Mismatched Starlife: Full Story, Cast, Plot Summary And Teasers

Mismatched Starlife: is an Indian television drama series, First Episode: 28th of October, 2021 on Starlife. The series was a remake of Star Jalsha’s Bengali series Mohor. Produced under DJ’s Creative Unit, it starred Debattama Saha and Karanvir Sharma. This show will be replacing Mariam Khan – Reporting Live

Mismatched Starlife

Mismatched Starlife

Mismatched Starlife Full Story/Plot Summary:

Shaurya Sabherwal is from an elite family in Chandigarh. She is misogynistic who believes that women should not be not allowed to study and work. He is so prone to this due to the fact that his mother abandoned his family in the early years of his life not wanting to pursue a profession to help and assist her elderly parents and he was also guided by the opinions of his aunt and uncle. However, Anokhi Bhalla is an confident and determined girl who is eager to be a part of the social landscape. She has a totally different view of the world she believes that the world is patriarchal and women need to try to live their lives according to their own terms.

The story starts by revealing that Shaurya is engaged to his long-time love, Shagun. On the day of the wedding, Shagun reveals to Shaurya she’s willing to travel to Cambridge to continue her studies. Shaurya is not happy. Shaurya is asked to decide between her life with her husband and Cambridge. Shagun opts for Cambridge which is why Shaurya ends the engagement. However, Anokhi studies in the same college where Shaurya’s mother Aastha is an instructor. Aastha is extremely in support of Anokhi.

Anokhi is a participant in a debate contest where she talks about the need for women to have independence. She is the winner of the contest and is honoured by no other than Shaurya who is the guest of honour of the contest. Following the contest, Aastha wishes to meet her son, Shaurya. Acted as ===> he prepares to go away, Aastha approaches him and attempts to speak to Shaurya. Shaurya is unable to speak to her and acts inconsiderate to her.

Anokhi’s father has her married with an orthodox and alcohol-dependent couple, Monty, much to Anokhi, Babli, and Rama’s disapproval. Anokhi’s parents allow her to study after her marriage at Toronto, Canada. However, the real colors of the family’s life are revealed when she listens to Monty’s conversation in which he refers to wives as “Glory Servants and expresses his inability to let Anokhi to pursue her studies. Anokhi demands that her father not allow her to marry and he agrees to lock the door to her bedroom. Then, Babli and Rama learn about Monty’s dark side. They help Anokhi escape the shackles of this marriage and assist her to escape. Anokhi gets out of her marriage and is able to reach Aastha’s home. Aastha helps her get into Sabherwal Institute of Arts and Commerce (SIAC) through a request from her husband who is estranged from her, Shaan.

Shaurya asks questions to Anokhi however she is able to do very well during the interview. The confidence with which she responded to every question amazed everyone on the panel. Then, she had to get her transfer Certificate along with fifty thousand rupees to pay for her admission. Babli offers to assist Anokhi by loaning her gold bangles that she is able to loan. However, Vineet foils their plan and mocks them. Shaurya is accused of stealing and refuses to admit her guilt. However, Aastha proves Anokhi’s innocence. Therefore, Anokhi is finally admitted to SIAC.

Anokhi is having issues with her new friends at SIAC. After the college’s premises were cleared, the students locked up Anokhi and verbally abused her. They then put her in the class, which traumatized her. Afterward, Anokhi and Shaurya revealed the incident. In another scene, an angry Raja shoots Aastha Anokhi’s parents, who she later saved.

Aastha will then be operated upon. Anokhi and Shaan be concerned about Aastha because her health declines. Aware of the declining health of Aastha, Gayatri insists Shaurya meet Aastha and he agrees. This shows that Shaurya is concerned about his mother. He isn’t able to convey his gratitude to his mother. In the following episode, an angry Devi faces Aastha. Shaurya listens in on their conversation and then is confused by Aastha and launches a tirade at her. Anokhi is listening to the whole conversation and defending Aastha. Following a heated discussion, Devi manipulates Shaan to get divorced from Aastha.

