My Desire Starlife Full Story: Plot Summary And Casts

My Desire Starlife: is an Indian Romance drama television series produced by Ekta Kapoor for Starlife tv, the show premiered on 9 June 2022 and stars Sargun Kaur Luthra and Abrar Qazi. A passionate love story between a famous rockstar, Rudraksh Khurana and a gynaecologist, Dr. Preesha Srinivasan who fall in love after raising their sibling’s son together.


My Desire Starlife

My Desire Starlife

My Desire Starlife Full Story/Plot Summary:

Preesha Srinivasan has been caring for the nephew of her, Saransh in the wake of their sister Mahima died in birth. The son of Preesha is a huge lover of Rudraksh “Rudra” Khurana, an extremely wealthy and famous rocker who isn’t a believer in love, and is hated by Preesha. Preesha’s pal Yuvraj lawyer Yuvraj is a fake love interest who tries to convince her to get a job from her father who is a judge. When they discover that Saransh’s cousin is Rudra’s, Rajeev’s child, Yuvraj blackmails him for money. Yuvraj killed Rajeev and Preesha is blamed for the murder to help his life. Rudra resolves to get revenge on his brother and discovers the truth about Saransh being the son of Rajeev, believing Preesha is his biological mother. In a twist, Rudra takes Yuvraj’s place on the day of their wedding and marries Preesha to take the complete control of Saransh. Preesha is proven innocent and is allowed to remain in the Khurana house to care for Saransh. In order to stop the child care service from removing Saransh, Rudra and Preesha appear to be a happy couple.

In the pretense of creating love for the sake of all and Saransh begins to feel a real love for one another. They become friends at their friend’s wedding, despite Yuvraj trying to make them different. Rudra assists in getting Saransh acceptance into a prestigious school. Saransh is kidnapped and Rudra and Preesha are closer to discovering his. Rudra assists Preesha when she is injured and fights for her while she treats COVID patients. Rudra gets admission in Saaransh school to continue his education at Preesha’s encouragement.101-150 Rudra keeps failing to express his feeling towards Preesha. Preesha begins to question her feelings because Rudra continues to do things that make her feel good, such as defending her family. Rudra and Preesha become popular after they do an interview. Rudra observes Preesha getting slapped by Yuvraj and begging to keep him away. However, Rahul who is a music producer, causes a miscommunication between them, making Rudra believe that Preesha is still in love with Yuvraj and cheating on him. Both of them get into a massive dispute and Rudra informs Preesha that she’ll be able to be able to see the severity of his anger.

Because of his affection to Preesha, Rudra struggles to keep Preesha away from him, even while he abuses her. At the concert, Rudra is able to make Preesha unhappy by using Keerti as his co-singer. Keerti is killed, and the blame falls on Rudra. Preesha helps Rudra. Rudra learns Preesha isn’t Saaransh’s mother and Rahul admits to him the lie he told him was false. Rudra pursues Preesha apologizes and confesses his love for her deeply during the drizzle. He falls on her feet before all the family. They head off on their honeymoon in order to begin their relationship over. Their honeymoon is interrupted by the return of the evil Mahima Saransh’s mom. Mahima plans to take over the custody of Saaransh to secure his trust fund.
Mahima gets custody. Preesha collaborates alongside Rudra along with Yuvraj to expose Mahima. Preesha pretends that she is betraying Rudra and then fakes her wedding with Yuvraj and Rudra pretends to be married to Mahima to prevent her from departing with Saransh. Preesha eventually confesses her love for Rudra and they kiss each other during Christmas. Mahima learns about their plot through Yuvraj and keeps destroying all evidence that she has against her. She swaps Rudra to a double named Bhuvan which makes Preesha mistakenly believe that she bonded with a fake Rudra which upsets Preesha’s soul which causes her to start hating Rudra. Bhuvan, keeps pursuing Preesha as Rudra.

