My heart knows 10th March 2022 Written Update

My heart knows 10 March 2022:  On My heart knows Thursday 10th March 2022 update Zee world, Malhar asking Pawar to take the car to shed and get it cleaned without getting proofs wiped out. He says I have a doubt on Aao Saheb and villagers, they might be knowing something and that’s why want to stop the cleaning work. Asawari tells Madhav that they are overthinking and tells that Malhar must not know about the car. Malhar comes home. Kalyani asks did you talk to Kaka? Malhar says even Kaka is supporting the villagers and says do you know what was in that pond. She asks what? Malhar says nothing. Kalyani sees Swara coming and pulls Malhar near her and tears his shirt button. She says you break the button intentionally so that I stitched it daily. She pulls his cheeks. He says I think you break it so that you get a chance to stitch it and come closer near me. He pulls her cheeks. She says this is my cheeks and not of a criminal. He says sorry. Kalyani says I will bring the needle and stitch the button. Swara hears them. Kalyani brings the needle and thread and starts stitching his shirt button. Main toh tere rang me rang chuka hun …sab tera plays….Malhar and Kalyani get lost in each other eyes. She continues to stitch the shirt and gets the needle pierced in her finger. Malhar sucks her finger. Kalyani sees Swara gone and says it is an ordinary thing, I fought with the shark. Malhar says I had only saved you. He gets Pawar’s call and comes to know that doors are not opening and they have to call mechanic. Malhar says ok and says they shall not know about it.

Kalyani tells Anupriya about Malhar getting Pawar’s call. She tells that he wants to tell her something, but didn’t tell. Anupriya tells that she tried to call on that number, but the call was unreachable. Swara comes there. Kalyani shows the ghungroo and says she has surprise for her. She says Aai and I have stitched it, asks if she liked it. Swara gets angry and asks how dare you to steal it? Kalyani says I took it to stitch it and surprise you. She says I didn’t know that you are so touchy about it else I wouldn’t have touched it. Swara shivers. Kalyani asks what happened, if she is alright. Swara pushes her. Anupriya holds kalyani. Swara goes out. Kalyani goes behind her. Madhav comes there. Swara hides the ghungroo. Madhav asks Kalyani to give him food after 1 hour, after he finishes his riyaaz.

Kalyani says SB told me everything. He says you named Asawari good. Madhav sees ghungroo beside Swara’s foot and asks what this is doing here. Kalyani says it is mine, I had worn this for college function and Swara saw it. Madhav tells Kalyani that he don’t like such things at home. Asawari tells Madhav that Kalyani doesn’t know that he don’t like bahu and beti to dance. Anupriya assures that Kalyani will not do anything against his wish. Kalyani observes them and tells Anupriya that Swara wants to dance and she couldn’t dance because of madhav. She says she will make Malhar and Swara befriend each other again.

Malhar comes to the car shed while the mechanic is trying to open the door. Mechanic tells that it is very much jammed and tells that he needs tools to be brought from the city. Pawar asks him to break the door. Malhar says no and asks him to go and get the tools. Mechanic leaves. Kalyani calls Malhar and asks what is he doing? Malhar says he is watching Lavani dance. Kalyani asks him to talk nicely sometimes and says you was always rude to me. Malhar says you know that I am busy in pond work. Kalyani says I called you as Billu was missing you. She makes him talk to Moksh. Moksh makes a sound. Malhar says I will come home soon and thanks Kalyani. Kalyani asks him to come carefully. He asks Pawar to call him, just as Mechanic brings the tools.

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Kalyani tells Moksh that Malhar gave him a good idea about Lavani and says Madhav, Asawari and Aahir are not at home. She says Madhav had said that the bahu and beti can’t dance infront of them and says she can dance when alone. Malhar comes to his room. Kalyani switches off the room’s light and comes there wearing saree surprising Malhar. She dances Lavani wearing ghungroo. Swara hears the sound and comes there. Malhar is very surprised. Kalyani continues to dance. Swara gets hysterical and comes inside the room. She makes strange sound shocking Kalyani and Malhar. Kalyani switches on the lights. Swara looks at Kalyani angrily.

