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My Identity December Teasers 2020
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My Identity December teasers 2020: The show initially starred child actor Arsheen Naamdaar as Avni Ayesha, besides Viraf Patel, Barkha Sengupta and Reema Lagoo. Read Full My Identity teasers December 2020 Below:

My Identity December Teasers 2020

My Identity December Teasers 2020


My Identity Tuesday 15 December 2020

(Episode 1)
The premiere is an hour .

Naamkaran is a brand new series about a young woman, Avni, daughter of famous filmmaker, Ashish. Thus begins her pursuit to define herself on the planet. Ashish is in a connection with Asha for the previous twenty five years but is unable to wed her.

My Identity Wednesday 16 December 2020
(Episode two )
Ashish informs Asha concerning his mother’s ill health and assures her that he’ll speak with his mother in his or her connection. Afterwards, Avni informs Ashish concerning the Sports Day party in her college.

(Episode 3)
Ashish’s mum, Dayawanti informs him about her past and Hemant, whose desire is to have Ashish wed to Neela. Can Ashish agree to wed Neela? What’s going to happen to this promise he’s made to Asha? Can Avni ever get her’dad’ back?

My Identity Thursday 17 December 2020
(Episode 4)
Asha is getting prepared to fulfill Ashish and she is able to see him and feel him anywhere. Afterwards, she rushes into the airport. Will both be able to fulfill before he leaves for Kashmir?

(Episode 5)
Asha belongs to her neighbor, Sumukhi’s home. Avni’s buddy, Ali picks a struggle for her. Afterwards, Dayawanti educates the household about Ashish and Neela’s projected union!

My Identity Friday 18 December 2020

(Episode 6)
Ashish gets arrested for attacking a neighborhood in Kashmir. Meanwhile, the movie manufacturer, Malhotra bails Ashish from jail. Afterwards, Dayawanti informs Ashish about his involvement!

(Episode 7)
Avni defeats Kia from the race. Asha guarantees her that Ashish will come home, while Ashish writes an email to Dayawanti. However, what exactly makes Avni smack her grandma Fatima?

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My Identity Saturday 19 December 2020
(Episode 8)
Ashish goes down memory lane because he recalls his fighting days and the very first timehe was totally smitten by the opinion of someone named Ayesha!

(Episode 9)
Ashish attempts to compose a email to Dayawanti about his connection with Asha. While doing this, he recalls his initial meeting with Asha urf Ayesha!

My Identity SUnday 20 December 2020
(Episode 10)
Ashish recalls how he encouraged Ayesha to behave in his movie, how he fell in love with her and the way she turned into a celebrity!

(Episode 11)
Before, Ashish had whined to Dayawanti regarding his connection with Asha. Can he come out in the open about it?

My Identity Monday 21 December 2020
(Episode 12)
Ashish and Asha miss each other as nostalgia has got the better of them. Meanwhile, Neela bares her heart into Ashish, leaving him in a problem.

(Episode 13)
Asha prays for Ashish and Avni. Meanwhile, Dayawanti requires a company step when her company associates request her to boost their share. Afterwards, she decides to fulfill Asha and Avni after studying Ashish’s email!

My Identity Tuesday 22 December 2020
(Episode 14)
Dayawanti Attempts to check and go on Asha and Avni. She sees Asha and Avni’s photos with Ashish and hears Asha speaking to Ashish on the telephone. Meanwhile, Avni informs Asha about an older girl snooping out of their residence.

(Episode 15)
Ashish informs Hasmukh that Dayawanti visited Asha’s home after he admitted to her about Asha and Avni. Afterwards, Dayawanti faces Ashish for concealing the facts from her.

My Identity Wednesday 23 December 2020
(Episode 16)
Dayawanti informs Hemant about Ashish and Neela’s engagement date. She asks Neela to keep the information to herself. Can Ashish collapse for his mommy’s strategy?