Balraj discovers the truth, and is killed in the hands of Mahima as well as Bhuvan. In reality, Rudra is detained. Preesha is then aware that the fake didn’t have the an actual birthmark of Rudra. Mahima is taken into custody. Rudra along with Preesha are finally content together, and they have a romantic moment when Rudra is seen pulling her hair and kisses her and says that they will ever separate them again. Rudra is later able to find his mother of birth, Sulochana, and his half-brother Kabir unaware that they are seeking the wealth of the Khurana family. Preesha uncovers the truth about themand trying to disclose it to Rudra but fails. While she is at it, Rudra tells Preesha that she would like to have children with her. She attempts to figure out ways to have a relationship. Kabir is able to trick Ahana into helping them get their property, by getting married in order to get the custody rights of Saransh. Kabir finds Rudra kidnapped by Mahima with the help of Kabir.

Preesha is undercover and helps Rudra while Mahima escapes. The family relocates to Goa. Preesha is plotting for a halt to Kabir and Ahana’s wedding, she gets Ahana wed to Yuvraj. Ahana escapes to London. Rudra gets angry with Preesha but comes to terms with her after Rudra gives her CPR after rescuing Preesha from drowning. Mishka and Kabir are married and elope. They take control of Saransh and later abduct the man. Mishka is threatening to explode herself and Saransh when the police get involved. Rudra takes control of the situation, however things turn tragic when Preesha is able to sneak in the police. Saransh along with Mishka are believed to be dead. Rudra is blaming Preesha for the death of Saransh. Rudra blames Preesha to have not trusted her over his brother and mother earlier. Rudra and Preesha are divorced. Rudra promises not to perform again after losing his son. Preesha nearly falls off a cliff, but she saves her from the cliff by Armaan Thakur.
Six months later.

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Preesha lives in Goa with Armaan as well as his child Anvi and Anvi in Goa. Rudra is manager at the hotel in Delhi and there he meets Armaan’s sister Devika who develops a love interest on him. Rudra and Preesha eventually get together in Goa. Rudra is unaware that Preesha is engaged to Armaan and they get into an argument at the wedding reception in which he dances rough with Preesha. Rudra causes Preesha unhappy by proposing to Devika. Preesha is smitten by the sight of Rudra as well as Devika, Rudra keeps questioning her about how his touch influences her, and she finally admits she is in love with Rudra. A group of goons attacks Preesha, Rudra saves her and Armaan takes them into a dangerous situation. Rudra and Preesha find out that Mishka is alive and well with Ahana. As they live together, and spy on their friends, Rudra and Preesha remember their past. Ahaana tells a tale in which Rudra and Preesha mourn together. Rudra says to her that he is still looking for to see them together. Armaan and Devika discover Rudra and Preesha getting married. Devika is discovered dead. Preesha is taken into custody in the meantime and Rudra promises to help her released. In the court, Preesha gets accused of having a relationship in a relationship with Rudra as well as having an affair. He kills Devika because of jealousy.

Rudra helps Preesha and gets the mother of his son Sulochana sentenced. Rudra kneels at Preesha’s feet , begging for forgiveness. Armaan is the one who takes Preesha out to Shimla and then she spikes her drink to cause Rudra confuse Preesha. Rudra ignites the entire room, and then takes Preesha away. Drunk Preesha lures Rudra. In the morning, he tricks her by telling her they had a night together. Armaan and Rudra fight. Rudra is critically injured at his birthday. Preesha finally admits to her love for Rudra.
Rudraksh arranges an unintentional wedding ceremony with Anvi’s biological mom and Armaan’s wife Sania to obtain information about Saransh. Preesha does not believe Rudra leaving. She is able to make Rudra jealous, and seduces him in the bathroom of the men’s . Preesha employs a private investigator and discovers who Sania is.

Sania manipulates the scene to ensure that Preesha is confused with Rudra. Preesha demands Armaan for her wedding in order to make Rudra to admit. Rudra arrives to interrupt the wedding and tell Preesha that he loves her deeply and also that his son lives with them. Preesha presents Krishna to him and tells him that Saaransh is his father, and shows the birthmark on his body.