Mismatched Starlife

Mismatched Starlife

Aastha says she would like to celebrate Shaurya’s birthday along with Shaurya. Anokhi relays this message to Shaurya and she is sternly rebuffs and in error, causes harm to Anokhi. Then, Aastha comes to Shaurya to end all grudges between him. Shaurya is hesitant to hear her, mocks her, and she decides to leave. When Aastha disappears, Shaurya and Anokhi search for her in a local market and an explosion hurts Anokhi. Shaurya is able to save her and get her admitted to hospital. Acted as ===>ide from that, Shaan finds Aastha. After Aastha is discovered, Shaurya unwillingly seeks forgiveness from her. Then, Shaurya becomes envious of the sight of Anokhi growing closer to ACP Aahir. To keep Shaurya From Aastha along with Anokhi, Tej plans to nominate him head of their new college’s branch in Patiala. This is the time when Shaurya discovers that he’s being a victim of Anokhi. Aahir’s increasing concern over Anokhi is a source of irritation for Shaurya and the former expresses his anger on Anokhi. Anokhi can’t take it and decides to move back to her hometownof Kapurthala.

Before departing to go to Kapurthala Anokhi shows up to take the Economics Preliminary exam and passes the test, however, she was accused of cheating. The college was at the brink of being exiled however Shaurya shows her innocence. Although she is proved innocent, she didn’t alter her decision to quit the school. In another place, Aastha and Shaan file for divorce. Even though they are legally separated, Shaan decides to start new with Aastha.

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Then, Shaurya convinces Anokhi to pursue the course at SIAC. Aastha begins to doubt Shaurya and Anokhi’s romance when she discovers the fact that Shaurya as well as Anokhi are in love with one the other. In addition, Shagun makes a re-entry with the intention of ruining Shaurya and Anokhi’s blossoming love. Acted as ===> a result, Shaurya realises how much she loves Anokhi and wishes to share this with her; He goes to the Anokhi’s house while soaking wet and then he gets sick. Shaurya is spending the majority time sleeping with Anokhi while Devi is concerned about the whereabouts of Shaurya is. She contacts ACP Ahir to help investigate and eventually locate Shaurya. To stop Anokhi from being out of the woods, Shaurya develops a strategy to make it appear as if he was at the library. Anokhi is free of the charge.

Shaurya wants to inform Anokhi about his emotions on the day of the celebration. But the plans are derailed due to ACP Ahir. In a rage Ahir is a victim of a collision with Ahir’s vehicle and, in the process Ahir is detained. ACP Ahir is also known to say that he feels for Anokhi.

In the morning of Holi, Anokhi eagerly anticipates Shaurya’s visit, however, she is worried when she notices that Shaurya’s family arrive at the school without Shaurya. Anokhi wants Kanchan to contact Shaurya however Kanchan says she can call him by herself. If she calls him however, she’s shocked to hear ACP Ahir’s call on another end ACP Ahir informs the woman that Shaurya is locked-up. Anokhi is shocked and rushes towards the police station and teaches Shaurya about how his naughty actions resulted in her and other college’s Holi ruining. Anokhi is returned to the college while organising the decorations she’s snatched to be beaten by Shaurya (released from the jail after apologizing before ACP Aahir); Shagun observes the situation.

Shagun is aware that Shaurya has left and is in love with a new person and is preparing to leave despite Devi’s protests. But, Shaurya mistakes Shagun for Anokhi and adorably colors her face. This makes Shagun in the misguided belief that Shaurya has feelings for her. Shaurya accepts the job of Economics professor at SIAC and explains to Shaurya why she’s returned from the UK and he attempts to justify why he loves Anokhi right now and Shagun shouldn’t have quit her profession to pursue this. When Anokhi is in her room Shaurya does not like her. Then, he apologizes and invites her to dine with him for the same date. Anokhi, ecstatic, agrees. Then, Devi makes a plan and then sends Shagun to the location where Anokhi has a misunderstood Shaurya. Shaurya is able to propose to Anokhi and she is convinced that he’s taking revenge on her. An angry Shaurya travels to Goa without notifying anyone and Anokhi is there to Goa which is where Babli along with ACP Aahir also arrive. Then, Shaurya gets into an accident as well Aastha and Devi dispute over the rights of Shaurya. The truth finally emerges it is revealed that Shaurya along with Anokhi are lovers.

