My heart knows update Friday 26th November 2021

My heart knows 26 November 2021 update zee world: Aparna telling that step mom is enemy of the baby. Malhar tells her that baby’s own mum doesn’t have any worry for them else she wouldn’t have eloped with stranger man. Kalyani smiles. Aparna goes. Malhar scolds Kalyani and asks her to let the kid sleep peacefully. Kalyani says I will go out and study. Malhar says no and says he will not compromise on his child’s upbringing and tells that he doesn’t know, she has to get good marks and also she has to take care of baby. Godaveri is teaching Anupriya when Pallavi comes and takes her with her. Kalyani comes near there while trying to learn. Aparna scolds her and calls Malhar.

Anupriya hears her and thinks don’t know how she will take up this responsibility. Kalyani asks Malhar to see before scolding and shows the rope with which she tied herself to the cradle of the baby. She asks Aparna if she has problem now. Malhar asks her to keep the cradle moving. Kalyani helps Anupriya study indirectly, and recites the answers loudly. She sees mosquitoes biting her and asks them to suck her blood. Malhar comes there and makes her cover shawl and sprays something. Kalyani is touched and thanks him. Malhar tells her that the spray is to attract mosquitoes and black shawl also attract it. Kalyani asks why did he do this? Malhar says he has enmity with her and her partner (Anupriya). Anupriya thinks how to clear his misunderstanding. He takes the baby on bed, but asks Kalyani to make the cradle swing move. Later in the morning, Malhar asks her to get baby polio drops and go to exam. Aparna thinks Polio guys will not come as I told them that there is no child here. She comes to Kalyani and tells that she can’t go without getting the baby vaccinated.

Anupriya comes to the exam centre and sees Kalyani’s empty bench. She gets worried for her. Kalyani checks and thinks to get the Polio at the nearest camp. She takes the baby. Aparna fumes. She returns home and tells baby took drops happily. She thinks to drop the baby with Aparna and leave immediately. Godaveri tells her that Aparna said that she left for some urgent work and asks her to take care of baby. Kalyani gets worried and thinks if she don’t write exam then Malhar will get angry on her. Exam starts. Anupriya also gets worried. Kalyani reaches college with the baby.

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The examiner tells her that exam started. Kalyani says I was helpless and have no option. She says she couldn’t leave the baby at home so she brought him and tells that her baby is very silent. Examiner says I can’t change rules for you and asks her to take Principal’s permission. Kalyani says if I don’t write the exam then my one year will be wasted. Examiner asks her to go now and come next year after making arrangement for baby. Anupriya thinks Malhar will make Kalyani’s life miserable if she doesn’t write her exam. She thinks what Kalyani would do in such a situation and tells examiner that she made his video and will make it viral on the social media. She thinks you will lose your job. Examiner asks how can you record video in examination hall. Anupriya says why can’t a mother write the exam and says your rules have to be changed. She says there is no such rule that a mother can’t write the exam. She asks her to go and bring that girl. Examiner says ok and sees Kalyani standing. Kalyani says I came to get my admit card. Examiner says you can write the exam. Kalyani smiles.

Anupriya threatening the examiner to make the video viral in which he refused to let Kalyani write the exam as she carried baby to examination hall. Kalyani comes there. Examiner asks Anupriya to delete the video and lets Kalyani come inside. Kalyani says you got affected because of me. Examiner asks her to write the exam and gives paper. He says you have just 45 mins time and asks Anupriya to delete the video. Aao Saheb calls Pallavi and tells that even now she feels hungry. Pallavi says I am searching Maayi to serve you food. Aao saheb says Anupriya told me that she is going to temple. Pallavi says aarti plate is at home. Workers come and give them Prasad. Pallavi asks where is Maayi? Gowde kaku tells that she was not in the temple. Pallavi tries to provoke Aao Saheb against Anupriya. Aao Saheb asks her to give her food in 5 mins. She thinks why did Anupriya lie. Kalyani thinks she forgot to write writing pad and handles baby. She sees Anupriya not having extra pen and throws extra pen towards her. Anupriya picks it and writes the exam. Kalyani takes out bottle and feeds the baby while writing her exam. Anupriya sees how kalyani is struggling. Baby holds her pen. Kalyani asks him to leave her pen and says please. Malhar reaches home and calls Aparna. He asks if Kalyani got baby have polio dose before going. He thinks where did Aai go? Kalyani takes out the handkerchief and the answer chits falls on the ground.

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Examiner asks Kalyani if she brought chits. Kalyani says no. Examiner asks Anupriya to make video. Kalyani says I didn’t know how these chits came to me. She says she didn’t copy. Examiner asks her to come to Principal’s office else he has to call security. He asks another examiner to handle the class. Anupriya is about to go behind Kalyani, but the other examiner stops her. Examiner complains to Principal about Kalyani hiding chits in baby’s items. Malhar comes there and shouts at her. He says I came to give you writing pad. Kalyani says I didn’t know how these chits came in Billu’s handkerchief. Malhar takes the baby and asks how dare you to use my baby for cheating. Principal says we didn’t know that she is your wife. Malhar asks them to punish her. Kalyani says this is not my handwriting and writes on the paper, but Malhar doesn’t see it and blames her.

Anupriya gives her answer paper and comes to Principal’s office. She tells that Kalyani can’t cheat and asks Principal to check the hand writing. Malhar comes home. Aparna acts and asks about the baby. She says she went out for 5 mins and Kalyani took baby with her. Malhar says he got a call that Kalyani is caught cheating. Aparna recalls keeping chits in Billu’s handkerchief. Malhar shows the chit to Aparna and says it is your hand writing. Aparna says it is not her hand writing. Malhar says I know your hand writing. Aparna apologizes and tells that she wants Kalyani to stay at home and handle the baby. Malhar says again lie and tells that you are worried that Kalyani and I may get close. He laughs and says I have hatred for Kalyani, just as I have hatred for Sampada.

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Kalyani comes home and tells that she wants to tell him that Principal let her write the exam, as he was sure that the handwriting is not hers. Malhar recalls telling Principal about the truth by calling him. Kalyani asks Aparna to know about the syllabus before making chits else you will caught like this time. She tells that you will not believe me if I tell you that the handkerchief was of Aparna, and says I will not try to make you believe. She says I didn’t cheat and that’s enough for me. She takes baby from his hand.

Anupriya comes home. Aao Saheb asks why did you lie to me. Pallavi says workers told us everything. Anupriya gives her sweets box and says she didn’t go to the nearest temple, but instead she went to Khandoba’s temple to do mannat for saree order completion. Aao Saheb looks at Pallavi. Anupriya gives sweet box as Prasad. Vivek brings money. Aao Saheb asks him. He says yes. Pallavi says Godaveri’s baba will handle everything and takes bag from his hand, says she will keep it safely inside. Anupriya says financial matters was handled by Aao Saheb only in this house, so this time too she will handle the financial matters. Vivek says because of Aao Saheb, this house is gone to Malhar. Anupriya says no, this money will be with Aao Saheb only and handed over the bag to her. Aao Saheb takes him and goes to her room.


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