My heart knows update Thursday 25th November 2021

My heart knows 25 November 2021 zee world:  Malhar bringing Kalyani to the jail and asks her to give good news of her marriage. Kalyani asks him to punish her and tells that her Papa can’t see her in married attire. Malhar holds her hand and asks her to come. Kalyani tries not to go and says I don’t want anything to happen to my Papa. Malhar drags her holding her hand. He says either you will tell him, or I will tell you and may be I will tell everything and you will fall from his sight for forever. Kalyani begs infront of him not to say anything to her father and touches his feet. Kalyani agrees. She thinks of Malhar blackmailing her seeing Atul. Atul says how she can marry, she has just turned 18. He coughs. Kalyani asks him to drink water. He drinks water and asks if someone forced you for marriage. He asks if Aao Saheb forced her to marry and asks Anupriya to tell. Malhar comes and calls Kalyani.

He asks Kalyani to say and tells Atul you might not know me. Atul says may be you are Sampada’s husband. Malhar asks Kalyani to say and says I will tell you. He tells that Kalyani took part in college drama and becoming a wife in play, and thought to joke with you. Kalyani says yes. Atul says my heart is beating fast and says Anupriya and you have taken my life. She says you might have forced Anupriya to support you. Malhar says they are habitual to mischief. Atul says I thought Kalyani and Madhu teasing me. Anupriya looks on. Kalyani hugs him and says I missed you. Malhar says time is finished. Kalyani goes out. She cries.

Malhar comes out. Kalyani thanks him for not breaking her Papa’s heart. She thanks him. Malhar says there shall be difference between us and says I don’t ruin others life.Kalyani says I have realized that honest and good man is behind your anger and arrogance. Malhar asks her not to misunderstand and says my aim is to hurt you, you can’t change me or my aim. Anupriya comes out and calls Taxi. She sits, Kalyani also sits. Anupriya looks at her. Kalyani says it is going to be evening, and if I get late then you will get worried. She asks her not to think that she is talking to her and tells that she is still upset with her for mortgaging the house. She asks her to complete her studies so that nobody calls her illiterate. She asks why you are not talking to me and gets upset. They get down from the car and pay the money to the driver.

Kalyani is sleeping on floor and feels cold. She wakes up and gets shocked finding herself on ice bed. Malhar asks her not to move and says I made you enjoy cold valleys. He says I read about your phone messages and asks her not to get down from the ice, and says he worked hard to bring the cold valley to her. kalyani feels much cold. Baby starts crying. Malhar asks kalyani to get down the ice and come there. Kalyani falls down from the ice bed. Malhar asks her to come and make the baby silent. Kalyani gives honey nip*le to baby. Malhar asks her not to make it as baby’s habit. Kalyani takes it out. Malhar takes it from her hand and the honey nip*le falls down from his hand and get crushed by him. He asks her to bring honey from kitchen.

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Kalyani searches for the honey bottle. Malhar scolds her. kalyani says don’t know where it is. Malhar says Servant are more good than you. Anupriya hears them and keeps honey in the bowl. Kalyani smiles. She goes out of kitchen and is getting the bowl, but Malhar holds her hand and stops her.

Anupriya keeping honey for the baby on the wall. Kalyani is about to take it, but Malhar holds her hand stopping her. He asks what are you going to do and asks her not to touch the bowl. He says our days are not bad that we have to take charity from outsiders. He throws the bowl. Honey drop falls on baby’s mouth and he keeps quiet. Malhar asks her to make baby sleep. Aparna falls down stepping on the water. Kalyani says the floor is wet. Aparna asks how the floor is wet and scolds Kalyani. She sees her clothes wet. Kalyani asks her to hold the baby and goes to change the clothes. She sees ice bed on the room. Pallavi says she heard about british people enjoying on ice beds. Aparna says it is nothing like that. Pallavi makes her thoughtful.

Next morning, Aparna asks Kalyani what ice bed was doing in her room. Kalyani says nothing. Aparna says she saw. Malhar asks her to concentrate on the baby. He gives college admission form to Kalyani and asks her to submit it today itself. He says rasoi will be taken care by Aai. Aparna says what is the use of studies? Malhar says he don’t want people to say that his wife is just 12th pass, and he wants her to be graduated for herself and baby. He takes Kalyani to college. Kalyani thanks him. Malhar says I am getting you educated for my baby, I have no concern for you. He asks her to submit the form and pay the fees. Kalyani asks him to come with her. Malhar says when you can make a married woman elope, then submitting the form shall be easy for you.

Kalyani stands in the queue. The office administration officer refuses to take her form as there is no signatures of her father or guardian. Kalyani thinks Malhar will scold her if she tells him that she forgot to take his admission. Anupriya comes there. Kalyani sees her and says it is good that you came and asks her to sign. Anupriya says I am not of anyone’s Aai and says she came for her own admission. She tells that this is first year graduation and says you didn’t do matric till now. Anupriya shows 12th standard marks sheets and says I have completed it with women organization’s help. Kalyani says you are a rockstar and asks when did you do this?

