She says you and I are special family, why should we stay as normal family then. She hugs him. Neil and Mitali dance. Everyone looks on. Neil thinks of Avni and leaves Mitali’s hand. Mitali looks at him. She takes him aside. He says I want to marry you, remember I had promised you. She nods.

Shweta saying Mitali has agreed when Neil proposed, she asked Neil if he is sure. Neil says yes, I m sure that I still love Avni. Prakash says forget everything, get Avni and Mowgli here, they are your family. Shweta says but they are divorced. Prakash says relations don’t break on paper, Avni and Neil love each other, once he marries Mitali, nothing can change. Neil thinks. He comes to Avni and thinks we are made for each other, I have come to take you. He sees Avni and Mowgli. He thinks you are complete without me, I will stay incomplete, you and Mowgli are family, stay happy, I will be happy thinking you were mine for some period of time. He cries and leaves.

Neil lies in bed and cries. He turns and sees Avni beside. They hold hands and see each other. She disappears. He cries. Its morning, Shweta and Prakash come to Neil. She says I made your fav breakfast Poha. He eats Poha. Avni also eats Poha at her place. Shweta says all arrangements are done. Neil says Avni is complete without me, I have promised Mitali, its fine the way it is. Shweta gets Mitali’s call and asks her to come soon, everything is fine. Avni asks kids to take car and study well. Prakash says Avni and Mowgli are leaving the city, she promised me she will meet us. Neil says Avni is leaving me so that I start a new life. Prakash says you know it better, you have to decide now, what you want in your life. He goes.

Mogli asks kids not to get sad, he will come to meet. Neil cries and thinks of Avni. Avni thinks of Neil and says I will live with memories, you all take care. She hugs Sunehri. Neil gets ready and comes. He sits in mandap with Mitali. He sees sindoor and mangalsutra and recalls Avni. Their ghatbandhan is done. Pandit says seven rounds are seven vows, Lord decides the sacred relation, you will keep vows for seven births, you will be bound by an invisible bond after taking rounds. Neil thinks of Avni. Mitali says I will fulfill my duties as a wife. Pandit asks Neil to say. Neil says I will fulfill all promises that I m making to Avni. Mitali sees him.

Neil says sorry, I will fulfill all promises I m making to Mitali. They get up for taking rounds. Neil thinks of Avni. Mitali makes him wear garland. He puts garland in her neck and stands. She says we have to take rounds. He nods and turns. He stops. She opens the ghatbandhan. She says do you know why I love you, because you are a very good human being, you are so good that you are ready to stay unhappy all life, because you have promised to marry me. She gets a gift. She says this is the same frame in which your perfect family pic would be fixed, it will have your, Avni and Mowgli’s pic, we are not made for each other. He says I m really very sorry, forgive me. Mitali says I m not hurt, if you had married me, it would have been wrong, we would have never been happy, you would always love Avni, I think you should go to Avni, just go, we will always be friends, that’s what matters to me. Neil cries. Shweta asks Neil to get Avni and Mowgli home. Prakash asks him to run. Mitali says go before I stop you. Neil kisses her and thanks. He goes.

Neil holds Mowgli’s hand. Mowgli smiles. Avni sees Neil. She says Neil, you should be at…. Neil says I have come here for a reason, I have come to take you and Mowgli home, everyone is waiting at home. She asks whom are you taking home, your son’s mum, your wife or Avni. He smiles and says you know, after falling in love with you, I understood the meaning of love, I love you because you never justify the wrong, a person is identified by name, but you know well that person is known by his deeds, maybe a name is wiped off, but his deeds live forever, you will always end darkness in other’s life, love is not a need, I can’t be your need, you are complete already, I just want to become your love, like I consider you mine, I want to see you and Mowgli in my life, I want to have a small family, normal, happy, perfect family, my happiness lies in just you and my son, answer me Avni, can I pursue my life’s journey with you two.

Avni says Neil, you know, why I wanted to keep Mowgli with me, as he reminds me of you, I wanted to remember you as you accepted me the way I m, the society called me illegitimate, you deemed this society illegitimate for me, Mowgli is your son, he is a good human being like you Neil, I may be strong, but I m incomplete without you, you don’t need to request me to come back in your life, Mowgli and I were waiting for you. She says I love you Neil. He says I love you too Avni. They hug. Aye zindagi….plays…. Mowgli says I love you mum and dad. They hug Mowgli and kiss. They smile.


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