My Heart Knows update Thursday 21 October 2021

My Heart Knows 21 October 2021 update: Anupriya continues dying thread and seeing a shadow entering thinks Ahilya/Aao saheb is coming and pleads to forgive her. Malhar walks in and asks why she is dying thread, Aao saheb gave punishment to Kalyani. Anu says Kalyani cannot do all this, so she was helping her. Malhar says he is a policeman and nothing can be hidden from him, he does not know how she is related to Kalyani, he wl not question her, but he and Sampada trust her a lot and if she wants, he will keep Kalyani at heir home. Anu says that is not necessary.

Anu continues working till morning. Pallavi nods Anu’s room door and asks her to come and prepare breakfast for Rao saheb. Atharva and Kalyani wake up. Kalyani blackmails to return Madhuri’s pics, she will hide, else she will defame him. Pallavi gets worried when Anu does not open door and informs her husband. Aao saheb passes by and even she gets worried. Anu peeps from window and sees Atharva and Kalyani inside, thinks what they are doing in her room. Aao saheb asks Pallavi’s husband to break door. Kalyani continues blackmailing Atharva and grins. Anu opens bathroom window glass and gets in. Door opens. She acts as coming out of bathroom. Aao saheb sees Kalyani on Anu’s bed and asks what is this arrogant girl doing here. Anu says she felt afraid last night, so asked Kalyani to sleep with her. Pallavi solds Kalyani if she cannot hear. Kalyani yells she was wearing earphones. Anu says bathroom door was stuck, so she could not open it soon. Aao saheb scolds her to not strain herself so much and leaves. Anu calls Atharva out and asks what are they both doing here. Atharva asks to kick out this girl. Kalyani asks him to return his mother’s pics. Anu orders him to return pics right now. He forwards Kalyani’s picks back helpless. Kalyani gives evil smile again.

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Kalyani walks to Aao saheb and gives her dyed thread. Aao saheb says everything is fine. Kalyani says Anu dyed it. Anuradha starts yelling that Anupriya lied Aao saheb and disobeyed her. Anu apologizes her. Kalyani says they don’t know why Anu brought here and showing court papers says Anu is her guardian. Aao saheb asks to show papers. Atharva thinks papers should not reach Aao saheb and acting as reading papers drops him on wet dyed thread. Papers spoil. Kalyani continues yelling truth is Anu is her guardian and cannot get rid of her. Aao saheb asks Anu why did she lie. Anu apologizes and says she just followed Aao saheb’s teachings to help needy. Aao saheb says she taught her one more thing, not to hide when she helps someone, everyone knows about her helping nature. Anu relaxes. Aao saheb says Kalyani can stay here only for 2 days. Anu thinks of taking Malhar’s help. She meets Malhar while he drives his jeep and requests him to find a college and hostel for Kalyani. He says he will arrange, but who is Kalyani who brought a storm in Maayi’s life. Anu reveals that Kalyani is Atul’s daughter. Malhar is shocked and drives seeing her. A speeding vehicle horns. Anu shouts.. Malhar applies sudden brakes seeing someone in front of jeep, gets down and is shocked to see Kalyani on floor.

Anupriya informs Malhar that Kalyani is Atul’s daughter. Malhar is shocked and rams car on a pedestrian. They walk out and are shocked to see Kalyani lying down unconscious Anu says let us take her to doctor. Kalyani opens 1 eye and reminisces Anu’s niece informing her that Maayi/Anu asked Malhar to find a hostel for her. Malhar carries her to hospital. Kalyani acts as in severe pain and shouts. Anu gets worried. Malhar walks to her and says not to worry, doc will give her anesthesia before performing surgery. Kalyani gets afraid and asks why. He says she got fracture. She stands on feet and again starts drama. Malhar says he is a police man and knows to extract truth from culprits, doc already informed him that she did not incur any injuries and is acting to stay in Maayi’s house, hewill not inform anyone, but if she troubles Maayi, he will not spare her. She thinks she gets dumbstruck in front of this police man, but thank god she will stay in house.

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Malhar takes Kalyani to his house. Anu asks why did he bring Kalyani here. He says doc told he can take Kalyani home and keep her till she get wells, so he brought her here. Sampada walks in worried and asks if he is fine. He says he is fine, but Kalyani incurred a few injuries. Aparna starts yelling at Anu how can she go to meet Malhar instead of making her daughter’s function arrangements. Aao saheb/Ahilya scolds her to shut up. Malhar says he will keep Kalyani at his home till she gets well. Aparna yells that arrogant girl will trouble her daughter. Aao saheb scolds Malhar knows to take care of his wife and asks Atul why he wants to keep Kalyani at his home. On the other side, Rao saheb finds Atul’s news in vada pav paper and goes to jail to meet him. Aparna asks who is Kalyani’s father. Kalyani walks in and says he is in jail. Aao saheb asks Anu if she knew about this before. Anu gets tensed. Malhar says Maayi knew and is helping this helpless girl. Aao saheb says if they trust themselves, it is their strength, and if they trust others blindly, it is their weakness. She warns Anu that she did wrong and walks away. Kalyani thinks Anu is very intelligent and is fooling family, she will expose her.

Anu walks to Kalyani and asks why did she inform family about Atul being in jail. Kalyani shouts not to take her father’s name. Anu repeats. Kalyani yells and alleges her that she is reason behind her father in jail and warns dare not to act as her mother. Anu says she is not interested. Kalyani says she should not a she is incompetent to take her mother’s place. Anu leaves disheartened.


Kalyani sits alone and cries that she will get justice to Madhuri. She falls from chair. Atharva records her video hiding to prove that she is fine. Servant helps Kalyani get up. Atharvat thinks if Kalyani is really injured. Kalyani reminisces seeing Athrva and thihnks she is more smarter than Atharva. Pallavi walks in and scolds servant that is she doing here. Servant says tomorrow is her saas’ 13th day after death and she needs to feed poor, if she can take leave tomorrow and asks money. Pallavi asks to take it from Aao saheb and leaves. Kalyani gives money to servant and thinks she has to feed poor for Madhuri’s soul peace.


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