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Anupriya says when someone was ruining her life, she has completed her studies. Kalyani gets a call. Anupriya takes Kalyani’s form and signs on it. Kalyani comes back and asks where is my Aai? Administration guy tells that she went to get admit card after signing your form. Kalyani gets emotional. She asks Seniors about the admit card. They say it is in the room. She sees seniors ragging the juniors. Kalyani asks her seniors not to do her ragging and says it is illegal and a crime. Senior girl says it is entrance test and says we shall see if you deserve to study here or not. Kalyani says she will complain against her. Girl says my dad is the trustee of this college.

Kalyani thinks what to do. Administration guy asks Anupriya to take Kalyani’s hallticket. She refuses, but he insists. Anupriya takes it. Kalyani says she is ACP Malhar Rane’s wife. The guy tells that she is second wife and belongs to Deshmukh family. Girl talks bad about Atul and Madhuri. Kalyani pushes her. Girl asks for the marker and says she will write jija ki item. She says everyone shall know that you have ruined your sister’s home. Kalyani says Malhar ji will not leave you. Anupriya searches for Anupriya. Everyone greets her calling good morning Maam. Anupriya says I am not a teacher, came here to take admission in college. The students tease her and laugh. Kalyani shouts Aai as the girl is writing on her forehead. Anupriya hears her and feels it seems this is Kalyani’s voice.

senior student girl telling Kalyani that every college students will know that she is Jija ki item. She writes J on Kalyani’s forehead. Kalyani shouts Aai. Anupriya knocks on the door. They see Anupriya and pretend to be good thinking her to be Lecturer. Kalyani calls her Maa and tells that senior students are doing their ragging. Anupriya asks what was the need and tells that students come for studies. She tells that she is a student. The students close the door and tell that they will do Anupriya’s ragging. Kalyani asks them not to dare rag Anupriya. The girl asks Kalyani to slap Anupriya hard else she won’t be let to write her exams. Anupriya asks if she don’t have any values. Girl asks Kalyani to slap her hard. Kalyani says sorry and tells that it is important for her to write her exam. She asks for apology and look at her shaky hands. She slaps the girl instead, holds Anupriya’s hand and asks her to run. The table gets stuck to her. She takes it out. Senior girl says you are gone today. Kalyani throws color on her. The girl asks her male friends not to let them run. The guys ask them to run now. Anupriya holds Kalyani’s hand and signs her. They hit the students ragging them. Kalyani asks the juniors to take a stand for themselves, else the seniors will always rag them. The juniors hold the seniors and ask them to go. Kalyani splashes colors on them and threatens to make the ragging video viral, and warns them saying her husband is ACP. Anupriya gives her admit card in her hand and leaves.

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Baby is crying. Aparna tries to make baby quiet, but he is still crying. Kalyani comes home and takes baby. Baby becomes quiet. Aparna scolds her for going to college and says she is working like a Servant. Kalyani says what to do if you think like this. She takes baby from there and talks to him regarding Anupriya taking admission in her college. She dances with the baby and sees Malhar standing. Malhar takes the baby in his hand and asks her to stand on one leg. Kalyani stands on one leg. Malhar asks her to dance standing on the bed/khatiya. He says your childishness may go after falling on it. Malhar says entertainment is missing and asks her to stand again and dance. Baby starts crying. Kalyani gets down from the bed and takes the baby in her hand. Kalyani thanks the baby in her heart for saving her. Malhar is going. Kalyani tells him that she got admit card and tomorrow is the entrance exam. Malhar asks her to reach before time and if she fails then nobody will be bad than me.

Anupriya shows her admit card to Godaveri. Godaveri is happy. Anupriya says will I be able to write exam. Godaveri asks her not to worry. Anupriya asks her to help her in studies. Godaveri says she will. Anupriya asks her not to tell anyone. Godaveri promises her. Just then Pallavi comes calling her. Godaveri gets up making the paper fall on the floor. Pallavi scolds her for not studying. Aao Saheb comes and picks the admit card. She asks what is it? Just then it flies away and falls on Malhar’s side of house. Malhar asks them not to throw the garbage to their side. He rubs his shoe on the admit card paper and leave. Aao Saheb gets upset. Anupriya goes out and gets the paper. She thinks it is good that it is not torn. And thinks Kalyani says right, then nobody can fool me and education is needed for the business. Anupriya prepares for the entrance test. Aparna comes and scolds her for learning loudly and says baby will get up. Kalyani says he is sleeping. Aparna threatens to complain to Malhar. Kalyani says she will sing a song so that baby sleeps peacefully. She sings learning. Aparna complains to Malhar that the step mom doesn’t care about the baby. Malhar says if baby’s real mum was concerned for the baby then she wouldn’t have eloped with stranger man leaving us.


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