Rachna says to Gunjan that she is really happy, watching her awake again and goes to bring water in the jug.
Om talks to someone on phone, to arrange a trip with Lucky. Lalit’s wife hears this. Lalit was watching Lucky play in the hall, with his ball, from upstairs. She comes to him, and says everything is going wrong as Om is going out with Lucky. He is shocked and says less time is left to him. Om has also stopped her preparing Lucky’s food and qara, which is the reason he appears so well.
Rachna comes to the room, and looks for Gunjan. The doctor and the nurse also come there, Mayank and family as well. Mayank looks into the window, and says she hasn’t gone but has been kidnapped. Everyone is shocked, as Seema asks who can kidnap her. She fears Aadi is behind it.
The men tie Gunjan to a corner in the storeroom. He calls his boss, and tells him that it is done and she is with them. Gunjan hears this. Bindia instructs them to wait for her next order, when she turns to see Mayank behind her. He says that it seems they already got to know that they were coming, and asks whom is she talking to on phone. Bindia stammers that she was calling home. Mayank looks Aadi coming, he was talking on phone. Mayank gets him with collar, and asks about Gunjan. Aadi says how would he know about her. Mayank beats him.
The family complains the police, showing them all the proofs. Mayank brings Aadi, and asks them to take him. Aadi plealds that he doesn’t know where is Gunjan. Rachna says to Mayank, it isn’t possible he has not kidnapped Gunjan. Bindia says she doesn’t know the world, which is a big drama. Rachna says she don’t think he has kidnapped him; they both go to look for her friends.
Mayank and Rachna come on bike; Mayank says he is really worried as they have looked for all her friends. Mayank suspects about her, not wanting to live with him after recalling everything. Rachna says she was really happy, they must find a detective for her, her boss may know about one. Mayank agrees, and they leave. Bindia appears hearing this.
The men say that their boss is coming. Gunjan thinks who is this boss, really is.

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Om appreciates that Lucky has finished his milk so soon. Rachna and Mayank come there. Lucky comes hugging and calling her maa, and tells her all his routine. Mayank asks why he calls her maa. Rachna asks Om that they want his help, Lucky intrudes. Rachna asks Mayank to talk to him, as she will soon be back and goes inside with Lucky. In the corridor, Lucky asks her to play hide and seek, she says they will only play one game as he stayed as a good boy. He counts when Rachna leaves. Lalit passes by, Lucky asks has he seen his maa. Lalit says she can’t be here, she is hidden somewhere where no one can find her, he will soon send him there too. Lucky says he will find his maa himself. Lalit says that his maa is gone now, she cant be found. Rachna appears from behind, and comes to him asking why he said so to her mother. She asks why is he worried, and suspects him.
Lucky comes running, and announces he has got her. She wants to leave, but he takes her to see his secret hiding place. Om says to Mayank that he must meet his brother, who knows the detective. Lalit comes there, Mayank gives him the photo of Gunjan. Lalit says he will talk to his detective, and get him called by Rachna. Mayank says to Om, he got his Gunjan a full six months later. Om says he understands his pain.
Rachna comes to the painting’s corner, Lucky hides besides the sidetable. Rachna watches light emtting from behind the painting. She says there is a hidden store behind, she must look here. She gets Mayank’s call, and takes a leave from Lucky. She runs leaving the painting tilted. Om and Mayank were talking to each other, he says they have got the detective, they will now get Gunjan. Rachna thanks Om, he nods.
Alok comes to the store and shouts at the men, that Rachna is in there, whom have they got. He asks him to show, Gunjan poses to be consciousless. He watches the face, and is shocked to see Gunjan.

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Lalit watches Gunjan’s photo, and then her lying tied on the floor. He slaps his man hard, saying he couldn’t do a work properly. What he must do of him, the other person explains the they saw Rachna on the window and he told him to get the right girl. They recall that they peeked through the window, that this is the girl but it was Gunjan.
Gunjan wonders who this man is, and why he wants to kidnap Rachna. Lalit says now he will have to kill her too, it seems both’s murder is written in his hands. Gunjan remains shocked, then pretends to sleep again. One of the men suggests they must bring Rachna as well. Lalit slaps him, and says at their home there has been a recent kidnapping; they must have called police here. He must do something, by himself. He leaves them to keep an eye on Gunjan, she is going to be useful for them, he will do some planning for Rachna. Gunjan thinks Rachna is in danger, she must immediately stop them. The men take her bag on a side.
The police say that kidnappers have been after them for a long time, they must stay safe themselves now. Seema sits crying, and complains to God. Mayank says that not a single power in the world can separate him and Gunjan.
Gunjan watches a knife lying nearby. She heads to stand up, the men gets attentive. She begins to cry, he removes the bandage off her face. She asks for water and deliberately break the glass. The man puts the bandage on again, but one of the glass pieces is left behind. She picks it up, and cuts her robes.
Om comes to Lucky, he was playing with a toy car and reminds him that he brought it from London. Om says he has an idea he has neglected him a lot in the last year, where he will have no danger and they will both enjoy a lot. Lucky asks will maa go too. Om says he doesn’t know, but they both will enjoy a lot.

The wife asks Lalit to think about another plan. Lalit says he has changed the whole plan. On the day of party, bhai attacked Rachna and warned her to kill. He will get her killed, and the blame will go on him. She must give her sedatives, so that she can take his finger prints on the gun.
Gunjan cuts her robes, and watches the mobile.
The wife of Lalit mixes sleeping pills in the milk, she turns to find Kaka. She asks why he is watching her like this, he told him to take medicine with milk. Kaka leaves.
Gunjan comes near the window, and the signal arrive at once. She calls Mayank, He asks where she is. She cries, and says he has been kidnapped. He asks about some mark nearby. She says it seems like a big old house, where there are a lot of tall windows and a huge exhaust fan. A man comes and snatches her phone, throwing it down to break. He points his gun at her. Gunjan backs up, while he moves towards. Her. She slips on a bag, and sits down. He was standing on a bag, she drags the bag and he fell down. She takes a nearby lying rod, and beats them, running.
Lucky feels afraid and runs to wake Om up. Lalit’s wife comes to him, and takes him to his room saying his papa is sleeping. Lucky insists he wants to sleep here.
The men run after Gunjan, she runs out of the haweli. Someone comes to her, she stops but the man takes her to a side. It was Mayank. They both look at each other, and hug. He asks who are the men who wanted to kidnap her. She stop him, and says they want to kidnap Rachna.
Rachna tells Lucky not to be afraid. He says papa isn’t waking up, she must come here soon.
Mayank tells Shayl to come home soon, Seema was excited as well. She goes to light a diya in the temple. Mayank tells Shayl to keep Rachna home. Prabhu tells her Rachna has gone to haweli, will be back in an hour.
Rachna comes out of the auto rickshaw.
Mayank tells Gunjan Rachna has left home already.
Rachna feels someone is following her, she sees the shadow of the other person on the road but it hides when she turns around.


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