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My Heart Knows update Wednesday 17th August 2022

My Heart Knows 17 August 2022: On My Heart Knows update Wednesday 17th August 2022, Malhar telling that the haldi kumkum will be good, as they have made good arrangements and compliments their looks. He asks Sarthak to compliment them. Sarthak tells Kalyani that she is looking beautiful in this saree. He compliments Anupriya too. Anupriya says she will go and check the kids. Malhar stops her and clicks selfie with them. Aao Saheb comes there for the selfie too. Meenakshi comes there. Malhar introduces her to his family. Kalyani asks her to sit and goes to bring coconut water. Meenakshi takes it and thanks her. Kalyani goes Malhar finds Meenakshi sad and asks if your husband’s call haven’t come till now. He asks for his pic so that he will give to his team. Meenakshi gives his photo to Malhar. Malhar says I will enquire. Aao Saheb switches on the fan and the pic falls down from his hand. Kalyani comes there and picks the pic. She sees him and asks who is he? Malhar says he is Meenakshi’s husband. Kalyani is shocked. Anupriya comes there and sees the pic shockingly. Malhar says he is missing so he will ask his team to find out about him. Aao Saheb asks Kalyani to do haldi kumkum ritual. Meenakshi says she was waiting for me. Anupriya thinks Sunita is hiding something from us, that guy was Meenakshi’s husband. Meenakshi asks Kalyani to do the ritual. Kalyani thinks she had done a mistake already and going to do another by doing haldi kumkum of Meenakshi. She does her tilak and applies kumkum to her and other ladies. They do the ritual with Kalyani. Aao Saheb asks Kalyani to say about her husband. Kalyani tells about Malhar. Malhar gets a call from Pawar. Meenakshi also tells poetry praising her husband and wishing for his longlife. Anupriya gets a message from Atharv and signs Kalyani. Kalyani calls Atharv. Atharv talks to her in different voice and threatens her. Kalyani tells that she has identified his voice and calls him Atharv Bapat. Atharv laughs and asks her to handover Moksh to him, if she wants Parmath’s dead body. Kalyani refuses. Atharv asks her to give Moksh, else he will handover body to the Police. He says he will send the location to her. Kalyani is shocked.

Pawar shows the stuff to Malhar which he got from the car. Malhar checks the lipstick and finds it to be fuschia pink. He gets tensed and recalls finding it with Kalyani. A fb is shown, Kalyani returns the lipstick to him after applying. It falls down and Malhar promises to bring a new one. He gets doubtful about Kalyani and thinks to talk to her. Anupriya comes back to hall and tells Aao Saheb that Kalyani is coming.

Kalyani comes to the location and asks Atharv where is he? Atharv says I knew that you will come. Kalyani says she don’t like to play hide and seek with him. Atharv asks where is my son Moksh. Kalyani says he was my son and I will not hand over him to you even in your dream. Aao Saheb asks where is Kalyani, we have to give them gift. Anupriya says she must be coming and tells that they shall sing mangal geet. They all sing mangal geet. Sunita wakes up hearing the mangal geet, takes out envelope from under the bed and thinks Kalyani made her work easy, now all the accusation will be on Kalyani.

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Atharv gives a hint to Kalyani about dead body. She asks if he hid the dead body in the PS. Atharv says no. Kalyani asks him to say where is the dead body?

Kalyani asking Atharv if he hid the dead body in the PS. Atharv says there is no fun in playing game straight. Kalyani asks where is the dead body? Atharv says first it was in car and then I found it. He says the dead body is in your house, and your husband will get it. He laughs. Kalyani is shocked. Sunita takes out the white powder packet/drugs and thinks she has been fooling Kalyani and she is becoming, laughs. Aao Saheb asks where is Kalyani? Anupriya says coconuts were broken so she sent her to bring coconuts. Aao Saheb says you did right. Kalyani thinks if Meenakshi ji sees the dead body. Sunita thinks first she killed Manjrekar and then Parmath, and now she is in Kalyani’s house, feigning memory loss. She decides to smuggle the drugs and keeps it in the sarees.

Aao Saheb tells that she has called the cloth for the sarees. She asks Meenakshi to choose red color. She opens the roll brought by the Servant and finds Parmath’s dead body inside. Meenakshi is shocked and gets up. Malhar comes there and finds Kalyani’s mangalsultra in his hand. He says kalyani’s mangasultra. Kalyani drops the glass in shock. Meenakshi comes to Parmath and asks him to get up. She asks him to get up and says she has worn red saree for him and have done puja and haldi and kumkum. She asks him to stop his acting and asks him to get up. She says you have done many promises with me and asks why did you go alone. She shouts Parmath and faints. Aao Saheb asks Malhar to lift meenakshi. She prays to God to get the trouble away from their house.

