Mehek update Tuesday 22 October 2019 Zee World

Mehek update Tuesday 22 October 2019 Zee World

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Mehek update Tuesday 22nd October 2019

Vivan says to Veera you left Kabadi because of you. You can play it and make it your profession. She says it will be great if I can have those days back. He says we are friends. So you can turn off AC. She says you can turn lights on too. She says become wise after becoming my friend. They both say its for few days only.

Shilpa says to Lali I need your help.. But you don’t need a reason. You have enough money. She says can you make me like yourself and get my Sweeti married to an NRI. She says get Veera and Vivan divorced. I will get him married to your Sweeti. I will take you to London. SHe says you are great. Shilpa says just get me in touch with a police man. She says lets see how I do it now.

Veera says how can be so bad if she sends that orphan money. He says all bad people do charity. they do things like these. she says no mother can be this bad. he says she is from London. She says I hope truth comes out. So you can go back to London and I can play kabadi again.
Lalo calls to her friends for Pami.
In sleep Veera says kabadi. Kabadhi.. He says can’t you stop for some days. she says give me my blanket back. He says you hit me like a kabadi player. She says i was on a match. She sleeps again.
Mehek calls Veera. She syas I feel so scared. Veera says stay calm. Everythign will be fine.

Inspector meets Vivan. He says Pammi murder case has a step. She might be alive and got another person killed to hide herself. Vivan says this could be true. He says how do you know her? He says she gave me birth but isn’t my mom. Veera says Vivan. He says some women are never a wife mother or daughter to anyone.
Pami hugs Vivan’s childhood clothes. She is in tears.
Vivan says the one who could never love her family. Pami says there is not a moment when I never missed you. I am such a bad mother. I am so helpless.
Vivan says woman like her should be punished only. Pami says my prayers are always with you son. Vivan says this kind of woman.. Veera says enough vivan. She comes out. She trips Vivan holds her and says what are you doing here. She says you have a poisonous tongue. She says in heart Pammi is innocent and I will prove it.

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Inspector says to Suvetlana that you helped us in catching Anajli. We grant you bail. She says thank you.
Karuna and Dolly do pooja with kids. Shaurya(Karan Vohra) says everyone looks so happy. He comes to see arrangements. Vicky says I am handling everything here.
Mehek gets ready. Shaurya(Karan Vohra) comes and gifts her earrings. She wears them. He kisses her.

A watch falls on Mehek’s hand. It bleeds. Shaurya(Karan Vohra) says I dont’ want to bring her home. Her presence can harm us. I don’t want her inn this house. Mehek says please. He says i dont’ want to talk about it. Kanta and whole family leave.
Mehek sees Suvetlana blind sitting in front of their house. she goes to her. Mehek says you here.. She says i will stay here till you accept me. I want one chance Mehek. I thought I would miss money but I only missed you all. Give me some time with Karuna. Shaurya(Karan Vohra) sees Mehek with her. Suvetlana touches her feet and says please forgive me. Sutlena says Mehek stop.. She leaves.

Shaurya(Karan Vohra) calls inspector. She says we bailed her owning to her good behavior.
Nehal says to Vicky she is your mom. She can’t stay on road. Whatever she did was wrong.
Mehek says Shaurya(Karan Vohra) please look at her. He says I don’t care about her.
Vicky says she doesn’t care about family. She never loved me.

Jeevan calls Kanta. She tells him about all the preps of pooja. He says you wouldn’t believe what happened today. Kanta says this all is not right.
At night, Mehek sneaks out with blanket. Nehal joins her and they come to Suvetlana. SHe says please take me home. Mehek and Nehal leave.

Next morning, Suvetlana says nothing is working. Watchman comes to her and says Shaurya(Karan Vohra) has called you in. She comes in and says thank you. Shaurya(Karan Vohra) says you all this she has changed. She is even blind now? Please sit here. She sits down. Shaurya(Karan Vohra) says come in. He says he is an eye specialist. He will check her and we will know how blind is she. Doctor checks her. Shaurya(Karan Vohra) says if your eyes are fine you will go to jail forever. They test her eyes. She says I want my grandkids to be in my lap. Shaurya(Karan Vohra) says get your tests done first. Doctor says she is blind. Everyone is dazed. Suvetlan says God has punished me enough already. I will go from here and I will die soon. Vicky please do my funeral at least. Mehek says please vikcy don’t do all this. Suvetlana is leaving. Vicky hugs her.

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Shaurya(Karan Vohra) says enough. You guys get fooled everytime. Mehek says lets give her once chance. People change for each other. He says peopel like her can never change. SHe says for one week if we don’t see a change in her we can ask her to leave. He says exactly after a week we will kick her out.
Nehal gives the babies to Suvetlana. She says I can’t even seee them. The kids cry. Shaurya(Karan Vohra) comes in. He says kids are wise. They cried coming near her. Shaurya(Karan Vohra)’s guards come in. He says they will stay here till she is. You brought her in so I got these guards in.

Nehal says to Mehek this is all so embarrassing for Vicky. Mehek says Shaurya(Karan Vohra) doesn’t listen.
Dolly saysv what are these guards for? Karuna says we have to be careful.
Suvetlana comes to her room and says on call I will ruin this family. I am in here again. the game will start now.

Mansi calls Nehal. She tells her everything. Dolly calls Kanta and tells her everything. Mansi says I am really worried. ravi says she is Vicky’s mother. I think they are doing right.
Dolly says that woman is very bad. Kanta says don’t say anything but keep an eye on her.

Shaurya(Karan Vohra) is agitated. He comes out adn says to the guard is there any movement? He says no she didn’t come out of her room.

Dolly comes to Nehal’s rome and puts glass on the floor. suvetlana steps on it. Vicky says can you be done with all this?
Mehek says Anjali’s body is being released. Karuna stands up in tears. Suvetlana says I am sorry. She says maybe that was her fate. Everyone goes ot her funeral. Karuna is really upset.
Suvetlana comes out of the room. Shaurya(Karan Vohra) says in heart that car cleaning guy looked weird.
Suvetlana mixes something in tea of body guards. all of them faint. Vicky comes downstairs. He says Nehal.. Suvetlana comes with NEhal. She has gun on her head. She says I am not blind. Vicky says mom what is this. Shaurya(Karan Vohra) says brakes are fail. He is scared.
Suvetlana says keep the kids here. Nehal says please don’t harm my kids. Suvetlana says decide who will die first? You all will die together. Shaurya(Karan Vohra) tries to put brakes but he can’t stop the car. Everyojne is scared. The car hits a wall.
Suvetlana says to Vicky you are a loser. I hve to kill you. She puts gun on him and Nehal. She puts in on the kids. Nehal says I beg you don’t harm my kids. They are your blood too. Karuna says you all have to go up.
Harsh comes home. He sees the guards fainted everywhere. He sees whats going on in the house. Suvetlana’s men come and take him in too.
She says these are so pretty lets send them up. Nehal says please don’t do anything. Suvetlana says you all have ruined my life. Vicky tries to snatch the gun from her. Suvetlana shoots nehal. She screams and falls down. Shaurya(Karan Vohra)’s head is bleeding. Mehek’s head bleeds too. She says I am fine. Shaury says we have to rush back home. He calls home but no one picks. Shaurya(Karan Vohra) says this wasn’t an accident. Suvetlana did all this. I asked you not to do all this Mehek but you never listen.

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The bullet hits Nehal’s hand. She screams. Suvetlana says if you love her let her die don’t try to save her. Shaurya(Karan Vohra) tries to get the rickshaw. Dolly says I hope Nehal and kids are safe.

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