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My desire 26th August 2022 Written Update Starlife

My desire 26 August 2022: Rudra stands shocked seeing a 14-hour long video in Saransh’s mobile. He rushes to Preesha, who is praying Devi Maa for Sharda, and informs that they found Sharda’s proof of innocence and shows her video from Sarash’s mobile. They see Kirti proposing Rudra and insisting him to leave Preesha and accept her. Rudra says he loves Preesha and he cannot change his feelings for her to anyone else. Kirti gets aggressive and adamant, and he walks away warning her. They further see Yuvraj and Mishka’s conversation and then Sharda trying to save Kirti, but Kirti forcefully committing suicide to punish Sharda. Preesha says that means maa didn’t kill Kirti, hugs him happily and says let us go and bring maa. She thanks Devimaa for helping her. Saransh walks in and asks to return his mobile. Rudra happily hugs him, and Preesha asks when did he record this video. He says Daadi informed that when he is alone angels come to protect him, so he thought angels land on terrace first and keeping his phone on recording went to sleep; when he returned in the morning, he picked his mobile and didn’t see angels recorded, so he took mobile for charging. Rudra says he is angel instead and god came to their help.

Neerja wakes up from coma and asks Rahul where is she. Rahul gets happy seeing that. Neerja reminisces her accident and feels headache. Doctor says she got out of coma just now and shouldn’t be disturbed. Rahul goes out and informs Yuvraj about same. Yuvraj fumes thinking when will she die.

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Ahana walks to Balraj and seeing his tensed says if he is tensed regarding Sharda, they cannot do anything as evidence is against her. Rudra with Preesha walks in and says they can save maa and shows video from Saransh’s mobile. They call lawyer and show it to him who suggests to show it in court first and after getting bail to bring Sharda back from police station. Back in hospital, Neeraj informs Rahul that she remembers her accident and asks about pen drive. He says he didn’t find any pen drive in her bag. She says she says she had got original video and wanted to give to Preesha to prove her innocence as she helped them many times. Rahul says he will show video to Rudra and Preesha and prove Preesha innocent. He calls Preesha and informs that Neerja is out of coma and wants to meet her. Preesha informs family and tries to leave. Balraj asks her to thank Saransh for recording this video. Preesha reaches hospital where Neerja thanks her for her help and says she will prove her innocence and Rahul wants to say something

Rahul apologizes Preesha for all the problems she faced because of him and accepting his mistakes says he called her and Rudra for dinner and showed Rudra an edited video, he even posted video during award function, etc. Preesha says what is the use of apologizing now after she lost everything and Rudra doesn’t trust him anymore. He says he is talking to the one standing behind her. She turns and sees Rudra standing. Rudra reminisces Rahul calling him and informing him that Neerja is out of coma and wants to talk to him, he knows he hates them, but if he can come to meet them one last time. He walks towards Preesha reminiscing the troubles he gave her. Rahul accepts his mistakes again in front of Rudra and shows him Preesha’s real video. Yuvraj from outside watches them and fumes thinking Rahul reunited Preesha and Rudra, but good he didn’t reveal his name and walks away before they see him. Rudra holds Rahul’s collar and confronts him that because of him he doubted Preesha and she doesn’t trust him anymore, etc. Rahul apologizes again and Rudra leaves.

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Preesha walks on road fuming. Goons surround her and flirt. She warns them to leave her alone, else she will call police. They continue to flirt with her. Rudra enters and hits goon. Goon asks who is he to interfere. Rudra says she is his wife. Goon says he is lying and let us enjoy together whole night. Rudra trashes them brutally. Preesha walks away. He stops her and says goons will not trouble her anymore. She says thanks and frees her hand. He asks what happened to her, Rahul told him everything and showed real video. Preesha confronts him that she is ashamed of herself that she couldn’t convince him and he alleged her character. He says he is apologetic now. She says he insulted and called her characterless repeatedly; he calls himself as her husband, but did he ever trust her; she served his family and considered them her dear ones, but he insulted her in front of her repeatedly; he went to Kirti’s room in front of her repeatedly, but she never called him characterless. She continues venting out her anger and asks why he is doing this now. He says because he loves her and expresses his feelings for her. He describes how many times he tried to propose her, but someone or other interfered; now he will openly propose her and shouts I love you.

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