My heart knows update Saturday 22nd January 2022

My heart knows 22 January 2022 zee world: The Episode starts with Malhar coming home in Police jeep. Aao Saheb stops him and asks Atharv. Atharv says Malhar Rane sell his side of house and named the property on Aao’s Saheb’s name. Kalyani asks why did you sign, I asked you to trust me. I told you that I will unite you with Moksh. Malhar enters inside and asks them to check the sign if it is fake or real. Atharv checks the sign. Malhar asks who is Bapat’s father? He says Malhar Rane.

He says you don’t have some intelligence to check my sign. He says you people are acting so I thought I shall act too, so that you take a sigh of relief and till then Kalyani finds the truth about the letter. Kalyani gets happy and tells Malhar that he is very smart. Malhar asks Inspector to arrest Vivek. Vivek says I wrote letter on Aao Saheb’s saying. Inspector takes him in keep. Kalyani tells Malhar that she has fulfilled her promise, and brought him home and united him with Billu. Aao Saheb goes angrily inside. Kalyani stops her and asks her to stop her anger and hatred which will destroy everything.

Aao Saheb says she will not be at peace until she ruins Malhar. Kalyani asks Atul to make her understand. Atul asks her to stop it and says you have done what you wanted and united malhar with baby. He says he has taken reverse rounds with you around the pyre and don’t love you. He asks her to end the marriage with him and asks her to come with him. Kalyani runs to Malhar and tells that she has fulfilled her promise and united him with moksh, how he can separate her with her son. Malhar is silent. Atul drags her inside the house.

Sarthak tells Malhar that he is foolish to doubt on Kalyani and says she has been fighting for you alone and got you out. He says when you did the foolishness of the reverse round then also she was crying. Malhar says since my childhood, you never raised your hand on me, but now I want punishment and says I am not selfish. He slaps with Sarthak’s hand and says whatever I did is for Kalyani’s betterment. He says what I gave to Kalyani since marriage, hatred and anger, and she was fulfilling the duty of a good wife. He says she loved my son more than her own life, I was troubling her like a fool.

He says truth is that, only Kalyani was in this marriage, I was not there. He says I won’t let this happen, she is a little girl. I won’t let her ruin her life and says she has the right to take her life decisions. Sarthak says she has the right to take her decision and says you both shall meet and talk, and come to a decision for which you both are happy.Kalyani is dancing madly in the room. Anupriya asks what happened and stops her. Kalyani says she is very and can’t take anger neither on Malhar nor on Papa, so she is taking anger on herself. She hugs Anupriya and asks why did Malhar let her go, and didn’t utter a word for her.

She asks if I have no value in his heart. Anupriya says Malhar cares for you so much and that’s why kept himself away from you, as he believes that you needs a guy who is more good than him etc. Kalyani says how can he decide alone, and says my happiness is with Billu and him. Anupriya asks her to meet Malhar and tell him. She says Sarthak convinced Malhar to meet you, and asks her to tell him that her happiness is with him and Moksh. Kalyani says ok, but I have a condition, he shall say sorry to me for not supporting me infront of Papa. She says he shall say sorry to meet me. Sarthak tells Malhar.

Malhar says if sorry is needed. Sarthak says you doubted on her, you…Malhar says I repent for my doing, she will understand. Sarthak asks him to practice saying sorry. Malhar says repentance will be shown on face, what is the need of sorry. Sarthak asks him to imagine him as Kalyani and say sorry. Malhar says Kalyani…I heard that you need sorry, so take it. Sarthak says it is not charity. Moksh laughs. Sarthak says even baby is laughing and asks Malhar to say sorry.Aao Saheb talks to Rao Saheb’s pic and says her own blood defeated her. She says if Kalyani became vibhishan then she will take Ravan’s avatar and make Kalyani and Malhar’s lives eclipsed so that they forget to smile.

