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Tuesday, August 16, 2022

Mehek update Saturday 9 November 2019 Zee World

Mehek update Saturday 9 November 2019 Zee World

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Mehek update Saturday 9th November 2019 On Zee World

Yuvraj is arrested by police. Shaurya(Karan Vohra) stops them and says to Yuvraj that promise to not do this again, I know you didnt do anything, trust me, I will bring you back, dont worry. Yuvraj says my son is with me so this is my victory, he hugs him and goes with police.

Mehek is locked in a cage, Mehek tries to break it but cant, she says they have started a fight with wrong person. Aarish comes home. He says to Shaurya(Karan Vohra) that I went to meet lawyers. He goes to his room. Shaurya(Karan Vohra) hears Swati’s scream. Swati comes there and asks where is Mehek? Rashmi says cant you see we are worried? Swati says he came to hospital and Mehek is missing from that moment. Shaurya(Karan Vohra) asks her to get lost. Swati says I wont spare you. Guards take Swati away. Shaurya(Karan Vohra) says to Rashmi that I have some work.
Shaurya(Karan Vohra) packs lunch bag and leaves.
Aarish is in car and says on call that I can kill kidnapper and will blame Mehek for it so police will arrest her too. Aarish is following Shaurya(Karan Vohra) but he loses him. Aarish thinks I have to find Shaurya(Karan Vohra).

Shaurya(Karan Vohra) comes to site, he sees Mehek sleeping in cage, he thinks to make her eat, she must be hungry. He calls her out but she is sleeping. He opens cage and puts inside but Mehek wakes up and beats him. She runs away.
Shaurya(Karan Vohra) is running behind Mehek. He grabs her and says you cant go anywhere. Mehek beats him, she pins him to ground but Shaurya(Karan Vohra) spins her and pin her to floor. They share eyelok. Maek sees a brick nearby. She grabs it and hits him head, he stumbles. Mehek runs from there.
Aarish comes to a site, he looks around and says where did Shaurya(Karan Vohra) go? He goes in house where Mehek was kept.

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Sajita is crying and says where is Mehek? Swati says police will find her and I will be behind Shaurya(Karan Vohra). Doctor comes there and says we have to start operation of coach, arrange money fast, he leaves. Sajita says what test is this.

Mehek is hiding in bushes away from Shaurya(Karan Vohra). She sees someone’s feet and hits him. Its not Shaurya(Karan Vohra) but Aarish. Mehek runs from there but Shaurya(Karan Vohra) finds her and takes her from there. Rashmi comes to Sweety and asks why she is not sleeping? Sweety says Aarish is not picking my call, from the time he has come here, he has been solving our troubles, I thought we will spend time together, he is the only good thing in my life and I thinks we are not bonding. Rashmi says dont worry.

Shaurya(Karan Vohra) brings Mehek to house and locks her in cage, he says listen to me and take case back, this is your change. He ties her mouth, hands, he says I will take off cloth from mouth, you can shout but you will remain hungry. He offers her food but she says I dont want to eat and bites him. She tries to beat him but he asks her to stop it, he says you wont get anything, my dad is innocent, bring him out and I will leave you. Mehek says I am right and I am not going to back down. Shaurya(Karan Vohra) forcefully makes her eat and says if you dont eat then you will die. Mehek says I thought that you are a nice person but I was wrong, I shouldnt have trusted you, coach was right, you are a snake, you didnt let me get money for his surgery, if anything happens to him then I wont spare you. Shaurya(Karan Vohra) says if you take your case back then you can save coach, till you dont sign on bail papers, you will remain here, I am your worst dream, he leaves.

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Aarish is with his mother, he says I am sorry, I tried to find that girl but I couldnt but I will find her soon, trust me. His mother does her makeup. Aarish says I wont disappoint you. His mother beats him and says I want that girl, his mother turns and its Svetlana.

Suvetlana says you know that i need kidney. I want you to prove yourself. Her son says i will find you kidney. She says this is your last chance. never forget how i saved your life. You were an orphan. He says i will save you ma. Suvetlana says i can’t die. I have to live and enjoy.
Mehek is crying. She says i shouldn’t have trusted Shaurya(Karan Vohra). Shaurya(Karan Vohra) drives and recalls his moments with Mehek. Swati calls sajita and says we will find Mehek soon dont’ worry police as started their work. Shaurya(Karan Vohra) comes to hospital. He comes to coach’s room. Doctor says what are you doing here.
Swati comes to Shaurya(Karan Vohra)’s house with police. she says Shaurya(Karan Vohra) isn’t here either. Shaurya(Karan Vohra) comes in. Swati says ask him where is Mehek. Inspector says you have to come to police station. Shaurya(Karan Vohra) says innocent people can’t be accused like this. Mehek is hidden so they can generate money from here. Here is my stay order. Shaurya(Karan Vohra) says they can’t come and harass my family like this again. You have to go now. Swati says i will see you. She comes out in tears and says Mehek where are you? Sajita says something. Swati is dazed.
Doctor says they asked me not to tell his name. He just paid for Sharma. Swati says who would do that. Doctor says people help but they dont’ want to tell their name. Sajita says please prepare for the operation.
Doctor calls Shaurya(Karan Vohra) and says i did what you said.

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Rashmi comes to Shaurya(Karan Vohra) and says swear on me that you aren’t doing anything and there is nothing you did to Mehek. He says i am just trying to save my dad. Shaurya(Karan Vohra) leaves.
Shaurya(Karan Vohra) comes to Mehek.. she is asleep. he comes to her prison. He says Mehek.. Mehek says i need water. i am fainting. I don’t feel well. Shaurya(Karan Vohra) locks her and brings water. Mehek says i wanna go from here. He says sign these papers first. Mehek hits him with pen and puts sand in his eyes. Mehek runs out. Shaurya(Karan Vohra) gets up and runs after her but Mehek runs out.
A car comes with Arish in it. he hits her.

Shaurya(Karan Vohra) says i have to find Mehek before police finds him.
Shaurya(Karan Vohra) comes to hospital and says Mehek isn’t here. Swati says i hope we find Mehek. Shaurya(Karan Vohra) says where did she go then?
Mehek is fainted in Arish’s car. she wakes up in the trunk and says save me. he says shut up. Shaurya(Karan Vohra) looks for Mehek everywhere.
Arish’s men come out and take Mehek out. She shoves them and runs. Arish gives her injection and she faints.

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