Ahaana and Mishka are arrested. Rudra and Preesha’s wedding celebrations begin to Armaan’s displeasure. Rudra becomes suspicious towards Armaan.

At their sangeet Rudra performs “will you marry me” their song specifically for Preesha that aids Saaransh in remembering certain details.

Rudra and Preesha are wedding twice. South Indian and Punjabi style. Saransh has his memory restored. Preesha is grand graha pravesh the house of Khurana. Armaan enters the Khurana home and sprinkles itching powder on their mattress. Rudra realizes that someone has played with them but refuses let their wedding day be spoilt. He brings Preesha to their bathroomand they share a shower. Rudra is openly threatening Armaan telling him he’s aware of the things is happening. Preesha says to Rudra she would like Rudra to become an Rockstar once more. Their lawyers inform them that they are legal guardians for Saransh and have been able to acquire all their assets. Rudra and Preesha are always pursuing their dreams and play. Rudra continues to be frustrated since every attempt at intimacy is unsuccessful. In the press conference, they announce that they are thrilled to be back together as family, which causes Anvi unhappy. Anvi finds a vehicle to hit Saransh however Sharda helps him out and is injured instead.
Mr Ahuja informs Rudra that he must depart to Shimla to perform on his tour. Armaan and Sania arrive pretending as if they are fixing their marriage. Armaan says to Mr Ahuja to provide him with drinks that could cause damage to his voice. Rudra is in a panic when his voice is lost, however Preesha discovers the cause and prescribes him the medicine that he requires. Rudraksh dedicates a life-changing tune to Preesha and does a fantastic job.

Rudra is in a heated disagreement with Armaan who confesses that he has been playing around with the two. He wants Rudra to exchange wives one night, which angers Rudra. Rudra is beaten up before everyone else and Armaan adds a little spice to his drink. Rudra enters his room, agitated and Preesha disoriented. They mingle as she try to calm him. Armaan warns Sonia to keep her from Rudra and she takes Rudra into his room and says Armaan is attacking her. Rudra walks away with a sleepy Preesha. Armaan and Sania created a trap to Rudra. However, Rudra and Preesha get caught by Armaan and Sania by using Mishka and then finally getting rid of the two. Rudra says to Preesha that he would like to plan their suhaagraat in the future since he doesn’t recall it. They both of them come up with plans to plan it. Preesha dresses in sexy nightwear and cuffs him. Rudra book a suite for them in which Rudra sings for Preesha, Preesha books a hotel where they play the role of pretending to be strangers, but each plan is constantly interrupted. Rudra and Preesha attempt to bring Mishka and Param Rudra’s manager, to get together. Preesha is admitted to her hospital and Rudra assists her.

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Preesha’s brother Venkatesh “Venky” Srinivasan who was missing for over ten years, has been discovered. He attempted suicide after an untrue molestation charge, and was kept from view by GPS. Preesha is delighted to have him back , however Rudra is wary of his behavior. Venky attempts to stop Param as well as Mishka’s wedding because Mishka was the one who accused him of being a liar. Rudra learns about it and warns Venky to stay away from the wedding. Venky confronts Rudra to prove Preesha will not accept his claim. Venky is the cause of disagreement among Rudra as well as Preesha but eventually Rudra confronts Venky. Preesha apologizes to Rudra and requests Venky to fall in love with her. They then have a long night being intimate. In the morning, tragedy strikes them. Venky is kidnapped by Saaransh, Rudra gets into a dispute with him which leads to Venky gets shot. Preesha accepts the blame for saving Rudra and is arrested. She is sentenced to die since Rudra is in a state of unconsciousness. Yuvraj Pillai aids her escape from jail since she’s pregnant, and then they stage her death in order to protect her child. Rudra is convinced that Preesha was killed in an blaze just as he tries to save her. He then falls into depression.
Five years five years later Preesha is now raising her daughter with Rudraksh Ruhi Khurana. Rudra has been a part of Preesha’s past and is now an alcoholic who is cynical.

