My heart knows 2nd March 2022 Written Update

My heart knows 2 March 2022:  On My heart knows Wednesday 2nd March 2022 update Zee world, Kalyani, Anupriya and Sarthak seeing the flowers from the tree falling on Anupriya when the heavy wind comes. Siddhivinayak song plays….The ladies standing nearby are shocked. Kalyani thanks Ganapati bappa and says I will fulfill my promise, and will be shield to Aai. She tells the ladies that her Aai haven’t done anything wrong and that’s why Ganapati bappa himself gave the flower in her Aai’s hands so that she presents the flowers in his temple. She says she will be stand by her like a shield. Sarthak asks her to take care and is leaving. Kalyani says I have seen love in your eyes for my Aai and says I know she has blackmailed you. She says Malhar has found a device using which he will find out the truth. Sarthak asks if she is talking about the hearing aid and says it is your responsibility to make sure that Malhar exposes Ketki. He says he heard her talking about the hearing device.

Ketki asks Devdutt to switch off the device. Devdutt says it is locked and unlocks it. Ketki asks him to switch it off. Devdutt says it is switched on by mistake. Malhar and Prateik hear the background sound and find music school sound. Just then Devdutt switches off the device. Malhar asks Pawar to locate Baba. He sees the man and asks who is here? Pawar says they have kept him for the drainage work. The man washes his face and wipes his face.

Kalyani tells Atharv and Moksh about Sarthak saving Anupriya. Malhar comes there. Kalyani asks Atharv to ask baba when he will find her baba. Malhar asks him to tell his Aai that we are all searching him and will not be found if asked. Atharv says the same. Kalyani asks him to ask baba if she shall get the food. Malhar asks Atharv to tell his Aai that he can take the food himself and is not unwell. Kalyani asks Atharv to tell his baba that she is fine and can take her medicine. Malhar asks him to tell that his Aai is Aai is grown up 25 years old horse and asks her to leave childishness. Atharv asks who is horse? Kalyani says she will take him for horse ride and asks him to tell his baba that his Aai is not a child. Malhar asks him to take his Aai on horse ride too and says kids like it. Kalyani says I am not a small girl. Malhar says kids will be kids and don’t grow wearing sindoor and mangalsutra. Atharv asks them to talk to each other and says I am going to ride on 25 years old horse ride.

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Kalyani says he has grown old and don’t know that I am young. She says generation gap is a big problem. Malha says Moksh will grow up first than Kalyani. Sarthak and Ketki come there. Sarthak says I have a request, tomorrow is Ketki and my marriage, I don’t want Kalyani to do drama as I came to know about Kalyani accusing Ketki. Ketki says you trust me, I don’t care for other’s thoughts. Sarthak asks Malhar to keep her away from his marriage. Anupriya comes to Malhar and tells that she will take kalyani with her until you come to take her. She holds her hand and takes Kalyani from there. Malhar gets upset.

Later Kalyani is in Aao Saheb’s side of house. Malhar talks to Pawar and says music academy’s voice was coming from background. He looks at Kalyani and says your concentration is not on studies. He then pretends to talk to Pawar and ends the call. He thinks she did a mistake and has so much attitude, thinks she went with her Aai. Kalyani thinks he didn’t stop me and thinks if he gets more angry then his hairs will fall down. Malhar holds his hairs and thinks he has same hairs when he was having when she was 20 years old. He thinks she fought with me and went with her Aai. Kalyani thinks she had some ego, but if he calls her then she will come back to him. Malhar thinks if you refuse when I call you. Kalyani thinks did mad dog bite me, you know that I get sleep when I am with Billu and you. Malhar and Kalyani come to each other. Malha says why did you go? Kalyani asks him to say. Malhar says I was saying that….Moksh is missing you a lot and asks her to take Moksh with her. Kalyani says ofcourse, I was missing Billu. Malhar says if you was thinking the same. She says yes and says what did you think? Malhar says I thought…and gets emotional. He says I thought…she asks what? He says let it go. They turn their heads and cry. Jo tu mera hamdard hai….plays….Kalyani cries. Malhar turns and look at her. He gets a call from Atul and says Atul Mama, how are you? Kalyani asks where is Papa? She calls everyone. Malhar asks him to say. Atul says Vaman’s men had caught me, but I ran away and asks him to save him. Ketki hears and gets shocked. Malhar calls back on the number, but it can’t be connected. Malhar calls Pawar. Kalyani tells that she trust Malhar ji and he will bring Papa back. Ketki thinks how can Atul elope. Sarthak looks at Ketki. Kalyani thinks Ketki’s truth will come out infront of everyone.