She promises to ruin Kalyani and Malhar’s lives and applies Tilak with Rao Saheb’s ashes.Anupriya decorates the place where Malhar and Kalyani will meet. Sarthak appreciates her idea. Anupriya says she saw on TV and films. She says when hero and heroine meets, the place is decorated. Sarthak says seems like you likes romantic films. She is about to give the lamp glass and takes her hand back as it touches his hand. Sarthak says what do you think if Malhar will say sorry and says he is foolish to take a decision alone. He says don’t know why he can’t see that Kalyani gets happiness with his togetherness and in this marriage.

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Anupriya says even I felt bad after whatever he did. Sarthak says I know him since his childhood, he might be strict, but soft at heart. He is thinking about Kalyani’s betterment. Anupriya says I know that nobody can be better for Kalyani than Malhar. Atul comes there and says so this is happening behind family members back. He says I heard that this man proposed you for marriage and asks since when she became shameless. Sarthak asks him to atleast respect Anupriya. Anupriya holds Atul’s hand and says we did this decoration for Kalyani and Malhar’s tonight meeting.

Atul asks how dare you, why you are mixing poison in her life. He goes to Kalyani’s room and says I told you not to meet Malhar, and you are going to meet him. Malhar comes to the place and asks Sarthak, about the decoration and says I just want to talk to her. Kalyani says you can’t stop me from meeting my husband. He tries to slap her for arguing with him, but Anupriya comes and gets slap on her face. Malhar waits for her. Atul asks who are you to interfere? Anupriya says Aai..I am her Aai. She says I gave Madhuri’s letter in court so that you can come out of jail, so that Kalyani gets happy. She says if you come between my daughter and her happiness then don’t force me to think that I did wrong by taking you out from jail.

She says I left my life for destiny, but Kalyani will write her own destiny. She asks Kalyani to go and says Malhar is waiting for you.Anupriya tell Atul that she helped him by submitting Madhuri’s letter for sake of Kalyani, not for me and if you trouble my daughter, I shall cross all limits. Do not make me think that I did wrong by taking this step. Though I compromised with my destiny but kalayani will not and ask her do go by door. She letter tell Atul, that you are nobody to ask me anything.

Sathark tell Malhar that everything is fine and Kalayani is coming, you should apologies to her for sure, and he goes. Malhar practice by saying sorry, when kalayani arrives. She get happy seeing arrangement and heart just like in Movies, but Malhar deny that he didn’t do anything. Kalayani says she knew as he can’t do this. Malhar say she is not the only one who watches movies, I too watch. Kalayani say that fighting ones doesn’t have romance. And both fight cutely. Kalayani say she thought you called me to say sorry, but I was wrong. Malhar say he called her to say sorry and both strike with each other and fall down with music adha adha ishq aadha hai aadha ho jayega…

Kalayani ask why these Movies secens are repeating with us? Malhar says why Sarthak organized flower shop here? He think that he need to say sorry to her for whatever I did. Kalayani say to him no need to say sorry in arrogant way. Malhar shout sorry and sit on knees and say sorry for every pain he gave to her from marrying, from aparting from moksh, for taking rounds against her will around dead body. Kalayani smiles. Malhar hold her face by saying that I can’t decide for you, you have to take decision, but for sure I want you to stay in my and moksh life. Sun raha hai na tu music plays. Kalayni jerk his hand saying you are so filmy.

And until I am proved innocent, I am guilty and Atharav and Sampada are using all this in their favour and goes from there. Kalayani ask god for troubling my family.Anupriya tell Atul how can aao sahib do this? Atul say to her talking big is easy, now stop all of them! Kalayani come and hug anupriya. Anupriya say I will let nothing happen to my daughter and my grandson. Kalayani shout outside that family member got memory loss that due to Atharav and Sampada they had to bear so much. Atul and aupriya try to stop her. Atharva dance his room and sampada get irritate. Atharav says let dogs brag, when aao sahib and aprana come and agree to him and give some proof in cd.