Rudra must perform at Rohtak in which Preesha is in hiding with Ruhi and their daughter. Rudra helps Ruhi as she is talented artist like him and they begin to form a bond. Preesha is eager to meet Rudra gets into his show and catches the glimpse of her, before she flees away. He eludes her, and Ruhi helps him escape from the goons. Ruhi is hiding Rudra in a house behind their home and Rudra wants to see her mother. Rudra and Preesha each have their own moments of a miss or a hit where they both realize that they are connected because of their touching. Rudra and Ruhi create a beautiful relationship since Rudra is very connected to Ruhi, who is very close to her. Ruhi decides to want Rudra as her father. Bunty discovers Preesha has returned and she tells her everything about Rudra trying to locate her. She demands that he promise to not tell Rudra anything. Yuvraj causes a mishap, but Rudra and Preesha are able to see each other when Rudra saves Ruhi along with himself from a burning house and then falls into the arms of Preesha. Rudra confronts Preesha to confront her about hiding from her and she confesses that she went to great lengths to safeguard him, but Rudra says that his life is useless without her, and that he will keep her forever. Yuvraj appears and creates the impression about whether Ruhi has become his son because of Preesha having a affair with Rudra. Preesha is pressured by Yuvraj to help Rudra and gives in to Yuvraj’s machinations. Rudra gets angry at Preesha. Ruhi will try to heal Rudra as well as Preesha. The three are trapped in a forest where they get to spend time together as a unit. Rudra keeps questioning Preesha. Preesha is moved to Delhi with Ruhi. They work in the Khurana school. Rudra is a frequent visitor to the two of them. Rudra and Preesha team up to uncover a fraud Bunty created to raise funds. Bunty put Preesha and Ruhi’s lives into danger, and Rudra helps the two. Saaransh is shocked by the news that Preesha lives. Ruhi requires blood, that is identical to Rudra ‘s blood type, which is rare and Preesha eventually informs Rudra she believes that Ruhi was their daughter. Rudra is able to save Ruhi and is furious at Preesha. He demands that police take her into custody after he admits that the woman is his wife, and is still alive. The two Saaransh as well as Ruhi decide to bring Preesha out to teach Rudra the lesson of having their mother sent to prison.

Preesha’s case is reopened and Saaransh employs Vaijanti to act as her attorney. Rudra remains furious with Preesha however he accosts the children who are unable to speak to him. Preesha is released on bail, and both are stranded for the night in the hotel. Rudra is bitten by chicken pox and Preesha puts him in a bed against his wishes. Preesha feeds him and cleans her hands and cares for his. The children take Preesha home to Khurana home. In her trial, the story of Venky’s murder are finally exposed and Vaijanti is detained. Rudra discovers that Preesha was just trying to help Venky.

They are happy to be reunited. Rudra and Preesha are waiting to tell Ruhi about Rudra being her father. Rudra goes with Preesha to a great date. Dev the school bully, starts pestering Ruhi as well as Saaransh. Rudra is forced to move Preesha to their bedroom and they start to fall in love. In Holi, Ruhi finds out that Rudraksh is her father. she promises them that they will never be a couple ever again. Yuvraj drinks Preesha’s drink with a spike. He attempts to record the two of them, however Rudra arrives drunk, and Yuvraj gets to watch the two of them have a romantic relationship. Rudra decides to be a music teacher at Khurana school, so that she can be closer to Preesha and the children. Preesha plays Rudra all the tapes of childhood from their child. Dev continues to harass the family members and his mother Revati who is also the police commissioner , protects the police commissioner. Yuvraj confesses to Rudra that Preesha believed he was the one responsible for Rajeev’s death throughout the years, which leads to the two to fight. Rudra and Preesha and Yuvraj flees. Rudra lies on the couch and is able to appear normal the presence of his family. Saaransh accidentally knocks Dev off a structure while trying to protect Ruhi which results in Dev’s death. Rudra and Preesha are in a panic and decide to put Dev’s body in a group in order to protect their family.

