My Identity February Teasers 2021 Starlife

My Identity starlife February Teasers 2021: Avni’s rat helps Ali to enter Avni’s room to give her a new phone. Later, Aladdin walks in as Inspector Pappy Singh! Is Dayawanti in trouble? Read Full My Identity February Teasers 2021 Below:

My Identity February Teasers 2021

My Identity February Teasers 2021

Starlife My Identity Teasers February 2021

My Identity Monday 1 February 2021
Episode 96

Avni takes care of her baby brother. Neela stops Ashish from committing suicide. Dayawanti takes Avni’s brother from her.

Episode 97

Avni goes to the Mehta House with colleagues, asking Dayawanti to take her. Can Avni’s plea’s melt Dayawanti’s soul? Can Avni get to live with her baby brother, Aman?

My Identity Tuesday 2 February 2021

Episode 98

Hasmukh indicates that Neela split all her ties with the Mehtas. Meanwhile, the Ali enters the storeroom through the window.

Episode 99

Dayawanti panics if she receives Asha’s death report. Later, Neela palms over Avni’s brother to her.

My Identity Wednesday 3 February 2021

Episode 100

Ali covertly goes to the Mehta House to rescue Avni from the storeroom. Afterwards, Ali and Avni stick Asha’s photographs all around the house!

Episode 101

Dayawanti lets Avni to hang Asha’s photograph in her room. Afterwards, she inquires Hari and Bhima to not give meals to Avni. Will anyone oppose Dayawanti?

My Identity Thursday 4 February 2021

Episode 102

Neela frees Avni in the store room and informs the inspector who Dayawanti had locked up her. But, Avni lies to the inspector which Dayawanti takes great care of her.

Episode 103

Fatima, along with Tiku and Ali, come to check on Avni if she doesn’t answer their requirements. Dayawanti asks Avni to oust Fatima and then locks Avni inside her room.

My Identity Friday 5 February 2021

Episode 104

Diksha sees Asha’s death report. Neela allows Avni to visit the hospital to collect the record. Afterwards, Avni understands the report but something is amiss!

Episode 105

Avni complains to the authorities about the bogus email and asks them to detain Dayawanti. Dayawanti learns that Avni has attained the police station.

My Identity Saturday 6 February 2021

Episode 106

Avni fails to escape from the goons. Neela is shocked to find out Dayawanti has lodged a criticism. She’s taken into custody for interrogation! Will she be able to save Avni?

Episode 107

Avni drops while she attempts to run away in the goons. A naming ceremony takes place in her property. Will she be able to reach home in time?

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My Identity Sunday 7 February 2021

Episode 108

Dayawanti refuses to name Asha’s son as Aman. The inspector tells Avni that someone has ruined the proof of Asha’s departure from the hospital. Later, Neela chooses Avni to her new area.

Episode 109

Riya overhears Dayawanti’s plan to violate Neela and Avni’s friendship. Afterwards, Avni hunts for Aman and finds him with Riya, who has particular plans for Aman!

My Identity Monday 8 February 2021

Episode 110

Avni’s rat helps Ali to get into Avni’s room to give her a new phone. Later, Aladdin walks in as Inspector Pappy Singh! Is Dayawanti in trouble?

Episode 111

Aladdin asks Dayawanti to alter Avni’s room, while Neela is pleased to recognise Aladdin. Meanwhile, Ali is astonished to find Aladdin in Avni’s room.

My Identity Tuesday 9 February 2021

Episode 112

The Mehtas have a new small business competition, while Avni and Aladdin celebrate Aman’s birthday. Afterwards, Avni gets a call from Inspector Joshi. Why?

Episode 113

Avni thanks Aladdin for encouraging her to start her business. Afterwards, Avni considers that Asha’s accident was planned.

My Identity Wednesday 10 February 2021

Episode 114

Dayawanti finds Pappy Singh and Aladdin’s picture similar and learns she is being deceived. Meanwhile, Aladdin and Avni lay a snare for Diksha. Will she fall from the trap?

Episode 115

Dayawanti’s men medication Aladdin. Can Avni and Ali find out Aladdin’s whereabouts?

My Identity Thursday 11 February 2021

Episode 116

Avni takes Ali’s help to save Aladdin. Afterwards, Avni is thrilled when the inspector informs her that he has gathered an evidence against Dayawanti.

Episode 117

The doctor is based on Avni along with the inspector that Dayawanti visited the hospital just for her checkup. Meanwhile, the Aladdin regains consciousness and shares the details of the consignment with Avni.

My Identity Friday 12 February 2021

Episode 118

Avni, Ali and Akash triumph in messing with the consignment. Meanwhile, the inspector informs Avni the Asha’s case was closed based on the medical report.

Episode 119

Avni is shocked that Asha’s case is shut. Neela fails to comfort Avni. Meanwhile, Avni reveals about Dayawanti’s misdeeds to Ashish and makes the decision to submit a case against her.

My Identity Saturday 13 February 2021

Episode 120

Avni and Alladin meet the motorist who was driving Asha’s vehicle once the incident occurred. The driver admits the fact but will he discriminate against Dayawanti?

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Episode 121

Avni and Ali look for evidence in Dayawanti’s bedroom. Jamla locks them up! Will they be able to escape?