Malhar cry infront of sarthak that he has lost as father, as I know aao sahib is the one who agreed others against me and I am scared that today is last night with moksh. Sarthak says believe on kalayani and me, we both are with you and fighting for you. Malhar ask sarthak tell me truth as lawyer will we win this case? Sathark stay quiet. Malhar says I got my reply, I am not terrified that I might lose my life but I am terrified that if I lose case I need to give my son to that cheap woman sampada.. sarthak console him and Kalayni is shown listening to them. Kalayani say I will not let sampada win and snatch moksh.

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Kalyani coming to Aao Saheb holding the rod. Aao Saheb says you want to kill me, but Moksh will be separated from Malhar. Kalyani gives the rod to Aao Saheb and says I brought this for you, and asks her to vent out her anger on her. She says I have lost and tells that Moksh is Malhar’s life. She folds her hand and asks her not to separate Moksh and Malhar. Malhar cries thinking about Sampada telling about the custody hearing. Kalyani tells Aao Saheb that she will do anything whatever you say. Aao Saheb says nobody will give statement against Malhar, but for that you have to go away from Malhar and Moksh’s lives. Malhar talks to Moksh and says may be you are drinking milk from your baba for the last time. Kalyani comes there and tells that she will make Moksh have milk from her hand. She tries to feed Moksh and tells that she has a superb idea to keep him and Malhar safe. She talks to the baby and asks him to laugh. She says there is one bad news with this good news and says the bad news is that I have to go away from Malhar and you. she says I asked you being a good girl and asked for your suggestion, and asks him to answer her after thinking. She asks him to answer her. Moksh smiles. Kalyani thanks him for answering her and tells that we will learn to stay without each other, but Malhar can’t stay away from him. She asks Billu if he will miss her and says she will miss you so much. Malhar comes there. Kalyani and Malhar wipe their tears. Kalyani runs out of room crying. Malhar takes Moksh in his arms and cries badly.

Kalyani comes to Malhar and tells that if she goes away from Malhar and Moksh, then will you not give statement against Malhar, and says you will not take Azooba’s fake swear. Aao Saheb promises her and asks her to fulfill her promise.


Malhar is in the kitchen and gets his hand burnt. Kalyani scolds him and asks you can’t take care of yourself, then how you will take care of Moksh. He says when I will not be here then will you miss me. Malhar says no and tells that he can’t keep her away from his heart. It is her imagination. Kalyani tells Malhar that she will cook the food. Malhar turns and looks at her.


In the morning, Sarthak tells Kalyani in court that Malhar is a good father and he is happy in her marriage with him, and they are good parents to Moksh. Kalyani says ok, sits in auto and leaves. Aao Saheb sees her leaving and smiles.


In the court, Sarthak tells that Sampada ran away with Atharv, leaving a day’s old baby. Sampada’s lawyer tells that Malhar used to torture Sampada a lot and that’s why she left him. Her lawyer asks Sampada to come to witness box. Sampada tells that she has bear so much while being with him and he used to beat her and didn’t give her anything to eat. She says how can I stay with him, with whom I was suffocating. He used to lock me in bathroom, that’s why I left him. Anupriya thinks where is Kalyani? Kalyani reaches house and switches off her phone.


Aao Saheb tells that Malhar used to illtreat both Sampada and Kalyani. Sarthak asks where is Kalyani. Sampada’s lawyer tells that Aao Saheb gave her CD about Malhar’s behavior with his wife and son. Anupriya checks in the bathroom. Atharv tells that Kalyani planned to make them elope, and says Sampada wanted to take her son, but they had to left Moksh because of Malhar’s madness. Kalyani packs her stuff in the bag and thinks she has to give this sacrifice for Malhar.