Kalyani dancing on the Lavani song infront of Malhar and Moksh in their room. Swara comes there and takes heavy breaths acting hysterical. Malhar asks what happened to you, why you are taking heavy breathing. Swara pushes Malhar and walks near Kalyani. Kalyani says I wore these ghungroos intentionally so that you come here. She asks what is in this ghungroo. Swara pushes malhar againj when he tries to stop her. Swara holds the vase and tries to hit Kalyani, but stops. Malhar asks her to calm down and asks what happened? He asks her to tell. Swara cries and looks at kalyani. She touches her face and says you came after many days, didn’t you remember me. Swara faints. Malhar checks her pulse and calls doctor. Doctor comes and checks her. He tells him that she will gain consciousness in sometime and got panic attack, it happens when someone gets some trauma. He says it is acute conversion reactions. Malhar asks what about the breathing problem. Doctor tells that it happens during panic attack and tells that they have to check her for Asthma. Malhar says he is not having Asthma. Kaluani asks Doctor to check her and says she will go and search in her room if she has Asthma. She checks in her cupboard and finds kamarpatta and Lavani dance CDS. She thinks it is present with the Lavani dancer. She then thinks to search the Asthma pump. She gets it. Malhar says she was not having Asthma in childhood. Doctor says we have to find out why she got it and asks him to bring the medicines which he wrote.

Kalyani sits at Swara’s side and asks what she was telling. Madhav, Asawari and Aahir come home. Malhar asks them why they didn’t tell that Swara has Asthma problem. Madhav asks what happened to her. Asawari says we hid this fact from her so that her alliance happens. Kalyani comes wearing ghungroo and asks Asawari why Swara got hysterical and stressed. Malhar tells that Kalyani likes dancing and was dancing in her room when Swara came angrily as if her blood is boiling up and her breath was heavy. Madhav shouts looking at Kalyani and says I told you not to wear ghungroo. He asks how dare you to wear it when I asked you not to wear and scolds her for not agreeing to his sayings. He blames her for Swara’s condition. Malhar asks what are you saying? Madhav says there must be a reason behind it and then scolds Anupriya for giving her daughter such values. Kalyani says I was wearing ghungroo in my room and dancing. Madhav shouts at her. Asawari says Kalyani didn’t do intentionally. Madhav asks her to go and see Swara.

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Malhar asks Kalyani if baba asked her not to wear ghungroo. Kalyani cries and says I didn’t know that Swara’s condition will worsen because of me. Malhar says why did you wear you when baba asked you not to wear it. He says you are still wearing it. He takes it out and goes out. Kalyani goes behind him. Madhav is angry. Kalyani tells Malhar that she didn’t want to do that. Malhar says you have childishness, but sometimes you can behave maturely. He asks her to understand him and says he wants his family to love her more than they love him. Kalyani says I know that I did a mistake. Malhar keeps finger on her lips and asks her to rectify her mistake. He says if my Aai and baba aren’t happy with you or don’t like you then I will be hurt. He says you and my family are both important to me. He says I hate to talk to you in this tone and throws away the ghungroo and leaves. Kalyani says sorry and cries. Anupriya comes there. Kalyani hugs her.

Kalyani tells Anupriya that she didn’t do it intentionally and asks why I will make Madhav ji angry. Anupriya says I know you, but they didn’t know you. She says every girl has to change for her sasural. Kalyani says you have to hear scoldings because of me. Anupriya says its ok. Kalyani laughs and asks why Swara got the panic attack hearing the ghungroo sound and tells what she said.

Sarthak asks Madhav why did he tell Malhar that Swara’s condition worsened due to the ghungroo sound and tells that if they find out. Madhav asks why did bahu wear ghungroo going against my sayings. Asawari says if they come to know about this then they will know about 26 july incident. Sarthak says if Swara tells truth to Malhar.