My Identity Sunday 14 February 2021

Episode 122

Avni informs the inspector that she’s found the proof against Dayawanti. But, she’s shocked when the inspector arrests Neela rather!

Episode 123

Dayawanti shares her strategy contrary to Avni and Aladdin with Diksha. Afterwards, Neela informs Dayawanti that she has helped them to reopen Asha’s case.

My Identity Monday 15 February 2021

Episode 124

Hemant bails Neela out. Avni is happy knowing that the CBI reopened Asha’s murder case.

Episode 125

Diksha kills Hemant! Meanwhile, a spy requires 5 crores out of Dayawanti for the CCTV footage that he has recovered.

My Identity Tuesday 16 February 2021

Episode 126

Dayawanti slaps Diksha for failing her work. Meanwhile, Akash advises Avni about his plan to create Dayawanti acknowledge to her offenses. Will the strategy work?

Episode 127

Avni and Ali are delighted to see Dayawanti eating the spiked khichdi. Afterwards, a lawyer informs Neela about Hemant’s will.

My Identity Wednesday 17 February 2021

Episode 128

Dayawanti sees Asha’s soul in her room! Avni and Ali rejoice because their plan has worked. Meanwhile, Avni would like to understand what is Dayawanti seeing.

Episode 129

Avni learns that Dayawanti is visiting her mum, Asha and asks her to appear before her. Meanwhile, Asha’s spirit continues to haunt Dayawanti.

My Identity Thursday 18 February 2021

Episode 130

Ali asks Avni to focus on the strategy to create Dayawanti admit her crime. Meanwhile, Dayawanti asks Jamla to keep an eye on Avni.

Episode 131

Ali gets stressed as Avni consumes the food mixed with medicine. Afterwards, Dayawanti panics on seeing Asha carrying Aman!

My Identity Friday 19 February 2021

Episode 132

Avni and Ali record Dayawanti’s confession. Later, the inspector informs Avni that Dayawanti has preponed the hearing of the case.

Episode 133

Avni, Neela, Dayawanti and others reach the courtroom for the hearing. Later, Ashish arrives in the court. Whose side could he choose?

My Identity Saturday 20 February 2021

Episode 134

Avni feels cheated by Inspector Joshi and the judge convicts Neela of Asha’s murder. Together with all the proof ruined, how will Avni expose Dayawanti?

Episode 135

Avni, Ali, Aladdin and Neela celebrate their victory against Dayawanti. Meanwhile, Jamla matches Dayawanti in the jail. Why?

My Identity Sunday 21 February 2021

Episode 136

Dayawanti is based on Ashish about Avni. Meanwhile, Avni returns to Asha’s house with her small brother, Aman.

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Episode 137

Ashish not only accuses Avni of killing Asha but also provides evidence against her to the police. Can Avni prove herself innocent?

My Identity Monday 22 February 2021

Episode 138

Avni hides with her baby brother, Aman in a truck. Later, she panics if the truck driver leaves Aman. What will she do?

Episode 139

The inspector arrests Tiku and asks him about Avni. Meanwhile, the Dayawanti’s partner helps Avni to locate Aman!

My Identity Tuesday 23 February 2021

Episode 140

Aladdin rescues Avni and Aman from Dayawanti’s goons. Meanwhile, Dayawanti includes a plan against Avni.

Episode 141

Neela scolds Dayawanti for her misdeed from Avni. Meanwhile, Ashish shoots Aladdin when he tries to escape from him and the police!

My Identity Wednesday 24 February 2021

Episode 142

The authorities detain Avni when Ashish chooses Aman away from her. Meanwhile, Neela asks Ashish to register the divorce papers. Can Ashish believe her request?

Episode 143

Inspector Rathore motivates Avni to battle against injustice while Dayawanti hires a shooter to kill Avni. Meanwhile, Diksha supposes Dayawanti. Will she find out Dayawanti’s secret?

My Identity Thursday 25 February 2021

Episode 144

Dayawanti orders the shooter she wishes to see Avni dying before her. Meanwhile, can Neela rescue Avni?

Episode 145

Inspector Rathore rescues Avni from the goons but gets shot by one of them. Neela requires Avni to a secure place. But is Avni out of danger today?

My Identity Friday 26 February 2021

Episode 146

Even though Neela and Avni plan to move to the US, Dayawanti and Diksha learn about their trip. What will Dayawanti do today?

Episode 147

Dayawanti and Diksha opt to kill Neela and Avni as their secret is out. However, will they succeed?

My Identity Saturday 27 February 2021

Episode 148

Dayawanti shoots Avni until she drowns in the river. The story requires a jump. Neil is looking for a generous thief. Meanwhile, Avni and Neil cross paths at the hospital!

Episode 149

Neil saves Avni from drowning. Meanwhile, Ali is worried about Neil and tries to get him. Where are Neil and Avni?

My Identity Sunday 28 February 2021

Episode 150

Neil saves Avni out of a stranger and attends to her wound. Afterwards, she discovers that Neil is a policeman.

Episode 151

Even though Neil gets more involved in Avni’s instance, Neela trains Avni to face Dayawanti. Can Avni muster enough guts to face her tragic past?

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