Muvhango April 2022 Teasers on SABC2

Muvhango April Teasers 2022: Why did Lesedi run away from home? Vhutshilo is frustrated that he cannot get through to Azwindini. Nomasonto is perturbed that Vhutshilo might know something. Where did Ndiwavho perfect her art of bullying? Is Vho-Masindi finally waking up?
Susan is in for a rude awakening. Has Azwindini finally discovered the truth about Nomasonto?

Muvhango April 2022 Teasers on SABC2

Friday 1 April 2022
Episode 4046

Gugu is living the worst nightmare and she has no choice but to leave. Susan receives more than she expected. Nomasonto brings things further by introducing Azwindini.

Monday 4 April 2022
Episode 4047

Nomasonto is ready for the next chapter of the story of her life Thathe. Susan’s life lies in her nemesis’ hands. Kgosi is able to make a 180-degree change about his future.

Tuesday 5 April 2022
Episode 4048

Nomasonto arrives in Thathe to be happily forever. Kgosi is a member of his personal group of goons and is ready for battle with Japan. Susan tells Vhutshilo she’s done fighting, but Vho-Masindi doesn’t believe her.

Wednesday 6 April 2022
Episode 4049

Nomasonto is unsure of the identity of Vhutshilo is, however Azwindini is adamant about her playing games when the situation is dire. Susan and Azwindini reach an uncomfortable agreement. Kgosi is able to make Japan an offer that he can’t turn down. Vho-Mukondeleli receives a message from the dead.

Thursday 7 April 2022
Episode 4050

Nomasonto is determined to do everything in his power to impress his family in order to receive their approval. Rendani is invited by Susan to join her. Azwindini organizes a family dinner in order to talk about the next move of his friendship with Gugu. Kgosi is tired for playing nicely.

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Friday 8 April 2022
Episode 4051

Kgosi is first introduced to the experience of power. Hangwani is angry that Rendani has snuck Susan into. Nomasonto is found guilty of doing something that is unimaginable.

Monday 11 April 2022
Episode 4052

Tenda and James are preparing for the big presentation. Azwindini is keen to bring his team to Gugu’s. Kgosi is pleased with his gang of thugs.

Tuesday 12 April 2022
Episode 4053

Azwindini is prepared for talks with lobola. Tendamudzimu and James need to overcome their differences to reach the deal with an influential construction mogul. However, is Mr. Sabata really who he claims to be? Kgosi decides that he is no longer Mister Nice Guy when his creditors refuse to accept him as a serious person.

Wednesday 13 April 2022
Episode 4054

Nomasonto as well as Rosemary are both arrested. Tendamudzimu hits the back of an MMC client. Bubbles is set for surprise of her lifetime.

Thursday 14 April 2022
Episode 4055

There’s an incident of a magnitude at the royal residence. Nomasonto along with Rosemary are set to make a run for it. Kgosi has sculpted some bones, and has put anxiety into Bubbles.

Friday 15 April 2022
Episode 4056

Vhutshilo is taught how to teach his prisoner. Nomasonto visits Vho-Mukondeleli while in the hospital. Ndiwavho’s mood is changing however both he and Mpho aren’t aware of it.

Monday 18 April 2022
Episode 4057

What’s in Ndiwavho’s diet? Nomasonto and Rosemary feel apprehensive at the idea of Vhomukondeleli recuperating from her insanity. Susan tears up when she sees Vutshilo. Vho-Masindi believes she’s discovered a huge secret.

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Nomasonto as well as Rosemary Throw Azwindini between an unforgiving rock as well as the deep blue ocean. Is the truth finally coming out on what was happening to Vhomukondeleli?

Tuesday 19 April 2022
Episode 4058

The Mukwevho’s get positive news regarding Vho-Mukondeleli however, they discover a surprising twist. Mpho receives a gruesome surprise when Ndiwavho is to the house after school. Rosemary as well as Nomasonto are pushed into the corner. Susan is forced to confront Azwindini about his lack of success in his role as father.

Wednesday 20 April 2022
Episode 4059

Azwindini is unable to convince senior citizens that Mukondeleli isn’t coming back. Vhutshilo is struck by reality and can’t manage it. Mpho discovers something surprising about Ndiwavho.

Thursday 21 April 2022
Episode 4060

Mukondeleli’s family wants to cut the cord. Susan is able to convince Azwindini to stay Vhutshilo free of prison. Ndiwavho is the hottest kid at school.

Friday 22 April 2022
Episode 4061

Azwindini isn’t ready to get married and smacks Nomasonto for even mentioning that. Imani is furious when she finds out that Susan was found to have stolen Gugu’s phone. Mpho finally gets “the talk” with Ndiwavho.

Monday 25 April 2022
Episode 4062

A young warthog discovers his way back to his home after many years. Kgosi is willing to assist Vhutshilo demonstrate his innocence. One mother is left feeling unimportant when her child picks a different family member over the other.

Tuesday 26 April 2022
Episode 4063

Old faces are revealed. Vhutshilo and Kgosi discover a way for hacking into the phone of Rose. Tenda realises Ndiwanga’s situation is serious.

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Wednesday 27 April 2022
Episode 4064

Susan, Vhutshilo and Kgosi are aware they are Nomasonto as well as Rosemary are fakes. James receives a message from Meiki to inform him that Lesedi has disappeared. Ndiwavho and Tenda disrupt the counseling session by playing pranks on the counsellor.

Thursday 28 April 2022
Episode 4065

What caused Lesedi leave his home? Vhutshilo is upset by the inability to connect to Azwindini. Nomasonto is disturbed by the thought that Vhutshilo could be able to tell him something. Where did Ndiwavho achieve her mastery of bullies? Is Vho Masindi finally awake?

Susan is about to experience an unpleasant surprise. Is Azwindini finally uncovered what is the real story behind Nomasonto?

Friday 29 April 2022
Episode 4066

Teaser unavailable.

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