Kalyani is taking food for Swara. Madhav asks her. Kalyani says she is taking food for Swara. Madhav shouts calling Asawari and asks why bahu is taking food for Swara. He says you will not go to Swara’s room. Kalyani says I will not talk to her about it. Madhav asks Malhar if his wife will not listen to him. Kalyani says I will not go. Madhav says nobody shall ask what happened to her. Asawari asks Kalyani not to worry and says I will make him understand. Kalyani thanks her. Anupriya thinks thank god, saas is accepting Kalyani. Aao Saheb comes calling Malhar.

Aao Saheb scolding Malhar for getting the Pond cleaned and playing with villagers’ sentiments. She asks how dare you to go against her and asks if he don’t value her devotion and sentiments. Sarthak asks when did he get the pond clean? Malhar says I didn’t get the pond clean today and says he got it done yesterday night only. He says the stay order date was of today. He says whoever was objecting shall worry now. Sarthak asks why? Malhar says we got something while cleaning the pond and throws the pics of the car found from the pond. Everyone is shocked. Malhar says we got this car from the pond. Asawari and her son get shocked. Malhar asks Aao Saheb if she recognizes this car. Aao Saheb asks do I take care of all the cars. Malhar says there was some crime happened near the pond and whoever was objecting for clearance will be doubtful. Aao Saheb says she didn’t know about the car. Malhar says may be and tells that whoever has done this crime, will be punished badly. Pawar tells that mechanic couldn’t open the decky and tells that they have to break it. Malhar asks him to get the decky broken. Aahir tells Asawari that their lives will be ruined if Malhar comes to know this and says I shall tell him. Sarthak stops him and says we will think what to do, it is foolishness to tell him. Asawari says we can’t tell him. Aahir says if Malhar comes to know then we will not get place to hide our faces.

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Madhav is doing riyaaz and playing a musical instruments. Kalyani and Atharv looks at him. Kalyani tells that he plays so nice, he is so talented and Malhar ji has no talent. Atharv says even I have no talent. Kalyani says if he puts his video on internet then he will get famous and the big directors will take him in films to play tanpura. She records him playing music. Madhav finishes playing and keeps the tanpura. He then holds it and breaks it, hitting on the floor. He cries. Kalyani asks Atharv to be quiet. Sarthak comes there and sees Madhav weeping. Kalyani and Atharv go from there.

Sarthak says you didn’t let anyone touch it, but today you broke it. Madhav says it was related to 26th july and says everyone has to give sacrifices and asks what he thought about Anupriya. Sarthak asks why Anupriya? Madhav says Anupriya is related to 26th july and you have to take decision about her.

Kalyani asks Asawari why Madhav broke the tanpura. Asawari says may be he couldn’t make the good music and that’s why he broke it. Moksh cries. Kalyani asks him if he wants to have lays and shows the packet. Malhar comes and scolds her politely for making him eat it, says it is not good for small children. Atharv asks him not to scold his Aai and says it is Balu’s favorite chips. Malhar asks him to be quiet. He checks the packet and sees fruits in it. Kalyani says he likes the noise of the packet and that’s why I give everything in packet. Asawari says you are very lucky to have such a wife and asks him if he is going tonight for work. She says she will pack tiffin for him. Malha says he is not going as decky will be opened in the morning. Atharv asks Kalyani and Malhar to talk. Kalyani smiles.

Anupriya tells Sarthak that she forgot where she delivered the saree on 26th july and gave you the receipt. Sarthak says I was busy and couldn’t find out. He asks why you are worried. She says she is worried as the amount is big and if she got received the money then Aao Saheb will scold her. She says what Kalyani will learn from me. Sarthak says she is like my daughter now, as I promised Atul. Anupriya thanks and holds his hand. Sarthak gets moved by her gesture and smiles. Sad song plays in the background. He then recalls Madhav’s words and thinks I hope we could wipe out our past from 26th july.

Madhav asks Sarthak what he decided about Anupriya. Sarthak says whatever I decide will be for everyone’s betterment. Aahir says Malhar must have opened the car decky by now.

The bomb squad checks for the bomb or explosives in the car and says there is nothing in it and you can break the door. Malhar asks Pawar to break the door.

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