My heart knows update Tuesday 28th December 2021

My heart knows 28 December 2021 update: Malhar telling Kalyani that she don’t need to do anything. Kalyani says I will do and you can’t stop me. Anupriya comes and gives her Til paste and says she made extra. She tells Malhar that Kalyani will keep the fast and you will be freed from the accusations. Malhar goes. Kalyani asks how many kgs of oil to be added in the water. Anupriya says just a few drops for the ritual. Later Godaveri is going somewhere and calls someone, tells she has reached market. Anupriya is nearby and sees her. She asks where is she going? Godaveri tells that she is going for tuition. Anupriya finds jewellery in her bag and scolds her. Pallavi comes and says she gave her jewellery for polishing. Anupriya thinks why Godaveri is tensed.

Atharv wipes cement from Sampada’s hand says everyone can’t be like me. He says your son proved that both of you can’t be loyal to anyone. Sampada gets angry. Atharv laughs…Sampada tells that she is sure that Kalyani and Malhar have no relations. Just then she hears Malhar asking Kalyani to remove the clothes. Kalyani says she is doing this and asks him to have patience. Sampada gets jealous. Malhar and Kalyani are changing Moksh’s clothes and she tells Malhar to tell the truth as Atharv and Sampada can’t take care of Moksh. Malhar says you are keeping fast so everything will be fine. Kalyani says she has full faith on bappa. Malhar drops newspaper on the floor. Kalyani asks him what is he doing? She shows the food picture on the paper. Malhar asks her not to keep fast. Kalyani says she has faith on her fast and her Aai also trust her. Anupriya sees Godaveri going with Rahul on the bike, and thinks to call Kalyani, but then thinks she is already troubled and don’t call her. She takes auto and follows her.


Kalyani comes to the kitchen and tells Bappa that she is going to pour cold water on her head for the fast. Aparna and Sampada are standing near there, after adding leeches in the bucket. Aparna says I will see how Kalyani bear this pain. Kalyani is about to put water with leeches in it, but just then Malhar comes and pushes the bucket and takes Kalyani to him. They fall on the bed…They have an eye lock. Aparna and Sampada look on jealous. Kalyani says you took my words seriously. Malhar asks her to get up and shows her leeches. Kalyani shouts and says there is a leech on her body. She hugs him. Malhar asks her to relax and asks from where did the leech come? He tells that he saw leeches outside the house. He goes. Kalyani asks Bappa to give her some idea so that she can save Malhar from going to jail. She tells that Malhar has saved her fast. Sampada tells Aparna that she will stop Kalyani from keeping the fast. Kalyani is trying to make Ganapati Bappa with sand and prays to God to help her and prove Malhar’s innocence in 2 hours. Malhar comes and offers help. Kalyani says the one who has kept fast, shall make the idol. Malhar asks her to knead the sand well and says water is more. He holds her hand and kneads the sand. Kalyani signs him about her hairs. Malhar blows on her hairs. They make Ganapati idol together. Kalyani laughs happily. Malhar looks on.

Kalyani says idol is made nicely. Malhar says I helped you, but you were wasting your time. Kalyani says you have strengthen my trust, Ganapati Bappa will not let my fast break and will prove your innocence. She takes selfie with Ganapati idol and Moksh and sends to Anupriya. She calls her, but she thinks not to tell about Godaveri. Kalyani tells her that Malhar helped her to make the idol and asks where are you? Anupriya says she went to do a saree delivery and asks her to go to temple with Aao Saheb. Anupriya ends the call and asks driver to drive fast. Rahul is taking Godaveri very far.

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Kalyani comes to the temple and sees the big line. Pandit ji sees Aao Saheb and asks her to come inside. Kalyani sees her and tells Panditji that Aao Saheb is her grand mother. Aao Saheb asks where is your puja thaali. She asks her to take the puja thaali and decorate it. Sampada and Atharv come to the temple and see a big queue. They throw gold coins on the way so that people breaks the queue and bend down to pick the coins. Atharv and Sampada manage to come inside.