In the near future, Shaurya goes missing and is believed to be missing This worries those who are Sabherwals as well as Aastha. Aastha is a comfort for Devi The two become closer in this moment and recognize that they are both mothers. One of them was the one who gave birth to Shaurya and the other took care of the child. Shagun confronts Anokhi, and asks her where she’s kept Shaurya. Acted as ===>tonished, Anokhi seeks Shagun and discovers Vineet was the one who abducted Shagun along with other goons in order that he could get ransom money from the Sabherwals. When she tells her Sabherwals that her brother’s husband abducted Shaurya. Devi is blamed by Anokhi for the kidnapping. After a lot of work she finds Shaurya however, the Sabherwals arrive and depart together with Shaurya. Later that day Shaurya seeks Anokhi however, the receptionist informs her that she, along together with her sister and Aahir went to Chandigarh. Shaurya is determined to visit Chandigarh but is informed of Devi’s heart attack, and is rushed to the villa. Devi is adamant Shaurya to be engaged to Shagun however, he refuses the request. Devi fakes having a heart attack and as a result, Shaurya becomes married to Shagun.

The next day, the next day, he gets to meet Anokhi and they share their love for one another. However, Anokhi chooses her career and, after a furious departure, she quits Shaurya to fill in her hairline with vermilion and makes the woman her Mrs. Anokhi Shaurya Sabherwal. While Shaurya is pleased with the union, Anokhi is furious at Shaurya for not asking her. She says she cannot believe that someone who hasn’t even fought to protect her mother’s rights will be fighting on behalf of her. She makes a demand for him to take his mother in his life, and to become a decent son and attempt to become a great husband. But, Aastha refuses to return. Shaurya goes to Anokhi and informs her of Aastha’s decision . The couple share some romantic moments. Aahir offers to Anokhi to marry her, however she declines and reveals to him the truth about her wedding. Acted as ===>ide from that, Anokhi is selected for an Economics class in Delhi in which Shaurya arranges a romantic trip. The couple enjoys romantic moments in the drizzle and Shaurya is able to open up to Anokhi about why he is mad at the mother of his, Aastha. Later, Shagun seeks out Shaurya and Anokhi She finds out about Shaurya’s union to Anokhi. The family members find out about Shaurya’s wedding and they have to confront Shaurya however, he stays unshakeable and insists that Shaurya loves Anokhi and so he marries her. Tej and Devi are wise to decide to send Shaurya to Patiala and while Shaurya is absent They exile Anokhi from their hostel and college.

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Shaurya is reconciled with Aastha. When he discovers about Anokhi’s resentment, he becomes angry with the Sabherwals. Tej is unable to recognize Anokhi as the daughter-in law of Sabherwals and, as a result, Shaurya is forced to leave the Sabherwal mansion. But, Tej meets Anokhi privately and bribes her to leave Shaurya or else he’ll break up with Shaurya and end his career. Because of this, she hides in ACP Ahir’s basement , without being aware of Shaurya who is seeking her. With the assistance from ACP Ahir, he finds Anokhi. When he attempts to speak with her, she shouts at him, telling him she doesn’t accept their marriage and should leave. Shaurya is reluctantly leaving and heads to the mansion in Sabherwal to tell his family members that the tale about Shaurya and Anokhi has ended to their joy. Shaurya then retreats to his room, crying a lot and mirrored Anokhi’s feelings. On the next day, a few males playfully smack Anokhi. She is dizzy. Shaurya takes her in with her. She is brought back to consciousness. Shaurya brings Anokhi home, and finds out that the motive for her behavior is something different. Shaurya questions Anokhi what the reason is but she is silent. However, Shaurya demands that she divulge the conversation she had with Tej. When Anokhi attempts to apologize to Shaurya but he gets angry because Anokhi is unable to stand up in support of their relationship and decides to divorce him. The couple declares their relationship has ended and quits the house. Anokhi is broken and is determined to stop Shaurya but her efforts fail.

