My Heart Knows update Tuesday 19 October 2021

My Heart Knows 19 October 2021 update: Anupriya finds Kalyani near train station and asks to listen to her. Kalyani yells why should she, dare not to follow. Anupriya says her father gave her responsibility to her. Kalyani yells why her father gave her responsibility to characterless woman like her. Anupriya shouts to shut up, her ill faith made Atul gave Kalyani’s responsibility to her, so Kalyani should stay with her until she finds some play to stay for her. Kalyani stops. Anupriya takes her to buy Pune train ticket. Kalyani sees 2 constables near by and signals them. They think why this girl is signalling them. Kalyani writes a note to save her from this woman as she is going to sell her. Lady constable walks to Anupriya and asks if she is not ashamed to think of selling this girl. Anupriya is shocked and says this girl’s father has given her custody to her and she is taking this girl to her home and shows legal custody papers. Kalyani acts innocent and signals constable not to believe her. Constable says they get these kind of fake papers for 50 rs and arrests Anupriya calling her pimp.

At Anupriya’s home, doctor checks Ahilya’s husband Rao Saheb who yells at Ahilya that Anupriya has not returned home since yesterday. Ahilya asks him to keep quiet. He continues fuming. Doctor asks him to take care of himself and leaves. Ahilya says she trusts her Anupriya and he should not reveal family’s problems in front of outsiders, Anu has gone to temple.

Constable puts Anupriya behind bars. Anupriya pleads to listen to her and pleads Kalyani not to do that. Kalyani asks why should she listen to characterless woman. Constable asks another constable to drop Kalyani to Pune train. Anupriya continues pleading and asks her to let her make a call to ACP Malhar Rane. ACP Malhar Rane is seen running with stolen booty with his goon friends and getting into a godown. Goons say it is everyone’s share. ACP Malhar Rane reveals he is ACP and got into their gang to catch them red handed. Goons attack him. He trashes them all. His team arrives and arrests goons. He sees Anu’s call and thinks why Maayi is calling him.

Kalyani reaches her Pune home and looking at her parent’s pics reminisces time spent with her parents, their nok jhok, etc.. then realizes her mother is dead and her last words were Anupriya, thinks Anu is responsible for her mother’s death, she will make Anu’s life a hell.

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Atharva reaches police and bails out Anupriya. Constable says ACP Malhar is her senior, she trusts him, why did girl lie, she was looking so innocent. Atharva asks what is girl’s name. Constable says Kalyani. Atharva asks Maayi Anupriya what was that girl doing with her. Anupriya. asks him to trust her and says let us go to Pune. At Kalyani’s house, her landlord orders her to vacate house. She says she will not. Landlord holds her and drags her towards door. Anupriya walks in and showing legal papers says Kalyani will vacate house in sometime. Landlord gives 1 hour and leaves. Atharva asks Anupriya why she wants to take this girl home, how is she related to her. Kalyani smirks and asks Anupriya to inform how she is related to her father. Anupriya stands tensed..

Kalyani sarcastically asks Anupriya/Anu if she did not inform Atharvya how she is related to her father. Atharva says Maayi did not and he does not want to know also from a girl who does not respect Maayi. He goes to get taxi. Anu says Kalyani that she has to stay with her for 6 months until she turns 18 years. Kalyani yells she will not stay with her. While packing bags, she finds divorce papers and finds out Madhuri wanted to take divorce from Atul. She blames Anu for for it and yells why she broke our happy family, why did not she eye on any other man and eyed on her father. Kalyani warns her to shut up. Atharva brings taxi.

At home, Ahilya walks into kitchen and scolds servants for wasting grocery. Pallavi starts her jokergiri. Ahilya gives only 2 potatoes. Pallavi asks why only 2 potatoes. Ahilya says her FIL has diabetes, husband has bulging tummy, she does not have food after sunset, so 2 potatoes are enough. Malhar walks in with his wife and greets them. Ahilya gets happy. Malhar feeds them laddoos and informs he is becoming father and Ahilya greatgrandmother. Ahilya says if Anu was here, she would have been more happy, she has gone to temple. Malhar thinks Maayi lied that she spent night in police station, there must be some reason, he has to hide it from family.

