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Wednesday, August 17, 2022

Monday Update On Mehek 16 September 2019 Zee World

Shaurya says I want the guest list. Mahek says that guest list will stay with VIkcy only. I wasn’t there at packaging time too. He isn’t just your brother but my brother in law too. You can’t insult him.

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you can’t insult him all the time. I decide that Vicky will work on this project only. Shaurya says I wast that list in next 24 hours and that’s final. Mahek is sleeping in tears. Shaurya calls Salah and asks her to reach office.
Dolly says to Kanta what’s wrong. They are fighting all the time. Kanta says tomorrow is lohri. We will call MAhek’s family and have a good celebration so everyone has a good time.

Kanta says to Nehal you have to make sweet. Mahek says you look so pretty. Dolly says Mahek show her kitchen. Nehal says masi you show me please. Nehal’s mood is off. Karuna says Mahek today is lohri. Be happy. Vicky receives the details of home minister’s daughter. Mahek says keep this CD in the locker.

Ravi says I won’t go. Mansi says whats wrong. Kanta says this is Nehal’s first lohri. We have to go there. Everyone prepares for Lohri. Neev is very happy to fly kites. MAhek’s family comes. Kanta welcomes them. They exchange gifts, They all fly kites.
Mahek says to Nehal I am sorry for yesterday. Nehal says this is my first festival after marriage. I want to celebrate it. She leaves. Nehal meets everyone.

Kanta says where is Shaurya? Mahek says his mood is off and is super busy. Kanta says here is Shaurya. He meets everyone. Dolly makes the teams. Shaurya takes nehal’s kite and fights with MAhek. He wins it. Nehal and Sonal are very happy. Nehal says wow you played so well. Mahek says Nehal are you happy now. Nehal says its festival I am trying to stay happy. Dolly says there is still tension. Neev says there is a solution. I once saw in lohri people drank something and they got so happy. Its called bhang. Dollyu says thanks a lot. Dolly gives everyone thandai with bhaang it it. Everyone gets drunk. They all get happy and start dancing. Dolly says my idea worked. That girl comes in. Watchman says who are you? She says Shaurya called me. Everyone is dancing. Mahek coems to room and falls with Shauyra. He says I have two faces. I will show you magic. He is drunk. Mahek laughs. He says U have faces. Mahek says you are crazy. he is about to take his mask off.

The woman comes to Arman’s room and takes him to washroom. She says you were doing such a big mistake. Mahek is asleep on the bed. She takes him. They leave the room
Everyone is drunk downstairs. Dolly says what did I do. I have to get them in senses.
Dolly gives everyone bhaang. She says dolly you everyone bhang. Mahek comes downstairs and says Shaurya isn’t home. Do you know where he is? Shaurya comes and says are you crazy? You ruined my whole house. Karruna says she did this for fun only. She is your aunt.
Shaurya asks the girl to check drawer. She finds the locker and opens it. Watchman comes and says who are you.

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Everyone is preparing for lohri. Mahek is worried. She says why is Shaurya so angry these days. The manager calls Vicky and says someone was trying to open your locker. She said she is hired by Shaurya. Shaurya says yes I hired. Her name is Daljeet. This was her first assignment. Mahek says you gave her asssignment to steal? He says I know what I am doing. You don’t need to tell me. Vicky says let is be Mahek. Kanta says leave it.
The same girl comes and says Shaurya called me. Mahek says you came before. SHe says I will help shaurya is this project. Mahek says he is upstairs. The girl says to Daljeet no one will come to guest room. My voice is changing i don’t know why.
Everyone celebrate lohri. Mahek is upset. She says what is wrong with Shaurya.
Neec comes to Shaurya’s room. Arman takes off his mask. Neev sees it. He is shocked. The girl gives him new voice changing chip. Arman sees Neev on the door. Neev is scared.

