My Heart Knows update Monday 18th October 2021

My Heart Knows 18 October 2021: Ahilya reaches hospital and over phone asks Anupriya not to worry, Shekhar told he got only 2 stitches. Receptionist asks Kalyani to enter credit card password. Kalyani reminisces Maduri telling that all her passwords are Kalyani’s birth date, even Atul’s debit and credit card’s pins. She enters pin. Nurse asks if she knows injured boy on wheelchair, she should sign consent form for his MRI scan. Kalyani signs form and sits on chair thinking she has to bail out papa some how and can take her friend’s lawyer father’s help. Ahilya walks to receptionist says she is Atharva Bapat’s relative Ahilya Deshmukh. Receptionist asks is it thief boy. Ahilya shouts how dare she is to call her boy as thief. Receptionist says that girl calle dhim thief, pointing at Kalyani. Ahilya identifies her as liquor stealing girl, walks to her and asks if she is not ashamed to allege her boy as thief. Nurse asks her not to scold this girl as she lost her mother today. Ahilya feels sorry aand stops. Kalyani leaves hospital.

Kalyani reaches police station and requests inspector to let her meet her father for 5 minutes. Inspector does not agree and says her will produce her father in front of judge as he has killed her mother. Kalyani says they both loved each other, why don’t he catch Anupriya. Inspector shows file and says her mother has complained against her father in another police station already and asks to bring Anupriya then. Kalyani gets out of control and holding inspector’s collar asks how much money he took from Anupriya, she will get him money from her father’s debit card. Inspector asks constable to throw her away and not let her in. Another constable brings Atul. Atul requests constable not to drag her as she got tattoo just today. Kalyani asks who is Anupriya. Atul stands silently. Inspector walks to them and shouts to kick out Kalyani and take Atul in. He then takes Atul to torture room and asks how did he kill his wife, who is Anupriya. Atul says he wants to make a call to Anupriya.

Ahilya walks to morgue searching Kalyani and asks peon where is Kalyani, nurse told she came here. Peon says there are only dead bodies here. Cloth flies off Madhuri’s face. Ahilya is shocked to see Madhuri’s dead body. She goes out and informs Anupriya that Madhuri is dead.

Kalyani angrily writes Anupriya on wall and shouts she hates her, where is she. She returns to hospital. Nurse says if nobody comes from her family to claim Madhuri’s body, body will be handed over to police as unclaimed dead body. Kalyani shouts how dare she is, she will take her mother. Nurse says she cannot allow. Kalyani asks to let her speak to her superior. Nurse says at this time, she cannot. Kalyani threatens she will write against their hospital in social media and has huge following. Nurse says she cannot call her superior and leaves. Kalyani then takes charger from reception and walks to charging point where Atharya is speaking to his father. She removes his charger. He sees her and asks why she is troubling him and making his life. She says her mother is dead and hospital is not letting her take her mother’s body for last rights, her situation is much worse than him, should she steal her mother’s body. He says if he would if he was in her place.

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Kalyani walks ino morgue and pulls Madhuri’s body on stretcher. Peon sees her and shouts. She runs, but peons surround her. Arrogant officer stops her. She warns to dare not touch her, does he know what it is to touch a girl, she will file police complaint. He orders peon to catch girl and take dead body to morgue. Kalyani pleads to leave her, she wants her mother’s dead body. Man aasks to bring girl to his cabin. Anupriya walks in and asks him to stop, Atul sent him. Kalyani runs and hugs her and says she came as a savior.

Anupriya reaches hospital and asks peons to leave Kalyani and says Atul has sent her. Kalyani runs and hugs her and says she came as savior, thanks a lot. Anupriya says her eyes are like Madhuri’s, big and beautiful. Kalyani says Madhuri is more beautiful Anupriya says they should take Madhuri for last rights soon. Kalyani asks what about papa/Atul. Anupriya says she took police’s permission, they will bring him to crematorium. Kalyani hugs her and thanks her again, stands looking at Madhuri. Anupriya walks to reception. Receptionst asks her to sign form and asks what is her name. She says Anupriya. Receptionist asks how is patient related to her. She stands tensed looking at Kalyani.

Anupriya and Kalyani take Madhuri’s body for cremation and wait for Atul. Pandit lies Madhuri’s deabdoy on wooden logs and put more logs roughly. Kalyani asks to be careful, Madhuri will be hurt. Pandit asks if they did not bring pot. Anu says they forgot in a hurry. Kalyani thanks Anu again for helping her on time and says she must be very close to Madhuri, what is her name. Anu hesitantly tries to speak when Kalyani sees Atul bring brought by police, runs and hugs him and asks if he is fine. He nods yes. She says he sent this aunty on time. Atul calls her Anupriya. Kalyani is shocked to hear that and asks what did he say, her mother is on death fire because of this woman. Atul says she is misunderstanding. Pandit gives pot to Anupriya. Kalyani snatches pot and says it spoilt with Anupriya’s touch, she will not let Madhuri’s last rights with this pot and breaks it. Atul says because of Anupriya…Kalyani warns him to keep quiet and dragging Anu to Madhuri says she died because of Anu and papa went away from us, why she destroyed their happy family. Anu stands weeping. Kalyani asks inspector to arrest Anupriya in Madhuri’s murder case. Atul says Anu was not present when Madhuri died. Kalyani says she read Madhuri’s messages, even he is responsible for Madhuri’s death. He says he will explain. She warns not to touch her or Madhuri, he lost that right. She picks fire stick. Atul pushes Anu back. Pandit says Kalyani that fire is lit from head side. She says it does not matter and sets fire on Madhuri’s body. She then continues crying while body burns.