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Ketki’s man comes to Deshmukh’s house holding something and collides with Malhar.

Malhar colliding with Ketki’s partner outside the house, says sorry. Man says ok. Malhar calls driver to bring the car and asks Pawar to make the team ready. The man goes inside Aao Saheb’s house. The Servant asks who are you? Man says someone wants me to keep this stuff here. Servant asks him to keep it there. Kalyani comes to Malhar. Malhar says Baba will be found and will tell that Ketki is not involved. He goes. Sarthak says this happens with evil people and says I will not marry you and will not be quiet. He says I am going to tell truth to Malhar. Ketki plays Atul’s recording and says what will happen now. She says after this call, my game is over, I am worried to be exposed before Malhar. She says what did you think that this is Atul’s voice, no. She says this is my man’s Kapil’s voice and he can copy anyone’s voice. She shows him Atul’s video in which Atul is pleading infront of them to kill him. Sarthak gets shocked.

Ketki smiles and says Sarthak ji, focus on our marriage as tomorrow is the most beautiful day of the life as I will get a chance to be close to Malhar and will complete Vaman dada’s work. Sarthak is shocked and goes. Pawar talks to Patil and says all force is ready. Malhar comes and asks about the call traced. Pawar says it is same what Atul dada told. Malhar thinks I will not return home until I fine about Baba and will fulfill promise made to Kalyani. Anupriya is searching a saree. Sarthak comes there and asks if she is searching this saree, says Malhar had given it to Ketki. Anupriya asks do you think we will insult your would be wife. Kalyani and Sampada come there. Sarthak asks Anupriya to see the saree carefully. Kalyani says why did Kaka say this and checks the saree with Sampada. She finds message written on the saree. Kalyani tells Anupriya and reads message that Atul is in Ketki’s captivity. Kalyani says that voice might be fraud and tells that Malhar might have left by now. She says she will call Malhar. Sampada says Malhar will not believe you. Kalyani says I knew seeing her relieved and has planned beforehand. Sampada and Kalyani come outside Ketki’s room. Kalyani tells Sampada that she has mixed sleeping pill tablets in vaporizer water. Ketki takes the steam and faints. Sampada and Kalyani come to room and make her lie down. Kalyani asks Sampada to check for some clue. Sampada gives mobile. Kalyani says there might be nothing in phone as she is very clever. Ketki turns while unconscious/sleepy and Kalyani finds lipstick under her pillow. Sampada says she went to get the lipstick from market. Kalyani opens the lipstick and finds message chit in it, that Vaman is getting escaped from jail tomorrow. Sampada says I am scared. Kalyani takes the pic.

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Kalyani says Malhar’s call is not connecting. She asks Sampada to keep eye on Ketki and says I will end her drama tomorrow, before the marriage happens. She says this Ketki’s trick will not be fulfilled. Anupriya says Malhar will not believe you. Kalyani says he will come to know about the truth himself. Malhar talks to someone and says he didn’t sleep all night and asks the person to leave his sleep. Kalyani comes to the Police station wearing veil on her head. Malhar asks how can I help you. Kalyani removes veil from the head. He gets surprised.

He asks what is this tamasha and says you disguised yourself to tell me that Ketki is a terrorist. Kalyani says she is not lying. Malhar says I am trying to find baba. Kalyani says I am trying to help you and covers her pallu on their head. Malhar says this is Police station and not our home, asks her to leave him. He looks at her. Kalyani is wearing the saree which Sarthak gave with the message. Malhar happens to see the message that Atul is still in Ketki’s captivity. He asks what is all this? Kalyani says Kaka gave this saree. Malhar says Kaka can’t do this. Kalyani says what do you want to say that I have written this. She says you don’t trust me, I didn’t do this and can prove too.

She knows the message which she found in the lipstick kept under Ketki’s pillow that Vaman is going to elope today. Malhar says I don’t believe this. Just then Pawar comes and tells that Vaman eloped from the police custody while taken to other jail. Malhar says I will talk to Ketki and goes. Kalyani tries to stop him and her saree is about to come. She stops to sets her saree and pallu. Ketki’s man comes there and is about to take Malhar’s wallet. Kalyani asks him to stop and he runs. She tries to hold him and his beard comes out. Kalyani is shocked.

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