Sampada and Atharv getting inside the temple throwing gold coins at the crowd and enter directly. Aao Saheb asks them not to present their richness infront of God. Atharv says Pandit ji will give the lecture and tells that your name is big, but your locker is empty. Aao Saheb tells that she can’t do puja with them. Atharv asks her to leave indirectly. Kalyani asks Sampada why she is eagerly wanting to do puja as if she has kept fast. Sampada tells that anybody can do puja. Aao Saheb and Kalyani go out, telling that they will do puja later. Sampada thinks to ruin the idol made by Kalyani and puts water on it melting it. Kalyani realizes and runs inside the temple. Sampada pretends to fall and breaks the idol. Pandit ji asks what did you do? Sampada says it is by mistake. Kalyani is about to slap her, but Atharv holds her hand. She says you have done this intentionally so that I couldn’t complete my fast. Sampada says I didn’t know that your fast will break, and says nobody can stop Malhar from going to jail. She says how Kalyani will live her life now..and acts to feel pity on her. Kalyani cries. Aao Saheb looks at woman making idols and says there is 10 mins left now to do puja, and says if one decides then can complete the fast. Kalyani says I will complete my fast. Bell starts ringing shocking Atharv and Sampada. Kalyani says I will complete my fast and will find way to free Malhar. Aao Saheb smiles.

Kalyani runs out and thinks to make idol in 10 mins anyhow, and asks bappa to help her and forgive her if she does any mistake. She starts the timer and starts making the idol. Atharv comes and puts water on the idol which she is making. Kalyani shouts and asks him to stop. He laughs and says he was washing his hands. He says there is no chance that Malhar will be saved and says he didn’t know that he will have fun to ruin her fast. Kalyani throws color on Atharv’s face. Atharv closes his eyes and asks her to give water. Kalyani switches off the tap. Atharv goes to wash his face. Kalyani thinks how to make the idol fast and checks on net, but her phone is off. She thinks how Malhar was teaching him and starts making idol again.

Rahul takes Godaveri to secluded place and takes jewellery from her. She asks her to give morphed pics and says if anyone sees then I will give my life. Rahul says I don’t have those pics, I called you here for entertainment. Malhar comes there and says he will show what entertainment is and jumps down. He says it was our plan to call you here. Godaveri smiles. He asks Rahul where are those photos and asks if he gave the pics to Atharv, and says if he didn’t feel shame to play with girl’s respect. Rahul agrees to have given pics to Atharv, and says for those pics you have to accept that you have molested Sneha, but I know you are innocent, and says the one who can’t keep his wife happy, how can he molest a stranger girl. Malhar says I have to lie to save Godaveri’s respect.

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Anupriya hears them hiding. A fb is shown, Malhar takes Sneha to his old house as she is drunk and haven’t told him about the address. He says I will get water for you. Sneha closes the door and falls on him, says she can’t control and then shows Godaveri’s morphed pics to Malhar, asking him to accept that he has molested her else she will make Godaveri’s pics viral among the villagers. Just then Kalyani knocks on the door. Sneha scratches herself and opens her hairs and smears her lipstick shocking Malhar. Fb ends. Malhar tells Rahul that he will go to jail with him and not alone. Rahul laughs and says I don’t have those pics with me.

Sampada tells Aao Saheb that she might not have the watch, and that’s why she is telling for her info that there is just 30 seconds left. Atharv starts the countdown and says 2. Just then Kalyani shouts asking him to stop. She runs on the temple stairs holding the idol and slips. Idol falls down from her hand and gets placed on the place where it shall be kept. Kalyani smiles happily. Aao Saheb is happy as well and asks Pandit ji to do puja, says aarti shall be grand. Sampada and Atharv get shocked and leave from there. Kalyani asks Bappa to stop Malhar from going to jail. Kalyani does puja and does God’s aarti. Malhar beats Rahul. Kalyani asks Bappa to save Malhar.

