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Navin saying that Prerna will look beautiful in this saree. He gets that saree. Prerna goes to the car. Navin thinks your time will be over after marriage, your attitude will end, you insulted me, you also won’t forgive yourself for this. Anurag comes to Navin’s room and knocks. He sees that saree and thinks why did Prerna buy this saree if she didn’t like it, why is she like a riddle, it means I was wrong and Nivedita was right about her. He hears Navin talking to someone. Navin says its not easy to control Prerna, she is difficult, you don’t need to come. He comes out of bathroom and sees Anurag. He says you here… Anurag says mum is calling you. Navin says yes, I have to show this saree to Mohini. Anurag thinks to whom was he talking to, why does he want to control Prerna. Anurag sees Navin’s phone ringing. Phone falls down. Anurag reads Jaan and says its… He thinks Navin was talking to her, why is he marrying Prerna then.
Prerna comes to college. Anjali takes her aside and shows the rasam pic. She asks what’s the problem, why are you talking to this old man. Prerna recalls calling Moloy and talking to him about loan. Moloy says I have explained Nivedita about Rajesh’s good work. Prerna thinks dad is questioned even on sanctioned loan, dad will be insulted about loan. He says Rajesh is disturbed, take care of him. Prerna says yes. FB ends. Anjali asks why are you marrying him, do you have financial problem. Prerna says no, I like him. Anjali jokes on Navin’s age. She asks why this uncle. Prerna says enough, he is my would be husband. Navin says Prerna loved this saree. Mohini says really, her thinking is changing. Anurag says I m going to college. Mohini asks him to have some fun along with studies. She goes. Navin says she is right. Anurag goes.

Navin thinks how will I convince Prerna to wear this saree. Prerna looks for Anurag. She asks did you get your big car, we have to go. He says its time for my class. She says this is more imp. He says keep me out of your and Navin’s matter. He sees some guards. She hides face. She says we shall talk later, just come. He asks what’s happening, its time for my class. She asks her friends to come out. Prerna asks Anurag to take the couple in his car. They leave. Anurag says I m not going to drive till everyone tells me. Anjali says Rohan and Kirti love each other, their families aren’t agreeing. Prerna says Kirti has eloped to meet Rohan, we are helping them marry. Anurag asks have you guys lost it, stop this filmi idea, explain their parents. Kirti says my parents aren’t agreeing, because Rohan isn’t rich, he is poor, come on, drive now. Anurag says fine. They leave from college. Anurag says Kirti, your parents ate here. Kirti’s parents see them and follow.

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Prerna asks Anurag to speed the car. Anurag says don’t talk to me, you involved me and told me so late. His friend says its about Kirti and Rohan, please drive faster. Anurag says they are following us, its impossible to understand you Prerna. Kirti says my uncle and brother are also following, drive faster, they will catch us. Prerna gets an idea and says lets go for a movie. Anurag says what, we will take a break and then continue the chase. She says Kirti’s parents won’t guess this, then we will go to temple. She gets Navin’s call and thinks to talk later. Anurag asks call for shopping again. She says I have no time for shopping, we have to go for movie. Navin calls her again and says why isn’t she answering. He recalls her words and says if Prerna refuses, it will be bad, I will lose her too. He gets a call from minister Siddhant. Siddhant says I m coming your city tonight. Navin asks what a surprise, wow, are you coming for work. Siddhant says I was coming to find some good land. Navin says we are lucky. He invites him home. Siddhant says my daughter Komolika has come with her friends, we booked a house, Komolika is named by her Bengali mum. The men talk about Komolika and praise her beauty. Komolika is seen. Nikka…plays…. Navin says I will come in evening. Siddhant says we shall meet in my office, whatever latest you have….. Navin says fine, I will come with Prerna.

Siddhant says I shall wait. He smiles. Navin says why is Prerna not answering, I hope she is genuinely busy. Navin comes to Prerna’s house. Suman welcomes him. He gifts her. She gets glad. Navin says sorry to come this way, matter was such. He gifts them card of engagement rasam. Veena refuses to him. He says its about rasam, Suman ji keep this money and take Prerna for shopping. Rajesh says its not needed. Navin says you can call me if you need anything, I will leave, I will come later when Prerna is at home. He leaves and thinks I have to put more favors on you to make you bend, your dad will pay his loans and you have to fulfill my wish.