In the next scene, Shaurya brings Shaan, Aastha, Babli and Ahir together and announces that he is planning to wed Anokhi once more, with all the ceremony and vows. He also states Anokhi is not conscious of the plan. Although initially, everyone is slightly unsure however, in the end in the interest of Shaurya and Anokhi’s love, everyone of them are in agreement with the plan. In the meantime, Anokhi regrets her choices and is sad to lose Shaurya for ever, Shaurya goes to Kapurthala to meet the Bhallas and to express the desire of marrying Anokhi. They are in agreement with Shaurya and Anokhi’s wedding completely. The following day Shaurya announced in the presence of Sabharwals that he is going to be marrying Anokhi once again, which leaves the entire family in shock. He requests Devi to prepare an outline of the ceremonies to be performed and to have a discussion with Aastha and determine who will carry out what ceremonies. Devi says to Shaurya that Aastha is not allowed to attend the wedding to which Shaurya says that it’s not feasible and that if Devi does not want to be involved in the ceremony it’s not necessary and she is in complete stunned. In the next episode, in college, Shaurya asks Shagun whether she is able to join his scheme to fool Anokhi by joining in an fake wedding and to which Shagun is willing to accept. Then, Shaurya declares in front of Anokhi that he is going to get married to Shagun which leaves her devastated. Shaurya later asks Anokhi to see if she is in a position to make decor for Shagun’s wedding along with Babli. Anokhi is reluctantly willing to accept and goes through many stress as all her family members are focused on the wedding of Shaurya. The day before the Shagan, Anokhi arrives in an exquisite sari, leaving Shaurya amazed.

Mismatched Starlife continiues

While Anokhi persists in believing that Shaurya will wed Shagun, Aastha and Babli perform the ceremonies of Shagan in secret, not making her feel uneasy about any aspect of the ceremony. The following day, for Shagun’s Mehendi, Shaurya secretly makes the Mehendi artist sign her name on Anokhi’s hand, leaving her shocked. After the ceremony, Anokhi is unable manage herself, and at Reema’s request, Anokhi ends with a confession of her unending devotion to Shaurya and demands that he end the wedding. The moment Anokhi confesses, Shaurya shows Anokhi the wedding invitation card and tells her the wedding is theirs. He reveals that the games he played to help Anokhi realize that they can’t be apart and should never give up on their love for each other. They hug each other in a way that they both Bhallas as well as the Sabherwals are part of their joy.

Then, when the Haldi celebration begins, and both Anokhi and Shaurya are celebrating it in their homes along with their family. Ramesh confronts Vineet and mocks him for savagely torturing and abusing Babli. He demands him to take divorce papers. He then reconciles to Anokhi and Babli who celebrate the haldi festival with joy Shaurya’s entire family prepares for the haldi ceremony. In the meantime, Devi attends the function and displays her Shagun mehendi in the palms of Shaurya after which, Shaurya gets happy and accepts her blessings. Later, Aastha along with Devi apply haldi to Shaurya then the family members. Following the Haldi ceremony the two Shaurya and Anokhi are preparing for their wedding.

When the ceremony is over Shaurya along with his entire family arrives with baaraat. Shaurya and Anokhi are in search of Tej’s blessings that Tej is reluctantly giving. They then tie garlands around their necks. After that, Anokhi receives an email stating she has been informed that her Sociology exam is scheduled to be taken that same day from 11:30AM until 22:30PM.