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Brief Information and Details on My Desire Starlife.

  • Genre: Romance
  • First Episode: 9 June 2022
  • Total number of episodes:655
  • Total numbers of the season: Two
  •  Channel: StarLife Africa
  • Network: Star Plus Tv
  • Original nameYeh Hai Chahatein
  • Tele Country: Indian
  • Last Episode: Nil
  • Time Slot: Monday -Sunday 6 pm (CAT)


My Desire Casts Starlife


  • Sargun Kaur Luthra  Acted As ==> Dr. Preesha Rudraksh Khurana (nee Srinivasan) – Gynaecologist; Rudraksh’s wife; Ruhi’s mother; Saransh’s aunt and adoptive mother; Vasudha and Gopal’s younger daughter; Venky and Mahima’s sister.

    Sargun Kaur Luthra as Dr. Preesha Khurana


  • Abrar Qazi  Acted As ==> Rudraksh “Rudra” Balraj Khurana – A Rockstar; Preesha’s husband; Ruhi’s father; Saransh’s uncle and adoptive father. Sulochana and Balraj’s younger son; Sharda’s step-son; Rajeev’s brother; Kabir’s half-brother.

    Abrar Qazi as Rudraksh “Rudra” Khurana

  • Krish Chugh Acted As ==> Saransh Rajeev Khurana – Mahima and Rajeev’s son; Preesha and Rudraksh’s nephew and adopted son; Ruhi’s cousin and adopted brother
    • Vidhaan Sharma / Yagya Bhasin / Ali Dhuru Acted As ==> Child Saransh Khurana

      Swarna Pandey as Ruhi Khurana

  • Swarna Pandey Acted As ==> Ruhi Rudraksh Khurana – Preesha and Rudraksh’s daughter; Saransh’s cousin sister and adoptive sister


