Monday & Tuesday update On Made for each other (15th – 16th June 2020)

Made for each other 15th June 2020: The Episode starts with Prerna going away. Mr. Bajaj says inspector, I need to talk to my wife, I m ready to cooperate, I need some time. He goes to Prerna. He says he is lying, I told you its an accident, no one does a murder by mistake, why would I do this, I had no reason. Prerna says why will he lie, you had a reason, you threatened him when he challenged you, you tried to kill him, I didn’t know you will fall to this level. Mohini asks Inspector do you work for Mr. Bajaj. Maasi says actually, she doesn’t like Rishabh and wants him to get arrested, his wife is his priority now, he should clarify to her, he is innocent. Anurag says Maasi, I will give you an advice, will you agree. Maasi says it depends, tell me. He says you know our issues, I request you all, stay away from this matter, I told you that you are elder, I don’t want to talk rudely. Mohini says relations aren’t made with strangers. He says its not Maasi’s mistake. Maasi says you are right, if anyone hurts my Rishabh, I won’t leave him.

Mohini says I will remind you, come with me, I have to talk. Maasi and Tanvi smile. Maasi goes to Mohini. Mohini says you worry for Rishabh a lot, I have some pics, it shows you don’t want to hurt him. Maasi asks which pics, if you like to keep anything precious, then keep it safe. Mohini says you stole it. Maasi says I took it, you can’t blackmail me. Tapur asks inspector to arrest Mr. Bajaj. Tanvi says he won’t do anyone’s accident. They argue. Anupam asks them to calm down, whoever did the mistake will be punished, everyone know who was the victim and victimizer. Mr. Bajaj asks how will you believe me, you don’t know me, so you are doubting. She asks do you care what I think about you, wrong is wrong. He says you won’t understand, you have made an opinion about me, I want you to understand Rishabh, not Mr. Bajaj, I can’t fall to this level. She says the world knows you are a ruthless and egoistic man, you tried to kill Anurag, you know I will be hurt, even then you did this, don’t expect me to hire a lawyer for you. He says you trust Anurag. She asks why not, you tried to kill him. He says I didn’t do the accident intentionally, you are believing him, not me.


Veena, Shivani and Shekhar come home. Mohini asks them to stop. Anuag goes to them and stumbles. They hold him. Maasi says you said stop and he ran to them. Anurag says thanks. Shivani says don’t say again. He says fine, please come. Veena says Shivani told me today about your state, how are you. Anurag says I m fine. Shekhar says we are glad to see you fine. He says Shivani saved me. Mohini scolds Veena. She says this happened because of Prerna. Anurag asks her to stop it. He says I m alive because of Shivani, I don’t like this. He apologizes to Veena. He says thanks for coming here, I feel happy. Maasi says you all are my relatives now, you should stand with us, you know Anurag is getting Mr. Bajaj arrested.

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Shivani says that day police refused to arrest him. Anurag says police had no evidence, I told police that Mr. Bajaj tried to kill me. Maasi says its a lie. Veena says we have a relation with Anurag first, relation of love, which is much strong. Shekhar says yes, mum is right, we have a relation with you, but we have a relation with Anurag also. Shivani says you would have seen that our relation is strong, Mohini is upset, even then Anurag is with us. Tanvi asks is Rishabh not imp for you. Mohini says he maybe imp for you, not for us. Anurag asks inspector why are you taking time to arrest Mr. Bajaj, I have make you do this forcibly. Mr. Bajaj says I don’t know how to explain, I wish I didn’t meet you in that situation, I wish I met you before anyone else.

Prerna asks what are you saying. He cries and says you are angry. She says I feel disgusted, you knew what Anurag feels for me, you didn’t give him time and tried to kill him, you got me in this house to emotionally torture him that you won his love. He shouts enough. She asks why did we come to this house. He says you don’t know me, I can’t explain you why I targeted Basus, our relation is just because of Kuki. She says keep Kuki out of it. He says I had personal reasons to come here, if Anurag was getting tortured, he could have left this house. She says he didn’t go, he said I m of him, this troubled you, you thought to kill him. He says I m not afraid to go to jail, I don’t want you to make any wrong opinion, what do you want. She says that you go to jail, you get punished, you suffer. He gets shocked. Kuki comes there. Prerna hugs her. He says I told you, Kuki loves you a lot, take care of my daughter. He goes downstairs. Anurag says its better I call the commissioner. Inspector says you aren’t talking like a reasonable man. Anupam says so Mr. Bajaj bribed you. Mr. Bajaj meets Veena and asks are you fine. Anurag says don’t act good in front of them. Mr. Bajaj says since we met, I have seen you angry, at least smile for their sake, the people who love you, you got a loving family and extended family, who worry for you. Anurag says you don’t tell me how to live, I know caring for them. Mr. Bajaj says they want you to stay happy. Prerna comes. Anurag says don’t worry, my happiness isn’t away from me, you will get jealous and think why do I smile much. Mr. Bajaj says I m not jealous of anyone’s happiness, sometimes I think why I don’t have it, a loving mum, dad, sister…. I can do anything for my family. Anurag says stop this nonsense.

Mr. Bajaj says someone feels I should get punished, so I m ready to bear the punishment, arrest me. Maasi and Tanvi get shocked. Mohini asks inspector to arrest him, what is he waiting for. Inspector says I feel he didn’t do the accident intentionally, the person would disappear but he didn’t go. Mr. Bajaj says arrest me. Maasi stops him. Mohini says Anurag is the victim, he is saying that Mr. Bajaj did this intentionally. Inspector says I have come on Anurag’s saying. Mr. Bajaj says arrest me. He goes with the police. Anurag sees Prerna.