Anokhi is seated for the test, but she’s taking too long and it is apparent she’ll miss the wedding. She then sees the entire baraat of the college. Shaurya and Anokhi swiftly complete the circumambulations then Shaurya applies the aresoor over Anokhi’s hair, separating it. This means that Shaurya and Anokhi are legally married. They go on for Sabherwal House and head for the Ghrah Pravesh ritual. Acted as ===> Devi begins to perform it, anokhi asks Aastha to begin it first. She agrees, and performs. Shaurya and Anokhi accept the blessings of everyone.

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In the evening reception when a guest inquires about plans for her future studies. Devi responds that she’ll not study any more because she’s the daughter-in-law of their home To Anokhi’s dismay. Anokhi talks to Babli about her fears that she may have to sacrifice her studies to become the daughter-in-law of Sabherwals However, Babli promises her Shaurya will be there for her. Later, Shaurya and Anokhi enjoy a romantic night together.

At dawn, Shaurya and Anokhi wake up and engage in a conversation before Kanchan arrives and asks Anokhi to prepare Pehli Rasoi Ki Rasam. Anokhi cooks the meal, then serves the food to all guests, and is then praised for her food. The meal is followed by an ad-hoc Muh Dikhai ki Rasam.

While this is happening, Alok tries to molest one of his students, Priyanka and she escapes and files a grievance against him. Anokhi assists her, in Sabherwal family’s surprise. Shagun requests Priyanka to create a false recording in the name of Anokhi. The Sabherwals are forced to expel Anokhi from their home. However, Priyanka then reveals the full details of the situation which makes the Sabherwals realize their error and have to expel Alok from the house . They apologize the two women Anokhi along with Aastha. The show concludes with the Sabherwals getting together.

Brief Information and Details on Mismatched StarLife.

  • Genre: Family Drama
  • First Episode: 28th of October, 2021
  • Total number of episodes: 186
  • Total numbers of the season: One
  •  Channel: StarLife Africa
  • Network: Star Plus Tv
  • Original name:
  • Tele Country: Indian
  • Last Episode: Nil
  • Time Slot: Monday -Sunday, 7pm CAT


Mismatched Starlife Cast & Real names Starlife Tv:


  • Debattama Saha Acted as ===> Anokhi Bhalla Sabherwal: Rama and Ramesh’s daughter, Babli and Raja’s sister, Shaurya’s student-turned-wife. She is industrious and believes in gender equality. She elopes from her forced wedding in order to make a career and be independent. Later she falls in love with her professor, Shaurya, and eventually marries him.
    Debattama Saha as Anokhi Bhalla Sabherwal

    Debattama Saha as Anokhi Bhalla Sabherwal

  • Karanvir Sharma Acted as ===> Shaurya Sabherwal: Aastha and Shaan’s son, Devi and Tej’s foster son, Anokhi’s professor-turned-husband. He was a misogynist because he assumed that his mother abandoned him to pursue her career. Initially he hated Anokhi but later married her. He hated his mother but later accepted her.
    Debattama Saha as Anokhi Bhalla Sabherwal

