My desire 28 August 2022 Written Update Starlife

My desire 28 August 2022: On My desire update Sunday 28 August 2022, Rudra touches Preesha’s feet and requests to forgive him if she can. Family stands shocked seeing that. Preesha stops him and says between husband and wife, there shouldn’t be bending but only walking together; they should trust each other forgetting each other’s defects and walk together, she is happy that he realized his mistake. Rudra thanks her and promises that he will not make any mistake again, even if he does his wife is solid strong and will handle him. GPS says accepting mistake is also a big strength; they both are very strong. Sharda says they are made for each other. Vasu says Sharda is right. Ahana and Mishka return to their room and fume seeing Rudra touching Preesha’s feet.

During lunch, Saransh asks GPS and Vasu to stay and play with him as mummy papa are going to ooty. Everyone look in surprise. Rudra asks why can’t he hide secret and says he and Preesha are going to ooty for honeymoon. Ahana says honeymoon after so many days, its absurd, anyways he has to concentrate on his career now. Rudra says his wife is important to him for now and asks Balraj if he will manage till he returns. Balraj says sure, anyways they both need a break. Rudra thanks him and thinks he will find out why Preesha considers herself as Saransh’s mother when she is not.

A woman is seen looking at Rudra and Saransh’s pic and thinks she knows what to do as Rudra is not replying to his message and she has to meet him. Yuvraj walks to Rahul’s home and asks why did he call him. Rahul says he is moving to Switzerland, so he wants to clear Yuvraj’s salary dues. Yuvraj says they decided to continue business together. Rahul says doctor told change of environment for Neerja and baby and suggested Switzerland. Neerja walks in and says Preesha called and informed that she and Rudra are going on a honey to Ooty, now there won’t be any problem between them. Yuvraj fumes hearing that but acts and says its a good news. Baby cries, and she leaves. Rahul suggests Yuvraj to move on and stop bothering Preesha. He agrees and walks out, but then thinks he cannot let it go, he is a villain and will get Preesha for sure, he goes to temple.

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Sharda and Vasu help Preesha pack her bags and discuss that she will not get evil eyes/nazar as 2 mother’s blessings are with her. Rudra walks in, and they walk away. He gets romantic with Preesha and holds her. She shyingly says someone will watch them, they are getting late. He says they are husband and wife and already its late and she should tell him I love you. She looks down nervously and frees herself saying they are getting late. He holds her again and insists to tell I love you. She asks why. He asks when she loves him, she should. She asks who told she loves him. He asks if she doesn’t. She says she may in ooty. He asks why is she making him wait. She says its a revenge. He says he will continue to pester her until she says I love you and will not let her escape. she walks away saying who wants to escape. He says he will make her say I love you for sure. Preesha prays god that nobody should interfere between their happiness.

A woman is seen entering cab and heading towards Khurana mansion. Rahul gets into temple and beggar pesters him for money. He sees money and says even he will beg. Rudra and Preesha leave for honeymoon after pampering Saransh and saying good bye to family. Woman gets out of car and walks into temple. Yuvraj is shocked to see the woman and thinks this can’t happen.

Yuvraj is shocked to see a lady in temple and thinks this can’t be. He runs behind lady. Rudra and Preesha reach Ooty. Hotel manager greets them with garlands and says their honeymoon suite is ready. Rudra romantically looks at Preesha while she shies. Manager says they will not get better honeymoon suite than this. Rudra likes it. Preesha walks to balcony and says such a beautiful environment. He hugs her from behind and asks if she came here to show scenery, she should say I love you at least now. She says she will make him wait more. He insists to say now. She says I..I..I. I am hungry. He asks what.. She says he wants to hear 3 magical words when she is dying with hunger, she will tell him when her mind is occupied with hunger. He says its okay, she should tell I love you by heart. He then acts as hurting her finger in door. She worried checks and kisses his finger. He smiles and asks to continue. She senses his mischief and walks away.

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Lady prays Devi maa that she will not back off from doing what she came for and Devimaa should help her. Yuvraj walks to her and seeing her face says how can this be, she.. She says everyone thinks same. Yuvraj asks where was she and why did she come suddenly. She says to meet Preesha and Saransh. He says Preesha went to Ooty. She says she will go to Ooty then. He says he will accompany her and insists.

Preesha with Rudra travels in car and says Ooty is so beautiful. He says he is looking at beauty next to him. She says she is not that beautiful. He says he will manage. She asks what and calls Saransh who suggests her to stop calling her and enjoy in ooty. Tu Haath Me Haath Jo Degaya…song..plays in the background. He says even Saransh knows what she should do and gets more romantic, and she gives up. They stop at roadside stall, and she orders rasam chawal and eats it mixing with her hand and whisking it in a weird way. Rudra looks in shock. Tere Liye, Har Pal Rahoon mai sirf tere liye….song..plays in the background. She feeds him and he likes it. Their romance continues.

Lady with Yuvraj reaches Ooty and asks where will they find Preesha. Yuvraj says he will find out. He calls Ahana who is busy chatting with Mishka and seeing his call asks if its Yuvraj Pillai, she doesn’t remember common names. He says she forgot him so easily and asks in which hotel Preesha and Rudra are staying. She throws tantrums and finally says Hotel Yellow Orchid. He with lady heads towards hotel.

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Preesha with Rudra returns to hotel room and says rasam chawal was awsome. Rudra gets romantic, but gets stomach upset due to roadside rasam chawal. He holding stomach rushes to reception and asks manager to get him medicine. Manager asks him to return to his room while he brings medicine. Rudra rushes to washroom. Manager gives medicine and complementary champagne bottle to Preesha.

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