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Made for each other 16th June 2020

The Episode starts with Mehra going to meet Mr. Bajaj. Mr. Bajaj sits in the lockup and recalls Prerna’s words. Mehra comes and asks him why did you do this, Maasi asked me to get your bail done, you can sign and come with me. Mr. Bajaj says I don’t want to come, its happening as I m allowing people, don’t cross boundaries. Mehra says I don’t understand. Mr. Bajaj says I guess I don’t want to go from here. Mehra says accident by mistake is a bailable offence. Mr. Bajaj says no, I want a clean chit, I want to go because I m innocent. Mehra says this will happen when hearing starts. Mr. Bajaj says I don’t want to go home with this blame, good bye Mehra.

Prerna cries and says I didn’t know Mr. Bajaj will do this, he promised me that he won’t harm Anurag. Shivani asks what promise. Prerna says I mean I got to know from Anupam about Mr. Bajaj and Anurag’s fight, Mr. Bajaj threatened him. Shivani says he can do anything, but how can you trust him. Veena says Mr. Bajaj did this. Shekhar says you think he can do this. Veena says we won’t know him.

Mohini says Mr. Bajaj did your accident in anger, as you love Prerna, Prerna is responsible for this. Anurag asks really. She says yes. He says I m alive because of her, yes. Mohini says you don’t love me. He says I heard her voice, I love you, but my love for Prerna is beyond love. He wipes Mohini’s tears. Mohini says if I get a girl like Prerna, I will get her for you. He says its okay, this Prerna will also suit me. Veena says we can’t help you, but Mr. Bajaj has to bear punishment.

Shivani says Anurag was on bed before, now he is saying it, he is the proof, Mr. Bajaj has done this. Shekhar says Mr. Bajaj didn’t accept his crime. Maasi says we expected you to support Rishabh, when Mohini insulted you, he stood with Prerna. Prerna says wrong is wrong, I can’t support him. Tanvi says mom, don’t expect it from her. Maasi says it was imp that you support Rishabh, your love and care are for Anurag, I asked Rishabh to kick out Basus, whom you love, he didn’t do this to disturb Basus further, he was watching you taking care of Anurag, he knew Basus need you, he isn’t bad, he has humanity, he isn’t wrong, he made a mistake, he did an accident, he isn’t a murderer. Tanvi says leave it, they can never understand Rishabh.

Mohini says don’t be mad. Anurag says don’t say this, none can be like Prerna. He says listen to me, I feel you should talk to Prerna with love. Tapur comes and says puja arrangements are done, come. Anurag asks why. Tapur says mum didn’t eat and drink anything since your accident, she kept this puja. Mohini says how could I eat seeing your state, I will have food now, you got fine. Anurag hugs her.

Maasi says Mehra isn’t answering, I m tensed. Tanvi asks her to relax. She asks was all this genuine. Maasi says yes, Rishabh has a big heart, I love you a lot and want you to become Mrs. Bajaj, Prerna doesn’t deserve him, would there be any husband who lets wife care for ex-lover, he chose Prerna for Kuki, he can get any girl. Mehra comes. She asks where is Rishabh. He says no, he didn’t come. Prerna comes and hears them. Mehra says Mr. Bajaj didn’t sign on bail papers, he is adamant that he doesn’t want to come out, don’t know what happened.

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Mohini and Anurag do the puja together. They sit to have food. They feed each other with love. She cries and eats food. He says I m feeding you so that I get more love and Tapur gets jealous. He feeds Tapur also. They smile. Anurag sees Prerna leaving. He goes and calls her out. She says I m happy seeing you fine. He says you are the reason for my living, come in, please. She asks why. He says I can tell this to mum, I don’t know when I got conscious, doctors told me that you revived my will to live, I wanted to go far. She says not me. He says you did this. She says I m not imp for some people, but everyone is imp for me, I can go to any extent to save them, if you feel my care… if you feel I want you back in my life, no, I wanted you to be alive. He asks why. She says because your life is more precious than my life.

A thief Bhuvan talks to Mr. Bajaj. He asks will you play. Mr. Bajaj says I have no interest in your game. Bhuvan says no one called me with respect, you can easily go out, you can’t go, reason is wife’s trust, its imp, I heard you and your lawyer’s talk, you didn’t do accident intentionally, world will think you did this, world will misunderstand you. Mr. Bajaj says let them understand. Bhuvan says love marriage, love is special, when you don’t talk to me, how will you talk to her, you should tell her that you love her. Mr. Bajaj thinks I came between them, and now this guilt is troubling me, I know she loves me, its wrong that I feel for her.

Anurag asks what, you are saying my life is more imp, isn’t this love. Prerna says no, this isn’t love, its beyond love. He says keep this for Mr. Bajaj, I just want your love, no one else, what’s the problem, why are you stopping yourself, are you scared of society, don’t tell me you did this for money, don’t give this excuse, you would have not come to me. She cries. He says you risked everything, why, no husband would like his wife to go to his lover, even then you risked all, why, if you have no feelings. She says you won’t change, you always ask questions, some questions don’t have answers. He smiles. She goes. Dil ki lagi…plays…. He thinks I will find the answer, you married Bajaj, why did your heart run to me, is Mr. Bajaj everything for you or me.


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