Neev opens washroom door and sees Shaurya taking off mask, he is shocked to see its not Shaurya but someone wearing his mask. Armaan changes voice chip and is about to wear mask again but he sees Neev at door, Neev says our hero is not our hero but someone else? Armaan glares at him, Neev runs shouting Maa her is not hero, Armaan runs behind him/
All are dancing in garden. Neev comes there and sees Mahek far, he shouts Maa hero is not hero, he is villain. Armaan wears his mask, muslim girl with him says be fast otherwise kid will tell everything.
Neev tries to go to Mahek but he falls and is dizzy due to shock, he tries to call Mahek but Mahek is enjoying dance. Neev comes to Kanta and says hero is not hero but villain, Kanta says dont call like that, why you are huffing like that? dont run now, stay here. Armaan and muslim girl with him comes there, they see Neev trying to get to Mahek, muslim girl with him says he is threat to our mission. Armaan stealthily takes Neev away from there, Neev screams for Mahek but Armaan takes him. Mahek feels Neev calling her and thinks where is Neev? she turns but Armaan has already taken Neev from there. Mahek goes to look for him.
Mahek comes in house, she hears shaurya’s scream for Neev, she comes in room and sees Neev covered in blood, there is a cut on his neck, she is stunned and screams Neev.. all rush there. Shaurya says call ambulance, Mahek cries seeing him unconscious, Vicky goes to bring towel. Shaurya acts like he is worried for Neev, Kanta goes to bring turmuric. Shaurya cleans Neev’s wound on neck, he asks muslim girl with him what about ambulance? she says it will take 20 minutes fot it to come, she hints at Shaurya. Shaurya says it will be late, he takes Neev, he says to muslim girl with him that we have to pretend infront that we are saving Neev, he might not be saved, you dont come infront of him. Shaurya goes with Vicky and Neev to hospital. Mahek is in shock. Dolly says how this happened? Flashback shows Armaan and muslim girl with him bringing Neev to his room, Neev tries to fight but muslim girl with him held his feet and Shaurya tried to strangle and cut his throat with thread.. then Mahek came there and Shaurya/Armaan acted like he was screaming for Neev. Flashback ends.

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Shaurya/Armaan brings Neev to hospital, doctor takes him to operation theater. Mahek cries, Kanta says have faith on God. Shaurya says now you are praying to God? this happened with Neev because of Mahek’s carelessness. Jeevan says but how this happened? how his throat got cut with thread? Dolly says Neev is naughty too, maybe he ranaway or something. Shaurya says if I was not there then Neev.. this Mahek doesnt care about being a mother, she is just focused on dancing and poojas.

Kanta says this is not the time to blame Mahek, we need to pray for Neev. Mahek cries. Armaan/Shaurya talks to his muslim girl, muslim girl with him says what was the need to do drama and blame Mahek? what if Neev gets saved? Shaurya says I had to do it so they dont doubt us, Neev shouldnt be saved,one kid cant fail my mission, muslim girl with him says our mission, Armaan smirks. Mahek prays to lord and says God dont punish Neev for my mistake, I was careless but please make Neev fine.Nehal comes there and hugs her, she says we are all praying for Neev, nothing will happen to him, Nehal consoles Mahek. Kanta sees it and says to Dolly that pain brings people closer and Neev will be fine. Doctor calls family, doctor says thread cut Neev’s vocal cord and he cant talk anymore, he will get fine with time after speech therapy but it will take time. Mahek says can I take Neev home, he doesnt like hospitals? Doctor says you need to have nurse with him all the time, he is still critical. Shaurya says no need for that, I have talked to nursing agency, they will give her best nurse for Neev.

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Mahek says but what is the problem with nurse that doctor is providing? Shaurya says I cant trust you with Neev, you are irresponsible with kids, I will take decisions for him, Mahek gets silent. Mahek and Shaurya are in Neev’s room. Shaurya sees Neev waking up, Shaurya/ Armaan thinks that I have to send Mahek away otherwise Neev can talk to her. He says to Mahek that call vicky and Nehal and tell them to go home, you can go home with them too, I am here. Mahek says I am not leaving Neev alone, I will call Vicky and ask them to leave. Shaurya/Armaan thinks I have to do something, this Neev can blurt out something and destroy my plan. Shaurya cut his hand deliberately, it bleeds, he screams. Mahek runs to him and says how you cut your hand? I will bring something, she leaves. Shaurya/Armaan pulls curtains down. Neev wakes up and gets scared to see him.
Mahek comes to reception and says my husband’s hand got cut, please send some nurse, receptionist says okay, she leaves.
In Neev’s room, Armaan takes off mask and says to Neev that I am not your hero but villain, he shows thread with which he cut his throat and says if you try to speak to anyone then I will cut not your but your Maa Mahek’s throat with it and will not spare her this time. Mahek comes there but Armaan has worn his mask. Nurse comes there too. Mahek says Shaurya nurse will do your bandage.Mahek says to Neev that I am sorry, I didnt care for you, how you got hurt? Neev looks at Shaurya and thinks Mahek Maa this is not our hero but I cant tell as then he will hurt you too. Mahek brings Neev back home on wheelchair. Karona blesses him and says Neev is brave. Nehal says Neevo become fine soon. Vicky blesses him. Dolly says try to speak Neev, Neev tries to talk.

Shaurya/Armaan comes there, Neev panics seeing him and recalls his threat of hurting Mahek. Neev thinks he is not hero but villain.

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