Komolika going inside the theatre with her friends. Everyone stares at her. Anurag and everyone come to the theatre to buy tickets. The man says balcony tickets are booked. He tells about the girl from Meerut, any guy who sees her gets mad, her guard has booked the tickets. Anurag says give any other tickets, make it fast. Prerna asks them to come. Anurag and Prerna go with their friends. They hear everyone talking about Komolika. Anurag sees Prerna smiling. Prerna says this is love, to find happiness in someone’s happiness, to sacrifice own happiness, love is love, be it for anyone. Anurag thinks if she believes in one so much, how can she marry Navin. Komolika says stupid sacrifice, if anyone loves me, he should be just me. Her friend says you told your dad that you can do anything for love.
Komolika says no, if this thing leaks out, I will publicly humiliate you, love is for weak people, love means acquiring, I got everything I wanted, I will have someone whom I want to meet. Her friend says real love wins in the end. The popcorn flies and falls over Anurag. Prerna says maybe that Meerut girl wants to share popcorn with you. Anurag says this place is weird. Prerna asks didn’t you take your London GF for movie. He says no. Prerna says we will go home first. She calls Kirti and Rohan. They all leave from theatre.

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Prerna says I will just get the saree and come in two seconds. Anurag says that’s already over. She runs to home. He sees Navin leaving and thinks Navin may have come to meet Prerna. He sees Navin meeting a lady and hugging her. Navin drives off. Anurag thinks who was she, this wasn’t a normal hug. He goes back to his car. His friend says pandit called, all preparations are done. Prerna hears Suman and Shekhar talking about Navin giving them cash. Suman says Navin is doing a lot, he will do more when marriage happens, he gave 5 lakhs for shopping, I can get jewelry too. Shekhar stops her. Suman argues.

Prerna thinks I hope Shekar understands that they can use money to repay loan. Shekhar says we will really use the money to repay the loan. Suman asks did you go mad. He says enough, I will arrange money and pay Prerna later. Prerna smiles and thinks Navin did a favor on me, he did a favor and didn’t let anyone doubt, maybe he isn’t so bad, he started understanding what I want. Navin says I don’t care what Prerna wants, all I care is what I want, I gave money in cash, I have seen Suman’s greed, we can use her. The lady says Prerna would be thinking you are fulfilling your promise, you will become great in her eyes. She says we should be careful that none should see us, else… He says else I have to leave dream to marry Prerna. She says I can sacrifice Prerna for you. Prerna asks Anurag to unlock door. Anurag says this saree is better than the saree which Navin gifted you. The lady says you look lost. Navin says I love Prerna a lot and doesn’t want to lose her. Anurag thinks shall I tell her what I heard in Navin’s bedroom.

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Prerna holds his hand when car passes over rocks. Anurag thinks why do I feel for her and want to save her from problems, don’t do this marriage Prerna. Some people fight on the road. Navin says its waste of time. The lady says call Prerna and tell her that you have sent money at her home. Navin says she will call me herself. The lady says you know I care for you, so I have done this, you misbehaved with Prerna at saree shop so she threatened you, call her. Mohini is also there. She sees Navin with someone. Navin hides the lady. Mohini calls him out. He drives off. The lady bites Navin’s hand and beats him. Navin stops her and says Mohini was there, Prerna and my story would have ended if she had seen us. Mohini thinks strange, Navin has seen me, why didn’t he stop the car. She scolds driver and leaves in taxi.

Prerna lowers the window and prays. Her dupatta falls on Anurag’s face. He calls her out. She says sorry and takes her dupatta. They laugh. Kirti’s mom sees them and shouts to Kirti. She runs after the car. Kirti says mom has seen me, please drive faster. Kirti’s mom says Anurag is driving the car, that girl is also with him, they are trying to make our daughter elope. Mohini comes back and calls out Navin. She gets a call. Kirti’s mom says some people brainwashed and kidnapped Kirti, I m going to file the police complaint. Mohini says you should, in fact tell me if you want help. Kirti’s mom says I called you to warn, Anurag is also in that group, he will also come in big problem. Mohini says Anurag can’t do this. Kirti’s mom says I have seen him with that girl, who was in pandal, who got engaged to your brother. Mohini asks Prerna. Kirti’s mom says see what that middle class girl did. Mohini says if Anurag is with Prerna, I will call him and get your daughter back. She tells Navin about Prerna. She says I m not going to spare Devina. She tells this to Nivedita also. She goes to call Anurag. Navin thinks Mohini forgot that she has seen me because of Anurag.

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