    Debattama Saha as Anokhi Bhalla Sabherwal


  • Alka Kaushal Acted as ===> Devi Sabherwal: Tej’s wife, Shaurya’s aunt-turned-foster mother. She instigates Shaurya against Aastha by telling him that Aastha left him to focus on her career. Later she teams up with Shagun to remove Anokhi from Shaurya’s life but fails. But later on, she started admiring Anokhi and Aastha.
  • Sooraj Thapar Acted as ===> Tej Sabherwal: Devi’s husband, Shaurya’s uncle-turned-foster father, Shaan and Alok’s elder brother. He is the patriarch of the Sabherwal family and chairman of Sabherwal Institute of Arts and Commerce [SIAC]. He taunts Shaan for being an irresponsible father and an alcoholic. He later on started admiring Anokhi and Aastha.
  • Khalid Siddiqui Acted as ===> Shaan Sabherwal: Aastha’s former husband, Shaurya’s father, Tej and Alok’s brother. He has been addicted to alcohol after Aastha left him. As a result, he could not concentrate on neither work nor his son.
  • Deepa Parab Acted as ===> Aastha Kashyap: Shaan’s former wife, Shaurya’s mother, Anokhi’s Professor turned mother-in-law. Though she left the Sabherwal house to take care of her parents, her son Shaurya believes that she left for her career. She loves Shaan and Shaurya and is Anokhi’s mentor.
  • Rajvir Chauhan Acted as ===> Pawan “Raja” Bhalla: Rama and Ramesh’s son; Anokhi’s elder brother; Babli’s younger brother
  • Hitesh Bharadwaj Acted as ===> ACP Aahir Chattwal: Shaurya and Anokhi’s well-wisher. He loved Anokhi.
  • Bhavna Chauhan / Swarda Thigale Acted as ===> Shagun Kapoor: Shaurya’s former fiancée and lover, she plans with Devi to remove Anokhi from Shaurya’s life. She returns from Cambridge to marry Shaurya but fails. On learning about the conspiracy she tried to make against Anokhi she was ousted from SIAC and the Sabherwal family.
  • Pankaj Kalra Acted as ===> Ramesh Bhalla: Rama’s husband; Babli, Anokhi and Raja’s father. He was an orthodox and assumes daughters to be a burden. But later he realised his mistake and began to support his daughters and respect his wife.
  • Pyumori Mehta Ghosh / Aparna Ghoshal as Rama Bhalla: Ramesh’s wife; Babli, Anokhi’s and Raja’s mother. She helped Anokhi to elope from her forced marriage.
  • Falaq Naaz Acted as ===> Babli Bhalla: Rama and Ramesh’s daughter; Anokhi and Raja’s elder sister; Vineet’s former wife.
  • Anuj Kohli as Vineet Bhatia: Babli’s abusive ex-husband.
  • Ayushi Bhatia Acted as ===> Reema: Anokhi’s college friend and well wisher. She is supportive of Anokhi. (2020–present)
  • Harsh Vashisht Acted as ===> Alok Sabherwal: Gayatri’s husband; Yash, Kitty and Bebo’s father; Tej and Shaan’s younger brother. He is like Tej and Devi. (2020–present)
  • Eva Ahuja Acted as ===> Gayatri Sabherwal: Alok’s wife; Yash, Kitty and Bebo’s mother. She admires Aastha.
  • Gulshan Nain Acted as ===> Yash Sabherwal: Gayatri and Alok’s son; Kitty and Bebo’s elder brother; Kanchan’s husband.
  • Reema Wohra Acted as ===> Kanchan Sabherwal: Yash’s wife; Shaurya and Anokhi’s well-wisher.
  • Trishala Idnani as Kitty Sabherwal: Gayatri and Alok’s younger daughter; Yash and Bebo’s younger sister; Shaurya’s younger cousin sister
  • Sindhu Reddy as Bebo Sabherwal: Gayatri and Alok’s elder daughter; Yash and Kitty’s sister; Shaurya’s younger cousin sister; Anmol’s love interest.
  • Jitendra Nokewal as Anmol Arora: Kitty and Bebo’s college friend; Bebo’s love interest.
  • Poonam Sirnaik as Beeji: Babli, Raja and Anokhi’s paternal grandmother; Ramesh’s mother
  • Bhavna Chauhan as Shagun Kapoor: Shaurya’s former fiancée
  • Shilpa Kataria Singh as Mrs. Kapoor: Shagun’s mother
  • Lalit Singh as Friend: College friends of Anokhi
  • Arup Pal as Mr. Kapoor: Shagun’s father
  • Gautam Handa as Monty Khanna: Anokhi’s former fiancée

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