Mehek Wednesday Update 20 November 2019 Zee World

Mehek Wednesday Update 20 November 2019 Zee World

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Mehek update Wednesday 20th November 2019 Zee World

Doctor checks Suvetlana and says she will be fine. Suvetlana opens eyes. Arush says are you okay mom? She says I am sorry because of me the function stopped. Swati says I am sorry. sHaurya says you are part of this family we can’t do any function without you. Suvetlan says its okay please go.

Arush says i will stay here with mom. Sweeti says I will too. Suvetlana recalls baba asked her to stop this engagement. She says I will have to stop this engagement at any cost. Shaurya says this relationship doesn’t end if we don’t engage today. Shaurya says to Mehek why are you worried? Dont’ worry. Everything will be good. we are together. Suvetlana comes downstairs. SHe says I will go home and rest. My medicines are home. I don’t wanna bug you more.

Suvetlana says I will drop you too. Mehek and everyone leave with Suvetlana. Shaurya says what happened to Mehek? He says Mehek looked really worried. Sweeti says I know what she was going through. She also thought like me that you will be engaged today. But fate had other plans. I have a plan to cheer her mood though. Shaurya says lets go. Suvetlana says Sajita are you okay? Sajita says fate had another plan. Mehek says it all felt like someone planned this.

Someone who doesn’t like seeing us happy. am I right Suvetlana? She says yes. Mehek says you came to Dehli early that dayy. Suvetlana says I was stuck there. Mehek says okay. Their home comes. Mehek goes in.
Suvetlana says to sajita I am sorry for today. Mehek says don’t worry we will arrange another function better than this. she says in heart there is something with tis lady. Mehek calls Shaurya. Sweeti says dont’ pick.

We will surprise her. Mehek recalls the woman who was attacking them. she says maybe she as behind all this. Or am I thinking too much. Sucetlana comes home angry and says I will give them worst death this time.
Swati gives tea to sajita. Shaurya and Sweeti come home. He says can I meet Mehek? Sajita says Mehek come. Someone is here. she looks at shaurya. Shaurya says what happened shouldn’t have. I know you are hurt.

We can do this on another day. But I want to make you mine right now. And I don’t need a mohrat for that. He takes out ring and says Mehek will you marry me. She says yes. Shaurya makes her wear the ring. Maek faints. SHaurya says are you okay? She says yes. She hugs him.
Suvetlana says I will never let them be together. Mehek faints. SAjita says Mehek please open your eyes. He picks her and takes her to room.
Baba calls suvetlana and says you have to separate them. Arush calls Sweeti. She tells him that they are engaged and Mehek fainted. Suvetlana says we should go.

Shaurya says to Sajita she will be fine. Doctor says she is fine. Was she in anxiety. She shouldn’t have any stress. Shaurya recalls Mehek wanted to tell him something.

Mehek says ma I am fine. Sajita says you are my life. Swati says you know how worried ma is. Sharma says why you fainted. Mehek says I felt very weird. Shaurya caresses her and says are you okay? She says I felt like we have done this before as well. Shaurya says in heart I felt the same but I can’t tell her right now.
Suvetlana and Arush come. Shaurya says thanks for coming. Suvetlana says we were so worried for her. We know you would be worried. We are with you. Nurse says so many peopel can’t stay here. Swati says I will stay here. Saurya says I will. She is my wife to be. You all go and rest. Sajita says I want to spend time with her. Shaurya kisses her forehead. Suveltan says Mehek get well soon.

Mehek holds her hand and says I will be fine. I wanna ask you so many things. I am learn too. I wanna learn boxing. Its my time to pay you back. Sajita gives Mehek meds She thinks about suvetlana. She says I wish shaurya was here.
Mehek comes to Shaurya and says I feel like suvetlana attacked us. He says I doubt her too but why would she do this? Mehek says she as a reason. He says where were you going? She says to her place. He says are you crazy. Mehek says its about our lives. We have to find out. Mehek adn shauyrya come outside her house. He says are you crazy. Mehek says please don’t waste time. Suvetlana leaves in her car.

Mehek and shaurya follow her. She says where is she going? They follow Suvetlana. She goes inside. Shaurya says Mehek lets go from here. Se falls. suvetlana looks outside. Baba says God will give you benefit of doing this havan for someone else’ life. You are doing tis for Mehek. Suvetlana understands that Mehek and shaurya are there.

Suvetlanna says thank you so much baba. Shaurya says Mehek lets go. I told you not to come here. Mehek says wait a minute. He says lets go. Mehek says listen. He says let me call your mom.
Suvetlana says thank you baba for saving me from Mehek and shauyra. He says you are very to close to killin her. She says I just need your help. Mehek comes home. Sweeti sparkles flowers on both of them.

Mehek says thank you. Sajita says what happened to your leg? She says just numb. Sajita says what will you eat? Come with me swati. Shaurya says stop thinking about her Mehek. Suvetlana comes and says welcome back Mehek. Suvetlana comes home and says with Shaurya and Mehek I think we should get Arush and Sweeti married too. Sajita says how will we prepare in this less time. Sharma says she is right. Shaury and Mehek should come together soon. Swati says you are right aunty. Lets prepare. Mehek says we shouldn’t be hasty. Sajtia says you wanted to marry him early too.

Mehek says we will marry as per our plan. Shaiury says no we will get married this. Sajti says please say yes Mehek. We will prepare everything. Mehek nods. Swati says congratulations. Rashmi prepares for haldi and mehdni. She says everything should be perfect.
Suvetlan sasy to arush get ready. He says you can’t force me to marry. Suvetlana slaps him and says if you want to make your life better marry. Try to understand. I am doing what is right for both of us. Nothing should go wrong or you know wat will I do. She leaves. Mehek is worried. SHe says Suvetlana is upto something. She calls Shaurya and says dont’ get me wrong. I wanna marry you but we shouldn’t be hasty. Why is suvetlana saying all this. Shaurya says please dont’ stop this weddng now. Relax dont’ worry. Sweeti takes the phone and says its sangeet get ready and let him get ready too.

Call after function. Mehek is worried. SAjita asks Mehek to get ready. Sharma brings in sweets and everytihng. Maehk says everything is happening so fast. Mehek says there is some reason.
Sharam says I doubt too. Mehek tells him everything. He says let it go like this., We will grab and see her what is her plann. Rasmi does arti and welcomes everyone. People start dancing. Shaurya comes too. Swati dances. Sharuya gives a rose to Mehek. He says I can’t stay away from you. sHe says me too. Sweeti says so hasty? Tey tease them.
Suvetlana gets a call. SHe says don’t be late. Come from front door. Sharma is hearing. He says Mehek was right. Suvetlana calls baba and says everything is like what we planned. Sharma comes to Mehek and tells her everything. Evveryone is busy in dancing. He says we have to be careful. Mehek says I will come with you too. Mehek says suvetlana isn’t here either. He says lets expose her.

Mehek says its about sweeti’s wedding too. We have to wait. Shaurya says wait? Shaurya says I wont wait for anyone. He makes her eat sweets. Shaurya says Mehek is hiding something from me.

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