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(Episode 17)
Ashish informs Hasmukh that Dayawanti has approved Asha and Avni. Meanwhile, Hemant decorates the hospital to get Neela and Ashish’s involvement. Afterwards, Ashish apologises into Dayawanti due to his error.

My Identity Thursday 24 December 2020
(Episode 18)
Dayawanti faces Ashish for maintaining his relationship a key. Then she asks him to meet her desire. What can it be?

(Episode 19)
Asha eagerly waits for Ashish to attend Avni’s sports match while he has engaged to Neela. Avni comes in the running race contest but is angry that Ashish didn’t return to cheer for her.

My Identity Friday 25 December 2020
(Episode 20)
Ashish faces Hasmukh for never telling him about Dayawanti’s intentions. He also apologises to Avni. Afterwards, Dayawanti indicates that Neela take Ashish on a dinner date!

(Episode 21)
Ashish asks Dayawanti to let him fulfill Avni. Would Avni have a normal family life?

My Identity Saturday 26 December 2020
(Episode 22)
Dayawanti asks Ashish not to disclose about Hemant’s disorder to Neela. Meanwhile, the Asha’s mother attempts to create Avni see Ashish’s truth. Afterwards, Neela and Ashish proceed on a romantic dinner date.

(Episode 23)
Ashish apologises into Avni for being unable to attend the sports match. Can Avni readily forgive Ashish? Can Ashish inform her Asha about Neela?

My Identity SUnday 27 December 2020
(Episode 24)
Ashish claims with Dayawanti if she accuses Asha of having black magic and compels him to wed Neela. Meanwhile, Asha attempts to make this up to Avni for acting rudely with her. But, Avni Would like to know the reason for Ashish’s lack on Sports Day.

(Episode 25)
Neela gets emotional when Hemant plays with a voice recording of her mommy. Avni gets bullied by Kia and her friends at college. Afterwards, she misbehaves with all the main if she’s questioned. Asha is upset by Avni’s behaviour.

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My Identity Monday 28 December 2020
(Episode 26)
Avni is based on Asha the main has called her and Ashish to get a meeting. Afterwards, Ashish gets hauled with Neela, while Avni’s chief asks Asha roughly Ashish.

(Episode 27)
The principal informs Asha that Avni is afflicted by Duck’s syndrome. Ashish believes of Avni if Neela tells him concerning Angy’s melancholy. Angy is a woman in her orphanage. Meanwhile, the Avni learns of a shocking fact.

My Identity Tuesday 29 December 2020
(Episode 28)
Avni overhears Ashok calling her illegitimate kid. She inquires Asha exactly what it means! Can Asha describe things to her?

(Episode 29)
Hasmukh tires to convince Ashish to overlook Asha and Avni. Meanwhile, Ali and Avni visit a marriage , where they fulfill Ashish and a few high play follows!

My Identity Wednesday 29 December 2020
(Episode 30)
Ashish informs Asha concerning the (Episode at the celebration. Ali and Avni visit Fatima’s house and inquire exactly what exactly is’illegitimate child’ means. Afterwards, Avni creates a difficult choice about Ashish.

(Episode 31)
Avni asks Asha the latter hides himself while studying namaz. Meanwhile, Ashish Attempts to convince Dayawanti to take Asha and Avni. Rather, Dayawanti burns off all Asha and Avni’s photos!

My Identity Thursday 30 December 2020
(Episode 32)
Ashish leaves his home and satisfies Avni. He informs her that he’s come to stay together. Has he really? What will Dayawanti do?

(Episode 33)
Avni feels excited because her dad is back, however, is also worried he may return to his mommy. Afterwards, Avni introduces Ashish to her acquaintances.

My Identity Friday 31 December 2020
(Episode 34)

Asha and Ashish become a debate when she tells him to return. Afterwards, Dayawanti visits Asha while Ashish is out.

(Episode 35)

After being humiliated by Dayawanti, Asha insists that Ashish return home! What’s going to Ashish decide?


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