Mehek update Sunday 20 October 2019 Zee World

Mehek update Sunday 20 October 2019 Zee World

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Mehek update Sunday 20 October 2019

Anjali points gun at Karona but police comes there and throws her gun.Mehek points gun at Anjali and says inspector she accepted her crime. She says now you wont get anything. Mehek hugs Karona and says everything is fine, she says to Anjali that we gave you place in our hearts thinking you will leave your past life but you dont deserve all this and thats why you are standing here trapped in my and Shaurya’s game, you thought I was going to meet my sister? We planned all this and knew you would do this mistake. Anjali says I wont spare you, I am not going anywhere, I wont go leave you, she tries to strangle Mehek but Karona slaps her and asks her to get lost, you are not my child but a snake, you dont deserve to live with humans, I dont want to see your face ever again. Police takes Anjali from there. Mehek hugs Karona.

Shaurya is tensed in jail and says I am worried for Mehek. He gets a call from Mehek, she says we won, police arrested Anjali, I am with Nehal and Vicky comes here, he says I am coming. Inspector brings out Shaurya and others from jail. Dolly and Karona comes there. Karona cant look at him. Shaurya says I know you are sad for Anjali. Karona says dont take her name, she died for me, forgive me, I dont even deserve forgiveness. Shaurya says I accept that you did a mistake but you have done way more for me, you dont have to say sorry, we are because of you, Karona says I wish all mothers get sons like you. Shaurya gets a call and says I am coming. He says Nehal’s treatment have started, we will soon hear goodnews. Anjali comes there. She tries to attack Shaurya and says I will comeback, I wont spare you and your wife, police takes her away.

Shaurya is leaving police station with family. He sees Anjali sitting in police van, there is some creepy woman sitting with her in van who sees Anjali glaring at Shaurya. Creepy woman looks on.

All are in hospital, Vicky is tensed. Shaurya asks him to remain calm. Doctor comes there and says congrats, kids and mother are fine. Dolly says wow we have twins. They all hug each other. Dolly says we should name them soon. Mehek says to Shaurya that wish Kanta and family was here. Shaurya says try to enjoy moments, they will get another chance to witness this.

All family members come to Nehal’s room and see twins. Shaurya tries to hold babies but Mehek says I am their aunt so I have first right, Shaurya says they are my brother’s babies, I have right first, right Vicky? Mehek says they are my brother in law’s babies so I have right first. Vicky says will they call you paternal or maternal uncle and aunt? Mehek says no aunty for me, I will ask them to call me Mehek only. All laugh. Karona prays that thank God everything is fine. Karona says we will have pooja.

All come home, Dolly says I am asking Mehek to take rest but she has to work alone for pooja. Family starts pooja, Karona says Nehal you have given us such an happiness, wish Harish was here too but I made all my family members go away from me because I was blind in Anjali’s love, my mistake shouldnt be forgiven.

The creepy woman sitting in van with Anjali tries to touch her, Anjali jerks her hand away, creepy woman offers her food, Anjali says I will break your hand. Inspector ask them to stay silent.

Shaurya comes to Mehek and sees her looking in mirror, he laughs. Shaurya says you were healthy before but now you are growing more. Mehek says you are calling me fat? Shaurya says you were potato before but now gollo.Mehek says I wont spare you, she runs behind him but suddenly feels pain. She sits down. Shaurya gets tensed and says I am sorry, what happened. Mehek says I felt something amazing, Shaurya says did baby move? she says not so soon but I felt like baby saying it wants to come out soon and enjoy life with us. Shaurya smiles and puts his head in her lap.She caresses his hair and smiles. Shaurya looks at her and tucks her hair behind her hair. They both lean in, Shaurya kisses her nose, forehead. Dil diya gallan plays.

Anjali is locked in jail, she asks inspector to let her go. Inspector says once you get beaten then you will be in senses, she leaves. Anjali sees a fat woman in her cell, woman smirks at her and breaks her glass. She says to inspector that I cant live her, I will die, just tell me how much money you want, please help me. The creepy woman sees her in other cell and Anjali crying, she whispers something to inspector. Inspector says to fat woman in Anjali’s cell that come out, your cell is changed.

Shaurya says to Mehek that I know I was not a nice person, I used to be proud and never cared for relations, I never gave them importance but then you came in my life and told me importance of relations and now you have given me such happy news, I will be a very good daddy. Mehek smiles, Shaurya says you have completed me, I promise you I will give you so much happiness, you will be the luckiest woman. Mehek says I am luckiest woman in the world because my partner might have shortcomings but he is always ready to learn, you rectified your shortcomings and became a nice person.

Creepy woman comes to Anjali’s cell. Anjali is scared of her. Mehek says to Shaurya that you have made me very happy, I love you. Shaurya says you are my responsibility, we act childish but now we are going to be parents, what if we do something wrong, what if someone fills poison in our lives, I worry a lot. Mehek says you cant think like that, you are Shaurya Khanna, you never fail, you turn defeat to victory, everything is fine, soon this baby will come in world and we will so happy. Shaurya says please never leave me Mehek, I handle everything when you are with me, never leave me please, I need you. Mehek says I am never going to leave, you are mine and you will only love me, promise? Shaurya says I promise I am yours for this birth and every birth. She says I am yours and kisses his nose.


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