  • Indira Krishnan Acted As ==> Vasudha Srinivasan – Gopal’s wife; Venky, Mahima and Preesha’s mother; Saransh and Ruhi’s maternal grandmother
  • Vijay Kashyap / Gulshan Pandey Acted As ==> Gopal Srinivasan – Retired Judge; Vasudha’s husband; Venky, Mahima and Preesha’s father; Yuvraj’s ex-mentor; Saransh and Ruhi’s maternal grandfather
  • Mallika Nayak Acted As ==> Sharda Khurana – Balraj’s widow; Rajeev and Rudraksh’s step-mother; Saransh and Ruhi’s step-grandmother
  • Aishwarya Khare Acted As ==> Mahima Srinivasan – Vasudha and Gopal’s elder daughter; Venky and Preesha’s sister; Vaijanti’s cousin sister; Rajeev’s lover; Saransh’s mother
  • Prince Mahajan Acted As ==> Venkatesh “Venky” Srinivasan: Vasudha and Gopal’s long-lost son; Mahima and Preesha’s brother; Vaijanti’s cousin
  • Krutika Desai Acted As ==> Advocate Vaijyanti Srinivasan: Venky, Mahima and Preesha’s cousin
  • Sidharth Shivpuri Acted As ==> Advocate Yuvraj Pillai – Gopal’s former employee; Preesha’s ex-fiancé; Ahana’s former husband
  • Poorva Gokhale Acted As ==> Commissioner Revati Choudhary – Rakesh’s wife; Dev and Aliya’s mother
  • Altamash Faraz Acted As ==> Armaan Thakur: A rich businessman; Devika’s brother; Sanya’s husband; Anvi’s father
  • Jeevansh Chadha Acted As ==> Vidyut Rohira
  • Milind Manek Acted As ==> Raj Bansal
  • Nitin Bhatia Acted As ==> Bhairavnath “Bunty” Gupta – Bubble’s husband; Rudraksh’s friend
  • Jyoti Negi Acted As ==> Ankita “Bubble” Gupta – Bunty’s wife; Preesha’s friend
  • Anjali Mukhi Acted As ==> Sulochana Khurana – Balraj’s first wife; Kabir, Rajeev and Rudraksh’s mother; Saransh and Ruhi’s grandmother
  • Satyajit Sharma Acted As ==> Balraj Khurana – Sulochana’s former husband; Sharda’s husband; Kabir’s step-father; Rajeev and Rudraksh’s father; Saransh and Ruhi’s grandfather
  • Indraneil Sengupta Acted As ==> Rajeev Khurana – Sulochana and Balraj’s elder son; Kabir’s half-brother; Rudraksh’s brother; Mahima’s lover; Ahana’s husband; Saransh’s fathe
  • Aishwarya Sakhuja Acted As ==> Ahana Khurana – Niketan’s daughter; Mishka’s sister; Rajeev’s widow; Yuvraj’s former wife
  • Tanu Khan Acted As ==> Mishka “Mish” Singhania – Niketan’s daughter; Ahana’s sister; Kabir’s former wife; Param’s fiancé
  • Puvika Gupta Acted As ==> Anvi Thakur: Sanya and Armaan’s daughter
  • Himani Sahani Acted As ==> Devika Thakur: Armaan’s sister
  • Sonal Vengurlekar Acted As ==> Sanya Dubash Thakur: Armaan’s former wife; Anvi’s mother
  • Karan Kaushal Sharma Acted As ==> Digvijay Thakur: Armaan and Devika’s uncle
  • Pragati Chourasiya Acted As ==> Pihu Thakur: Digvijay and Kanchan’s daughter; Armaan and Devika’s cousin sister
  • Khatija Iqbal Acted As ==> Kaveri Dubey: Surya’s girlfriend; Rudraksh’s fake girlfriend
  • Rupesh Kataria Acted As ==> Suryadhar “Surya” Raina: Kaveri’s boyfriend
  • Bikramjeet Kanwarpal Acted As ==> Niketan Singhania: Ahana and Mishka’s father
  • Priyanka Choudhary Acted As ==> Keerti Jain aka Kittu: Sharda’s friend’s daughter
  • Upen Chauhan Acted As ==> Rahul Arora: Rudraksh’s business rival; Neerja’s husband
  • Melanie Pais Acted As ==> Neerja Arora: Rahul’s wife; Preesha’s friend
  • Shabaaz Abdullah Badi Acted As ==> Arjun Verma: Mahima’s former boyfriend
  • Abrar Qazi  Acted As ==> Bhuvan Garg: Sonia’s brother; Rudraksh’s lookalike
  • Trupti Mishra Acted As ==> Sonia Garg: Bhuvan’s sister; Rudraksh’s obsessed fan
  • Kushansk Arora Acted As ==> Kabir “Kabby” Khurana: Sulochana’s son; Balraj’s step-son; Rajeev and Rudraksh’s half-brother; Mishka’s former husband
  • Saksham Vasu Acted As ==> Sunny Bhattacharya: Saransh’s imposter mentored by Yuvraj
  • Ankur Verma  Acted As ==> Param Aneja: Rudraksh’s friend; Mishka’s fiancé
  • Unknown Acted As ==> Vidhi Aneja: Param’s niece; Saransh’s friend
  • Yajuvendra Singh Acted As ==> Rakesh Choudhary – Revati’s husband; Dev and Aliya’s father; A rich business tycoon.
  • Maisha Dixit Acted As ==> Aliya Choudhary – Revati and Rakesh’s daughter; Dev’s sister; Saransh’s best friend
  • Yash Acharya Acted As ==> Dev Choudhary – Revati and Rakesh’s son; Aliya’s brother; Ruhi and Saransh’s bully and enemy (Dead)
  • Juhi Singh Bajwa Acted As ==> Nalini Sinha – Rakesh’s girlfriend
  • Preeti Chaudhary Acted As ==> Vanshika: Rudraksh’s secretary and friend


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