Malhar shows the mangalsultra to Kalyani. Just then someone comes and says your mangalsultra is repaired. Anupriya gives the mangalsultra to Kalyani and says that guy brought it after repair. Some other Inspector comes there. Malhar asks who sent you here? Meenakshi tells that the murderer might be from his house, so that person shall know that he will not be freed after killing Commissioner’s husband. She asks Inspector to search the entire house. Kalyani says she shall not get weak. She asks Aao Saheb to go and sleep with Pillu. Aao Saheb goes. Kalyani thinks how can this be possible. They come to Sunita’s room and finds a note that she is leaving as she can’t be burden on them. Kalyani says how we will prove that the man was alive. Anupriya says we will do. Kalyani says we are not on truth side.

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Inspector tells that they didn’t get anything. Meenakshi threatens Malhar and says she won’t let them be at peace. Inspector asks Malhar to come. Later Malhar confronts Kalyani and asks her not to lie. Kalyani thinks she can’t tell him truth. He asks if our relation is weak that you are not telling me anything. He asks her to tell and says he has understood that she is hiding something. He says silence is like a lie. He says he had called the jeweller and he said that he didn’t repair. Anupriya comes there and defends kalyani. She tells that she had given the mangalsutra to local jeweller. Malhar asks about the lipstick. Anupriya proves that any lipstick gets cracked if fallen. She tells that when Parmath died, we were in the hotel. Malhar asks why are you defending Kalyani. He asks Kalyani to swear on him and say. Kalyani says she don’t believe on all this and says what will he do, if he comes to know about the truth. She feels sorry.

Kalyani looking at Malhar’s pic and feeling apologetic, thinks she don’t want to lie to him, but have to lie due to Pillu. She looks at the file and thinks they will get Moksh’s custody in 36 hours and then Atharv can’t show the right on Moksh, just as we get our son back, I will surrender to the Police, till then I have to be strong. Meenakshi cries and thinks she never thought this day will come. She recalls her conversation with Parmath. Fb starts. Parmath telling that he has go to duty and tells that after his retirement, he will be with her always. Meenakshi hugs him and swears not to leave Rane family, they didn’t snatch her husband, but also ruined her life. She says Rane family’s existence will not remain. Fb ends. She gets a call and the Police Inspector tells her that Malhar had found a car outside the PS, and it had blood stains which was sent to forensic testing. He tells that it was of Parmath’s blood as DNA matches. Meenakshi comes there and calls Kalyani. She shows the forensic report and tells that the car was of Kalyani. Kalyani asks her to show her arrest warrant and shows the FIR which she filed for her missing car. She says just because your husband’s blood traces are found in the car, that doesn’t mean that I have killed your husband. Malhar says you can’t arrest her after 6 pm. Meenakshi says the more dark is the night, the more bright will be the day. She arrests Kalyani and gives her third degree torture, by making the cell cold. Malhar goes inside and hugs her, seeing her shivering. He asks her to tell the truth and tells that he will help her. He says if you are not telling me then will not tell anyone. He says interrogation don’t happen like this.

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Meenakshi asks him to make Kalyani sit on the chair. Malhar makes her sit and goes. Meenakshi goes out. Malhar says you can’t give third degree torture to a suspect. Meenakshi says what about my husband, she has killed my husband and you want me to follow the rules. Malhar says she is just a suspect. Meenakshi says she is a murderer and I am sure that Kalyani has done my husband’s murder. She asks him to take out blind fold and tells that she has all the proofs against her. Anupriya comes there and tells that she will prove her daughter innocence and asks how can you do this? Meenakshi says until Kalyani says the truth, she will be here. Anupriya says when your husband went missing, Kalyani and I was having food there. She shows the receipt. Meenakshi says it is a fake bill. She shows the CCTV footage of the hotel. Meenakshi says even you lie cleverly. She says nothing is proved as you was in the video. She says Kalyani had filed the missing car report after Parmath got missing. She asks her to go home else she will get her arrested too. Malhar tells that he is Kalyani’s husband first and says you might doubt Kalyani, and the real murderer might escape. Meenakshi says lets do the lie detector test, but don’t tell that the machine is not working.

Kalyani sits on the lie detector machine. Meenakshi tells that she will not waste time. Malhar is about to ask. Other inspector asks her, if she knows Parmath before his death. Kalyani says no. green light beeps. The Inspector asks did you kill him? Kalyani says no. green light comes. Kalyani tells Meenakshi that your machine has proved that I didn’t kill your husband, and asks can I go now. Meenakshi angrily hits the machine.

Malhar tells Kalyani that she didn’t know how was he feeling seeing her in the cold room. He tells that when you had given the test that day, I told that machine is not right. He says even today I will say the same, as you are lying. Anupriya says how can you say that? Malhar says Meenakshi is not wrong fully, how her husband’s dead body is found in our house, who had left car outside the PS and why her husband blood stains found in the car. He says until your husband was asking, now ACP Malhar will bring out the truth. He says he will not sign Moksh’s adoption papers till then. Kalyani is shocked.

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