Anu takes Kalyani to hostel. Atharva gets bags down. Kalyani and his nok jhok starts. Anu takes her to hostel principal who asks her not to worry, Kalyani will be grow well here safely. He says he is sad to hear that Kalyani’s father killed her mother, they were so much in love. Kalyani shouts they should to fight always and were seeking divorce all because of.. Anu stops her. Anu then takes her away and gives mobile number and landline and asks to call her landline if needed but not tell who she is. Kalyani yells why should not she, let Anu’s family know how characterless she is. Anu slips and falls into dirt. Kalyani walks to her and yells she is fit to be in dirt and hopes she does not meet her again. Anu also hopes she does not meet this arrogant spoilt girl.

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Back at home, Ahilya teaches pranyam to children and scolds them to perform well. Anu walks in. Ahilya asks why did not she pick their phone whole night, where was she. Malhar says he had asked Maayi to not pick calls as she was busy praying..

In hostel, Kalyani’s roommates discuss her father killed her mother and maybe having an affair. Kalyani yells and shouts at them. Next day, Kalyani with her friend fixes massage parlor ad pamphlet with Anu’s number and tells her friend Anu deserves this. A man calls landline and asks Ahilya if Anu stays here, howmuch she charges for massage, does she relaxes client well. Ahilya warns if he has gone mad, they are a respectable family, she will get him arrested via his ACP son-in-law. Malhar asks not to worry, he will get it investigated.

Kalyani fixes massage parlor advertisement pamphlets with Anu’s name and number on walls. A goon calls Anu’s house. Ahilya picks call. Goon asks if Anu does good massage and relaxes customer well. Ahilya scolds him and warns to dare not call back, else she will get him arrested by her ACP son-in-law. Malhar hears that and assures her to investigate. Goon yells some old woman was shouting. Kalyani scolds him to behave with elders and shoos him away. She tells her friend that she hates Anupriya, but not her family, they should not be insulted because of Anupriya. She then says Kalyani stays in Aurangabad, she will go to her house and insult her in front of family.

She returns to hostel with her friend and plans how to get out of hostel first to go to Anu’s house. Friend suggests to kiss a boy in front of principal. They see a boy coming and ask her to kiss him. She sees Atharva and says no.. he is Anu’s nephew. Atharva asks someone where is principal’s office, he has to submit Kalyani’s guardian form. Kalyani walks to him. He shouts to stay away from her. She keeps Madhuri’s pic in between their lips and kisses him. Principal is shocked to see that. Atharva pushes her and shouts he does not like arrogant girl like her near him. She says even she does not want to, so she kissed her mother. Principal dismisses Kalyani from hostel. Kalyani walks with her bag and asks Atharva to take her to Anu’s house. He warns her to call her Maayi. Kalyani says for her she is Anu and thinks she will take revenge from Anu and make her life hell.

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Anu at her home makes arrangements for pooja and tells her nieces that Sampada will give them Balgopal soon, so they should sprinkle gangajal on her after Pooja. She thinks of speaking to Ahilya about Madhuri and Kalyani and says Madhuri. Ahilya stops her and asks to bring water. She pours water in lamp oil and says both cannot mix, similarly they cannot mingle with Madhuri’s family, people have to die if they are born, so Madhuri also died, Anu need not worry.

Kalyani gets into bus with Atharva. After sometime, bus stops and Atharva goes out to bring food for her. Conductor asks to driver to start bus. Kalyani starts crying and tells conductor that she eloped with her boyfriend and he has gone to bring her food, if he misses bus, where will sye go, she will have to stay at conductor’s house. Atharva returns with vada pav. Everyone look at him. He sits next to Kalyani confused. Kalyani eats vada pav and gets stomach upset and diarrhea. She stops bus and runs out. He asks what happened. She shouts none of his business and gets into shopping mall toilet. He reminisces seeing people beating vada pav seller saying they got diarrhea with his vada pav, gives same to Kalyani and out of flashback thinks he will not let her go to Maayi and trouble her.

At home, Kalyani serves tea to Rao saheb. He yells at her for going out of city. She asks him to have medicine. He shouts he needs peace more than medicine. She walks out and thinks she cannot Rao saheb about Madhuri’s death for sometime.

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