Malhar telling Rahul that he will not go to jail alone, but with him. Rahul says I don’t have pics, and says what crime he will charged on him. Malhar says Godaveri will tell Police that you tried to steal the ornaments when she was going. Rahul says you don’t have those pics and anything can happen with it. Godaveri asks Malhar not to take up the big blame to save her. Malhar says nobody shall know that I am going to jail for those pics and says nobody will do except us. Anupriya hears them and cries. Kalyani does aarti and pray in the temple. Aao Saheb and other devotees are clapping. Kalyani shouts Ganapati Bappa Moriya…Malhar pushes Rahul. Anupriya thinks Malhar has done this to save Godaveri and thinks to inform Kalyani. She thanks the God. Kalyani asks Bappa to do something and stop the innocent man from getting punished. She asks him to do something. Just then a heavy wind comes and a newspaper falls on kalyani’s face. Kalyani sees Sneha’s pic in it and says she is a model and not his secretary. She calls Anupriya and tells her. Anupriya tells her everything. Kalyani says Atharv has hired Sneha to trap Malhar in false case. Anupriya says you have just 1 hour to save him else he will be arrested. Kalyani comes to temple and thanks the God.


Malhar tells Pawar that he has to be silent to save Godaveri’s respect. He tells Pawar that Rahul shall not be out. Pawar asks him to call the Commissioner and inform him. Malhar says I can’t tell. Rao says then he will be arrested. Kalyani comes to meet Anupriya and asks about Godaveri. Anupriya says Malhar arrested Rahul and took Godaveri to take her statement. She tells that she got Sneha’s number, calling on the number in the Advertisment. Rao says just 35 mins left. Malhar tells that he is handcuff till he gets Godaveri’s pics. He tells that the work is difficult, but they have to do this. Atharv and Sampada are in the car. Sampada tells that she is scared and tells Malhar might not go to jail due to the fast. Atharv says Malhar will go to jail.

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Kalyani and Anupriya take attire of Sheikh and are going to Sneha’s house. She tells Anupriya that they got the attire from her friend. She asks if she remembered what they have to do. Anupriya says they will tell that they want to take Sneha to do Advertisement in Dubai. Malhar calls Atharv and says he has arrested Rahul and he accepted his crime. Sampada gets worried. Atharv says Malhar will not do anything being worried of Godaveri. He asks her to handle Sneha and take her somewhere else from her house. Aao Saheb tells Pallavi that where is Anupriya? Anupriya sees Aao Saheb and signs Kalyani. Kalyani acts like sheikh and tells that they can’t get any auto. Aao Saheb says they are rich, but why they are waiting for auto. Pallavi introduces herself. Kalyani says we don’t talk to Poor people. Aao Saheb stops the auto. Kalyani and Anupriya sit in it and leave.

Atharv comes to Police station and calls Malhar as constable. Malhar says I knew that you will come here to save Rahul. Atharv eats sweets and says I like it. He asks what do you think that you will reach me by catching Rahul. He says do whatever you want, you need Sneha’s statement to get saved and asks how you will get it. He threatens Malhar and says Godaveri’s pics are still with me.. Malhar says you are not human, but a devil. You are playing with your niece’s respect to defeat me. Atharv says my life’s aim is to twist the finger to take out the ghee. He takes selfie with malhar and tells that I am very excited thinking you will go to jail, and will not get Sneha’s statement.

Kalyani and Anupriya come to Sneha’s house. They tell them that they want to hire her to do Advertisment for their Product. Sneha gets happy and asks can I ask you a question. Kalyani asks do you want how our hindi is good, and tells that they saw all hindi films. Sneha asks how your voice is sofa as you are a man. Anupriya coughs. Kalyani says we came to brightened your luck and you are questioning us. She asks do you want to come to Dubai. Sneha says I can come for work. Kalyani pretends to talk on phone and tells Sneha why you didn’t tell us before that a Police officer played with your respect. She asks Anupriya/Osman bhai to come. Sneha says I will take the case back.

Atharv tells malhar that he will see how he comes out of the case. Commissioner comes there. Atharv says I asked him to hire lawyer, but he refused. Commissioner says you have even 5 mins till you get your suspension mail and asks him again if he molested Sneha. Kalyani hears the car sound and tells Anupriya not to react, and tells that someone came, so she will go and handle him/her. Sneha tells Anupriya that she will take the case back. Anupriya asks how can you let the molester go free who played with your respect, he needs to be punished. Sneha says this is all lie, ACP didn’t do anything with me, I accused him wrongly, he is innocent.


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