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Kalyani then sits near Madhuri’s ashes and looking at Atul and Madhuri tattoo on her wrist feels guilty for insulting her papa and thinks Anupriya must have trapped papa with her innocent face, she will not let papa go to jail because of Anupriya.

Court hearing starts. Kalyani thinks she has to prove that Atul did not kill Madhuri. Public prosecutor asks Kalyani if she did not see room shattered when she reached there, Atul pushed Madhuri from balcony and killed her. Kalyani says no. Public prosector says Atul tortured Madhuri brutally and killed her, Madhuri has filed domestic violence complaints before many times. Kalyani says Madhuri’s injuries are due to falling from a distance. Public prosector shows Madhuri’s filed complaints and says it proves Atul used to torture Maduri. Atul says Madhuri used to doubt him and filed false complaints. Public prosector forces Kalyani to say that her father used to torture his mother and had an affair. Kalyani says when she read Madhuri’s messages on Atul’s mobile. Judge pronounces Atul guilty and grants him life sentence. Atul pleads he did not kill his wife, what will happen to my daughter…

Police drag Atul away. Kalyani apologizes him for misbehaving with him and asks to tell he did not hurt Madhuri anytime. She then sees Anu and asks how is he related to this woman. He stands silently. She asks if he betrayed Madhuri. Atul says no.. She asks him to tell he does not have any relationship with this woman/Anu. Atul stands silently. Kalyani stands shocked..

Kalyani confronts Atul and asks why did he betray Madhuri for Kalyani, Madhuri was so beautiful, he did not think even once…Atul says he did not do anything wrong. She shows tattoo and says Atul and Madhuri were her life, how can he betray..starts coughing due to panic attack. Police drags Atul away. Kalyani shouts she hates him. Police drag Atul towards jeep. His lawyer meets him and apologizes for losing his case. He asks if he brought custody papers. Lawyer gives him paper. He gives custody papers to Anupriya and asks her to promise him to take Kalyani’s responsible for their old sake, Kalyani is not yet 18. Police drags him into jeep and leaves. Kalyani notices that and shouts at Anupriya what is happening, reads custody papers and asks if this is a dream, her papa cannot be so harsh to him, she slaps herself saying it is dream and her life cannot be so hard. She then realizes it is realty. She continues yelling at Anupriya that she is frustrated without marriage, so she eyes on other’s husbands and family. Anupriya stands embarrassed and crying. Kalyani continues yelling and walks out shouting she will not live with her.

At Anupriya’s house, his niece speaks to his uncle and says he is will get saris packed and delivered on time. He asks his wife Pallavi to get him tea. Pallavi gives him black tea and gets busy laughing on mobile jokes. He asks if cow did not give milk, she gave black tea. Pallavi rushes to get milk tea, but he leaves. She says it is all happening because of Maayi/Anupriya. Anu searches Kalyani in her car. Pallavi calls her and asks where is she. She lies that she came to temple and apologizes god for lying because of Atul’s promise.

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Ahilya reaches home and asks servant to bring gangajal water. Palavi asks what happened. Ahilya says she touched dead body. Pallavi asks if Atharva is fine. Ahilya stops her and yells she told her 1000 times not to be in a hurry, Atharva is fine, else she would not have ordered Gangajal. She pours gangajal on herself thinking Madhuri named blot will fade away from her life forever with this gangajal. She then walks inside home.

Kalyani goes to railway station to buy Pune ticket thinking this is best way to get rid of Anupriya. She stands in que and reminisces Atul standing in que to buy ticket and taunting children don’t help old parents and are busy in mobile. She counter taunts him. They both laugh. Out of flashback, she realizes someone else going before her and once she reaches counter asks when is Pune’s next train. Ticket seller says after 5 hours. She thinks she cannot wait here for so long. Anupriya gets down from taxi and thinks Kalyani must be here trying to catch Pune ticket. Kalyani asks tea seller where is Pune bus stop and walks. Goons follow her. She thinks her parents will not be with her always now, she has to be strong and fight her own battles. She turns to goons and says they made her job easy, she is AGP news reporter and their heinous act is captured on secret camera, soon her team will be coming here, let whole nation knows what young generation is doing. She picks phone and acts as calling team and asking to bring inspector Patil. Phone rings just then. Goons realize she is acting and runs behind her. She falls in front of temple and prays god to help her. Hanuman’s image emerges. Goons run away afraid. Kalyani thanks god, but then sees Atharva throwing light on idol, thanks him for helping her. He says he would have helped anyone. She apologizes for troubling him the other day and says she is Kalyani. He says he accepted her apology, not to trouble hr now. She asks how did he project Hanumanji’s shadow. He teaches her trick. She thanks him and says she wants to go to Pune, if she will get AC bus, what is its fare. He asks if he is looking like conductor, don;t disturb h er. She pulls his bag and its handle breaks. He says his girlfriend gave it, she already made him lose his girlfriend and now don’t make him a murderer, showing knife and walks away. She thinks how will she go to Pune now, she will find some other way. She walks and finds Anupriya standing in front of her.


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