Malhar telling that everyone is lying and says he will not leave Atharv. Sarthak asks Malhar to calm down. Judge says this is contempt of court. Atharv’s lawyer shows video proof to prove Malhar bad. Anupriya tells Sarthak that Kalyani is missing and couldn’t be found. Malhar asks Aao Saheb where is Kalyani and asks where did she hide Kalyani. Aao Saheb says Kalyani must have realized that she has done wrong. Malhar breaks the table and says if something happens to her then I will not leave you alive, even if I have to spend my life in jail. Sarthak, Pawar and other Inspector hold him and take him inside. Sarthak asks Malhar to calm down. Judge tells that Malhar’s second wife didn’t come and that’s why this court is giving Moksh’s custody to…Kalyani comes there with Moksh and says to his baba’s Malhar Rane. Anupriya asks her where did you go? Kalyani says I went to bring Moksh as he can’t stay from Malhar ji. Malhar gets emotional. Aao Saheb reminds Kalyani of her deal and tells that you have broken your promise so soon. Kalyani says even you had promised that you will not let anyone give statement against Malhar, but broke the promise. Malhar cries.

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Kalyani tells Aao Saheb that I am your blood and have learnt lying from you. Sampada asks Kalyani to give Moksh etc. Kalyani tells that even Moksh wants to stay with his father. Kalyani tells that she has some video proofs in which their wrong doings is proved, she says Pallavi provoked Malhar against Moksh, Sampada told Malhar that she had left him as she was sure that Atharv will become rich by true means, and says you will see all this, but you will also see this and tells that in the CD you will also see Malhar taking care of moksh, and tells that Malhar never misbehaved with her, but was upset with her initially because of the Sampada’s letter. She tells that Malhar’s anger was justified for her and for atharv and Sampada. She says Malhar loves Moksh more than his own life and says I would have done some good work that I got a husband like Malhar ji in my life. Malhar wipes his flowing tears..Anupriya tells judge that she knows Malhar since his childhood and he never thinks of anyone’s bad. She says Malhar is a good father and if the baby is handover to Sampada and Atharv then the baby will have the bad values. Sampada says this is a lie.


Judge says it is clearly proved from the video in which it is proved that Malhar Rane is a good father and can take good care of Moksh. He says it is also proved that Sampada eloped with Atharv and is not a good mother. He asks Kalyani if she took Malhar’s sign on the divorce papers forcibly? Kalyani nods her head. Judge says this means they are still married shocking everyone. Atul says my daughter’s marriage is void then…Judge says they have to give a chance to each other for the baby’s sake and shall stay with each other. Kalyani objects and says how can you give Billu’s custody to Sampada, and says this is not possible. He says it is proved how is she and says how can you give Moksh to her. she asks Billu to tell who is his real Aai. Judge calls her Miss Kalyani and asks her to calm down. Kalyani shouts and says she is Mrs. Kalyani Rane. She runs towards the judge and throws the ink, and says you will not write the verdict now. Judge says if she don’t keep quiet then contempt of court will be on her. Kalyani shouts and says nobody can separate my son from me.


Malhar says you have seen how this woman (Sampada ) is and says I can’t stay with her. He says Kalyani is the only mother of Moksh. Sampada shouts and says she don’t want to live with Malhar. Judge says this case will continue after break and asks them to decide if they agree to live with each other else the court will give the baby’s custody to some other couple. Everyone is shocked. Sampada scolds the Lawyer and says why did we give so much money to you and for what? Atharv says this thing happened because of Aao Saheb’s big talks and says if I wanted then I will close your mouth for forever, but I will not do as the mistake is mine. Sampada tells him that she can’t live with Malhar Rane. Atharv takes her to side and asks why you will go and asks her to leave Moksh again for him. Sampada says I didn’t want to leave my son, and for that I will do anything. Atharv gets upset.


Kalyani comes of court room with Moksh and tells that nobody will snatch my son from me. Anupriya says nobody will snatch him from you. Atul asks her to be careful as they see the big stairs on the under construction building. The big stairs are about to fall on Kalyani and Moksh, but Malhar comes and holds the stairs. He saves them. Kalyani tells Moksh that nothing happened and says I am smiling, don’t worry. Malhar tells him that nothing happened. He takes baby in his hands. Kalyani tells Malhar that she can’t stay away from Moksh and cries.


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